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Transcripts: Ravens-Cardinals Post-Game Quotes (8/21)


(opening statement) "I appreciate you all being here, sort of. Proud of our guys. We have 'Snoop' [Tyler Huntley] in here, and he played masterfully in the first half running the offense and passing game. He found his partner sitting right over here, Isaiah Likely, a rookie who came up big. [He] just made play after play. Those two guys were the catalysts for the offense. I'm proud of those guys, I thought they played great. And then, finding a way to win at the end of the game. I guess it's those two things. Defensively, we were out of DBs. We weren't going to put guys back into the game that we had taken out. We had linebackers covering tight ends, guys gassed out there covering guys man-to-man at the end. Ar'Darius Washington makes the last play, and other guys made plays. We had quarterback sacks down the stretch by guys. And we were at the last guys. We weren't putting subs in there; those guys were just playing the whole time. So, [I'm] proud of the way they did it, and now we move on. What questions do you have?" 

(on TE Isaiah Likely meeting expectations and how quickly he has come on) "To be honest with you, I'd say he's exactly what we expected. I mean, he's sitting right here. It's not like he didn't expect to be a really good player. We took him expecting him to be a really good player. I think we feel that way about all our draft picks. He's had some opportunities and made the most of them. He's kind of a quiet guy. He asks good questions, and he just goes to work every day. He doesn't get flustered. He makes a mistake; he cleans it up. [I'm] just proud of him. He has to keep building, and he knows he has work to do every single day to become the player he can be, and he'll do it. I know he will." 

(on how the rookies performed tonight) "They did. We'll see the tape. It's a deep draft class. We had two first-round picks, a second-round pick who is on IR right now, or PUP. Then, we had the third-round pick – a defensive lineman who we like – and then we had what, was it five or six fourth-round picks? I forget. Isaiah [Likely], do you know? (Isaiah Likely: "Six.") Six. He knows. Then, Tyler Badie, in the sixth round, had a good game too. So, all of those guys have done a good job. Thanks for saying that." 

(on DT Travis Jones' injury update) "It's a little early. He had kind of a hyper extension there, so I think he will be out for a little while. He'll be out for the rest of the preseason, as far as I'm concerned. Then, we'll just see how it goes the rest of the way. He's had a good preseason, worked really hard. He got tangled up in a pile there; it happens sometimes, unfortunately. But, it's not a serious injury. It's not going to keep him out for really an extended period of time, for sure." 

(on the younger defensive linemen performing well tonight after flashing during training camp) "I thought they played well. Those guys were playing hard. They were fighting in there. We don't have many of them, and you get in a game like that and you get a lot of snaps in the fourth quarter … That's tough. You don't have any kind of rotation at all because you're not putting guys back in the game. Those guys really stepped up." 

(on CBs Damarion 'Pepe' Williams and Kyle Fuller's picks and P Jordan Stout's punts) "Yes, let's go backwards. Jordan Stout bombed a couple. We had one where I thought the gunner got held and tackled on the sideline, and it just didn't get called, but it didn't matter because he put it about 60 [yards] right out of bounds, so that was nice to see. He had a good game. 'Pepe' [Damarion Williams] just does it every day. He does it in practice, he does it in games. He doesn't get flustered at all. [On the interception, it was] just 'Cover 3,' he's in the right spot on a bunch route, a little sit route right there, and he made the play. So, that was great to see. Then, Kyle [Fuller] played about a quarter or so in there and had the pick. He's been nothing but what you expected, what you've seen his whole career ever since he got here. He's doing great." 

(on where QB Tyler Huntley has taken his next step) "That's a good question that always gets asked. You can't really say about any position, but especially quarterback. It's never one thing. Right, 'Snoop' [Tyler Huntley]? It's never one thing; it's everything. You have to improve across the board. The timing, the precision is really continuing to go on a trajectory that you want to see. We've seen that in both preseason games. The way that he's operating the offense, communication has been really good. He's getting out and scrambling and making plays with his feet and keeping the defense on us that way. I really wanted him to get out of bounds there. He's laughing. I really, really wanted him to get out of bounds there, but he decides to take on two guys and goes ahead and gets the first down. So, you know how that goes. But, he's a competitor. He's a competitor. You love all the things about him, but probably that the most." 

(on extending the preseason winning streak to 22 games and if it entered his mind at the end of the game) "I'm thinking, I'm thinking about stuff. Stuff doesn't enter your mind. Everything enters your mind. But, you're just thinking about the situation and the circumstance. All good things come to an end. It's not the thing that we're thinking about the most, by any stretch. Guys are out there just trying to play ball. They're trying to compete, like they do. They compete at everything. These guys compete at basketball in the pool. We had a volleyball game out here the other day, I saw these guys competing like crazy. They're going to compete at throwing crumpled-up paper in the trash can. They're going to compete at that, and they want to find a way to win. That's what you love about [them]. What I think this so-called streak shows you is that over a lot of years, a lot of guys have found a way to come through at the end and win games like tonight. That's what you're kind of proud of. Those guys look back on that in their careers, those guys who played in those games … Some of those guys had long NFL careers, some didn't. It means something to them. Tonight will be just another story like all those other stories. In the end, that's not what we're thinking about. We're thinking about playing football in the moment, and I thought the guys did a good job of that." 


(on what sticks out to him about what TE Isaiah Likely can do after the catch) "I think that's what sticks out the most – is what [Isaiah Likely] can do after the catch. Once he gets the ball in his hands, he gets way more yards than you would even expect. So, that means a lot, as a quarterback throwing to a receiver or a tight end, even a running back – is how much yards after catch they get – and it plays a long way in your thoughts [and] decisions." 

(on his connection with TE Isaiah Likely) "[Isaiah Likely] gets open, he knows what's going on around him. He knows the plays, and like Coach [Harbaugh] said, when he makes a mistake, he's not going to make that same mistake again. He's going to try to get better at everything, and it just shows in his work and his production. He catches the ball, and he runs after the catch." 

(on his confidence and comfort level in the offense, and how much he attributes it to his experience last year) "I think the experience definitely plays a part in it. Just going on my third year, I've seen a couple different defenses, and I've got a great feel for the offense right now, and I'm just taking what the defense gives me, and it's continuing to work time after time. So, I'll just continue to build on that." 

(on how much the Ravens' 22-game preseason win streak means to the players) "It means a lot to us, just to show that every time you step on the field [against] the Ravens, you've got to be ready to play, because we're ready to play. So, it just goes to show that we're trying to win every time we touch the field." 

(on what he wanted to prove and show this preseason) "I'll just say I just want to continue to show that I can play great quarterback play, I guess. That's the only answer I've got for that question." 

(on how much going against the Ravens' defense in practice has helped him on the big stage against other teams) "Shoot, I think it goes a long way, because we've got some players on the defense, and I feel like they're a unit that's better than [any opponent] – I'll keep it like that. Our defense is a great defense, and going against them every day, it just prepares us for any kind of defense. They make us gain everything that we've got to get."


(on his expectations on what his impact can be in the regular season) "Really, just the next-play mentality. Every time I wake and go to practice, go into games, I just always think about that play that I'm in and then the next play. Because you never know when anything is going to happen in a play, and I just give my all every play." 

(on what's clicking for him on the field and TE Mark Andrew's impact in his development) "I would just say practice. When you get into a game, just being prepared and really just highlighting the things you've done in practice consistently. And just hearing Mark Andrews on the sideline after a drive hearing, 'Hey 'Zay,' I seen a route open this this, did you see it like that?' And hearing bits and pieces of what he has to say on the sidelines. And then really just going into the next drive hearing the same critiques that he had on the same route I'm doing. And sometimes it pops, sometimes it doesn't – but it's always just the next play." 

(on how much was breaking tackles a part of his game in college, and if that trait can separate him from other tight ends at this level) "One hundred percent – everybody wants to be able to catch the ball, but it's what you can do after that catch. And that's something I preach, whether it's in games or in practice. Just really just getting that burst in practice [and] having that in-game feel, so when I get in the game, it's not the first time that I've ever done it. It's repetition, it's consistency." 

(on how special he thinks this rookie class can be and how much they play off one another) "I feel like we got the best rookie class in all of the 32 [teams]. I feel the bond we have in the locker room, even off the field, is unique. When Tyler [Badie] scored, we all celebrated. When Raleigh [Webb] scored, we all celebrated. Even after Jordan [Stout]'s punt to put them down in the 15-[yard line], we were jumping and celebrating with Jordan. Because at the end of the day, it's just the love you want to show your teammates. Whether good play or bad play, you got to always cheer them up and let them know of that next-play mentality. Especially [as] rookies playing in the preseason on their first NFL stage, first away game, you just need that. And having your brother do that is going to be help." 

(on if he's excited that people are recognizing his capabilities heading into the season) (laughter) "I guess – Really it's just showing the Ravens the promises I made when they drafted me [that] I was going to keep day-in and day-out, practice, and even in games. So, as long as the front office and the Ravens are happy, that's all the blessing I can do."

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