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Transcripts: Ravens Post-Game Quotes


Head Coach John Harbaugh

(opening statement) "OK good to see everybody, thanks for being here. First time being back up here after a win. I want you to know that it feels good. I'm proud of our guys – they've got a lot of fight, got a lot of fight. Tough game. I thought we played really well. The Bengals made plays like they always do. Much respect for their football team. Lamar Jackson led us to victory – he's right over there, just walked in the room. You'll get a chance to talk to him. I'm very proud of our players. Very proud of our players because it wasn't pretty, wasn't perfect, but it was us. It was the Ravens, and we won the football game. I'm very proud of our men. They deserve all the credit. Alright, what questions do you have?"

(on if he was aware of who the starting quarterback would be on Thursday) "I was." (Reporter: "You were never concerned that he wouldn't be able to play?") "Well when the stomach thing happened, I have to admit, I was concerned about that. I didn't know what that was. We got a pretty good report once he got to the hospital that it wasn't serious. It wasn't appendicitis or anything like that. Thank God. I texted him, and he told me he was fine, so that made me feel good. He came back Friday morning ready to go – very blessed on that one. But, we knew all week who the quarterback was going to be."

(on how QB Lamar Jackson played in his first start) "I thought he played spectacular. I thought he played winning football. It's tough being a quarterback in this league. It's tough against a defense like that – they put everything on the line and played all out. They were inspired, I thought, with Marvin [Lewis, head coach] being the coordinator and all that. I thought he played very poised. I thought he played the position – he played quarterback – very well. He managed us, operated us, got us in the right formations … His cadence was excellent. For a first-time-out rookie in an environment like that … All those operation things, I think, speak to his intelligence, his studiousness, and just his ability to run the show. And that's everything. The playmaking – that comes from God. He made use of that, too. Very proud of that."

(on if it was challenging to get QB Lamar Jackson ready for the game without practicing on Thursday) "That'd be a good question for him when he comes up. I don't think it was too bad because he had the extra day on Monday, and he's been practicing all year. A lot of the things that we ran today have been in the offense since Day 1. We didn't just create an offense in the last week-and-a-half. That's stuff we've been running ever since OTAs."

(on when he realized QB Joe Flacco wasn't going to be able to play) "Finally, it was when he had a doctor's appointment earlier in the week in New York. One of the final … We had an indication of it the week before – it was going to be tough. But the final word … I can't remember what day it was. It was Monday or Tuesday." (Reporter: "So is it going to be tough this week coming up?") "Yes, it will be tough for him this week coming up."

(on if it gives the Ravens an advantage that teams aren't used to playing against a run-driven offense) "Well, I think that's just part of it. It's passing attacks, it's spreading the ball around … I know we're capable of doing that as well as we did today. We want to get some guys involved. Lamar [Jackson] will be the first to tell you, we want to get 'Crab' [Michael Crabtree] involved, we want to get 'Smoke' [John Brown] involved. We're not going to be some kind of a running football team. We want to be a running football team, obviously; we always want to be a running football team – but we're a passing football team, too. I think you saw how well Lamar threw the ball. This kid can throw it. So, we'll be spreading the ball out to our receivers as well. We want to use all of our guys."

(on how impressed he was with RB Gus Edwards) "Very impressed. The whole backfield got a game ball. Lamar [Jackson], Alex [Collins] and Gus [Edwards] …Gus was north and south. He's a physical guy. He has been practicing really well. When those young guys start practicing well for weeks after weeks, you want to get them out there. Then he was playing well on special teams, so it gave an indication that he was ready. He sure took the bull by the horns."

(on if RB Gus Edwards is a good complement to QB Lamar Jackson) "Definitely a good complement, but not the only complement. But to give us that type of a back is very important. He gives us that back that we probably didn't have earlier in the year. So, it gives us the style. We have four different guys who have all different styles that are kind of unique. We got Ty Montgomery in there a little bit – probably wanted him in there a little more, but it didn't work out with the play calls. 'Buck' [Javorius Allen] – you've seen 'Buck' – you know what he does well, and Alex [Collins]. So, they all have their own unique style, and I think that's a plus for us."

(on if RB Gus Edwards was close to not making the gameday roster) "We decided earlier in the week what we were going to go with all those guys. So, it wasn't close, but obviously that's a decision ahead we made. So, that's a good point."

(on what went into the decision of going with QB Lamar Jackson as the starter) "I won't say [QB Robert Griffin III] wasn't considered. Rob has done great. He practiced on Thursday. Lamar, you saw the tape … [Robert] had a phenomenal practice. He did both groups, but the offense that he ran with the offense … He ran the same offense that Lamar had. It was one of our best practices of the year. We could have played with Robert and played very well. But, Lamar is our backup quarterback. He was our No. 2 guy all year – it wasn't a question. Really, from Day 1, he has earned it. He was the next man up."

(on if there was any point in the game that even he was surprised with QB Lamar Jackson's play) "I see him every day. Nothing surprised me. The interception surprised me – how's that? (laughter) Lamar, too. This guy is a great quarterback already, and is just going to get better from here on out. I'm excited about it."

(on if the 11-play touchdown drive was planned or was that just how it unfolded) "Well, I saw the first 15 plays and there were a lot of runs in there. But, a lot of those were RPOs, too, pass-options, and they gave us the run. Lamar [Jackson] reads that out so well. There were some runs that could have been throws in there. With the third downs, we were just in a position where we could run it – we didn't have to throw it as much. But, we'll be throwing the ball quite a bit in the future. It wasn't by design; it kind of played out that way."

(on the defense making the game-winning stop this game, as opposed to last season's outcome) "It was a lot better. Way better. It's a lot more fun to get the stop. I think, to your point, the guys stepped up. I just felt like we covered – we got after them. They hit that little shake seam. It was a great throw, it was a great catch. This guy, [No.] 87 [TE C.J. Uzomah] is a great player. He's a player, man. He's a tight end that nobody knows about. [QB] Andy [Dalton] has great chemistry with that kid. He was covered and made a great throw and a great catch. Bam! We're off the 10-yard line. Good, alright, let's go. Let's play it out. We got the stop. Our guys are confident. We have a lot of good corners. We have really smart safeties – safeties that can run with people and can cover people, and can use a lot of disguises. We're not easy to move the ball down the field against. I thought our guys played really well, but I was really proud of the way the corners covered. In that series, they tested Jimmy [Smith], they tested Marlon [Humphrey] … I can't remember who else they tested. I thought our guys came through and covered really well. That's kind of to your point, right? That's great to see."

(on the edge that WR Willie Snead IV gives to the offense) "I think edge is the exact right word to use. He's an edgy guy, an edgy player. We have some edgy wide receivers. We have some receivers that want the ball – I like that. Willie came over and got in my face. [Michael] Crabtree got in my face. I'm back in their face. We want to get those guys the ball. These guys want to make plays. John Brown is no different. I'll tell you what – how about Chris Moore? Comes back and makes the behind-the-back catch. I'm excited about our receivers, too. Those guys want the ball. They're all edgy. Just like their coach. Just like their city. I think they fit us well. Let's go."

(Reporter: "I think the 22 carries for quarterback Lamar Jackson are the most for an NFL quarterback since 1950.") "Really? 1950? Otto Graham? He wasn't a runner, so who would it have been? Come on, I have to know who it is now." (Reporter: "I don't know, I didn't get that far. (laughter) Is that difficult – to see him get hit that much? Or is that just what it took today to win the game?") "I think that's the point. I think that's what Lamar felt that it took today. I don't believe it's going to take that many carries every week. It's not what we're going to be shooting for, by any stretch. But, if it takes that many, Lamar will do it. But, no, he took some hits. I think they knew the quarterback was going to run the ball. They were going after him a little bit, as you would expect. That's something that we have to look at going forward. It's not going to be the goal to average 22 carries a game, that's for sure."

(on if this week was particularly challenging for him) "It was particularly awesome. It was particularly amazing. It was wonderful because I have a bunch of guys that believe in one another, and have a lot of faith in one another. Like I've said before man, bring it on. Whatever it is. That's how I look at it, and that's the way they fight. And you know what? I'm going to use the word again – faith. You can take it however you want; you know what I'm talking about. I'm talking about real faith in a real God that makes a difference. [A God] that's out there, and that's in everyone's lives. That's just how I look at it. I'm not going to have any anxiety or any worry about any of this stuff. We're going to come out, and we're going to fight for each other and have each other's backs. We talked about that. We talked about that with Lamar [Jackson]. Go out there and be you. Right, Lamar? Go out there and be you. Go out there and be you, and we've got your back. Not just Lamar, but every single guy in that room. Let me be me and have my back. We'll go for it on fourth-and-1. Decide to punt? No, we're going to go for it! Oh, we lined up the wrong way. Good. Punt the ball and get them stopped. That's the mindset our team has right now. We're rolling."

(Reporter: "Apparently, the guy was Joe Geri for the Steelers.") "Joe Geri! The legendary Joe Geri." (laughter) (Reporter: "You talked about the importance of having the bye week when you did, in what way was it apparent that you had that time off?") "We had our legs back. I think we were fresher, faster … We had played three teams – three very good teams – who had come off a bye in the last three weeks. I think they were a little step faster, maybe, than before the bye week. It made a difference."

(on if the bye made a difference in game-planning) "Yes, it didn't hurt. I feel like that would be a great question for [offensive coordinator] Marty [Mornhinweg] and for [assistant head coach/tight ends] Greg [Roman]. I feel like all the plays that I saw in the gameplan we had in our offense. Now, the game-planning thing comes with the formations and where you put guys and who you line up where. So, that might've given a little more time in that sense. It helped us on defense. We tweaked our defense a little bit. We tweaked some of our coverages a little bit, that we were able to put in and get a little practice in. So, yes, it helped a little bit."

QB Lamar Jackson

(on how he feels about his first start) "I don't know. Came out with a win. It was pretty good, I guess."

(on what happened Thursday) "I don't know what happened to my stomach. It was right before practice. Thursday's practice, I told coach…I told our trainer, Ron [Medlin], 'You have to tell coach I can't come out.' My stomach just started hurting, I don't know where. They sent me to the hospital. As soon as I got there, it was over, and I told them, 'I'm coming back Friday morning.'"

(on how long he stayed in the hospital) "[I was] in and out."

(on if there were any nerves for his first start) "I don't know, probably. I had butterflies before the first tackle, but after I got tackled, it was game on. The ball was rolling."

(on his first drive) "It was awesome. We came out with a bang. We came in and scored. The second drive, we didn't score. The third drive, we didn't score, so I started getting ticked off. I was like, 'We have to put points on the board. Our defense keeps getting out there. We're not performing well.' So, yes, it was pretty cool for the first drive."

(on his interception) "I have to score; I have to score. I have to put my team in a good situation. I put our defense in a bad situation, and [S Shawn Williams] caught an interception and ran to the 30-yard line. And, I'm like, 'They'll probably kick a field goal to score. We have to go down there and punch it in.'"

(on if QB Joe Flacco said anything to him about his first start) "No, not really. We're just in the meeting room, going over the gameplan."

(on when he knew he would start) "The same day as coach [John Harbaugh]. I've known, but you just have to play it how it goes."

(on it how it felt when he found out he was starting) "It was pretty cool. I just knew I had to work harder, focus in, focus in on the gameplan."

(on if he thought he would run the ball as much as he did) "I didn't envision the game being that close, I'll say that. That, too, I didn't think I would run the ball that much, but whatever it takes to win."

(on if he thought he would put up more points) "Not that, but I just didn't want the game to come down to our defense out there on the field. I'd rather it be in our hands, us going down there and ending the game, not putting our defense out there."

(on if he feels like his body can sustain that much contact) "Yes, but hopefully I don't have to use it like that, just sit back and throw the ball."

(on any words of advice he received) "A lot of people were coming up to me. I'm a rookie; it's my first time starting, [telling me] 'Just go out there and be myself.' My teammates have my back, I have theirs."

(on if he did anything differently in the second half) "I threw an interception. (laughter) I hated that."

(on if any other plays stood out to him) "Gus [Edwards] running the ball hard, our line pushing, our receivers catching the ball. We were just all-around… A kick-butt game for the offense."

(on his connection with WR Willie Snead IV) "Not just Willie, but all of our receivers. All of us bust our behinds in practice day in and day out, and Willie was just getting open. [The Bengals] were playing great coverage on defense, and he was just helping me out. When I bailed and got out of the pocket, he was there."

(on what he thought about the day leading up to the game) "I think I stayed up all night last night. I was like, 'Man, we need to play right now!' I was ready to play last night, and 1 o'clock came, and it's go time."

(on what he did when he stayed up) "Drank water. (laughter) Drank a lot of water, that's it."

(on his comfort level with the passing game) "I'm comfortable. It was just a good gameplan by the defense. They had me in their hands a lot today. Very comfortable with the pass game."

(on what Cincinnati's defense was doing) "They were just doing their defensive assignments, I guess."

(on if the receivers were letting him know they were open) "No, we don't do that here. Our team doesn't. They're with me the whole step of the way, as long as we win. I'll say that. I don't know about in the future, but, yes." (laughter)

(on how it feels to receive a game ball) "It's better than the preseason game ball. It counts here, so it was pretty awesome. [Vice President of Public Relations] Chad [Steele] came up to me and was like, 'Get the ball! Get the ball!' I chased the guy, had a strip-sack on the referee. (laughter) I played defense today, too."

CB Marlon Humphrey

(on what he saw on the last play of the game) "We ran a Cover-1. We were doubling [Tyler] Boyd, and I figured it was going to be something short and something quick, so I tried to get my hands on it. That was one of the emphases this week, was to try and get hands on it so you can disrupt the timing and kind of mess up the receiver and quarterback rhythm. [Andy Dalton] threw it. I think it kind of stuck in his hands, kind of made a contested catch for him, and I was able to get it out at the end."

(on how it felt to make the play) "It was good. Crazy to talk about the situation last year – I was on the field. I can't remember, on that last drive, when I looked up at the scoreboard, I was like, 'This is bringing back some bad memories.' Then, another thing I thought about was 'Mo' [Maurice Canady] last year. He made the play against the Colts, and everybody stormed him. So, those are the two things that just went through my head really quick, and I just got back the ball. But, it was crazy that it ended up happening kind of similarly to 'Mo's' situation. It was just a pass breakup, and then after that, everybody's happy for you."

(on how the defense covered short passes) "I think we did that very well. Like you said, teams have been trying to get the ball out so quick. That was one of the things they emphasized. I think we covered well on a lot of short things, short passes, so that was a big emphasis, and it showed up in the game."

(on if there was a sense of urgency for this game) "Definitely. Going into this week, we knew that this is a huge game, being that it was a division game. If we were going to keep those playoff hopes alive, we have to go just one game at a time, one play at a time and get victories."

(on the mood of the team knowing that QB Lamar Jackson would be starting) "It didn't seem much different. It seemed pretty normal. I know on the defensive end, at least, it did. We kind of knew that we can't really worry about the offense. There, right at the end, I was sitting down with all of the defensive guys, and Lamar was out there on the field, and we weren't really nervous at all. One of the guys said, 'Man, I bought Lamar's Louisville jersey.' We had all the faith in Lamar. We had all faith in 'RG III' [Robert Griffin III], whoever was going to be out there, so it wasn't really a big difference in how we were thinking, just because we've seen all three of our quarterbacks in practice [and] preseason. We have faith in those guys."

(on if he was struck by QB Lamar Jackson's poise in his first start) "He definitely doesn't seem like a guy that gets worked up. I think I said earlier this week he's a really humble guy. You wouldn't really think he'd be such a humble guy, winning a Heisman, a first-round quarterback guy, but he's just a humble guy. He's a competitor. He was pretty mad about throwing an interception. He's the same way in practice. He just doesn't like to do bad. He always likes to do well."

(on if he's surprised by QB Lamar Jackson's speed) "It's pretty crazy. That was something else I was talking about. It looked like, to me, a lot of the Bengals' defenders were in the right spot, but he was just beating them to the edge time after time. When you practice with him, you're never really trying to tackle him, so you think, 'Oh, I could have tackled him.' That's what you say. Actually, this week, there was a play I let up, and he was like, 'I got you.' I was like, 'No, you wouldn't have gotten me.' But after watching today, he might have gotten me. (laughter) Those Bengals, they were looking like they were everywhere trying to contain him."

(on if QB Lamar Jackson's success running the ball is due to his speed or the surprise factor) "We think he's just that fast, but also, I think…I don't know, he must be that fast. They were having a tough time."

RB Gus Edwards

(on getting his big chance and playing well) "I've got a great coaching staff. I've got a great group of a veteran running backs, told me to always be prepared, from day one when I came in here, they told me what it was going to be like. This game, a lot of things played into it, and you've always got to be ready."

(on if he knew he'd play this kind of role today) "During practice, I knew that if I got my opportunity, I had to make the best of it. That's how I go through every week; make the best out of every opportunity I get. I got a lot of opportunities today."

(on how hard it was to wait to get those chances) "It's not really that hard. You've just got to keep telling yourself you've got to keep getting better, so that when that time comes, you'll [be] ready for it."

(on if he was surprised at all of his chances) "I've got a lot of confidence in myself because I know I work hard, my coach is always on me. I've got a lot of work to do. I've got a lot of getting better to do. [I'll] keep doing everything that I was doing before I got this opportunity in practice."

(on his good connection with QB Lamar Jackson) "That comes from practice. We take a lot of extra reps at the beginning of practice. That's the first thing we do is we practice our handoffs and everything."

WR/RS Chris Moore

(on the catch he made reaching behind himself) "It was just scramble [mode]. [QB] Lamar [Jackson] is a ball player and I'm a ball player. We're just out there making plays, so that's all it really was."

(on everyone getting used to having Jackson at quarterback) "We've been practicing with Lamar, so it wasn't going to be a surprise to us what he can do in the game. It's just a matter of him going out there and doing his thing and us helping him out. That's all we did. He brings a nice energy to the game with the way he runs the ball and the plays he can make, so it's awesome."

(on Jackson seeming to get more settled in as the game went on) "Definitely, that's going to happen with any rookie quarterback their first time out there. They've just got to get settled and get a true feel of the game, and he did. I think he handled himself amazing for the first game."

S Eric Weddle

(on how big this win is after losing three straight) "It's huge. It keeps us alive, honestly. Just to see what the offense did and the way [QB] Lamar [Jackson] fought. The composure he showed; the big plays he made. [RB] Gus Edwards, we've been seeing it in practice, and he gets his opportunity. Offensive line play – outstanding. Controlled the game. Controlled the clock. He did some historic things tonight, so it keeps us alive. That's a tough, nemesis team we've had trouble with over a long time. To get a win, to get a stop late in the game, it was huge for us. We played very well throughout the whole game. The turnover and the short fields, we've got to find some stops there. But to get a stop late in the game to seal the win, much needed for our team. Shoot, 5-5, go on to the next one. They're must-wins from here on out, so when our backs are against the wall, we play much better, so we're excited for that."

(on if 50-plus rushing attempts, and if Jackson running so much is a sustainable formula going forward) "I mean, until teams stop it. We'll see with next week against Oakland. We're going to do, I assume, do what fits our team the best and gives Lamar and that offense the best chance to be successful. [With] the running game, he's done it his whole life. He knows those reads. He knows who to look at…so obviously the more he practices, the more game he gets, [they'll] be able to expand the game, what the gameplan is, the offensive coaches. But if it's not broke, don't fix it."

(on if QB Joe Flacco is ready to go next week, what happens) "That's not a question up to me. I'm sure if Joe's back healthy, he'll be in there."

(on how big it was for the defense to come up with the last-minute stop) "I mean, it's just déjà vu, quite honestly. We're sitting there, first play, and they get out of the end zone. We kept telling the guys, 'Hey look, just play with confidence, one play at time.' And it's on us. Offense did enough. There's no more excuses. There's no one to look at. Everyone just man up, [do] your responsibility. Don't try to do nothing crazy right now. Let's all just re-focus and play sound defense. Our guys clutched up. Coverage in the last second- and third-down down were huge, getting pressure, getting [QB Andy Dalton] out of the pocket. Then, on fourth down and call timeout so we can switch the call out. [CB] Marlon [Humphrey] made a great play. It's huge, huge to come away with a win by any means, but for us to be on the field, and some of the ways we've lost over the past couple of years, especially against this team, it was nice to shut them down."

(on how to not have an emotional letdown next week against the Raiders) "We can't, I mean, we know if we lose, it's basically done, the way the conference is and our division, so we won't have a letdown. This team's too close-knit, too bound together. We've got great leadership from our head coach. Next game up is the game of our lives, and we'll treat it like that."

CB Brandon Carr

(on the defense) "Good game defensively, we made the plays necessary to win the football game."

(on how big the last stop will be going forward) "It's big for us. We've been talking about this for the past few weeks, just finishing out ball games. We've been in situations to execute, close out games. We haven't done them in the past three, four weeks. Opportunity presented itself again. We made the most of it."

(on where they go after this) "It's one week at time. We had seven [remaining games], now we've got six. So it's big for us, to claim our home-field advantage, but it's on to the next, on to the Oakland Raiders now."

(on how the offense played, especially QB Lamar Jackson) "Great football, made the necessary plays. It was good complementary football across the board, offense, defense, special teams. They controlled the clock well, those guys – extended drives. The things on defense that makes us annoyed out there, you know? Third-down, fourth-down conversions, and they were doing all that. It was good to see all those young guys out there producing for us."

CB Jimmy Smith

(on how today's win felt) "It felt great. It's always a hard thing to get a win, especially against the Bengals lately for us. To go out and [the] defense win that – respectfully – defense win that with us being on the field last, it felt good."

(on his impressions of what QB Lamar Jackson and the offense did today) "They ran the ball. They ate up clock, they ran the ball. Hats off to the offense with their gameplan, starting a rookie this week and getting the 'W.'"

(on if this win saved the season) "Absolutely, yeah, but every game is a one-week season right now. We already know that, so we'll celebrate this one, and then next week we've got the Raiders coming in."

(on if he was having flashbacks to Week 17 last year when the Bengals got the ball back at the end of the game) "I didn't have a flashback, because I didn't play in that game. No, not at all. Coach called the calls, and we had to be confident that we were going to make that play, and we did."

(on CB Marlon Humphrey coming back to make the final play of the game after allowing a touchdown pass earlier) "He had great coverage on that [touchdown] play. The guy made a play – that's the NFL. I don't think he was sweating it too much, and he came back and made the game-sealing play."

WR Willie Snead IV

(on what it is like to have QB Lamar Jackson in the huddle and on the field) "It's just a confidence builder to be honest. When we were running the ball how we were, it just gives us so much momentum and a lot of flexibility to do what we want. It was awesome to see that today, and [we] look forward to keep doing it."

(on how QB Lamar Jackson managed getting in and out of the huddles and up to the line of scrimmage) "I think as the game went along his confidence was growing, and that was great to see. Everyone around was just trying to keep everyone's composure. There were points in the game where it was up and down, but I think we handled it pretty well."

(on if he got frustrated with offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg at one point on the sideline during the game) "I think that was just a frustrating point in the game. We all get frustrated. I'm very passionate about the game, [Michael] Crabtree is, and at the end of the day we all wanted to win. We needed this win, and we were itching for this win. At the end of the day, when we win, it's all good. I talked to Marty – we're all good. I talked to coach [Harbaugh], everything is good. It was just a point in the game where passion came out, and I have to learn how to control it."

(on the edge he brings to the football game) "It just comes down to this being a playoff game mentality. I want every inch, I want to keep these drives going, I want to win. That's what that third down, those extra inches, that's what those resemble. Just keep fighting and not giving up and not letting someone push me around. Definitely have that passion in me, and I just want to keep it going and bring everybody with me."

(on how QB Lamar Jackson was throughout the week) "I think he was good. I think he was excited. You know, he had that little incident on Thursday, but he came out Friday strong and ready to go, and today he was just being Lamar Jackson. Everybody around him was just fooling with him, and we came out with the victory."

(on if everyone was wondering where QB Lamar Jackson was when he did not practice on Thursday) "Yeah, it was kind of a crazy moment right there. But [Robert Griffin III] stepped in and handled the practice pretty well, and Lamar was out there on Friday, so it was good."

(on if the team was really excited to see what QB Lamar Jackson could do in his first full game and how they feel moving forward) "I think everybody was ready to see Lamar. We're just looking for an edge at some point. [We were] 4-5, and we were itching for a victory, like I said. So, Lamar came in and gave that spark to the offense, as you all see. I don't know what's going to happen going forward. I can only prepare for the week and get ready for the next game. If Lamar is still in there, great. We'll see what happens. If Joe [Flacco] is back, we're going to embrace it, too. We'll see what happens. It's too early to tell."

LB Terrell Suggs

(on was this a typical Cincinnati-Baltimore game) "Unfortunately, yes, but congratulations to my team. We got the win after a three-game skid, and it feels good."

(on QB Lamar Jackson) "Good start. Good start, but it's only one win. He did some really good things, but you know we still have work to do."

(on 24 carries by QB Lamar Jackson) "Is it unconventional? I am not an offensive coordinator, I don't call plays but I think Michael Vick may have had 24 rushes before. I just knew that we had a task ahead of us. Andy Dalton is a very good quarterback, Tyler Boyd is coming into his own, and not only that, but Joe Mixon is really good too. Our defensive had our own work cut out for us, so we really weren't focusing on Lamar [Jackson], but he did really well, and he got the W."

(on watching QB Lamar Jackson) "It is fun to watch him but not that much fun practicing against him. But, he did some good things, and we're going to build on that. We've got this one in the can. We'll enjoy it tonight, but we got a lot of work ahead of us. We had lost three in a row, and we want to feel this way again next week."

(on the defense getting a late-game stop against Cincinnati) "I know, right? It was like déjà vu, I was on the field thinking that. That's been on our shoulders for a year. So, it was fourth-and-3, and I am like OK, let's just execute. Let's just execute this call and get off the field, and we did that. It wasn't just Marlon [Humphrey], we all did our jobs in executing the defense, and we feel better about that."

(Déjà vu on the long WR Tyler Boyd catch) "No, because he didn't run it into the end zone. It wasn't quite déjà vu; we just wanted to get him stopped, and we did. The fourth-and-3 was déjà vu, but we calmed down. It was a different look for us, and you all can take that for whatever you want. It felt good."

ILB C.J. Mosley

(on what was going through his mind on the last defensive drive) "We were just telling everybody to execute one play at a time. They got the ball backed up and we're thinking, "Oh, here we go." But I think the whole game, the offense, defense and special teams did a great job of making the big play when they had to, which allowed us to bounce back and make the next play when we had to."

(on the Cincinnati/Baltimore rivalry) "This game was typical, chippy, both teams trying to win in the trenches. I think the difference was that our offense did a good job of keeping them off guard. We had two guys with 100 yards rushing and with Lamar [Jackson] that really kept them off balance. We could tell that at times they really didn't know what to do with him, and that really helped us out. We all did a good job of feeding off each other. Our offense did a good job of getting points, staying on the field and keeping their offense off the field."

(on how different it was with QB Lamar Jackson at quarterback) "It's crazy; he looked even faster in the game than he does when we practice against him every day. He's just got a giddy-up that no one sees every day. It was amazing seeing him out there playing and getting his first win. Hopefully we can start a good run now."

(on what this win means) "Really, it's just the start. The first thing Coach [John] Harbaugh said when we got back Monday was don't worry about the outside noise. We can only control what we can control. We did a great job to win this game, but it doesn't mean anything unless we win this week."

TE Mark Andrews

(on the different look the offense takes with QB Lamar Jackson) "I think he brings a different dynamic to the game. As you can tell, our offense looks totally different, obviously from when Joe [Flacco] is in. It's hard for defenses to game plan for Lamar [Jackson]. And I think that shows with Gus [Edwards] having 100 yards as well. It's good to see, and it's a great win."

(on the first drive QB Lamar Jackson rushed for 5 for 46. Did it set the tone?) "Absolutely. That was our gameplan coming in. Those were scripted plays we worked on, and it was great to see them work. It just goes to show his versatility and the fact that everyone bought into it. I don't think they were ready for that, and it's really tough on their defense." 

(on taking the three-game losing streak into the bye) "It actually gave us a chance to clear our heads. First, we had to savor that feeling a little bit, and it's not fun to lose. Three in a row kind of hurt us in the heart. But I think we had a good week of practice, and us coming out winning today shows how resilient this team is. I couldn't ask for a better way for our team to bounce back."

(on the physical nature of this game) "From what I understand, it's a typical Cincinnati-Baltimore game. I haven't been here for too many of them, but they're a chippy team but we have a team that doesn't back down from anyone. There was that instance with [Michael] Crabtree in the beginning of the game, that kind set the tone. But we were ready for that. We took it to them, fought hard and did well."

G/T Marshal Yanda

(on the win) "The number one goal was to win the game today, and obviously, we're fired up. We got the win. Guys made plays at the end of the game. It was great, and everyone's excited."

(on offensive changes) "Lamar's [Jackson] playing - it doesn't take a rocket scientist - that if Lamar's [Jackson] in the game, we're going to be a different offense. It's just the way it is."

(on the focus on the run game) "You guys saw it today. The tape doesn't lie. Look at the tape. Obviously, it's a threat for the defense. If you can run like that, that creates that much pressure on the defense. We've all seen read-option quarterbacks that are like that. It puts pressure on the defense. They've got to guard the quarterback as well."

(on playing smashmouth football) "It was fun. We got to run the ball and get after it. Today, as long as we won, that's all that matters. We were on a three-game skid and it was a division game. It didn't matter how we got it done, we got it done. I am super happy we got a good team victory. Everyone stepped up when we needed to. Defense, offense, just happy with the win."

(on RB Gus Edwards) "It's kind of a blur out there, but obviously, the kid had a good game. The offense is way different, but it seemed like he ran the ball well. He helped out. I am just happy we got that win."

(on the Offensive Line) "You just have to keep fighting, next man in. Like I've said before, injuries happen. It was nice to see both those guys return [Ronnie Stanley and Alex Lewis] and get them back. Ronnie's [Stanley] ankle is going to bother him to some degree, but he fought through it. I am proud of those guys."

(on T Orlando Brown Jr. and G/T Jermaine Eluemunor) "They continue to get better each week. Experience is big for young guys. Both those guys are young. The more experience they get, we expect them to get better. The more reps you get, you want to continue to get better as a player. When you're a young player, you have a lot of room to grow. Those guys just need to keep their heads down and keep grinding."

DT Brandon Williams

(on the defensive performance) "The biggest thing was getting the basics, getting the fundamentals down and doing what we do best up front. We took double teams and allowed linebackers to fill. We got after it."

(on getting the win) "It was great. We got our batteries charged and came out and played a physical, hard game. The offense kept the ball moving and kept the clock going, and the defense shut them out in the end."

(on the fourth quarter stop to win the game) "It was amazing. It was great. All praise to Marlon Humphrey for making that play. That was a great play, and that was awesome.

OLB Matthew Judon

(on the win) "It was good to get the win. That's a tough team, and it was a divisional win. They were up on us a couple of games, but now it's good to be back at .500."

(on the defensive effort) "They've got good backs, and they really know how to use them well. Up front, 'Baby' [Brandon Williams] and Michael [Pierce] and 'Urb' [Brent Urban], they just played stout, man. We kind of made them one-dimensional in the second half. They had to pass. It helps that we ran the ball all day and took a lot off the clock. When they had the ball, they really couldn't play with it. They had to throw."

(on the fourth quarter stop) "Last year, to get in the playoffs, we didn't make that play. This year, we made that play. We probably kept our season alive with that play. It just felt good. Three losses and then a Bye week, that's a long time. It just felt good to get a win."

(on refocusing after the Bye week) "We had to come back with goals in mind. We came back refocused and had a good week of practice and preparation. We know this team, we play them twice a year. This is a good team. We just beat a good team. We can't let that linger. We have to go on to the next one, because we're fighting and clawing. That's the hole we've put ourselves into."

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