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Transcripts: QB Devin Leary Zoom Press Conference (4/27)

What's your reaction to the pick and joining a room that, of course, has QB Lamar Jackson? (Garrett Downing) "[It's] a blessing, a blessing. Honestly, [I was] completely took by surprise. I talked to [quarterbacks] Coach [Tee] Martin at the Combine and had an awesome conversation. [I] got to talk ball with him, and I just remember telling him, 'Coach, anything that I can do to help this team win is why I want to be a part of the Ravens.' To get that call and kind of turn my whole world around was truly a dream come true."

Your thoughts about Lamar Jackson, playing with him specifically, what's going through your mind? (Ryan Mink) "Man, [he's a] a dawg, a dawg. When I committed to NC State out of high school, he was someone who obviously I followed. Being able to play in the ACC and turn on film in the past, being able to see him carve up defenses, [it's] really an awesome opportunity for me to come in and meet him and learn behind him, and obviously just help as much as I can in that quarterback room to bring value."

What was there any point during the draft process, did you think if the Ravens have a pick in this Draft that you might end up there? (Jamison Hensley) "Definitely, I had great conversations with [quarterbacks] Coach [Tee] Martin. I know I left a really, really good impression with him, and I knew they were in the market for a quarterback. I didn't necessarily know where or when that they were going to take a pick, but I was just really honored and blessed that it was me."

I was reading your bio, it says that you never want to go through Navy Seal/Marine training. Can you talk a little bit about that?" (Kyle Phoenix) "Yeah, when I was at NC State, Coach [Dave] Doeren put us through a trial of three days, former Navy Seals and Marine Corps training – [it was] 5 a.m., [we were] up early, everyone is dressed the same. We were swimming in pools at 5 a.m. with guys screaming in our faces. Ultimately, it was for our team to have emerging leaders. [With] me being a young guy, obviously, it helped me out a ton, but when it came to those activities, I don't think that I could do what those guys do on a daily basis."

After your transfer to Kentucky and playing in Liam Coen's pro-style offense, how did that adjustment go for you, and how did that grow you as a player and a quarterback?" (Ryan Mink) "It was an awesome opportunity to learn from Coach [Liam] Coen, who is now in the NFL with the [Tampa Bay] Buccaneers, to play in a whole different system [that] I wasn't used to in the past. Getting under center, calling plays in the huddle – ultimately, I wish we won a lot more games, but from a developmental standpoint, it was the best thing I could have done to put my best foot forward in the NFL and bring what I can to the table with the Ravens."

What are some of your strengths that the Ravens are getting? And what are some things that you're hoping to work on with quarterbacks coach Tee Martin and the coaching staff as well? (Kyle Phoenix) "Yes, sir. Strengths for me are just pure arm talent. I truly, truly believe that I throw the football not like many people in this world. [It's] something that I pride myself on, being able to fit the football into tight windows, and then obviously just getting around the other quarterbacks. Learning from them, adapting to the NFL style, learning from [quarterbacks] Coach [Tee] Martin, and like I said from the beginning, I want to help this team win. Any way possible that I can fit myself into that room, fit my role into the team that's going to help us win more games – that's my overall goal."

I know it's been your dream to play in the NFL, but you mentioned you also would like to coach high school football. Why is that? (Kevin Richardson) "In my life, when I look back at the coaches that have had the most impact on me, [they] were my high school coaches, because coming in as a freshman, not many times do you immediately know that you can play college football, or immediately know that you can eventually become an NFL football player. It was those coaches and mentors that I came across when I was 14 [or] 15 years old that opened up the light in my eyes to if you have a goal or a dream that you want to chase, go after it. One day I want to become that type of mentor or someone for a young guy to look up to."