Transcripts: Ravens Football School Media Availability (5/17)


Opening statement:"Great to see everybody again. I was thinking about it today; it's been a minute since we talked last. But I feel like you guys felt the energy out there. The guys are here, [and] they're doing a great job. Mentally, we're in the right spot, but we know where we're at in the process, too. We're [in the] very, very early stages of just trying to build our defense back to the point [where] we can get rolling and build our foundation going into training camp. So, here we are."

Where do you think OLB David Ojabo is physically? I know you're very limited in what you can do out there, but what do you see out of him, physically, right now? _(Jamison Hensley) _"The first thing is, is he [David Ojabo] has a full year of the program to physically get himself to a spot … I was actually talking to somebody out there today; he looks great. I feel like he's put on some good weight and looks stronger and looks fast right now, and more than anything, mentally, I think he's in a great spot, as well. So, I think you're going to see a lot of confidence from him throughout the process. So, [it's] great to see him in good spirits."

Will OLB David Ojabo be ready for the first day of training camp? _(Mike Preston) _"Yes, as far as I know, he's ready to roll today."

You used a lot of three safeties last year. Is that something you would like to keep doing, or was that more of a function of the personnel that you had? Where do you fall on that? _(Garrett Downing) _"Yes, it ended up being just a function of who we felt like gave us the best chance to win. And to Kyle [Hamilton's] credit, [though] he hadn't gotten a lot of reps at nickel throughout the process, but as we got Roquan [Smith] and wanted to keep 'PQ' [Patrick Queen] on the field, as well, it just felt like that was the right decision, and it worked out for us, and to his credit, he kind of fit in seamlessly. So, moving forward, that's what this process is all about – figuring out who has earned a job and who earns the right to be out there and play for us. How many safeties we have out there, that'll depend on the situation. Could we do three safeties again? Absolutely. You could have more of a nickel body in there this year, I think, depending on who ends up earning that spot."

What makes CB Rock Ya-Sin a good fit for this defense? And just from afar what are your impressions of him as a player? _(Luke Jones) _"Yes, with Rock [Ya-Sin], the best compliment I can give is he's physical, and he's such an aggressive player, and just that type of demeanor just fits in great here. And he looks great out there moving around. So, we're excited to see what he can do and what he can bring to the table for us."

A lot is made about attendance, and I know this is all voluntary … But you see CB Marlon Humphrey's Twitter feed, and he kind of lets you know where he is. It seems like he's been around most of the time. How much has he sort of set the tone for something like this by being here every day and being vocal and all that? _(Jeff Zrebiec) _"Yes, I mean, it's huge for us, and those are conversations that we've had with Marlon [Humphrey] and guys like Roquan [Smith] – just encouraging them to kind of take the team by the horns and make it their team. And some of the conversations we had last year [were], 'Hey, it was great that we hit our stride at some point in the season, but why don't we do that earlier?' And having the guys around and building camaraderie and building a team chemistry is a great byproduct of this whole process, as well as improving your individual skills and understanding the scheme and all that type of stuff. But that's really the biggest part, in my opinion, about this kind of stage of the offseason."

In terms of the rookies – ILB Trenton Simpson, OLB Tavius Robinson, CB Kyu Blu Kelly – has anything in particular about them stood out? _(Brian Wacker) _"Not really; not yet. They're in a great spot. Their eyes are … They've got big eyes right now in the meetings, and it's a lot for them. They're drinking from the fire hose right now, and that's a good thing. But it's a process, and they have the right mentality as of right now, so I commend them on that. But there's nothing to really evaluate from on the field so far."

How different is this process this year compared to a year ago? Now you're probably building on what you kind of put in place last year, rather than making changes. How different is it? _(Garrett Downing) _"I think hearing the same language for the second year in a row goes a long way for the guys. I think they expected a lot of the things that we were doing prior and [for] a lot of the words that we were using to stay the same. We ended up changing a good bit of vocabulary, so there is a little bit of a learning process to go with that, [like] with any new system. And there are things we're tweaking going into this year, as well. So, there is going to be a process to go through it and things we need to kind of iron out as we go. But you kind of have an end vision in mind, where last year, we were kind of letting it see where it was going to go based on who we had and who could do what."

With OLB Odafe Oweh going into Year Three, is there an area of his game that you're kind of focusing on this offseason? _(Ryan Mink) _"No, the things we encourage 'Daf' [Odafe Oweh] to do are the things he's doing every day. He's come in with a great attitude, he's here, he's working hard, and that's all we're asking him to do right now – is just focus on the process, and let the results happen with the work that you're putting in – and he's doing that. So, I commend him on his daily approach right now."

When the sacks weren't coming for OLB Odafe Oweh last year, do you think there were times when frustration set in with him? _(Jeff Zrebiec) _"I guess the obvious answer is probably, yes. I'm sure any time you're not getting the production that you want or expect and your personal goals, that's probably a source of frustration. But I look back at last year, and he [Odafe Oweh] is … We're putting together the teach tapes and things, and [outside linebackers coach] Chuck [Smith] is watching them, and we're saying, 'Hey, man, this guy is doing a lot of good stuff for us.' And does that show up on the stats sheet? It may not. Maybe not. But the guy rushed outside; he rushed inside. I thought he really caught his stride at the end of the year. And the sacks, I just really believe they'll come. I'm not worried about what sack number he's going to end up at, but I think we're going to be pleased with where he's at."

Will OLB David Ojabo be more of an inside guy? _(Mike Preston) _"I think he can rush inside and out. The skillset, and it just gets on you a little quicker inside, so that's something you have to get used to a little bit. We'll probably start him outside and see where it goes from there – similar to what we did with Odafe [Oweh] last year."

With OLB David Ojabo last year, it seemed like he was ahead of the curve even getting back to suiting up last year. He was inactive more than he was active. What went into the reasoning behind having him suit up, but I think he was only active for two gamedays? (Jamison Hensley)"Yes. Well, the outside 'backer, it's always a numbers issue of just how many reps you can get him [David Ojabo] out there, and we stayed pretty healthy once we got to that critical number around the [New Orleans] Saints game. Just at that point in the year, it was just, 'Hey, how can we make sure we're getting the guys enough reps.' If we're going to suit him up, there just wasn't going to be as many reps for him. Those reps needed to go somewhere else for us to try to win the game."

For OLB David Ojabo, how important was the classroom work last year? Does it feel like, mentally, he is a Year Two player even though experience-wise he is closer to a rookie? Was that really valuable experience for him in the classroom? (Ryan Mink)"I'm sure it was. There's a lot of things that were – a lot of carryover from what he had heard when we were at Michigan. Just for rookies, the process of not having a [routine] – this is what you're doing from sun up to sun down, coming to a building like this, talking to guys like Josh Ross who just [knows] what it takes to be a professional and taking care of your body and preparing and things like that. It's not an easy process. All of a sudden, it's someone telling you what to do all the time, to now, a lot of those decisions you have to make on your own. And to his credit, there wasn't really a false step through all the rehab and stuff. Someone mentioned it earlier – I mean he was ahead of schedule, and he was healthy once we were ready to go. Just numbers-wise, [it] didn't shake out."

Another guy coming off an injury was NT Michael Pierce. What have you seen from here? (Kyle Barber)"It's been great to see Mike [Pierce], and you guys saw the start that he was off to last year, so it was disappointing to lose him. It was an opportunity for the other guys to step in and do a good job for us in the middle. I can rattle off all those guys, but you know them. They just do a great job, but having Mike back in the middle of the defense will definitely be a big point of contention for us moving forward. I'm excited to see what he does."

I know it's early days, but what has impressed you about what outside linebackers coach Chuck Smith has brought to that position? (Jonas Shaffer)"[Outside linebackers coach] Chuck [Smith] has been great, man. He's just a great guy. I hadn't really known him much prior to this whole process, so getting to know him, his family, his background – he's from Athens, Georgia, which is kind of cool. Clarke Central [High School], not Cedar Shoals [High School], unfortunately, but we can get over that. He's been great, and he's added a lot of value to that room. Him and [assistant head coach/defensive line coach Anthony] Weaver are working great together, [defensive quality control] Matt [Robinson], those guys. It's really cool how they're blending the skills between both positions. Getting it taught on the field and the guys are jacked up. There's a lot of enthusiasm. It's an exciting time this time of year."

With your defensive line, obviously there are not many humans on earth like DE Calais Campbell. How do you go about replacing him and what are your thoughts on your young talented defensive line? _(Ryan Mink) _"Obviously, we love Calais [Campbell]. I don't think you look at it like we're trying to replace him. There are things that he does that not a lot of people – like you said – can do on the field. There are things that will get piece-wised that we bring, whether it's interior rush or playing kind of all across the line on early downs. We have the guys to do it, but we have a great young core of D-lineman. It's a great opportunity for [Justin] Madubuike, for 'Broady' [Broderick Washington] to really step up their interior pass rush game. Travis Jones, second year, I mean he's looking really good out there. [It's] just an opportunity. Again, like you know we're flexible with personnel groups, so we could sub it out, put another outside 'backer body in there. [We] could put a DB body on the game inside 'backer, so it's flexible at this point."

Is NT Michael Pierce's return kind of helping in that subsiding of losing DE Calais Campbell? (Kyle Barber)

"You're talking about [Michael] Pierce, is that what you said? Yes. Just having another vet guy that's done it at a high level, of course that's going to help us. [He plays a] different position. [He has a] different skillset, but I think Michael Pierce is an underrated interior rusher, too. When the time comes, I think you'll see what he can do in pass downs as well."

The defense really became strong at the end of last year despite not having that all-star pass rush. If you get these year-to-year improvements, especially some of those guys who were a little banged up, what does that do for what this team is, and what the defense can do in 2023? (Jonas Shaffer)"It's about always trying to push the envelope forward and keep improving. A lot of the credit that was from our improvement throughout the course of last year – again, really looking forward to this year – but it's just the guys' mentality of trying to improve and trying to keep getting better until we find a sweet spot of where we kind of live schematically, and we're comfortable with that. This year, really, the mentality is we want to just keep taking our game to the next level – whatever the situation is. Right now, the whole mentality is not – it's hard to run plays on air against … You see our offense, they're running plays, a million plays a day. There's no one out there to run plays for us, so we have to work on our skills. It's a great opportunity for us to work [on] our fundamentals and really build our foundation, is really the message right now. When we move into actually start practicing, into OTAs and really training camp is a focus right now, that we can hit the ground running and we have a solid foundation moving forward."

You go back to OLB David Ojabo in college. He was a late bloomer or got a late start to football. People talk about a guy's ceiling. Do you look at him still as being a guy who can reach a higher ceiling? _(Cliff Brown) _"Well, 'Harbs' [Head coach John Harbaugh] talks about it. With all your players, you have to have a big vision for your guys. If they're not setting their goals high enough and your vision isn't big enough for your players, you're not doing the right things, especially as a coach. So, of course we have big visions for 'Ja' [David Ojabo] and the things that we want him to be able to do. I just don't look at last year as a setback. He's here and he's developed. He had all this time to learn the scheme, learn the drills, build the foundation [and] get physically stronger. Mentally, he's in a great spot, so I think it's all positive."


Just how good does it feel to be out here practicing and preparing for the season? (Garrett Downing) "Yes, it's a blessing. [I'm] just getting better every day and building camaraderie – building a whole brotherhood." 

How much weight have you gained since the injury? (Vinny Cerrato) "Probably a solid 10 pounds. I lost some [by] just kind of being inactive, so I put on a solid, probably, 10 pounds of muscle." (Reporter: "You look bigger.") "Yes sir, I appreciate it." 

How would you describe your excitement for this year, given the road you've had to get to this point? (Garrett Downing) "Yes, like I said, it's just a blessing, and I just can't wait. I've never been injured before; I've never had to just sit down. And it tested my patience, but it was definitely for the better." 

How was that experience for you – being around everything, but not being able to play? (Ken Weinman) "Yes, you've got to stay close to God, because it's definitely a test. My patience – just trying to rush things, but also knowing that I've got to do it the right way. But it all worked out for good. I'm back, 110%." 

You knew when you were drafted that it was essentially going to be like a redshirt season, and the Ravens were going to be expecting things from you afterwards. Now that the time has come, do you feel that pressure and excitement? What does that feel like for you? (Kyle Barber) "It's never pressure; it's just what we do. I'm just excited to be out there with my brothers and just play football." 

With the injury behind you, where do you feel like you're at in that process of development, and where do you want to be heading into the season? (Brian Wacker) "Yes, these OTAs [organized team activities] have been critical. The playbook has never been a problem, because I had it in Michigan, but it's just getting better day by day. And I see every day our whole brotherhood getting better, too, so it's a whole unit effort." 

What has outside linebackers coach Chuck Smith brought to the Ravens? (Vinny Cerrato) "He [Chuck Smith] is a guru. He's a guru. He's just bringing [out] the best side of us, and he brings a lot of energy. [He] lets us be ourselves, lets us kind of dance off the ball. And I'm really excited just to see how our development comes." 

Have you set any goals for the season yet? (Kevin Richardson) "We're all playing towards the Super Bowl – that's it – as a team. And the more close we stay together, we're going to do incredible things." 

At this point, do you even think about or feel the Achilles at all? Does that even enter into your thought process at all? (Jamison Hensley) "Honestly, I'm tired of hearing about it. I'm really tired. It's in my past. I've grown from it. It's made me stronger. And yes, I'm ready to move on from it. I'm 110%." 

Physically, where do you feel like you are? Obviously, you're healthy, but how does that compare to where you were before the injury? Do you feel like you're close to that or better? (Brian Wacker) "I honestly feel better. I swear, I feel better. I feel more explosive. And I'm just, like I said, ready to put on a show." 

How much did that strip-sack at the end of last year in your only game with significant action kind of boost your confidence to feel like you're here and you can play at this level? (Ryan Mink) "Yes, the only game I really played, to kind of just continue doing what I was doing in college, it always made me feel like I belonged, and it gave me more excitement for this upcoming season." 

What do you think the added strength is going to do for you on the field? (Cliff Brown) "It's more confidence. [It will help me] be more stable in myself going up against grown men, now. So, it's all just a big confidence boost." 

Did you take a break after last season, or did you go right into training immediately? (Jeff Zrebiec) "Your body will break down if you don't [take a break], so I took a month break. I went back home to Scotland to see my family. I made sure they felt the love. And then I was right back in here working with my brother, Odafe [Oweh]. We've been crafting all offseason, because we've got big goals." 

What are the emotions going back to the United Kingdom to play a game? And is there any piece of advice that you'll give your teammates before going? (Ryan Mink) "The emotions – God's plan. It's just spending [time] back home and being surrounded by my people. I know my people from Scotland are going to come watch. And any advice – just embrace it. It's a lot different than America. The accent is different; the environment is different. But it's going to be a blessed experience." 

You just mentioned OLB Odafe Oweh. How important has that friendship been to your career? Thinking about playing with him at this level, coming this far together, what does that mean to you? (Luke Jones) "Honestly, I see it as a brotherhood at this point. We lived in the same dorm in high school. [Odafe Oweh] went off to Penn State; I [went off to] Michigan. And now we're about to be playing across from each other. Man, it's everything to me. [It] just makes me feel more at home. [I] feel the love and support, especially through my injury." 

Did you guys ever talk about this in the high school dorms? "Hey, we're going to play together in the NFL someday." Did stuff like that ever come up? (Bo Smolka) "No, honestly. You've got to realize, we just started playing football. [Odafe Oweh] started his junior year; then I followed him. And we were just taking it day by day. So, this is kind of confirmation [that] it's all God's plan, for real. We met back up at the highest level, and we're just ready to see it through." 

Is there any kind of motivation from last year? Is there motivation to show that you're a first-round talent, despite being taken in the second round? (Jamison Hensley) "I know I'm here for a reason, so at the end of the day, it's just to come show what I've got. And like I said, it's a team sport – just winning Super Bowls, so we could all win." 

Is there any kind of motivation from last year? Is there motivation to show that you're a first-round talent, despite being taken in the second round? (Jamison Hensley) "I know I'm here for a reason, so at the end of the day, it's just to come show what I've got. And like I said, it's a team sport – just winning Super Bowls, so we could all win." 

You talked about winning the Super Bowl as the team's goal. You also said that you and OLB Odafe Oweh have lofty goals for this season. Is there anything you wanted to share on kind of some of the personal stuff? (Kyle Barber) "Nothing in particular. We just want to be impact players. We just want to be dependable and make sure we do our job at the highest level, so 'Harbs' [head coach John Harbaugh] will be happy." (laughter) 

Are you going back to your college number, No. 55? (Vinny Cerrato) "[Terrell] Suggs is not letting me. (laughter – Reporter: "But you asked?")"Yes, we had discussions. We got [owner Steve] Bisciotti involved a little bit. That's above me. [Terrell Suggs] is a legend, so I'm going to stick with 90." (Reporter: "So, you tried?")"I tried. I had to try. I had to try. (laughter)But he's not going for it." 

Do you have any special birthday plans? (Ken Weinman) "Just go to bible study and just kind of thank God for bringing me this far. And just go to sleep, man. We've got work tomorrow, so yes, I can't do too much." 

Is there a target playing weight for you that you have in mind? (Jonas Shaffer) "255 [pounds] [is where] I'm comfortable." (Reporter: "Is that where you're at right now?") "Yes, that's where I'm at. I've never really been focused on weight, but I know our nutrition and strength staff, they'll guide me in the right direction." 

So, with your number now, is there any kind of reason for choosing it? (Jamison Hensley) "No, if I'm being real, I was No. 71 in high school. (laughter) Numbers don't really mean much; it's what you do with the number." 


You know OLB David Ojabo better than anybody. How eager is he for this season to show what he can do? (Garrett Downing) "I'm just so excited for him [David Ojabo] to really show everybody who he really is as a player, as a person. I could tell … We were working together in the offseason with my guy, Mo, and you could just tell he was motivated. He was energized to prove something, not just to everyone else, but to himself. So, I'm really excited for what he can show."  

What's it been like working with outside linebackers coach Chuck Smith so far? (Kyle Barber) "It's been good. Working with [outside linebackers coach] Chuck [Smith], he's giving us insight that a lot of guys, like me in particular, haven't had, because a lot of my coaches, they're great coaches, but they haven't really played the position, and he's played the position. He's trained a lot of guys that played the position at a high level. So, I'm getting little tidbits that I wouldn't have necessarily gotten from the past years and everything." 

OLB David Ojabo mentioned that outside linebackers coach Chuck Smith brings the best out in you guys. Is there maybe an example where you could point to that? (Brian Wacker) "I can't give you a pinpoint way, but it's just the way his [outside linebackers coach Chuck Smith's] approach is. Obviously, he's serious about getting us better and everything, but he's also laid back. He also knows, individually, how to tap into us, because we all have goals for what we want to do – me and myself. I think he does a good job of being relatable and being down to earth and everything, but also honing in on what we want to do." 

What are some of the goals in Year Three for you? (Ken Weinman) "I've got those in my head. I can't give that to you all. But it's definitely to be dominate and just help our defense to be the best thing that we can be this year." 

How would you evaluate your last season? (Vinny Cerrato) "I'd say it was a learning season. [It was] a year to develop and things like that. I got better, not just on the field, just because knowing what I can work on, but mentally and as a player, as a professional – learning from things you can work on and building on it – as a man and everything. So, I feel like it was a good season for me in that aspect." 

When you watch the tape on last season, you're, so close on so many plays. What were the emotions when you reflect on that? (Kyle Barber) "It was like, 'Damn,' but you know. Like I said, that's how life is. You have times that you don't get it, but it's what you do next and [how you] pick yourself up. A lot of times I was close, but it lets me know that when it does click and when everything goes how I want it to, I'm going to soar. You've got to look at it that way, not the negative way. So, that's how I view it." 

How do you like rushing from the inside? It seemed like you flashed quite a bit doing that late in the season. How's that different than coming off the edge? (Luke Jones) "It's a little different, because he's coming to you right now. And I feel like it helped me, because I could use some of my twitch and my length to create space and stuff like that. Once I was doing that, it actually kind of freed my mind in terms of what moves I wanted to do, and could incorporate that on the edge, too. But I really liked it, because once I was in, I'm right in front of the 'QB' [quarterback], so I liked it in that aspect." 

In Year Three, what are the biggest technical adjustments you feel like you need to make to get to that next level? (Brian Wacker) "Just making sure you have a plan in your head, not just trying to react. There's an aspect of that you want to react to, but making sure you have a plan, a rush angle and then ripping. A lot of times I would get off the block, but I was kind of off balance, so when I got to the QB [quarterback], I wasn't taking a straight-line shot. Then also up-field shoulder; there were a lot of times where I missed because of the up-field shoulder, too. [It's] little things like that." 

How much are ILB Roquan Smith and CB Marlon Humphrey setting the tone out there and being the veteran leaders of the group? (Garrett Downing) "Roquan [Smith], he's a man's man. [He's] always the loudest guy in the room. Actually, him and Marlon [Humphrey] compete for that. But I would say they're really setting the tone of being here and letting us know that guys that are established and have got to places that we all want to go are still here working and showing us the ropes and everything." 

You know OLB David Ojabo better than any of us. He would talk about ceilings. What would you say would be his ceiling? (Jamison Hensley) "He [David Ojabo] doesn't have one. He's smooth with his rush, and then in the run game, he's getting better every day, and he's so smart. That's a lot of things people don't even understand. He's so savvy in that aspect, as well. So, his ceiling is crazy. He had a sack, and he was off one Achilles. You all have to think about things like that. His ceiling is crazy, man. We've got [outside linebackers coach] Chuck [Smith] to teach him, and his story is like [mine], too; he started junior year, and he's just soared since then. So, his ceiling is … He doesn't have one." 

Obviously, you weren't completely healthy last offseason, neither was OLB Tyus Bowser, neither was OLB David Ojabo. What does that kind of do for you guys, and how good could this pass rush be, especially on the edge? (Jonas Shaffer) "We're all just getting another year to … This is the first year I didn't have a surgery or something like that. David [Ojabo] is coming off the Achilles. Tyus [Bowser] is coming off the Achilles. We're all just, I want to say, 100%, and we've had a lot of time [to] just hone in on our skills, and [we're] trying to get our bodies back to where we want [them] to be. So, that's really going to help. And for me, it's helped me, as well, because I can hone in on getting stronger; I can hone in on getting better in the playbook and stuff like that. So, it should be good for all three of us." 

What's your play weight that you want to play at? (Vinny Cerrato) "I want to say anything around 255 [pounds], 260." (Reporter: "What are you now?") "257 [pounds]." 

When you look back at last year, with the injuries aside, was there frustration when you looked at the production at any point, and if so, how? (Brian Wacker) "Obviously, as a pro, you have things you want to do, but you've got to understand everyone is injured, so that's never an excuse, but obviously, you can … There are always levels to where your body is going to be at. So, I know that when I'm [feeling] 100% – or when whatever percentage I was at – I could do this, but there's no frustration in that. Obviously, there were times when I was there, but my concentration maybe wasn't there, and I could have gotten it [the sack]. And there are guys that were in the situation that still made those plays. So, it's not an excuse, but I know where I'm at now, and I know what I can do now." 

How much communication have you had with OLB Justin Houston this offseason. Are you still hopeful that he could wind up back here? (Luke Jones) "Justin [Houston], he's his own man, and he's really driven on what he wants to do. So, I'm hoping [that] whatever he does is for the best for him, but we would love to have him back and everything like that. Justin, I know he's going to make the right decision for himself." 

What are the conversations like with you and OLB David Ojabo and just the dream of you two rushing passers, terrorizing quarterbacks at the NFL level together? (Ryan Mink) "We just want to show Baltimore a different thing that they haven't seen necessarily. We know that there's a real opportunity right here – a real great story, coming from where we both come from, being together, starting football late, soaring and having trials, tribulations, being that. So, we know the opportunity that we have. We want to be those guys for Baltimore." 

OLB David Ojabo said he was sick of talking about last year. For you personally, at what point in the offseason did you forget about last year and everything that you said you learned and became fully focused on what you have to do moving forward? (Jeff Zrebiec) "No, I never forget. I don't forget. I use it as kind of motivation, but obviously it's like you want to switch. But I didn't really take a lot of offseason. I went straight to the gym, just trying to get strong, because I know there's no real offseason. Obviously, you've got to switch your mode to, 'Alright it's the next page. What are we going to do this year?' As a competitor, you remember things that you've got to work on; you remember the things you missed on, so you can bounce back for the next year." 

ILB Patrick Queen had a breakout Year Three. Do you kind of look at Year Three as an opportunity to have that breakout year? (Ryan Mink) "I feel like Pat [Patrick Queen] has always been a dude. I feel like Year Three, it's a year where you had a good year the first year, second year, guys know who you are, they know some of your moves, but Year Three, 'Alright, OK, you know some of my moves but now I've got more moves for you now.' So, I guess, yes, Year Three is a year where you probably tie it all in together. So, yes." 

Are you and OLB David Ojabo keeping track of who wins those get-up competitions? (Jonas Shaffer) "I mean, yes. We're competitive. We also know who we are. We'll probably try to beat everyone else before we try to beat each other, and then once that comes up, then I'll probably say me. But he and I do that."

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