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Transcripts: Ravens Browns Post Game Quotes

Ravens G/T Marshal Yanda:

On the benefits of clinching home field advantage in the playoffs:

"No. 1, we get that week off to rest and recover. We are a heavy running team so physical games every Sunday. That week of rest is going to be huge. Obviously, playing at home, we don't have to travel. We don't have to get on an airplane. We are right in our backyard, that is where we want to be and it is definitely an advantage."

On the Ravens' huddle and Ravens QB Lamar Jackson in the huddle today, given the team sustained a few drives without points:

"There was some frustration, but nobody panicked. Obviously, most of the time when we get the ball, we move the ball down the field and at least flip the field. There was no panic. Everybody just wanted to get it right. When we didn't have a lot of opportunities – we turned the ball over, fourth down and we had a fumble – and it felt like we didn't have the ball much the first half. Obviously, right before the first half, we really got into a two-minute mode and started making plays. We had a two-play drive and scored. The good thing is we have a lot of talent on this team obviously so once we start making plays, it was like boom, boom touchdown; boom, boom touchdown again. The good thing is that if we start off slow that we will continue to fight and make those plays."

On the Ravens' offensive production with both long drives and quick strikes:

"Obviously, you have to do what you need to do to win. We didn't have a lot of time at the end of the [first] half so we were in the two-minute mode. We executed that great. Obviously, our bread and butter is to possess the clock and to have long, time-eating drives and then score. The good thing is the team that we have, the players we have are playmakers that are making plays like (Ravens TE) Mark Andrews had the touchdown and getting into the end zone. Guys making plays is the biggest difference."

On how special the Ravens' regular season has been:

"It is just the best season I have ever been a part of, and this is my 13th year. It is awesome. We have a great team, to win 11 games in a row and to be dominant in a lot of those games, I am grateful to be here and grateful to be a part of this. I love competing, love being out there and it is just a lot of fun. We are here to win, and we are here to get after teams. It has been a lot of fun."

On the key to transitioning the team's success into the postseason:

"Focus. I think focus is the No. 1 word. I think the guys need to [focus]. We talked about it the room yesterday as an offensive line where everybody needs to make sure that for the next month of your life that football is No. 1 in your life, that focus needs to be there and that everything else is pushed aside the next month to focus on football, focus on your job. No distractions, let's lock in and do what we do."

On the potential for him to not play in Week 17 and have two weeks of rest before the postseason game and philosophies of 'rest vs. rust':

"We will figure that out. We don't know yet. Took care of Cleveland today and that was the main goal. Coach hasn't said anything to us. We will diagnose that and sift through that when it comes. Right now, I don't know."

On Jackson and if his significant impact is almost becoming common place:

"He has definitely been doing consistently for a long time now. He is obviously very special in what he does in space and throwing the football and all of those things. Obviously, we have done it for weeks in a row without really any drag. I know we had some drag in the first quarter into the second quarter, but then, boom, we got hot and he diced them up fast. That has been pretty awesome to watch him do that consistently for that many games. That is hard to do."

Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh:

Opening statement:

"I appreciate everyone being here. First of all, [I will] share something that I shared with the team right before our team prayer. Merry Christmas. The word was Emmanuel, and I asked them if they knew what Emmanuel means, and they knew. They knew. It means 'God is with us.' I really believe that. I believe that for everyone in the room, that God is with us. So I just wanted to start off with that."

On the status of RB Mark Ingram II:

"There are no kind of structural issues or anything like that. His calf was cramping. We'll just have to see tomorrow to what extent that means. We'll know more tomorrow. I'll probably be able to let you know at tomorrow's press conference."

On the feeling of getting the No. 1 seed:

"It feels good, Kevin. I mean, Jamison. I can't even remember everyone's name right now I'm so excited. It's a big accomplishment. I just think the players deserve a tremendous amount of credit for it because it's hard. It's difficult and challenging to win a game in the National Football League. When you have put together the kind of season that these players have put together, it's quite an accomplishment. It's probably the best regular season in the National Football League this year by any team, and we still have another game to play, which we take very seriously. I couldn't be more proud of these guys. I told them before the game that it would be an honor for us coaches to take the field with them. I'll start with (RG) Marshall Yanda who is standing right here. He is our top leader. I think he epitomizes us as a football team, and part of that is the composure that they showed in this game. This is a good football team that we played against. They're very good and a very talented team that was playing very well, and nothing was really going right for us. We kept our composure, got the ball with a few minutes left in the half, and in two plays we score. Great pass protection, great execution. Defense gets a stop. Come back, go right back and we score. It's 14-6. Composure. Nobody is losing their minds. Coordinators, coaches, everybody is composed on the sideline. I think that's the mark of a team that's a very good football team. To me, that's a big reason why they've been so successful this year."

On what adjustments were made to score the back-to-back touchdowns:

"We got in a two-minute drill, and that's a different type of offense that we ran. I just think that our guys ran that offense in that situation. It was situational football and it was ran extremely well. Nobody got close to (QB) Lamar (Jackson). He had forever to stand back there and throw. He sorted everything out and did a great job of making his reads and making his throws. He had catches. How about the (RB) Mark Ingram (II) catch for the touchdown? It starts with the offensive line and then it works from there through the quarterbacks."

On staying with the same type of offense going into the second half or changing things:

"I don't think it was a game where we had to panic. I guess that goes back to the composure part of the thing. The running game opened up in the fourth quarter as you saw. We had a long drive to start the third quarter. It was an 8:30 minute drive to run the offense. Then in the fourth quarter we had a couple of long drives. At least the one at the end, where we finished things off, I thought was tremendous. We are going to probably stay true to ourselves most of the time. Not to say we couldn't jump into a no-huddle type offense at some point, but with the lead, it wasn't something that we talked about."

On whether QB Lamar Jackson will play next week:

"We haven't yet [made a decision]. I'll sit down with the leadership council tomorrow before we meet. We'll probably talk about that. I'm going to be really interested in what the players think about that, and the coaches. The thing I want to emphasize is that no matter what we do, the emphasis is going to be on winning the football game. We want to win the football game. We want that 14th win. There's no doubt about that. We'll be forthright in how we plan to do it."

On the significance of this being the Ravens' first #1 seed in franchise history:

"1996. Check out the hat. It is. It's a great accomplishment. It's something that I'm sure we will always take pride in. It's something to look back on at some point, but right now we're looking forward. There's nobody on our team that isn't thinking about one thing and one thing only. That's getting better as a football team. Period. We were not the football team that we are capable of being yet. We need to get better as a football team and that's what we'll go to work on, starting tomorrow."

On any injuries aside from RB Mark Ingram II:

"Nothing else came up today."

On clinching the #1 seed in his home state of Ohio right before Christmas:

"We had a lot of family here actually. My Uncle Bob was here. Bob Cipiti. Cipiti Nursery out in Bainbridge if you're looking for any kind of tress or Christmas trees or anything. It feels great. We had a lot of family here and they had a good time, too. This is a great place, a great city. It's very meaningful."

On the value of RB Gus Edwards and RB Justice Hill in addition to RB Mark Ingram II:

"I think that's a great point. We are a running team. Those guys become the centerpiece so often, so to have three guys that are capable and complement each other so well [is great]. It starts with Mark, but you see (RB) Gus (Edwards) and you see what (RB) Justice (Hill) brings to the table. Those three guys I think balance each other out great."

On Jackson's performance over the course of the season with 36 TDs and 6 INT:

"It's impressive. There's no question about it. I'll tell you what was impressive was that last first down, wasn't it? I mean we did a great job of that and getting everybody covered up and sometimes that's all you have to do. He was pinned in back there. I think I thought to myself or even said it out loud, 'he's pinned in.' Then he wasn't. That's kind of how Lamar operates. I take it to the running, but you want to take me to the passing. How many interceptions did he have for the season? 6? 36-6? What more do you need to say? It's amazing. It's not bad for a running back. We're good, right? That's a drop the mic thing."

Ravens QB Lamar Jackson:

On running a two-minute offense:

"I felt like they were running to the ball. They beat us to the punch sometimes, but I felt like we stopped ourselves with the fumble. There was a miscommunication between me and (RB) Mark (Ingram II). I felt like that was my fault. I should have just let the ball go. We know we needed to score points. We wanted to go into the half with the lead on us. That's just how we play ball. We have to make something happen. You have to do what you have to do. Anytime we had time left on the clock, our defense did a great job of getting them off of the field. We have to do our job and put points on the board. We kept kicking ourselves, but, on that two-minute drive we knew what we were going to do. We knew what play it was. We knew everything that had to be executed right, and we had success. "

On the bye in the first round of the playoffs:

"I think it's going to help us a lot. Let guys rest and recover. We've been battling all season on this run. We have to find ourselves some more. The playoffs are going to be tough games, but at M&T Bank Stadium we have a great fan base. We just can't wait to see what's going to go down."

On whether or not he will pay next week:

"Yeah, I want to play. No doubt. But it's coach's decision. It's up to coach."

On how he'll remember the regular season:

"13-2? That's dope. We have a great group of guys. I'm happy right now. I'm startled. We're probably going to celebrate on the plane. I'm just happy. We have a great right going right now. We just have to keep it going. We want to win the Super Bowl, not just get to the Super Bowl game. We fought hard. They fought hard. They wanted a victory more than we did. I'm just happy with 13-2 right now."

On the Ravens' first touchdown:

"The offensive momentum felt different. I don't know what defense they were in. They blew the coverage. We stayed to the left. Mark was just wide open. He did a great job of just giving me eyes."

On the Ravens second touchdown:

"They went Cover 0. I had to beat the safety off the edge. I wish I was able to hit Mark the first time because he was open already, but the guy grabbed me and I just had to stay up to make a throw. I didn't know what happened with the catch. I just know when I looked up, we had six and the rest is history."

On having the most touchdowns in a single season in Ravens history:

"I've been throwing them and not running them. You know, 'Mr. Runningback.' My guys are doing a great job catching the passes. We've just got to keep it going. I'm happy with the regular season, but we've got bigger fish to fry."

On scoring on the first drive in the third quarter:

"Each and every time we touch the ball, we want to score. We knew we needed it. It's a coveted thing when we're going out and scoring a touchdown. I know we've put a lot of pressure on opposing offenses, so we just have to keep doing what we do. When we got the ball in the second half it was our job to score. Whenever we have the ball, we want to score."

On the injury to Ravens RB Mark Ingram II:

"It was very tough. We don't ever want to see that, but we know he'll be good so we're happy with that. He has time to recover. Hopefully he'll be better than 100% and better than ever."

On what Ravens QB Robert Griffin III has meant to the team:

"Knowledge. He's a great guy to be around. He's a great teammate. He's RGIII. You can't forget about that. He's gone and set his own records before. Nothing's changed. I just can't wait to see it if it does happen. I already know what's going to happen. We're going to turn up."

Ravens CB Marlon Humphrey:

On having home field advantage in the AFC:

"That is pretty big. It is definitely my first time. I guess I could say I was excited. I have to figure out how it feels. Home field advantage with the Ravens. I know that is going to give us a big time advantage so I am looking forward to, first, finishing up the regular season next week against the Steelers and then I guess we will figure out what happens next when it comes."

On the two touchdowns right before halftime:

"That was huge. I think they were playing pretty tough, offensively and defensively. We scored pretty quick and got above fairly quick. So it was good to see the offense to turn it around that quick and guys were pointing to the board when we went in at halftime."

On how special the Ravens are:

"For me, I told the guys this, actually right before we played the Browns, that I am having the most fun that I have ever had playing football. I don't know if it is just this team, or the guys in the places that we have them. Coming to practice, it is enjoyable coming to work. It is just really enjoyable with these guys. I think we really enjoy each other's company. I think the best ingredient to winning is how close you are to your teammates, how much are you willing to give up to give your all to the guy next to you. I think you see that the most with the O-line, how they (inaudible) with (QB) Lamar (Jackson). Lamar is (inaudible) as can be and those guys would do anything. Same with defense, we would do anything to put our team in a position to win. I think when you have a whole bunch of guys on the same page, not too many bad apples in the tree, really good things will come from it."

On the team chemistry of new players in the locker room:

"We are all about helping the new guys when they come in. When these guys come in, we were trying to figure out where they fit in, and they ended up coming in and fitting so well. (DT Domata) Peko (Sr.), honestly Peko is probably the nicest guy I ever met. It's crazy how nice he is. They were just the perfect character guys to come in for this team. (ILB) Josh Bynes, I tell him he has the most relaxing voice when playing that nickel was pretty new to me. He was helping me getting lined up, and has a very soothing voice to help me out. I think we have a perfect group of guys in there. You have to give it to the (Executive Vice President and General Manager Eric) DeCosta. The new guys who came in were perfect, and then we traded for (CB) Marcus (Peters) and he gave us a little juice. He's a real nice guy on our team, not so much to the opponents. Not only do we have great players, but we have great personality guys and they just fit so well with what we already have going on."

On teams deferring the kickoff to them in recent games:

"I think it has been pretty interesting to see. Normally in football, teams will win the toss and defer, but I guess teams want to start with it. You have got to be confident in what you do, but it hasn't worked too well so far for them."


WR Odell Beckham Jr:

On the shift in momentum at the end of the first half:

"That was probably the best team in the NFL. It's tough to beat a team like that if we can't convert, move the ball and give them too many opportunities. You just have to take your hats off to them. They are a very good team, if not the best in the league."

On the offense stalling:

"I think we could have done a much better job today at moving the ball, but it just didn't happen."

On if the Ravens looked like a different team compared to earlier in the season:

"They didn't look any different. You have seen them play other teams in the league, and I feel that we played them the toughest both times. The outcome could have been very different, but that is the NFL and that is football. Those little turn of events can change the game."

On the momentum shift of the Ravens' touchdowns to end the first half:

"There are all kind of analytics and statistics about the team who scores before half and then gets the ball back. They kind of doubled up on us. There is not much we can do at this point. Like I said, it is a very good team."

G Joel Bitonio:

On the frustration when the run game isn't clicking:

"It was tough. We ran on them pretty well the first time [Week 4 in Baltimore] so we were going to have a big plan. We just couldn't' find a way. In the second half, that first drive, we got a few good chunks. There was a not-so-great call on (C) JC (Tretter) early in the game. It's tough. We couldn't get in a rhythm and when we did, we were behind so we had to start throwing the ball."

On the team playing hard next week now that they are officially eliminated from the playoff picture:

"It's our job. Unfortunately, I've been in this situation a few too many times, but you have to have some pride. You have to have respect for yourself and your teammates and come out and do your job next week. It's our job to win a football game."

WR Jarvis Landry:

On the team's offensive performance:

"We knew it was going to be a tough game and we knew their offense is one of the best in the league. We tried to do our part on offense to help the defense out, but we really did not do that today as an offense. We played hard for sure, but we did not play well."

On the momentum shift of the Ravens end of first half touchdowns:

"It's the NFL so six points is nothing, especially early in the game. We knew that there was a lot of game left to try and respond if necessary. We were trying to protect the lead."

On the Browns stalling on offense early:

"There are two distinctive drives that I remember between the third down and the next drive getting backed up where we got two penalties, and then we tried to throw a shot to (WR) O (Odell Beckham Jr.) early, but we just didn't get it. When you look at the game and when the points were scored, they scored two times within four minutes, which is tough."

S Damarious Randall:

On the frustrations at the end of the first half:

"They just capitalized on some of our mistakes. That's what good teams do. They just wait until you make a mistake and then capitalize on them."

On holding the Ravens scoreless until the final two minutes of the first half:

"I felt like we had them up on the ropes when we were up 6-0 going into halftime and we just blinked and they were up 14-6 going into halftime. You just can't give good teams like that opportunities to score."

On the Ravens offense and how different they were from Week 4:

"When you let them get into a rhythm, they are a very tough team to stop. Offensively, they really weren't much different. They have the same players doing the exact same plays."

On the difference between the two teams:

"We don't have the same guys out there. We have some horses, but you have to tip your hat to them for fighting hard and coming out winning the game and clinching the No. 1 seed. They have had a hell of a year—a top offense and a top defense. They got the MVP at quarterback"

On having more losses than last season:

"Obviously, losing is something I hate, but that is just the way the chips fell. We have to focus on what we have moving forward and get ready for next year."

QB Baker Mayfield:

On the sequence of plays at the end of the first half with three deflected passes:

"Obviously, in a two-minute situation trying to get points before halftime. We had two timeouts with a little over a minute. We were just trying to push the ball down field. They brought some pressures so we were trying to get the ball out quick. The second one, they blitzed and he kind of ran into (WR) Jarvis (Landry) so it slowed his blitz down and then he got a hand on it or I really think that would have been a good play. It is just the little things on that drive."

On the aggressive play calling going into the first half:

"Our goal on offense is to score points. If one of those plays happens, nobody is asking questions. It didn't go the way as well as planned. We just have to be able to play complementary football at that point."

On the disappointment of letting the game slip away after keeping it close for most of the first half:

"Yeah, we just didn't make the plays on offense we needed to. Six points in the first half isn't good enough. We have to make more plays, take advantage of our one-on-ones and execute. A team like that is going to find ways to win. They have done that all year. We know that we have to do our job consistently." 

On officially being eliminated from the playoffs with the loss, particularly given other games across the NFL went the Browns' way:

"It comes back on us not doing our job. You do not ever want to have to rely on somebody else to get into the playoffs. We just have to do our job first and foremost, and we did not do that today."

On if the Ravens have set the bar to where the Browns want to get someday to compete in the AFC North:

"We split 1-1 with them. We just didn't make the plays today. They are a great time. Obviously, their record indicates that. They are rolling right now and have a lot of momentum. We have to do our job. We have a very high standard for ourselves, and we didn't meet that."

On WR Odell Beckham Jr. pointing to the Ravens after the failed two-point conversion and if the Ravens did something specific to get under Beckham's skin today:

"No, just friendly jawing back and forth between him and (Ravens CB Marcus) Peters. I know they have a good relationship so I think it is just competition."

On the biggest takeaway from the 2019 season:

"Not being consistent and not taking care of the little things to where we don't have to worry about harping on all of the little things consistently. I think that we just need to be able to trust everybody to do their job and show up and play. We have to execute."

On the failed third-and-1 halfback pass with RB Kareem Hunt and if he expected it to work:

"Yeah, we just have to block it up right. That is a situation right there where we are thinking about going for it if he does throw the ball and it is incomplete. It is one of those where since it didn't work, everybody is mad, and if it worked, we are pure geniuses. Stuff like that. We have to be able to execute, block it up right and just the little things like I keep saying."

On if not having TE David Njoku and WR Rashard Higgins hurt him today:

"No, we have to be able to trust whoever is out there. We have to consistently have guys at the right landmarks, the right depths and on time. We have to trust those guys that they know the offense and they know the signals so we can play fast and not have any hesitations. That is just the case right now."

On his TD to Beckham today and frustration the two have not connected on more TDs this season:

"That was just a good one-on-one opportunity. Teams have played us differently so we just have to take advantage of our one on ones. That was just one of them that we trust our guy to make a play, and he did.

On losing the final game at home this year:

"Anytime you close the season at home with a loss, it is not a great taste to leave with, but it leaves us with a lot of room to work and improve. That is just the bottom line. There is a lot of room for improvement and progress to be made. That is how we have to handle it."

On the Browns finishing the year with a losing record despite preseason expectations:

"We set the bar high for ourselves. Our expectations were extremely high, and we didn't meet that so that is the most disappointing thing. In the bigger picture and mindset, it is a process to turn around what this once was to where we want to go and where we should be at right now. It is a process and there is a lot of room for improvement and progress to be made."

On finishing with a worse record than last season:

"If we take care of business next week, we will end up with the same amount of wins. Looking back on it, it is pretty much the same thing for us except with bigger expectations and we were not good enough."

On if it will be easier for the team to progress if the coaching staff remains the same or if there will be setback if there are any coaching changes this offseason:

"That is not my decision to make so whatever happens, happens. Moving forward, I know how I am going to handle it getting whatever receiving corps and tight ends we have together in the offseason and making sure we are on the same page so we hit the ground running in the spring – kind of like I hit on earlier in the week – to where there is no room to be made up come training camp. It is a process, but I am looking forward to this group and seeing what we put together and how we work."

On how the team responded to RB Kareem Hunt's comment that not all players gave the same 110 percent on every play last week:

"Positively. It just came down to not executing when we needed to. I think our guys played hard. We definitely played hard. Our guys laid it all out on the line. That is what we expect."

On Beckham stating he wanted to return to Cleveland next year and make an impact:

"That is the same message I have been hearing from him the entire time so nothing has really changed with that. It just calmed the waters from the outside, which I think it was important for him and Jarvis to do just so that people aren't questioning them everywhere they go. They want to be here and they want to win. Like I said earlier on and consistently, they want to be the solution to help us win so it is good to hear, but it has been the consistent message."

On if it is unfair that Head Coach Freddie Kitchens is receiving most of the blame for the team not meeting expectations:

"Anytime you have a head coach and you have a losing record, that is the first person everyone points to, but it goes to many more things than just Freddie. We can all be better in this process. I think that is what it comes down to is there is not one single thing to blame. Just overall, we all have to bring it more and more every day to meet the expectations we set for ourselves."

Head Coach Freddie Kitchens:

Opening statement:

"It was very disappointing. The result was very disappointing. At the end of the day, we did not do enough to get off the field on third down and then making plays to stay on the field offensively on third down. I though special teams, besides the missed extra point, played extremely hard and extremely well. I am proud of the way the guys kept fighting and kept battling to the very end so I am proud of them for that. I just wish we could have made a few more plays to get the job done and get the result that we wanted."

On electing to throw the ball late in the first half rather than run the clock out:

"We could have. We were trying to get the clock started. A couple of short passes that got batted down. We could have ran it and could have done a lot of things but called a couple of 5-yard routes and the clock never got started so it is second guess once it happened."

On the third-and-1 with RB Kareem Hunt that resulted in a loss:

"Yeah, trying to take a shot and go for it on fourth down if we did not get it, but it did not happen. Trick play… It was going to be a halfback pass and the corner came off the edge. If we would have gotten it off, we would have been alright."

On if the Browns WR downfield was open on the halfback pass:

"A couple of different things happened on that play that should not have happened, but I will just say it was an option pass and I should not have called it. It is one of those plays you try to call and you try to create some momentum. If it does not happen, you come back and get it on fourth-and-1, and we just lost some yardage."

On planning to go for it on fourth down if the halfback pass was incomplete:

"Definitely. Fourth-and-1 – definitely."

On how deflating the loss is after playing well to start the game:

"Yeah, it is always deflating, but I think we came out and moved the ball offensively in the second half. Things happen during the course of the game – ups and downs. You have to be able to overcome the downs and convert on the ups to create them into seven points. We just did not do that enough. At the end of the day, we did not get off the field on third down. They were 7-11 on third down and were 3-12 so there is a big discrepancy there, and we had opportunities. We had opportunities to make some plays and we just did not do it."

On not being able to take care of the win to keep playoff hopes alive, given other results today wen the Browns' way:

"Listen, we knew there was a great opportunity there for that to happen. We had to go out and play well, and we did in spurts. We just did not play good enough the whole time. Baltimore is good football team. I do not know how many in a row that is now that they have won – 11 in a row – so they are a good football team. We just did not make enough plays to win the game."

On what changed defensively after slowing the Ravens offense in the first half:

"They hit a couple of big plays that got chunks of yardage. The one drive was two plays. It can't happen."

On DT Sheldon Richardson's penalty at the end of the play:

"When an official tells him to get back in the huddle, he needs to get back in the huddle. It is just that simple. That is all I have, and they threw the flag on it, but he needs to do what the official asks him to do."

On if he took Richardson out of the game because of the penalty:
"I did."

On why DE Chad Thomas was upset and yelling at the Ravens sideline:

"Yeah, you would have to ask them why they are upset. Undoubtedly, something happened. The same with Sheldon, something happened. At the core of everything, if the official tells you to leave, you have to leave or you leave the door open for them to throw the flag."

On the TVs showing a heated exchange between him and WR Odell Beckham Jr.:

"I think it was something dealing with one of their guys. It was not the call or anything like that. I do not think there is a big deal there He is voicing frustration on how they are treating him."

On if Beckham had an altercation with the Ravens:

"Yeah, something like that. You would have to ask him that. I do not know." 

On how disappointing it was to see fans leaving in the fourth quarter disappointed:

"Definitely. It would be disappointing on the road. It is disappointing for me to lose period. They make that decision, whether it is there or not, and I can't control that. Would they have come back in if we would have done something at the end, I do not know? We had a chance to cut it to seven, and we did not do it. I do not know. Our guys were doing all they could to get back into the game, and I think we did get back into the game. We could have cut it by seven. We did not make the play to do that and then could not get off the field on third down on the last drive."

On if he considered running on third down near the end of the first half:

"Yeah, definitely. I called one I thought that we could have potential to run after catch, and it got knocked down. If I had to do it over again, I would not do it, but I do not have it to do over again because of the result. You can't always coach off results. I am trying to move the ball."

On if the Ravens offense's production contributed to why the Browns looked to get points late in the first half rather than run out the clock:

"At the end of the day, you still have the ball with 70 yards to go with one minute and no timeouts. I do not know. It always factors in how they are offensively, relative to what we are capable of offensively always factors in."

On RB Nick Chubb's numbers compared to high production in most other games this year:

"I thought they were getting after it a bit up front. At the end of the day, they were covering their gaps and we were not blocking well enough upfront or we were missing holes. One of two things happens in the run game when you do not run the ball. You either can't block them or you are missing the cuts. I thought they did a good job of getting an extra defender in there. We still want to run the ball because you want to control the ball and keep their offense off the field to a certain extent. We need to run the ball better than we did. We definitely did not do that."

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