Transcripts: Ravens First OTA Media Availability

Head Coach John Harbaugh

Opening statement: "Good seeing everybody. I appreciate you guys being here. Based on the turnout I would say we haven't had much football lately. (laughter) Everybody's excited? It's good to have you out here. It's a beautiful day. It's pretty amazing, we had many days of rain and cold, blistery weather and then we started practice and it just cleared up. The skies opened up and we had three great days. We basically look like a team that's practiced for three days, I would say. There's plenty of things that we need to work on. We were better today than we were yesterday, and we were better yesterday than we were the day before. You didn't want to see us two days ago, but I think we're on our way and we have a lot of good young players. We just have to go to work and improve and become as good as we can be."

**Can you talk about losing OTAs next week and that whole situation? *(Pete Gilbert) *"It is what it is. We'll lose them. It's what they decided was appropriate, so we'll respect that. The only thing I can say about that is the same thing I told the players. I told the players, 'There's not one guy in this room…' [I told the] coaches the same thing, 'There's not one player or one coach in this room that should worry about it for one second. You shouldn't have any anxiety about it, because it's on me.' It's completely me. It was my decision, it was my effort and that's the situation that we're in. We'll adjust, we'll adapt and we'll still become the best football team we can be."

**How will the penalty affect the team, if at all? *(Jerry Coleman) *"Just like I said, we'll be the best football team we can be. We'll adjust, we'll figure out ways to get our work done for sure. In some ways, maybe the rest will be good for us, that's kind of the way I look at it. I told the guys, 'I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have thought of giving our guys some time off after all of this six weeks of hard work.' Maybe the good Lord is looking down and giving us what we need right now. That's how we're going to look at it."

**What are your thoughts on how TE Dennis Pitta has looked over the last three days? *(Ron Snyder) *"He looked good. He looks like Dennis Pitta to me. I think it's hard to really evaluate and make a comparison. If you're asking for a comparison from what he was when he was playing to what he is now, he's removed from football for a couple of years and this is nothing. This is touch football. But I think as far as the stability of the hip, how he feels about it, running around making catches and looking like a football player, it's all good."

**Are you surprised that TE Dennis Pitta is back? *(Don Markus) *"I don't know if I get surprised by anything anymore. I'm not surprised that he wants to come back. I'm not surprised that he wants to play again, just knowing Dennis and conversations that we've had. I'm happy for him if that's what he wants."

**Because OTAs are not full speed – it's not game conditions, and because the fans are so eager for some improvement, how much improvement can be found tangibly during these next few days or the three days you just had? *(Joe Platania) *"Tangibly? You don't get any tangible results until you start playing games. That's when you know. As far as a feeling, observations, things like that as a football coach that you've watched over the years, there are things that you kind of glean from these things and you hope. But really what you do as a football coach is you just look at the things you need to get better at. I'm happy about the things we're doing well and hope we can build on those things. I told the guys that, 'If there's anything you're doing well, build on it. If you do it well once, do it well twice. Do it well three times. Do it well every day.' Then that becomes how you do it, it becomes a habit. The things that you look at that need to be corrected, get them fixed. Do it right this time. Then when you do it right one time, do it right two times, three times. Again, it becomes who you are as a player. That's how you become a good football player – or good at anything. That's really what this is all about."

**John, with how this team feels about TE Dennis Pitta, is it possible for you to watch him on the field without apprehension? *(Peter Schmuck) *"It is, because I'm not thinking about that. I don't think he's thinking about that. It's not where your thought process goes. I'm watching to see how he runs a route and how he catches a ball and if he reacts to the codes the right way. The last thing on my mind is an injury – really for any player – that's not how you look at it. I don't think anybody has that on their mind when they're competing."

**T Eugene Monroe pretty recently has been vocal about medical marijuana. Were you aware of that stance and what are your thoughts on that? *(Kirk McEwen) *"I'm aware of it because I read like you guys do. I know what I've read and that's really all I know about it."

*What are your thoughts on WR Breshad Perriman being out there again after so long with the injury, and then slowly getting players that were injured back on the field again? (Ron Snyder) *"There's other guys we need to get back, but yeah, Breshad is doing well. I think you saw him out here today. You guys got a chance to see him, which I'm sure was exciting, and you got some footage for the fans to see. He's moving well and he's doing a good job. He's got a lot to learn. He's still a young player – all of the little nuances. There's so many things that are part of being a really good football player in this league that they have to understand. That's what he's in the process of doing. He's got talent and he's working hard and he's healthy. Those are all pluses."

**What does DB/RS Lardarius Webb add to your secondary at Safety?  *(Jill Sorenson) *"A lot of versatility for one thing. He can play either safety spot. He can play obviously in the slot as a nickel player and he can go out and cover as a corner. I think it really gives us some flexibility, with he and Eric [Weddle] both, moving guys around and disguising our defenses a little bit. But also the fact that he played safety. He was a safety in college, so he's got a good feel back there and I think his athleticism translates really well to being back in the deep end and getting over top of routes and trying to make plays on the ball."

**Coach, what are your thoughts on RB Trent Richardson so far? *(Aaron Johnson) *"Trent's had a hamstring since the middle of last week. We were in Football School and he was running and tweaked his hamstring. Trent just needs to get healthy. I think the workload and the amount of work it takes to be a world class conditioned athlete is something that he's working on right now. That's what he needs to understand and that's where he needs to get himself. When he gets himself there, he's got talent. It will be fun. I'm very certain he'll get there and when he does we'll be able to evaluate him."

**John, going back to the CBA thing, was there just confusion about it? Can you explain how that went on? *(Jeff Zrebiec)  *"I could. There's the CBA the way it's written word-for-word, we've read it all. There are side letters and there are amendments to side letters. There's a handbook and there are things that get added to the handbook regularly that come out in memos. There are things that you look at and you say, 'I think we've got an opportunity here to gain some ground with our rookies.' It was a rookie developmental day. It wasn't the case. It was wrong. I read it the wrong way and it's on me. Any other details about it – I don't think anybody wants to hear any of that stuff. I think the bottom line is, it's on me."

**John, what's been your favorite thing about getting to know S Eric Weddle? *(Childs Walker) *"It would be things, it would be multiple things. I just really appreciate his attitude. This guy's got the kind of attitude that you respect and I think you respond to. He's got an enthusiasm for the work day. He loves football. He loves every part of the work day. He loves every part of being in here and being a football player. There's never something that you look at him and he's not excited to do. That is infectious. That's something that makes us all better, and to me, that's one of the things that a great leader does and he's got those qualities."

**Coach, we saw OLB Kamalei Correa playing inside linebacker. Is that a position switch you see for the future or are you just trying him at different spots to see what he can do? *(Ryan Mink) *"Yes, the SAM and the WILL are both outside backers in a sense. They are in the same room with [linebackers coach] Don Martindale. They all need to learn all the positions, and I think 'K.C.' has inside linebacker traits. He played it in college quite a bit. They moved him around at Boise [State]. The more he can do the better, and we're definitely going to look at him, and you have Albert [McClellan] that can play the different spots. We'll look at different guys at different spots for sure."

**John, are there extra challenges for S Eric Weddle having not been here last year or do you view him already as a leader? *(Peter Schmuck) *"For Eric? There might be – it would be a great question for him – but I don't see them. I think he's been around. He's so confident and comfortable with who he is and he just fits right in right away. For whatever reason he fits in with the Ravens. He fits in with how we do things around here just perfectly. I give [general manager/executive vice president] Ozzie [Newsome] all the credit in the world. That was a great signing."

I know this is voluntary but is there anything injury related to ILB C.J. Mosley not being here? (Jamison Hensley) "No, just personal. He had a personal issue today. That's a good question, but C.J. is good. There are other injury guys, but he had a personal thing today. Terrell Suggs is here working out. I'm sure there's other guys I can't think of right now."

John, with WR Breshad Perriman and WR Mike Wallace and the element of speed they bring, if they both stay healthy, how hopeful are you that might change the way DBs approach you guys? *(Cliff Brown) "Very hopeful. We've had years when we couldn't back anybody up. The ability to back people up, it's *huge – to quote a famous politician not to be named here. (laughter) It's hard for me to see the speed all of the time in some of these drills. I'm like, 'How fast are they really moving?' Then I go ask the [defensive backs] and they say, 'They're moving really fast.' And that makes me feel good about it."

*John, on the replay proposal that the Ravens withdrew, do you have any optimism that one day you might be able to present it and it can get passed? (Jamison Hensley) *"You know how I feel about that. You can go back to the quotes that you guys have been using since the spring. *(laughter) *I was appreciative of [NFL VP of officiating) Dean Blandino and [NFL SVP of player personnel and football operations] Joel Bussert for the conversation. The commissioner sent us away from the owners meetings with a mandate to go to work, roll up our sleeves and put something together that was very practical, and was better. We did that.  We thought we had the ultimate proposal and the competition committee just cut it in half with machine gun fire. That's O.K. *(laughter) *That's the way it works. We had safety as being reviewable, both to fix a penalty and create a penalty as far as safety-related type stuff, and some other things. But you know what, it's a collective decision between the competition committee and the teams. Whatever the teams come up with we're onboard for. We appreciate having the chance to have the input. We really appreciate that and I think it speaks well for the process."

**Is WR Michael Campanaro banged up? *(Jeff Zrebiec) *"Campanaro tweaked his calf. He tweaked his calf a couple of weeks ago and he's working hard. Michael is a guy that – I've just never seen a guy work as hard as this guy has worked in the last year and a half. There will be a time when he will get past this stuff. This stuff will stop happening and hopefully it's training camp, that's what we're hoping for him. The guy works tremendously hard and he was in phenomenal shape, and we're still expecting really good things from him." 

DT Timmy Jernigan

On if he switched his number permanently to No. 99 or just for OTAs: "No, that's forever. That's until I'm done here."

On why he changed his number: "I always grew up watching Warren Sapp. I looked up to him. I definitely wanted to model my game after him. It's definitely a number that I wanted coming out of college, but [former Raven] Chris [Canty] had it, so I had to respect the situation until I was able to get it."

On if he ever tried to take the number from Chris Canty: "No, not at all. *(laughter) … *That's Chris, man. I definitely have great respect for Chris. He was a guy I looked up to. He was kind of like a mentor to me as well. So, [I] definitely didn't want to step on his toes."

On what he kind of idolized about Warren Sapp: "Just the way he played the game. Nasty, ferocious, he came every play. You definitely knew he was there and when he made a play. Another thing, he played down in Florida too, so he was definitely one of the greats from our state."

On the next step in his development on the field: "[I] just have to become that force that I was drafted here to be. I feel like last year I came up a little bit short. I feel like I had a good year, but to my standards I don't think it was enough. I've definitely been busting my butt every day – day-in and day-out. I'm doing whatever I can just to take it to the next level and get everybody around me to do the same thing."

On if last season's 5-11 record motivates him and the rest of the team to work harder this offseason: "Definitely. That's something you wake up and you have to think about it every day. Every day we walk through those doors we're thinking about, 'Man, we went 5-11 last year.' When I want to take a break that's what I think about. It's not acceptable. The players don't accept it. The coaches don't accept it. Nobody in this organization does, so it's definitely on our mind every day."

On if he has done things differently with his training and/or diet this offseason: "I've been doing a lot of stuff that kind of got me here. This offseason I started doing a little bit more power cleans, the Olympic lifts, and getting back to running stadiums and stuff like that when I go home in that 100 degree Florida weather. I like to get out there when it's hotter than hot so days like this don't really bother me."

On if he is ready to take on more of a leadership role as a third-year player: "Definitely, and [Defensive Line] Coach [Joe] Cullen has been challenging me every day. We're starting drills [and he says], 'Timmy get up first, Timmy get up first.' If he sees me even think about slacking, 'Timmy tighten it up.' I can't even look down in the meeting at my shoe, 'Eyes up Timmy.' (laughter) He's on me, so I definitely like that about him. He's going to get the best out of me."

On what stadium he uses to run steps: "I go back to my old high school. I go out there and I work out on the weekends when I do have a chance to go home."

On if he is aiming to make the Pro Bowl this season: "Definitely. I won't stop until I get there. Sometimes you come up short in life, and it's only going to do two things: It's either going to make you or it's going to break you. It definitely opened my eyes to how hard it is to get there, and it's not easy to get there. I'm definitely working hard towards that, but that's not my main focus; 5-11 is my main focus. That's what I'm thinking about every day. I'm not worried about the Pro Bowl."

WR Breshad Perriman

On how good it feels to be back on the field: "It feels really good. It feels amazing. I feel like a kid in a candy store, so I'm very happy."

On if he is 100 percent back: "Yes, I don't even think about it anymore. I feel great."

On when he felt himself getting back to normal and putting the injury behind him: "I'd say a good couple of months ago. I feel like I was still being cautious about it, but I just started going out trying to run full speed and it felt right. So, from then on I just kept climbing."

On how much he learned about himself last year going through that: "A lot. That was a big learning curve for me. Not being able to play, that was a hard thing. Basically, I had to stay in the playbook so I wouldn't get behind and just seeing a lot about the game and the speed of the game. I learned a lot."

On if he feels mentally stronger: "I feel much stronger. I feel like I went through a lot last year and it made me a better player and a better person."

On working with WR Mike Wallace: "It's really good. He always gives me tips on how to beat defenders, especially in man coverage and press coverage. It's a lot. I try to take some things from each person on the team – each receiver. He's been a great mentor teaching me things on the field."

On how anxious he is to prove himself as a first-round draft pick from last year: "I'm very anxious, but at the same time I want to take it day-by-day. I don't want to look too far ahead, just take things day-by day and get better day-by-day. When that time comes I know it will play out."

On if he considers himself a rookie or a second-year player: "I don't even think about it to tell you the truth. It doesn't matter what they categorize me as. I just want to go out there and do my role the best that I can and make plays."

On how emotional this offseason has been with the death of former teammate Tray Walker and his father's health issues: "It's been crazy. I've been through a lot this offseason, but it's just making me stronger again and just learning to keep faith and pray a lot more. It's been rough. It still is rough from time to time, but I'm steady getting through it, pushing through it and keeping faith."

On how his father is now: "He's doing better. Thank you."

On if his father's health issues have put his own injury in perspective: "Yes, I would think so. I just think you can't take anything for granted for the most part."

TE Dennis Pitta

On him looking a lot more like the guy he was before his hip injuries: "Yes, to be honest, I feel really good physically out there. Obviously, I haven't played football for a while, so there [are] some things I'm getting back used to, but overall I can't complain. I feel great out there and I feel like I'm running like I want to and like I used to, so it's very encouraging."

On how he is feeling mentally going into this OTA and how he's gotten himself prepared:"It's like any season. I mean, I've had a little bit more time off than most of us out here, but you've got to just prepare yourself physically. It's tough to simulate these kinds of reps and going against this caliber of competition. So, that's a process, just getting yourself physically and mentally ready for the season."

On if it feels any different coming back this time than it did coming off his first hip injury:Yes, I feel good. I don't have really any lingering issues, and nothing that I'm worried about. So, like I said, I'm encouraged by how I feel and how I'm moving, and excited to hopefully get back playing to the level that I was."

On making the decision to come back and how much he had to convince himself versus convince his family and friends who don't want to see him get hurt again:"I had to convince a few people, and I'm thankful for those who have been in my corner all along and had my best interests in mind. Like I've said before, I know my situation better than anyone else, and I'm confident in the decision that I made to come back, and certainly there were people who wanted to make sure that I was confident in that decision. I have a great support team behind me, and we all feel good about this move."

On if there is any time that the injury crosses his mind at all when he's out on the field:"Fortunately, it doesn't, and if it did, I probably wouldn't be out here. So, that was a big factor that weighed into the decision. Am I going to be thinking about it? Am I going to be confident in the stability of my hip? And the answer is I'm not worried about it. I'm totally confident in it, and that's why I'm back out here."

On if he is teasing QB Joe Flacco about getting back on the field now that he is back himself:"Yeah, we kind of switched roles a little bit. He gets to stand on the sideline and watch me. Joe's doing well, and this is all new for him as well, so he's leaned on me a few times about the whole rehab process, because I've got a little experience in it."

On if he has to take different expectations into it this for what kind of level he can perform at:"No, my expectations haven't changed from four years ago, to two years ago, to now. My level of expectation is extremely high going into this year. Like I said, I feel confident in how I can run, how I can move, how I can play and it's just a matter of getting those reps back to where I'm confident in doing all of that. So, yes, expectations personally are very high."

DB/RS Lardarius Webb

On the transition to Safety: "It's going awesome. I'm enjoying it. I feel like I'm a natural at it. Just getting down the plays and getting used to playing with Kendrick [Lewis] and Eric [Weddle], but I'm loving it."

On if he had to prepare any differently this offseason: "I train the same. I just have to stay in that playbook more. With playing the same position throughout the years, I know it, but moving to safety is like [being] back to my first two years. I have to be in that playbook every night to make sure everybody is on point."

On if it is tough mentally to switch positions in the NFL: "No, I feel like I've always been a safety anyway. I was a safety in high school and in college. I really never played corner until I got to the league. It was a pride thing. I liked playing the position, it's a competitive edge. I like being out there playing on-on-one and competing with some of the best wide receivers throughout the game. But I love the safety [position]. It's a great transition, I'm loving it. I have more control of the defense. I like it."

On how much his leadership role has evolved: "A lot, because I have more of a voice back at safety. When I played corner I listened to the safety to tell me the checks, but now I'm the guy making the checks. I'm giving the demands. It kind of makes the leadership go up a little bit more. The guys listen because they feel like I know what I'm talking about"

On how much he has communicated with S Ed Reed about his position change: "I've always stayed in touch with Ed. He's with the Bills now, so I don't want to tell him too much about what's going on up here. *(laughter) *I always talk to him and watch his old film. He was a different type of player – one of the greats. He was just a smart player. Me, I just want to get the hang of it first. I don't want to be jumping stuff I shouldn't be jumping – things that he used to do, but made great plays. I just want to learn the position."

On any advice he has received from S Ed Reed: "He was just like, 'Stay in that playbook.' The one thing he always told me was to stay with the iPad, learn the opponent and learn what you're doing so I can know where my help is. Just knowing the defense and where I can jump stuff."

On if he has spoken to S Eric Weddle about the position, and if he prefers to play free or strong safety: "It doesn't matter; it could be right or left. I'm never too old or too young to learn from someone. I'm always reaching out to Eric, 'If you know something, tell me. If you see something wrong, please tell me.' I just want the best for this team. I want us to get back to where we're supposed to be. If he has anything to tell me I'm always listening."

On his early impressions of S Eric Weddle: "A leader. He's going to be big for this defense – for this team. He speaks up. I told him, 'We want Eric Weddle. Don't hold back. Don't be quiet. We want you. If you yelled when you were with the Chargers, I want you coming out here yelling. Just be yourself. Grow the beard back, because we want the beard. If that's who you were, grow the beard.' *(laughter) *He's growing it back. He's being himself and we're loving it. It was a great move."

On his early impressions of the rookies: "They know how to follow the leader. They practice well. You can't really pay attention to just some of them. I know [CB] Tavon [Young] is with us and he's a short, little guy like myself, but competitive. I see why we drafted him, because he's going to be a good one. He just has to keep on learning, keep on learning. One thing he does [is] he hustles and he competes, and that's what we need." On the loss of OTAs next week: "I'm surprised. I just figured it out at the end of practice. I know a little bit about it, but I don't know too much. I'm going to leave that up to coach to talk about that."

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