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Transcripts: Ravens-Bengals Post-game Quotes (10/9)


(opening statement) "OK, just thanks for coming out and being here, and thanks to our fans. I thought our fans were amazing. They were loud the whole game; the environment in the stadium was great. Our stadium people do a great job; it's a fun place to be, right, especially at night. So, hats off to everyone on that. Then to our players; our players just fought, they trusted one another and they never gave up on one another. The faith level was at an all-time high. I was proud of them for that, and we're happy to have the victory. We have to go to work and get ready to play a tough Giants team in New York. OK, what questions do you have?" 

(on how much this win means, especially how it happened) "I just think it's an important win, because we had an opportunity to move into position in the division. That's really from a long-term perspective. Nobody's going to win the division in October, but these games are going to go a long way at the end of the season. So, like our guys were saying, we just have to keep stacking practices, and plays and as many wins as we can, and that's what we're going to be determined to do." 

(on how much of a focus WR Ja'Marr Chase was in the gameplan) "He was a big focus. We rotated some of our coverage in his way and stuff like that, and we had a couple double teams, but really for the most part, you can't overdo it because they have a lot of good receivers out there. They've got Tee Higgins, they've got [Tyler] Boyd, they've got Hayden Hurst. The backs have been great receivers for those guys; [Joe] Mixon has caught a ton of balls. So, they've got a lot of weapons out there, and as soon as you start putting too much focus on one spot, the ball goes to another place. So, we played well across the board; we covered him singled up numerous times. I thought our corners did a great job; they had a few catches, but we had a number of plays too, so I was just proud of all the guys." 

(on how nice it was for the run game to fuel the two-minute drill at the end of the game) "You're exactly right. That's just what we have to keep working for. It's a big part of our formula. The ability to do that – and not just do that – we want to be able to run the ball on first and second down too, and get first downs doing that without ever getting to third down or third and short. It's just a big part of who we are, and we still have some work to do there, and we have to keep improving, but they did a good job tonight." 

(on if he had a yard line in mind for K Justin Tucker's range for the game-winning kick, and  if he thought it was a sign of respect that the Bengals started using timeouts so early) "I'm not sure about the last part, the timeouts? (Reporter: "Bengals head coach Zac Taylor started calling timeouts when you were still 54 yards away.") I don't think that was what he was thinking; I think he was just thinking that he wants a chance if they get a stop, and they want to get the ball back to kick their own field goal. So, yes, I'm sure he figured we're in field goal range, but [it] doesn't really matter. If they get the stop there, then they win the game on a knee, or they have a chance to respond. So, that was probably his thinking on that, and he did the right thing with that. Once we got into that range, we really wanted to get as many yards as we could, but we also didn't want to not give 'Tuck' [Justin Tucker] an opportunity. So, it worked out great. Lamar [Jackson] got yards, Kenyan Drake got yards; those guys did a great job. I'll tell you, J.K. Dobbins deserves a lot of credit; Kenyan, J.K., Mike Davis had some good runs, but J.K. really had some runs, didn't he, to go along with the offensive line. That was big for us." 

(on Ts Ronnie Stanley and Patrick Mekari rotating series' and if that went according to plan) "He seemed like he looked really good; I'm looking forward to seeing the tape. I know he felt like he played well. That was the plan; we had a certain rotation planned, and they stuck to it throughout the whole game. Pat Mekari deserves a lot of credit, [and] the rest of the offensive line, too." 

(on an injury update about S Marcus Williams) "He has a dislocated wrist; that's going to be a significant amount of time. So, we'll know more tomorrow and through the week." 

(on what went into the decision to go for the field goal to go up 16-10) "We had an idea; we ran it out there, and you saw us execute what we tried to do. We didn't quite get what we wanted to go for it, so you take the delay of game, and it doesn't really cost you anything there to take the delay and kick the field goal. If we would've had what we wanted, we could have gone for it, but that was the decision that was made on the field, and it was the right decision." 

(on CB Marcus Peters' sack on the Bengals' double-reverse play) "I'm going to tell you what – that was a big play. There were a lot of things happening on that drive that we're going to have to go back and look at. I don't know about some of the stuff that took place there, but it got down to the six-inch line or something like that. For [Marcus Peters] to make that play – maybe it was the two-yard line. Do you guys remember what it was? (Reporter: "It was the two-yard line.") The two, OK the two. The other one was the six-inch. For him to come off the edge there and make that play, it was just a great football play. It really wasn't a designed piece of what we were doing. Marcus [Peters] made a great football play, and then to make the tackle in that situation. The thing was covered; we did a great job out there covering the quarterback on that 'Philly Special.' So, that was good. One other thing about operation – you asked about operation – Lamar [Jackson], someone asked Lamar about the operation, and it really deserves a lot of credit. Throughout the game, how many times do you have the clock running down, he operates the clock so well. The two-minute drive, he handled it great. Got them with 12 [players] on the field; that was big. He got them with 12 on the field, knew they had 12 on the field, got the timeout back for us. That was a big part of that drive." 

(on QB Lamar Jackson running four times in the game-winning drive) "There are very few quarterbacks … There's nobody like Lamar [Jackson]. There are great quarterbacks, and you can't take away anything from some of the great quarterbacks in this league, and he is in that group. I'll take him over everybody. He's ours; we love Lamar. He's the Ravens' quarterback. I know the Ravens fans feel the same way. It's just, we love him; our players love him, our organization loves him, everyone loves him for that reason right there. He does it his way, and he just wants to win. That's what he wants to do; he wants to win. That's what he cares about, and that's why the guys respect him so much." 

(on OLB Jason Pierre-Paul's performance) "He seems like he's doing a good job. I felt good about him. He got pressure on the quarterback, played the run. Still, there's little things that he's going to be upset about that he could have played a little bit better, but he really cares. This guy loves football, and he wants to be good. I just think he's kind of rounding into shape right now too, so he's only going to keep getting better." 

(on if he ever has any hesitation to send K Justin Tucker out for long field goal attempts, such as the 58-yarder) "Yes, that's a really good point. Patrick [Queen] got the interception, and then the drive didn't work out quite like we wanted, and that was a hard one. That was a tough one, because normally you're playing good defense, and your thought is going to be to pin them down in there and keep them down in there. Now, we're starting the second half, we're going to put them at the 50-yard line if we miss that field goal and give them an opportunity to do something. That was not an easy choice, but in the end, the scale tipped towards Justin [Tucker]. That's what we did, and Justin deserves all the credit, but so does Nick [Moore] and so does [Jordan] Stout. Those guys did a great job, along with the protection." 

(on if T Ronnie Stanley and RB J.K. Dobbins weren't on the field at the end because they were on a pitch count, not because they were injured) "Correct, yes." 


(on the mindset he had on the last drive) "Just do what we do in practice. The two-minute drill, we work on that every day in practice for situations like this. I'd say we prevailed. The offense did a great job driving the ball down the field and giving 'Tuck' [Justin Tucker] a chance. We've got the GOAT at kicker, and that's just what it was."**

(on if he felt any doubt when K Jusin Tucker took the field for the game-winning kick)"No, I didn't. I still prayed though. (laughter) I really didn't have any doubt though, because I thank God we've got Tuck [Justin Tucker] on our side."

(on the defense)"I want to say shout out to our defense too, because they've been getting a lot of noise about how they've been playing. In our eyes, they played lights out. Our job is to put points on the board, because we missed a lot of opportunities out there. But shoutout to those guys, because they did their thing tonight."

(on if he's kicking himself for the missed opportunity to WR Tylan Wallace down the field)"Oh my God (shaking his head), I should've given him a little bit more air on the pass. There were like two guys in front of me, and I just saw him wide open. I just tried to shoot it, like shoot it there, but I should've given the ball a little bit more air. We won the game, so we're good."

(on if there's any relief for this team)"Absolutely, but at the same time, I feel like these types of games, it helps your team build strength. Hopefully, we make it to the playoffs. That's the type of game it's going to be – tough games – and that's a tough team. They just played a great game."

(on his mindset going out there for that final drive)"Just do what we're supposed to do. Do our assignments. Work fast, but smart at the same time, and that's what we did. We executed."

(on facing adversity again to close out this game)"We watched film on that. It left a bad taste in our mouths. We've got to finish the game, especially on offense. In low scoring games like that, we've got to do our job to put points on the board, and we weren't. It was so close in this game; we just had to get 'Tuck' [Justin Tucker] a shot, and that's exactly what we did. So, it is a relief."

(on the push the offensive line was getting in the run game)"Our O-line was hungry. They talked about it. They were cursing in the huddle – 'Let's f'ing go.' And that's what they did – prevailed – that's what we've got to do."

(on if he'd rather have the ball in his hands to decide the game)"I hate losing. I always tell you guys that. That's just real. They just gave me lanes. They played great defense – shell defense. I saw the little holes, and I just hit them, trying to get the yards, protecting the ball. It was open."

(on his overall performance)** "I played alright. Mistakes happen. It's a part of football. [We] try not to have mistakes, but they happen. But the key to that one was we got the 'W' at the end of the game. So, I'm good. I'm mad at the film, [though]. I'm going to be mad at the film."


(on QB Lamar Jackson's game performance) "Just over and over, time and time again, Number 8 [Lamar Jackson] comes up big. He's so great, so dynamic. He's playing the quarterback position at the top, and there is no one better than him. Situationally, he knows when to make the right play at the right time." 

(on what this win means to the team) "This Bengals' team is a great team. So, to come out of here with a win is incredible. This was a team win. You know, in the two losses this year, we only trailed for 14 seconds. So, for us to be able to come out here and finish, finish games, that's huge for us and gives us confidence going forward." 

(on the feeling on the sideline in the fourth quarter) "We were just focusing. There was no wavering, never any wavering on our part. All we need to do is focus and keep on playing. We said it before the game, all we have to do is play one play at a time." 

(on what is next) "Just getting better. We can always get better and this team knows that. I'm excited to see where we go. Just keep on getting better, one game at a time. Just keep on stacking." 

(on his connection with QB Lamar Jackson during the fourth quarter) "I was just trying to get open, trying to help him out as much as I can. But like I said, he is a very special player. [He] knows how to find his guys and win games. For me, I'm just trying to get as open as I can so he can find me. He was throwing some great balls today and I was just trying to help him out." 

(on having K Justin Tucker) "All we just kept saying is a field goal wins. We knew that all we had to do was move the ball a little bit and he was going to have our back with the kick. When you have a G.O.A.T. like that, it's special and makes you feel a lot better. That's why they pay him the big bucks. He's so good – he's automatic. We're so fortunate to have him on this team."


(on the overall defensive performance) "It was pretty good. To hold a team like that to 17 points, that's a job well done. Obviously, there were some plays out there we'd like to have back – that's just football. But they're a great team [with] a lot of talent, [and] they were rolling. So, for us to step in there and hold them to 17 points, I'm really proud of my guys."

* (on the difference in today's victory versus the team's losses this season)* "It's just [about us] getting better; you should improve over time, and we're a team that gets out to early leads. We were up 10 points, and we just found a way to hold onto it. The situation was a little different. It was good to see the offense move the ball down the field, and you take Justin Tucker for granted sometimes, but that's a heck of a kick. I think the biggest thing is just improving and just trying to find a way to win tough ballgames. These games build character. This is how it's going to be when it matters. You have to grind it out. You have to take them, because nobody is going to give them to you. That's a good team we just beat, and everybody knows what they're capable of doing. They're the reigning AFC champs, so you've got to give them that respect. But it feels good to win at home."**

(on the depth on the defensive line)** "You've got to take your hat off to [executive vice president & general manager] Eric DeCosta. He did a great job of building the team and bringing guys in that can add value to different places. 'JPP' [Jason Pierre-Paul] has been here for just under 14 days, and he's playing great. He went out there and made some big plays for us, had the batted ball, had the sack, and he's just learning the system. It's a good thing he's a vet, because he knows what he's doing. But just across the board, even with losing guys like Michael Pierce [last week] and Marcus Williams [this week] and other guys all over the field, we just don't flinch. We know what the younger guys are capable of doing when guys step up. Travis [Jones] played really well today. The whole D-line as a whole played well, and guys just stepped up and made plays. I think it's good to have a veteran mix and a young-guy mix; we've got that, and we play some really good football."


(on the defensive performance) "We put together a solid game on all levels and everybody was playing together as one unit."

* (on the depth in the secondary)* "It always pays dividends to have depth at any position, but all of us have had to step up. We're all learning the same thing, and we all hold each other to the same standard. Whenever it's the next man up, you've got to do your job and the job of the person that's in front, just as equal."**

(on the difference in today's win versus other close games this season)** "Just preaching finish. We've been there. We were preaching finish in the other couple, but we really didn't do it. But just really sticking to it made the difference. And we did it on all ends – special teams pinning them, offense moving the ball and keeping drives alive and defense getting stops – so we just finished as a team."


(on Justin Tucker) "He's clutch, he's clutch. Greatest kicker in the history of the game. We are so fortunate to have him, and we knew we were going to win that game with him out there."**

(on Lamar Jackson's magic in the fourth quarter)"Like you say, he's magic. Sharing the backfield with him is unbelievable. The things that he does, scripted and unscripted, just make him the best."

(on his progress coming back from injury)"I think I am doing pretty good, making strides every week. I'm trying to do it one game at a time."

(on what this win means for the team)** "This is all about our resiliency. We just need to keep fighting, keep getting better and keep getting healthy."


(on having Lamar Jackson keep driving down the field with the game on the line) "Yeah man. It's great having a guy like him. We go as he goes. I'm happy I get to play with him."**

(on his performance throughout the game)** "I mean, it was good. I'm just continuing to build, continuing to get better. [I want to] continue to figure out ways to help this team win."


(on the defensive effort in the fourth quarter) "We just played our defense – great defense. We knew what we were up against; it was a division game against a tough opponent. We came out to play ball and they did, too." 

(on his pass deflections) "That's what I do, that's my game. If I don't get there in time, I just put my hands up when the quarterback raises his arm. Even though I got those two passes, they were still able to get that first down. We just have to tighten that up and finish our third-down conversions." 

(on what the win means for this team) "It means a lot. It's a rivalry game, a division game. So, this game counts for two wins. But most importantly, it is getting us in the right direction and giving us confidence. If we keep playing together, we'll be great."


(on if there is a sense of relief after winning a game like this) "Yes, just for the time being; once we watch the film, the relief is gone. Now it's back to work. So, we definitely appreciate this win, but it's time to move on once we watch the film." 

(on how rewarding his interception was after working in practice this week on catching balls) "Definitely rewarding, [I] just worked on it all week, prayed on it all week. I know my ability, everyone knows my ability, so nobody in my circle questioned what I could do. So, I appreciate everyone in my circle, and I appreciate God for having me. It just felt good to make that play." 

(on if there is even time to think when he sees a ball coming towards him) "It's just attack. Just doing my job basically, and not trying to do too much. Just doing my job, honestly, that's it. So, I saw the ball, I made a play on it, just caught it and secured it." 

(on how much the two losses to Cincinnati last year motivated the team this week) "It motivated us a lot. We lost those games in a tough fashion, and I think just everything that came with it – all the talking after, all the let down that we had from each other - I think all that built up to now. All the work that we put in over the offseason for games like this, it's what we were building on. Just to be able to go out there and capitalize on this means a lot." 

(on what he was thinking while K Justin Tucker lined up for the game-winning kick) "'Automa-tuck', that was it." 

(on what he was thinking when the offense and QB Lamar Jackson went out for the game-winning drive) "They're going to do their job and go get it. Obviously, we have their back. They scored, and this week they had our back; they went down there and put it in. Just hats off to the whole team, really honestly, it was a team win. Those guys on offense went out there and did their jobs, and special teams finished it off." 


(on if getting back on the field was a relief for him) "Yes, it definitely was. Last time I was on this field, terrible, terrible things happened. So, to be able to come back on here and be able to be a productive member of the team and help us win, [feels great]."

* (on if it will take time for him to be comfortable and get back to his previous form)* "Yes, I think it will definitely take a little time, but me being the person I am, I definitely don't want any of that time to be wasted on gameday. I want to make sure I'm on point to be the player I know I can be."**

(on if he was at all frustrated by not being out there on the last series)"Yes, definitely frustration. I definitely want to be out there for my team. That was our plan going into this game – was the whole pitch count thing. But Pat Mekari did a great job, and I have full trust [in him] and zero doubts in his ability. As a competitor, I really want to be out there with the team, and I'm very happy that we got out there and we pulled out the win."

(on if he feels good physically following the game)"Yes, of course. Everything feels good. A little soreness, but nothing major. I think it's only going to get better from here."

(on seeing game action)"I thought I played pretty good for the snaps that I had. I just went in with zero doubts about my ability, and I think that was a big difference from last year – to be going in fully confident."

(on if it was the plan all along to rotate in and out of the game)"Yes, that was the plan. That was the plan going into the game."

(on the thinking behind the plan to rotate in and out of the game)** "Just me being out for two years after a major lower-body injury. And usually, offensive linemen are one of the few positions that don't really (inaudible) ... So, coming back, and this being my first game in two years, you want to make sure that I'm easing back into the reps and not just taking every single rep in the first game back. It's tough as a competitor, and often times, you get cold, you get stiff [and] you just want to keep playing, but I definitely understand it. I think it's a good plan."


(opening statement) "Man, that was awesome. Alright, fire [away] when ready." 

(on if hitting game-winning kicks gets any easier for him) "Maybe in a way, yes, just because we have been able to be successful in many of these moments over the last decade now. It's crazy even just saying that or thinking about it like that. At the same time, what matters in those 1.3 seconds between the snap, the hold and the kick are the things that are going to help the kick go through the uprights. So, my feelings, my emotions, for 1.3 seconds they don't really matter – whether I'm feeling very confident, or nervous or even outright afraid. That's partly why I always make it a point to say a brief prayer as I'm lining up the kick, not to ask for results, but to ask for peace and to show gratitude just for being able to be in that moment and bring joy to millions of fans who love watching [the] Ravens win football games." 

(on if P Jordan Stout did a good job getting the ball into position off a tough snap on the last field goal) "I'm going to have to go back and look at it, because I don't know what you're talking about to be frank. I just saw the ball snapped with authority from Nick Moore, Jordan Stout's first-career game-winning hold… Either way, he did an excellent job getting the ball exactly where it needed to be so we could smack it through the uprights. Then, the guys protecting up front; everyone did an excellent job. Not just the field goal unit, this was a big team win that we needed to have, division opponent, so to be able to come out on top, it's a great feeling." 

(on if he told the coaching staff a certain yard-line that he needed for the game-winning kick) "No, so we actually make it a point not to have me involved in that part of the communication. (laughter)I'm dead serious; a lot of kickers make it a point in pregame warmups, the head coach or the special teams coordinator will approach them and say, 'Hey, where are you comfortable hitting a must-have field goal? End of half, end of game. What's the yard line?' We've made it a point throughout my career here, we don't even … I'm not involved in the conversation. All I know is when I'm being sent out there, it's to make the kick and put points on the board. I don't need to know what the line may be; we're just expected to go out there and produce." 

(if he went out on the field before his 58-yard field goal attempt and waited to see if head coach John Harbaugh would call him off) "Kind of like a little bit of both. We have an understanding at this point; I'm going to make it a point where 'Harbs' [head coach John Harbaugh] is not going to have to look too hard to find me. (laughter)Usually, I'll be out at the numbers. It's a short enough jog; it's like 14 and a half yards. If we're going to go for it, or if we're going to punt it, I'll just jog off the field, but I want to make sure that I go through my routine as efficiently as possible. So, if it's a 58-yarder, or a 38-yarder or whatever it may be, I'm just making it a point to be available, go through my routine as best as I can and then just go and make the kick." 

(on what was going through his mind during his reaction after making his 58-yard field goal attempt) "Just don't embarrass myself; I've celebrated in many maybe humorous ways over the years. Also, you have to save a little bit for the end of the game too, so I don't want to peak too early, as we say. You don't want to put all your cards on the table in the first, or second or third quarter; we wanted to finish. So, I'll just leave it at that."

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