Transcripts: Ravens Friday Transcript


Head Coach John Harbaugh

Why did you mix up the routine today, in terms of the schedule? (Childs Walker) "I just felt like it was the best thing for us. We've done it before. We have different routines and ways of doing things, so this was … You get a feel for things, and we felt like this was the best way to go. Really no other reason than that."

With RB De'Lance Turner hurting his hamstring earlier in the week, are you going to be looking at bringing a running back up tomorrow? (Luke Jones) "We're going to have to consider that. That's a possibility. If we do that, it'll be Gus [Edwards] – he's on our practice squad. He knows that's the obvious choice. We just have to see how that hamstring looks, feels. Either way, we're very confident with either one of those guys. They're both kind of in the same bucket. They do the same things."

Is it tough to travel with just two running backs, especially because RB Javorius Allen plays so much special teams?_ (Jeff Zrebiec)_ "It's tough to do that. Yes, it's tough to do that. It's always an option. You leave yourself a little light if you do something like that."

If the need arises, how does CB/RS Cyrus Jones' skillset fit at slot corner? (Aaron Kasinitz)"How does Cyrus Jones fit at slot corner? Well he plays slot corner. He's in the mix; he's in the depth chart there inside and outside. He's in the rotation. He'll be the fifth corner in the rotations. Usually you play five corners at some point, so I expect him to play a little bit."

The forecast for Tennessee could feature some rain. How much does the team keep track of weather reports? (Jamison Hensley) "I think the kickers and [specialists coach] Randy Brown keep a very close eye on all that stuff. We usually get a pretty good weather report. But beyond that, we don't really pay that much attention to it. It's not something that affects our team too much. I don't feel like – especially this year since we've had so much of it – maybe we're paying less attention to it. You don't worry about it as much. I don't think it will change our gameplan too much."

Offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg mentioned how well TE Hayden Hurst practiced this week. How excited are you to get Hurst even more acclimated into the offense with all the other ways the tight ends have played up until this point? (Luke Jones) "Yes. You have guys you're excited about, as far as being weapons, and Hayden is definitely one of those guys. You do get excited about that. You want to see them out there and making plays and how it impacts the whole thing. How does it look with this piece in, and that piece in? You never know until you see it in action. Marty [Mornhinweg] seems excited about it, and I know I am, too. I was excited to have him last week, too, and he did a couple good things. You just never know. Once the game starts, you can never say exactly how it's going to go. But I expect Hayden and all those guys to be a big part of it."