Transcripts: Ravens 49ers Post Game Quotes


Head Coach John Harbaugh

(opening statement) "Just hearing Lamar [Jackson] talk, that about says it all. I couldn't say anything better than that. Just a great win. [The 49ers are] a very good football team that we played against. They played a very good game. They had a plan. It was obvious was the plan was, all three phases, and it was a gritty game. It's a grit win for us, all three phases, definitely a team win. All three phases contributed really well, right from beginning to end, and we found a way to win the game. I'm proud of the guys for that, and now we move on to the next one."

(On fourth-and-1 at your own 40, late in the fourth quarter, is there any discussion at that point, or do you kind of know at that point? Are you forecasting it, or …?) "We knew we were going to go for it on fourth-and-1 at that point, if we got to that situation. We probably weren't going longer, maybe. Maybe I would have gone fourth-and-2, I don't know, but that was already decided."

(Before that, the fourt-and-5, did QB Lamar Jackson talk you out of it?) "No, no, no. That was one of those ones where it's just too tight to punt. If you remember, the wind started blowing, the rain started raining there. I wasn't that confident that, even if we punted, we were going to get them inside the 10. I hate to gain 15 or whatever yards it would have been on the punt. I would rather go for it, especially with Lamar [Jackson] and the offense, I think we have a chance. Is it a great chance? It's not a great chance, but we have a chance with our guys. And you have confidence in your defense, too, that they're going to get them stopped at some point there. And it was the best move at that time. A field goal would have been really hard to make. Obviously, I thought we had a better chance at making the fourth-and-5 than the field goal, so that's why we did it."

(By going under center on that QB sneak, is that just a way to limit their speed, potentially breaking inside?) "As far as QB … Well, if you're running a quarterback sneak, we knew we wanted to run a quarterback sneak there. We had inches to go. Lamar [Jackson] runs it great. Our offensive line, you have to give those guys credit. Centers, guards, tackles – the surge they had against that defensive line. That's impressive. Lamar has a real good knack for it, and if that's the play call, we should always be under center. We're never going to run a quarterback sneak from 'off.'"

(What was it about that last fourth down call that gave you the confidence that it was going to work out for you?) "Just because it was inches. We have a good offensive line. We have a quarterback that can handle it, and probably the offensive line again, as much as anything."

(Talk about your defense getting a couple big stops late in that game, and the play that DE Chris Wormley made to tip that ball on fourth down.) "It was a great play. 'Worm' [Chris Wormley] did a great job. I tell you what, this kid, this kid works so hard, just every single day. He's a very serious guy. To make that play, and to see that reward is really good. And then the coverage, OK, we're in man coverage back there. Our guys were locked in, and they were on point. Earl Thomas had a real tough matchup there with the route they ran, and he got dialed in, and he forced Jimmy [Garoppolo] to hold it just a little bit. So, it was a team effort on that one, too."

(Earlier this season, you had said challenging pass interference was worthless because it was a waste of a timeout. What made you challenge on the TE Mark Andrews pass interference?) "I just thought that was so clear and obvious, and the leverage of the game was so certain. They didn't see … You get there early with clear contact, I don't know. That seemed clear and obvious to me, but obviously not enough to overturn it. So, that's the way they do it. I think you had to challenge that in that situation."

(When it came down at the end, you still had a timeout, and it was third-and-9, you had a down and a timeout left. What goes into the decision to go ahead, to not try to get another five yards?) "I thought about that. And really, I could have called a timeout and tried to do it again. I just, my gut, I just felt like, 'It's time to kick it.' It was about 30 seconds left. Call timeout. Could have done it, it wouldn't have been a bad call. They have everybody up on the line of scrimmage. It's an all-out blitz. They have a really good front, and we're really not going to throw it there. So, there's not threat of us throwing it there, and I just felt like, 'We're better off kicking it now,' in terms of downside and what could happen by trying one more play. And that's why we kicked it."

(You guys have had a lot of one-sided wins. You probably heard me ask QB Lamar Jackson this. How valuable is it to grind out one?) "It is really valuable. That's a great point. To win a game like that is really valuable. We expect – as Lamar [Jackson] said – we expect every game to be just like that. And sometimes they're not, but the ones that count, and the ones that are, you have to be ready for. Our guys approached the week of work just that way, and they were ready for it."

(Why did you feel they were as effective as they were with those outside runs for much of the game?) "We'll have to look and see. We were in different fronts at different times. Part of it is they block well, and they have [running back] Raheem Mostert, who was here at one time. He's really quick and has a real good feel for that play. I know the coaching staff has been running that play for about 100 years, so they know how to coach it. We're going to have to look at that, and that's something we're going to have to get squared away."

(What can you say about K Justin Tucker? Just add it to the resume?) "Yes. You wouldn't rather have anybody else in that situation. That field, that wind, that rain, all of that stuff that was going on there. That's the guy you want in that situation. I'm very grateful that we have him on Thanksgiving weekend."

K Justin Tucker 

(on if he lives for moments like the game-winning kick) "Absolutely. I think we all do. I think this whole team is living in the moment for these moments, and it's a really special group. I'm just happy to be a part of it. I'm blessed. We just broke down in there, and the message was 'trust yourself, trust your teammates and trust God.' That's what this team is doing right now, and it's really cool to see." 

(on how the weather conditions were and if it affected the game-winning kick) "Yes, the weather conditions were not ideal throughout the game. This is already a tough place to make kicks. I've said that before. But to be able to take out or eliminate any question marks – whether the snap is going to be there, whether the hold's going to be there, whether the timing is going to be right, [it] makes my job so much easier. So, I can really just focus on getting my studs in the ground with my plant, getting out, up and through with the ball and putting the ball through the uprights. Yeah, the conditions were not great, but being able to come through for this team in that moment is really special." 

(on if he talked to the coaches during the last drive about his range) "Everybody tends to leave me alone ever since [Terrell Suggs] told Ray [Lewis] to 'G.T.F.O.' when we were about to hit a game-winner in San Diego. Everybody leaves me alone except for [assistant special teams coach] Randy Brown. Randy and I, we always have a brief conversation. It's usually something technical, something simple, 'Do you care which hash the ball is on? Or, what's our line to gain if we want to attack this ball with the normal swing?' It's a brief conversation, and Randy then usually wraps it up with something like, 'You're going to make this.' That's all I need to hear." 

(on what the yard line was that he wanted the offense to get to for the game-winning kick) "When it's a walk-off kick, it's wherever. It's wherever [quarterback] Lamar [Jackson] and these guys are able to get us to, we're going to do everything we can to give these guys a win, because they deserve it." 

QB Lamar Jackson 

(on what he was thinking when K Justin Tucker went out to try the game-winning kick) "[He's] got that golden leg. I've got all the faith in him. I'm on the sideline praying, but at the same time, I'm like, 'I know Tuck can do it.' He [does] it all day in practice. He just walks around play-kicking field goals, 65-yarders, so I've got all the faith in him." 

(on if there was any doubt the Ravens would go for it on fourth down in the fourth quarter) "No, we're determined, at the end of the day; offensive line, running backs, receivers, tight ends. All of us are determined, regardless. We're trying to win. We played a great team. It was all go. We had to do it." 

(on how much the weather affected things, especially in the passing game) "You [saw] the balls. You [saw] them. Horrible. Oh, man. I was throwing passes behind my receivers. I hit [tight end] Hayden [Hurst] on the sideline on the corner behind him; [wide receiver] Seth [Roberts] on a drive route, behind him. It was ticking me off. A lot of passes were getting away from me. A lot of those, if we'd have had a lot more success, you know, converting completions … It messed with me a lot." 

(on how long it took him to shake off his fumble) "Until we got back on the field. I wanted to get back on the field as fast as possible. Our defense did a great job of holding them, helping me out, helping our offensive guys out, myself more. But it was my fault, so I'm hot about that right now. If I keep the ball in my hand, you know, we're going to score. That drive had a lot of success going on. But that one play, it shortened us, it stopped us, and [it means] you had to move on from it, but I ain't moved on from it yet. It's with me right now." 

(on how important it is to win a tight game like this) "This is the NFL, so each and every game, you're going to go in prepared, ready for a dogfight. This one here, it was a dogfight that came down to fourth down [and a] field goal. We were ready, but at the same time, you've got to get ready each and every game because you don't know what [will] happen." 

(on if that's the quickest team the Ravens have played) "No, I wouldn't say that. I wouldn't say they're the quickest, but it was all 11 at the ball at all times every play. So you've got to give them credit. They were flying." 

(on the fact that the Ravens have beaten several tough teams) "We're just a strong team. Ever since I was growing up, that's what the Ravens have been – a team [that's] hard to beat. A lot of people wanted to beat the Ravens. I'm glad it's back the same way, but we've just got to keep it going because it's 'Any Given Sunday,' so we've just got to play." 

(on the move he made where he faked out the defensive back on a run) "I've got to make a guy miss. I'm trying to get positive yards, each and every play. If I pull it or just give him my back, I'm trying to make something happen. I just had to go." 

(on his t-shirt "Nobody Cares; Work Harder" and if that's the team's mentality) "Absolutely. That's every day. Nobody cares about what you're doing. You've got to work harder. If you want to be the best, you've got to work hard at being the best. If they're doubting you, work harder, it [doesn't] matter. It's their opinion. We're just going to go." 

(on how impressed he was with the play of center Patrick Mekari) "I mean, his first start started last week. [Center Matt] Skura went down in the first quarter, and he did a tremendous job of holding it down, doing what a center's supposed to do. Today, hats off to Pat. He's moving up in the chain, doing good." 

(on his emotions during the game-winning drive and if they change) "No, I was mad. I was mad since the fumble. I was mad the whole time. I felt I put our defense back out there, and that was a great offense who they were going against. I didn't want to give [quarterback] Jimmy [Garoppolo] back the ball. I was hot. We didn't score." 

RB Mark Ingram II

(on the 49ers) "They're a great team – well-coached, physical, and they run the ball [well] and a solid defense. They're a great team in the league, and this was a great win for us. It wasn't pretty, but we were able to gut it out, and that's what great teams do."

(on QB Lamar Jackson's juke play) "That's Lamar doing Lamar, doing Lamar things. It was a pull read, he pulled it. I got hit, and Lamar broke to the outside. Again, that's Lamar doing Lamar things. That's what that is."

(on if it was a playoff atmosphere today) "It definitely was a playoff atmosphere today. Cold, wet, physical football against a top team in the NFC. We went toe to toe in a heavyweight battle, and we were able to somehow pull it out. Big, huge testament to our team, getting a victory and overcoming adversity against a great team."

(on the confidence Head Coach John Harbaugh had in them on fourth-and-5) "We have established our identity that we're going to be aggressive. We believe in our offensive line, we believe in our tight ends, and we believe we can get a yard. So, when Coach [Harbaugh] has that confidence in us, we take that upon ourselves personally to make sure that he's right, and we're right."

(on how he feels when he's tackled without the ball) "I don't have the ball, and they come and try to tackle us, fall on our legs and stuff, and it's the best feeling when I look around and there goes Lamar, 10, 20, eight yards, whatever it is. So, that's what you get!"

(on how it feels to have a coach like John Harbaugh that defends his players) "We're a family, and when you mess with one of us, you mess with all of us. That goes from the head coach all the way to anybody on the team. We're going to have each other's back, fight for each other, and if we feel like one of our teammates got wronged, treated unfairly, we're going to get at you. That's just the atmosphere we have, the family atmosphere, the brotherhood we have."

(on the confidence they had in K Justin Tucker for the game-winner) "'Tuck' [Justin Tucker] is the G.O.A.T. He's auto-ma-TUCK. Of course, we'd like to finish that drive or get him closer, but I know he's going to be money with it. He's going to come through. That's what he's done, best ever to do it. Automatic. Auto-ma-TUCK."

(on this team compared to others he has been a part of) "I was just talking to some of the guys, and I feel like this is the best team I've ever been on. 2011 Saints was a great team. The last couple of years were great teams, but there's just something special about this group of guys. We believe in each other. We fight hard for each other. And no matter how ugly or pretty it is, we're going to keep fighting. We're going to try to do whatever we can to win for each other."

(on pulling out a tough win as opposed to other blowouts) "We just play the game. Whatever comes to us, we take it. They were strong, tough, [a] physical team. Obviously, they came in here with the right mindset, but in order for us to go to the wire and overcome adversity, it just says a lot about us – about our character, a lot about the identity of our team. We never quit, whether we're up or down. We will fight to the end. We will fight for 60 minutes. And if it has to go past 60 minutes, we'll fight even longer. It's just a testament to the guys we have in this locker room. We love each other. We're going to play for each other."

(on the 49ers taking shots at QB Lamar Jackson) "The officials gave Lamar [Jackson] fair calls today. Guys are leaping into his legs, hitting him late on the sideline. He's a ball carrier and deserves to be protected, just like the rest of us. He got a few calls today."

(on the message he wants to send to the rest of the league about taking shots on QB Lamar Jackson) "We're just going to fight our way out of it. Of course they're going to take shots at Lamar. He's an electric athlete. When he has the ball in his hands, standing in the pocket, he can deliver it. But we've got his back. We're going to do everything we can to make sure they don't get to him."

(on if he is ready to talk about the Super Bowl) "Of course that's our goal. That's our aspiration. But we're going to enjoy this for tonight, come back tomorrow and start preparing for the Bills. You all can talk about the Super Bowl all you want, and of course, that's what we want, but we're going to take it one day at a time around here."

TE Mark Andrews

(on pulling out a close win) "This was a really fun game. Two great teams going at it – well-fought. But at the end of the day, we played sound, efficient football. Defense, offense, special teams, this was a great team win, and that's encouraging moving forward."

(on what's different about this 49ers team that made the game so close) "They play hard upfield. Those guys fly around, and they have some great, quick players. Credit to them. They did a lot of great things to try to stop us. I haven't had this much playing in a game in a long time."

(on his 20-yard touchdown catch) "Simple, really. I just ran across the field. Lamar [Jackson] put the ball up top, and I made a play. I was really just trying to catch the ball and get in the end zone."

(on his touchdown celebration) "That was a little comeback, 'Bosa! Bosa!' You know, one of those things. Just like he said, 'Baker! Baker!' in that game. It is what it is, just having fun out there. If you kind of talk bad about Oklahoma, you're going to get reprimanded. So, it is what it is."

(on beating all the top teams in the league) "We are resilient. It hasn't been easy. We've been in some tough spots. You saw this game today. There were multiple times in this game where it could have gone either way for both teams. Just being able to fight through that adversity and continue to play efficient football, it was so awesome to see. But there are still things we have to correct to get better to where we want to be. This game isn't our end goal. We have way better things in mind. So, moving forward, we're going to get better each and every week."

(on the coaching staff's confidence to go for it on fourth down) "I think it shows trust. [John] Harbaugh shows trust in our offense to be able to move the ball, and that's awesome. When you tell your offense on fourth-and-5 to go get it, and then you go and get it, that's a fun feeling. It's fun to play in an offense like that – aggressive. It's helped us win some games."

(on the three tight ends being on the game program cover) "That was kind of cool. The three tight ends, the three-headed monster. All these guys, Hayden [Hurst], Nick [Boyle], these guys are flat out ball players. It was cool to see. We all got a big kick out of it."

DT Brandon Williams

(on if that felt like championship football) "Definitely. This was a good test for us. Glad we came out with a W. Hard-fought game."

(on how important it is to win a game like this as opposed to the blowouts) "This definitely makes us look at ourselves. We have some things to work on and keep getting better. We can learn from this game and keep moving."

(on the 49ers) "They're a good team. They had a good scheme. Their offense did some good things, and they got real schemed up for us. We just have to look back at the tape, go over what we need to learn, and keep moving forward."

(on the luxury of having the best quarterback and the best kicker in the game) "It's a team game, but it definitely makes it a lot easier. But we definitely love 'Tuck' [Justin Tucker] and Lamar [Jackson]. They're ballers. They're G.O.A.T.s. They're on. We all have to keep playing together to keep getting these wins."

(on what the defense thinks when the offense goes for it on fourth down) "We totally believe in our offense, and that's why we do that. They believe in our defense as well. If the offense doesn't get it, we're ready to come out, and no matter what happens, we're going to keep playing aggressive, Ravens football."

(on the defense's two big stops at the end of the fourth quarter) "We were just telling everybody, 'Hey, be calm. Be patient. Just chill out. Work our fundamentals, remember what we talked about in practice, and just get it done.' Execution is a big part of our game, and we executed at the end of the game. We have a bunch of guys that want to win that put their life on the line for the game and for each other. That's what team ball is all about. That's Ravens ball."

(on winning eight games in a row, a franchise record) "Right now, we're on a good roll. There are still things we have to get better at, and you could see that. But in the end, we're playing good, team football, and firing on all cylinders. We just have to keep going."

(on being talked about as the best team in the league) "We're just keeping our focus on the main thing, and that's us. We're going out there every week and executing, playing good football, playing good defense and offense. We feel like we can go against anybody and play harder."

(on QB Lamar Jackson's juke play) "I mean, I hope his ankles are OK, but that was sick. That was nice. That's why Lamar [Jackson] is Lamar. He makes plays like that, and you have to watch out. You have to have your ankles taped up and make sure you're ready to go, because once he's lightening, you can't catch him."

CB Jimmy Smith

(on if they played like Ravens today) "You know we did. You know we did. We never not play like Ravens. But at the same time, there's value in a game like today. This is a great lesson for our team. It's not going to be easy every week, no matter how good we are. Teams are going to come in, they're going to have good gameplans. They're going to execute. They're going to fight. They're going to want to beat us, just like this team. We're fighting for who's supreme in the league right now, but I think today showed us a lot about our team – things we need to fix going forward. And it's good for us to see what teams are going to try to do against us. Right now, we're just living the victory. We'll enjoy it. Wins are tough to come by. I don't think I've ever been 10-2 since I've been here. It's a great feeling."

DT Michael Pierce

(on his first game back after injury) "It was awesome being back. I was like a kid in a candy store. I was so amped up the last two weeks when we were blowing people out, and you hate to miss it. But today was awesome being able to be back out there."

(on winning a close one today as opposed to blowouts) "These games are needed. When you're trying to go on a run and get to the playoffs, you never expect a blowout, and you need to be in those tight games to see how players respond at some point. Today was pivotal, and I think a lot of guys proved that we can step up when the time calls for it."

(on how San Francisco was able to run the ball to the edge) "I just think those guys, especially [running back Raheem Mostert], are really, really good athletes. We've seen it. It wasn't anything new, per say. We saw it on film, but they're great athletes. They get the edge on a lot of people. Unfortunately, they got it today, but we came out victorious. If we see them again, we'll be ready, for sure."

(on if he gets more out of winning a close game) "I would definitely say so. That felt like a playoff game, a championship-type game. Anytime you can come out with a win, improve, and see guys like 'Worm' [Chris Wormley] make big plays, it's awesome to see. If we make it to the playoffs, we know your guys will be there."

(on what it felt like to see DE Chris Wormley make a big play at the end of the fourth quarter) "Man, that's awesome. Five-technique linemen do not get a lot of love, all the way back to Lawrence Guy, Brent Urban. It's a tough position, a thankless position. Kind of like a nose guard in this defense, to be honest with you. So, to see a guy like Chris [Wormley] in the limelight, that's my boy, for sure."

(on if there was any doubt that he would play today) "Oh no, no, no. I couldn't miss another one. I was going out there if the ankle responded or not. Thankfully, with the Lord's blessing, it responded."

G Marshal Yanda

(on the last drive of the game) "We knew we had to make the plays at the end there. At least get in to field goal range to give [Justin Tucker] 'Tuck' a chance. That was the goal; protect the football and give us a chance to give 'Tuck' a chance to win the game."

(on what he thought when K Justin Tucker was kicking the field goal) "Obviously, we are behind him 110 percent. 'Tuck', Morgan [Cox] and Sam [Koch], all three of those guys, we're behind them. Obviously, if he wouldn't have made it, we would have fought it out in overtime. Who knows what would have happened, but we definitely [believe] in those guys."

(on if he doubted if K Justin Tucker would make it) "I just take it for what it is. If we make it, we win. If you don't, you get your mind ready for overtime. Take it how it is, and obviously, 'Tuck' made a good kick. We're excited."

(on the confidence the coaches have going for it on fourth down) "I feel like on the fourth downs all year, we've been aggressive and going for them. We want to be on the field, and we want to stay on the field. Possess the ball and score points, that's been our objective all year."

(on winning a close game) "It was really two good football teams. Give San Francisco a lot of credit. They have a really good football team. You grind it out and that is championship football. It comes down to one possession, or that one turnover, or that game winning field goal. When you play good teams like that, it usually comes down to the last possession. We had the ball at the end, and we had the game winner. That is usually how those games go."

(on the fourth down sneak) "No, I didn't. He takes the first open gap that he sees. The linebacker tried to hit it and we all did a good job on it."

(on the 49ers committing to stopping the inside run) "We don't really know how other teams are going to game plan us. Everybody has a little bit of a different idea on how to stop us. That was definitely what they wanted to do. Give them credit, they played us tough. It was a tight possession ball game. We're excited to get that win."

(on it being a close game) "Obviously, you have to win the close ones. At the end of the year, when you play really good teams like that, you are not going to blow out a team like that. That's part of it. You have to protect the football, score points when you can and play as a team."

(on QB Lamar Jackson's demeanor when he fumbled) "He puts a lot of pressure on himself. That's great. He is a great competitor. We don't want him ever getting too down. He is trying to make a play there. It happens. We overcame it. Him being a serious competitor, he puts a lot of pressure on himself. Great players that want to be great, they have that."

(on G/C Patrick Mekari's first full game) "I think he did a good job. Things were flying around out there, and I didn't get a chance to watch him. We just need to build from it."

(On the Ravens winning eight-straight games) "It's special. All of these wins are special. Big wins in different environments and different ways of winning. We obviously have a special team with a lot of good players playing at a high level. You take them one game at a time. Everybody is having fun. Obviously, we are here to win and that is what we are paid to do. When we are winning like that and winning games in a row, everybody is having a great time. It's competitive and playing good teams on big stages. This is why we do it. This is why I do it."

(On potential late hits on QB Lamar Jackson) "They were going after him for sure. That's football. Obviously, when he is a runner, they are not going to let up. That is part of the playing and that is good defense."

S Chuck Clark

(on the keys to winning the game) "It was a rainy day, so one of our goals was stopping the run. They had a little bit of success, but at the end of the day, it was all about who scored the most points."

(on his forced fumble) "Like I said before, our defense always emphasizes on making turnovers and putting our offense back on the field in a position to score. We score ourselves, so it is really about putting points on the board."

(on winning a close game) "I feel like the motto of the day was that it wasn't easy, but it was definitely worth it. All of them aren't going to come easy. We definitely needed that test as a team just to move forward."

(on being versatile on defense) "I'm just being a versatile player wherever the defense needs me. Whatever the coach asks me to do, I am going to do. The physicality aspect, if you're a football player, you have to be physical."

(on this being the most physical team they played) "It was a tough football game. It was a rain game. The field was sloppy, so it definitely was a tough game."

(on if it was harder to tackle because of the rain) "I wouldn't necessarily say that. We just have to be in better positions to make plays. We will go and watch it. On different plays, we will see what our footing was and will just get better."

(on winning a close game) "It was a nail bitter. But for us, we needed that test. In the NFL, you are not going to blow everyone out. We needed that test to win a close game."

OLB Tyus Bowser

(on the win) "It was a great game. I respect those guys, and those guys played hard. We knew it was going to be a battle. We figured it out luckily. Thank God for Justin [Tucker]. Overall, it was a good win."

(on San Francisco's offense) "It's tough. That entire offense with [Jimmy] Garoppolo and [George] Kittle and their whole front line, running backs, everywhere, they're dangerous. You just have to be on your P's and Q's. You never know if they are going to pass or run the ball, and they ran the ball well."

(on the vibe of the football team) "That's the most important part, is going out there and having fun. We work so hard on getting to this level. The most important thing is going out and having fun. Go out there and play fast and play together. When you do that, good things happen."

DE Chris Wormley

(on his fourth down deflection) "They were on the verge of kicking a field goal. It was just my time, I guess, to block the pass. I got a hand up in the throwing lane, and I made the play for the team."

(on the defensive mindset in the fourth quarter) "We knew we had to make a stop, no matter how many yards they got. Toward the end when they were driving, they got us a couple times. We knew we had to make that stop for the offense to get the ball back to put us in position to score. They decided to go for it on fourth-and-2, and we shut them down."

(on him making the key play) "It's always a good feeling. I'm getting a little recognition from you guys now, and when 'Harbs' [Coach John Harbaugh] was breaking it down after the game. It's a good feeling, but we have a lot more work to do. We just beat a really good team and we have to play a really good team in Buffalo next week. I am looking forward to the challenge."

(on the fourth quarter defensive stop) "The last three weeks I wouldn't say were blowouts, but [we] knew [we] were going to win the game towards the end. For us to step up like that and make those big plays like that at the end and give our offense a chance to score and do what they do at the end of the game, it was huge."

(on whether he got a game ball) "Earl Thomas got the ball, but I think he was taking a drug test, so 'Harbs' gave it to me. But Earl took it back really quick. He was looking for me and decided to take it back. I'll let him have it. Like I said, we will go back to work on Tuesday for our game on Sunday."

(on if it felt like a playoff game) "Yeah, they came in at 10-1 or whatever their record was. That was a team that was looking to seal up the NFC West. We knew we had a little more work to do to kind of get some recognition out there, especially on the defensive side of the ball. But definitely a playoff game, definitely a team we could see in the Super Bowl if we both go on a nice playoff run. Definitely a playoff feel to the game, especially with our crowd. It was amazing."

(on if eight-straight wins feels different) "We have never been 10-2 since I have been here. Usually at this point in the season, we are clawing our way to get a playoff game. Trying to win the division or to get that wild card spot. Now we are in the position that we just keep doing what we are doing, we can play for that first round bye and home field advantage throughout the playoffs. That would be incredible for us. It is a different feel, especially since the last two seasons it has been our defense that has carried the team along. Now, with Lamar and the offense, they are putting up so many points, it's nice to see them have success and obviously our defense is having success as well."

(on the Ravens overcoming adversity) "You have to handle the series of events. The game is not going to be won or lost on a pass interference call or whatever the case may be. We have to handle the series of events. I think our team has done that incredibly [well] over the first 12 weeks of the season. We are going to keep doing that and keep rallying when things are not going our way."

TE Hayden Hurst 

(on the 49ers' physical gameplan) "Yes, they came in here, and the plan was to play physical. That was a really great football game. Hats off to them. They had a great gameplan, but we just executed down the stretch." 

(on dealing with the weather today) "It was tough. Our passing game wasn't exactly on point today. It was hard with the weather. But we overcame [the weather] and adapted." 

(on being able to rely on K Justin Tucker) "All we had to do was get it in close. We know 'Tuck' [Justin Tucker] is going to make it. He's clutch. He's a guy that's made 14 or 15 game-winners. The guy is incredible, and sure enough, he did it again today." 

(on eight-straight wins being a Ravens' team record) "I heard something about that today. We just have to focus on being 1-0 next week. We'll get back in next week, grind out a gameplan, and head out to Buffalo."  

(on what he wants the fans to know tonight) "We're here for the Ravens – that's what we are right there. I think that game epitomizes what the Ravens are. We're going to continue to do this thing, and it's going to be fun down the stretch." 

G/C Patrick Mekari 

(on if he feels pressure on his shoulders when they call a quarterback sneak on fourth-and-1) "Yeah, there was some pressure, but we were ready for it. We knew what we had to do. At that point, it's just the mentality of who wants it more." 

(on his opinion of the 49ers defensive front) "Yeah, they're a great team – a great defense as a whole. But at the end of the day, we came out on top. Credit to them – they're a great team." 

(on if there is an advantage to QB Lamar going under center on fourth-and-short) "Well, when the ball is a little wet, it's a little easier to give it to him under center." 

(on the impact of the weather during today's game) "I feel like the weather played a little bit of a factor, just because the ground was a little slippery and all that."     

WR Willie Snead IV 

(on what this win says about this Ravens team) "That we're tough, we're resilient, and we don't care who we're playing, man. Like I keep telling people, we play Ravens football, we have each other's backs, and we're not scared of anybody. Whoever steps up to the plate, we're going to go at them like we have every game." 

(on if it means something to win a close game) "Yes, we knew this was going to be a tough game coming in, and that's how we approached the week. Great preparation, great week of practices – it was a short week, but we handled it pretty well. We just knew the team that was coming in – a tough team in the NFC – top dogs, and like I said, they came in with a chip on their shoulders, and we contained them for the most part. We overcame some things that were mistakes, but at the end of the day, we got the ball last, and we were able to get it done." 

(on K Justin Tucker being clutch) "'Tuck' [Justin Tucker] is so clutch, man. I've never had a kicker like that in my life. But he's just so humble and ready for the moment. It's just awesome to put him in a position like that, and he got the win for us." 

(on if he always expects to go for it on fourth down now even if on their own 40-yard line) "I was a little nervous, but I wasn't surprised. Coach [Harbaugh] gives us the green light. He has full confidence in Lamar [Jackson] and our offense. It just says a lot about 'Harbs' [head coach John Harbaugh] and how he feels about us." 

(on if winning a tight game like this will do a lot for the team) "Yeah, this was the game that we had circled. We just knew the team that was coming in, and we left another statement out there on the field – that we are for real. We respect our opponent, but that's not going to stop us. We're not going to change who we are. We're going to keep grinding and finish the job." 

(on if QB Lamar Jackson is gifted on fourth-and-short situations) "Gifted? I don't know, but the dude is just confident. 'Harbs' [head coach John Harbaugh] is confident, like I said. He is confident in Lamar, and Lamar is going to get it. If you put him on the field on fourth down, he's going to get it." 

(on if being able to win a close game says something about the team) "Yes. We practice that situation almost every week – two-minute drive and getting the ball last, going down the field and getting a victory. So, business as usual. It was a tight game – high stakes. But we go out there, and we do our job."


Head Coach Kyle Shanahan

(on player injuries) "Jaquiski Tartt had ribs and did not return. D.J. Jones had an ankle and did not return. Richard Sherman did not return."

(on why the 49ers were running the ball well and why he decided to throw the ball on fourth down) "Just because of what the Ravens' defense does in that situation. The same reason we did it early on. They've got too many people in there that you can't block. I didn't mind the decision at all of not running, but I wish I had called a better pass play."

(on whether throwing the ball was his original call before the timeout) "No, no, we changed it."

(on thoughts on how the team played overall) "I was real proud of the team. They played extremely hard all three phases. We definitely played against a real good team, but I was real happy with how the guys played. We had every chance to win the game, and we came up a little bit short at the end. Credit to them. Hopefully, we'll earn an opportunity to get a chance to play them some other time."

(on his thinking in letting time pass between plays in the second quarter) "That's what we've been doing all year. When we get the ball in the second quarter, our No. 1 goal is to finish with the ball in our hands."

(on his message to the team) "Basically, what I told you guys. I'm real proud with how they fought. Our guys impress me every week with what they do. We had a lot of chances to win that game, but we came up short. It's no one's fault. Everyone did all they could. I'm excited about our team. Excited to go away for a week. I'm going to stay in Florida and get ready for New Orleans [Saints]. I know our guys fought hard. I wish the game was still going on. It didn't end the way we wanted, but we're excited to get on the plane and spend the week together and get this turned around."

(on the final drive at the end of the first half was the best course of action) "Our goal is, we would love to score, but we're going to make sure we work that clock. We were short on the field goal. I think it got a little tipped from what I saw. We were short on the field goal. I wish we had gotten closer so we're not short on the field goal. I forget where we started on it. I'd say we were pretty far back there, and we wanted to eat up the clock. And, once we got into a minute, push a little

bit. That's exactly what we did. We didn't get enough chunk plays at the end. I wish we had made it."

(on the 49ers' success running the ball on the edges) "It did sometimes. With some of the blitzes, we got them in the right looks. Just like it always is versus their defense. Then, you've got some that you run that you lose yards. I thought we had some good ones running away from pressure."

(on what he saw from Raheem Mostert) "I thought he was running great once he got in there. I saw a few of the runs he made. He was pressing it real well."

(on their game plan for Lamar Jackson) "He's going to make some plays. We had to change some stuff up. Anytime you've got to play 11-on-11 football, you can't just do what you've been doing. I was happy with the scheme we put in. I was happy with how the guys executed it. I thought they did a pretty good job at it."

(on balancing what the defensive line could do) "Yes, definitely. It's hard. There are 11 guys out there. You have to defend on every play. You can't just go after the quarterback. Then, you're going to get 12-yard dives from Mark Ingram II. So, that's what you have to change versus a 'wildcat' offense. Since he is a true quarterback, it does make it harder to rush the passer."

(on not using Jimmy Garoppolo on the fourth-and-1 play) "Different stuff they do in this situation. Third-and-1 wasn't the same looks that they have. We saw on the original fourth-and-1, they committed everyone in there, and it's extremely hard. Also, we thought it was a full yard. So, it's not always great to sneak it. The best thing for us was to throw."

(on whether he considered going for a field goal in that situation) "No. It was pretty far."

(on Jaquiski Tartt's injury) "I don't. I know it's ribs. I didn't see it. So, anytime somebody hits you, it will get you nervous. It's good it wasn't a lower extremity. I was told ribs. I'm not sure of the area."

(on Marcell Harris giving a boost) "Yes, definitely. That was a huge turnover he had. The Ravens came in and got a couple of big runs right away. And then, he got that one huge turnover. I think we went on a 15-play drive after that and got a field goal. So, that was one of the big turning points in the game. I think the next turning point was us going forward on fourth-and-1."


TE George Kittle

(on the loss) "I mean, losing is never fun. We play to win the game. I had a great time out there playing football though. It was awesome. We ran the ball a lot. I had a lot of good blocks with the tackles and 'Juice' [FB Kyle Juszczyk]. Our run game looked good. Unfortunately, we just didn't do enough to get it done."

(on the high caliber football the Ravens play) "It was great game. I think two of the best teams in the NFL went at it, and they made a couple more plays than we did. It's tough. We didn't have any timeouts there at the end. So, that's tough on us, but I thought our defense played one hell of a game. I love watching them. Fred Warner, I can't say enough about him, and 'Sherm' [Richard Sherman] and our defensive line. But we just didn't get it done."

(on if he would like to have another crack at the Ravens) "Definitely, that would be a good opportunity. Hopefully we can get that done. I'm just already excited to play New Orleans."

(on the spark that RB Raheem Mostert provided today) "He's really fast. (laughter) So, yes, he's a heck of a football player. He did plus-140 [yards], right? Yeah, that's pretty impressive. He was fantastic. And a lot of that is just our O-line. Tight ends and fullback did a really good job, especially our wide receivers on the outside. I thought they did a really good job of blocking the whole day. Raheem [Mostert] was fantastic today."

(on what it says about RB Raheem Mostert's ability to step in and produce like that) "That's why, this whole team … We have so many guys. … Doesn't matter their position, or if they're on special teams, defense, offense. They step up and make the play when their name is called. I think this whole offense … We give guys an opportunity to make a play, and Raheem [Mostert] definitely brought us a big spark."

(on if it's frustrating that the losses to Seattle and Baltimore came down to a few little details) "I take a positive mindset about everything. So, I thought it was a great game for us. I think it showed the character of a lot of our guys – no quit, nothing like that. But you can't say enough about what the Ravens did the whole game. They were really good, controlled the ball a lot. We had a couple of penalties that I think kind of weren't very good for us with the timing. But like I said, they made more plays than us, and we just have to fix that."

(on how much enjoyment he gets as a part of run blocking) "You kidding? That's how I … I grade my game off the run game. I thought I played pretty well today. I had great battles with 99 [Ravens OLB Matthew Judon] all day. He's a great player. So, that was fun. That was really fun. I'm just looking forward to hopefully getting another opportunity again."

WR Deebo Samuel

(on his touchdown catch) "I had a double move, which we had scripted for man coverage, but they fell into a zone. I just saw the ball in the air. I didn't worry about the defender and went and attacked the ball. It's our job to see the ball with our eyes and our hands. So, I just followed the ball all the way in."

(on the field conditions) "The footing was fine. We just went out there and did the best we could."

(on facing a top team in the league) "We treat every team the same. We just believe in our scheme and our coaches, and it's our job to go out and do what they tell us to do."

S Marcell Harris

(on his forced fumble of Lamar Jackson) "Honestly, I was just doing my job. My name got called, and I just went in to set the edge on [Mark Andrews]. I saw Lamar coming. So, I tried to stay outside. When he went back inside, I was able to get my hand on the ball and rip that thing out. I kept my hands on [Mark Andrews] and not my shoulders so I could read Lamar [Jackson] to see if he was going to go inside or outside. By me keeping the edge, he went inside, and I got my hand on the ball."

(on playing in a competitive game) "It was amazing. It was like a playoff atmosphere. Every game from here on out is going to be a pretty good matchup. We won't take anybody lightly and come out and do our job."

(on the weather conditions) "It wasn't that bad. I know it was raining and kind of cold, but, at the end of the day, it's ball. And, when you go out there, nothing else matters."

RB Raheem Mostert 

(on the difficulty getting off to a hot start given the team's continued success this year) "You just have to have that mindset going in and just play. I don't really look at it as I'm hot right now. I just look at it as another opportunity for me and be a better player for the team." 

(on the communication from the sideline to stay ready each series) "[Running backs] Coach [Robert] Turner makes the call; he tells us when we are supposed to go out there. He said, 'I am going to keep you going, but I am also going to keep you fresh.'" 

(on his mindset after last week's commanding win followed by this week's close loss) "Absolutely, they are an AFC opponent. They have done a great job this year winning games and doing their part. Our offense was beating ourselves. It is not like they were beating us down. We were beating ourselves, and those penalties start to add up and get us out of field position. We just have to keep our heads up. You can see after the Seattle game we only lost by three points and this game we only lost by three points." 

(on the encouragement of a close loss to a top team knowing they can compete with anyone) "Absolutely, we believe in ourselves, even when people outside the locker room don't really believe in us and call us pretenders. We stick with what we got, and what we know we got, this locker room and this coaching staff. We know they are going to bring the best out of us. We want the best out of ourselves. We take it each day and we try to improve on the little things. We want to get to the playoffs and get to the Super Bowl, that's our main goal." 

CB Richard Sherman 

(on his injury) "Yeah, old man, you know? Nine years." 

(on what happened on the play where the injury occurred.) "I don't know, I have to see it on tape. My knee gave out on me, a lot of pain. I tried to get off the field so we wouldn't waste the timeout." 

(on the lessons he can take from a close loss) "Well, it all came down to the last play. Teams are going to have a hard down on us. There is never an easy game, it will always come down to the last play, last possession. We gave ourselves the chance, that's all you can do, give ourselves the chance to win, and we did that on both sides of the ball. We just didn't make enough plays." 

(on the defense holding the Ravens to less yards than their average) "We expect to hold people to less. We are one of the best defenses in football. That's not us saying it, that's the numbers. That's our standard, but you know, it doesn't matter unless you win the ball game, and we did not win the ball game today." 

(on his expectations of the offense for the remainder of the season) "About the same. They got some plays, we held them in check. We made some mistakes and gave them a few. Basically, what we expected." 

(on if the game was fun) "Every football game you get to play is fun. It is a kid's game, you win some, you lose some, you fight, as long as you give it everything you got it's fun. Fun, physical ball game we played. That's a good ball club we played. You learn a lot more from losses than wins. We will get some good corrections in, and we will be ready for New Orleans."  

(on what separates QB Lamar Jackson as a quarterback) "He is a good decision maker. He knows angles, he knows leverage, he knows when to get down, he knows when to stay up, he knows when to cut back, he knows when to keep it, he knows when to bounce outside. He takes what the defense gives him. He doesn't waste time taking shots down field, he takes what the defense gives him. He played a good game." 

(on his back and forth conversation with John Harbaugh) "He was saying I made a dirty play on Lamar [Jackson]. The quarterback was running like a running back, if you don't touch him, then he runs up the sideline, and if you do touch him, it's like everyone is throwing up the hubbub. Like he wasn't going to run it, you know, that's the thing the league needs to clarify as a defensive player, you don't want to hit the quarterback, you want to stay off of him, but when he is about to run, there is a fine line between him faking like he is going out and getting an extra six or seven yards, and him going out of bounds. That is where it is tough on defensive players. Every play where the quarterback slides, they are like, 'Oh my God, that should be a flag,' but he was running just a half second ago, and you are making a split-second decision like, 'Hey I've got to tackle him,' and then he slides. It is a tough position to put the defense in, but I think our guys did a great job."  

(on any concerns about playing next week) "No, I am good, I appreciate you asking. Just an old man, sometimes it takes a second. I may not practice every day this week, but I will be good to go on Sunday."  

(on how he is measuring this game) "I am not a measuring stick game kind of person, I am a wins and losses kind of person, and we lost this one." 

QB Jimmy Garoppolo 

(on what he saw on the fourth-quarter, fourth-down play) "They had tight coverage, the D-lineman got his hands on it. I thought we had a chance at George [Kittle], just a good play by the D-lineman." 

(on what he can learn from the team's two losses this season) "We are going to face adversity sometimes. I think guys responded well today. We need to make more plays in crucial situations, and that is what separates a lot of these games, a couple plays here and there." 

(on how his teammates responded) "Whether you have a turnover, bad play or penalty, how you respond on that and how you move on, I thought we did a good job on that today. Obviously, room for improvement, but it was a step in the right direction." 

(on if the rain played an impact in his performance during the game) "Not a ton, it was nothing like Washington, much different, a little bit of a sloppy field. It wasn't anything crazy." 

(on if the 49ers have proved they are one of the elite teams in the league) "It was a good challenge today. They are a good team, Baltimore, they definitely are. We just have room for improvement. Plenty of things we can do better. Whoever it is, wherever it's at, we are going to line it up." 

(on if it is good to have things to work on going into their week practicing in Florida) "We always have things to work on, whether we had won or lost, it would be the same. I like the mindset some of these guys have. This one hurts, [but] we will bounce back again."  

(on the difficulty of balancing the play style on the drive at the end of the first half) "It is very difficult dealing with the timeouts and how much time is left, and obviously, you don't want to give them another opportunity, so I thought we did a good job with that. We could have gotten Robbie [Gould] a little bit closer and helped him out a little bit." 

(on if TE George Kittle was his first option on the fourth-quarter, fourth-down play) "There was a couple different options, George [Kittle] had the best chance. We had an opportunity, the ball got tipped unfortunately." 

(on how the offensive line contributed to RB Raheem Mostert's successful day) "They were battling up front, not just the O-Line, the Tight Ends, [Kyle] Juszczyk and the receivers. Raheem [Mostert] ran great, all of the backs, it was a good effort and everything, we just have to make a few more plays." 

(on what he could have done differently on the strip sack) "Just cover the ball up, especially in these conditions like [today's]. I kind of thought I had it locked up, he pushed it out and made a good play." 

(on RB Raheem Moster) "He is ready to roll, he always is. He has a burst to him like no one I have ever seen. The guy is ready when his number is called. You have to appreciate him for that." 

(on their emphasis heading into practice this week) "We will kind of figure that out after we watch film and everything. I think it will be good for all of us to be together for a week. It was good for us in Youngstown. It will just bring the team closer together." 

DL DeForest Buckner 

(on how they feel they handled QB Lamar Jackson) "We made some adjustments during the game, trying to contain them more. Overall, I am proud of the guys. We played our tails off, just came up short. [We] have to focus on the little details in the beginning of the game. I feel like we did a better job in the second half. On that last drive, you have to make that play and get off the field." 

(on the difference of seeing QB Lamar Jackson on-field versus on tape) "There is only so much film you can watch, and you really won't get a good look. You can try and simulate it in scout team, until you actually hit the field and go against him and see how it goes and you make those adjustments. And each of those guys - defense, offense and special teams - faught to the very end." 

(on what they have learned from their losses this year) "It is the little details we have to iron out. Some misfits, it came down the wire again, just a field goal. It's the little things we have to work on." 

(on if he felt the stakes of the game were bigger than usual) "Definitely, every week is big, but being out on the field, it was a dog fight. It definitely felt like a playoff game. God willing, we make it to the end, and hopefully we go against them again." 

(on the difference of seeing QB Lamar Jackson in-person versus practicing against the scout team and seeing him on tape) "He is a great player, great dynamic player. He can pass outside the pocket and extend plays. It is hard to defend somebody like that all the time."  

LB Fred Warner 

(on the lessons he's learned from this game) "I've learned that we have a great team. It just comes down to us making those small plays in the clutch time. It could be plays made early in the game. That makes a difference. We've got to be cleaner. I feel like we just have to be better from the get-go, including myself. Silly mistakes happen. Once we got in the groove, I think you saw us settle down, but we've got to be better. We're not going to hang our heads, we're all competitors at the same time. We're not going to take any moral victories. We didn't win the game. We know we've got to be better; we'll be better." 

(on the Ravens hiding the ball on runs) "They do a great job with ball handling for sure. But guys have just got to make sure that they're in the right gaps at the right time." 

(on holding the Ravens to below their average rushing yardage) "We didn't get the win. That's what matters."  

(on QB Lamar Jackson) "Great player. Whatever we knew before, he still did what he did. He ran the ball well. He got it done." 

FB Kyle Juszczyk 

(on the San Francisco 49ers) "Our record speaks for it. We're 10-2, and the way we play the top competition in the league speaks to it. The way we played Green Bay, Seattle, Baltimore … We stack up." 

(on the running game) "Raheem [Mostert] did such a great job. He's the best at being decisive and hitting things fast. That's really his specialty, and it played out perfectly for this type of game. When things are a little slippery, maybe people's footing is off a little bit. They're second-guessing stuff, and he doesn't do that. He just hits hard, and he had a phenomenal game." 

(on being in the visiting team locker room) "It's different. I've never been in here. Once the game started, all that stuff went away. Honestly, I think we are similar teams. I think we're both very tough, built to run the ball; gritty teams, that I'm sure will be playing late into the postseason." 

DB Jimmie Ward 

(on the defense) "We gave it our all. They ended up making a few more plays and came out with the win. They ended up putting some points up in the first half. Second half, I feel like we tightened it up, and it was a close game." 

(on any changes they made for the second half) "I feel like we got started. The defensive line and linebackers got more vertical, so that forced him [Lamar Jackson] to bounce with the quarterback keeper. And we did a better job stopping the run." 

(on the loss) "We've just got to soak this one up. At the end of the day, it's either, did you win? Or, did you lose? We lost, so we have to go back and watch film and learn from it." 

DL Nick Bosa 

(on the defense's play) "It took us a while to adjust, but we ended up playing pretty well in the second half. We just started trusting our assignments, and that's all that we really could do, do our assignments." 

(on being able to contain Lamar Jackson in the second half) "It seemed like it. It took us a little bit to adjust, but I think we played well." 

WR Emmanuel Sanders 

(on the offense) "We've got a good offensive unit. We have a lot of depth. We have good receivers all around the board. We have good running backs all around the board, and I feel like we're a strong unit." 

(on QB Jimmy Garoppolo) "Jimmy's a baller. Obviously, today's conditions didn't favor him, and he still went out there and battled it out. So, I'm happy for him, I'm proud of him." 

(on today's weather) "It sucks. Definitely one of those games that when you look at the schedule, you say, 'I hope the weather's not bad in Baltimore,' and then it ends up being bad. I'd rather play in the snow than the rain." 

(on playing again in Baltimore) "The crowd really wasn't effective today, in my opinion. Maybe it's because we were so locked in as a team. We were just trying to battle it out. In the rain, so they weren't all that loud. We were trying to battle out the weather as well. But I have been here when the crowd has been crazy." 

(on his play) "I think I played well. Obviously, there are a couple of plays I wish I had back. But overall, I think I played OK."

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