Transcripts: Ravens Friday Transcripts


Head Coach John Harbaugh

Opening statement: "OK, good to see everybody here – good practice. What do you have?"

What do you think the first question might be? (Jamison Hensley) "Hmm… (laughter) Yes, you have to ask it!" (Reporter: "Do you have any updates on the quarterback situation?") "You saw practice today, right?" (Reporter: "A portion of it – the first 30 minutes.") "Both quarterbacks practiced fully today, yes."

Would you name a starter? (Jamison Hensley) "No, I would not. I would not name a starter. There will be a quarterback starting. I can guarantee that. There will be a quarterback starting. And, every play, there will be at least one quarterback on the field." (Reporter: "Possibly two?") "Always a possibility with us. We've done that before."

Is QB Joe Flacco still a possibility even though he hasn't practiced at all? (Childs Walker) "Joe can play without practicing. I'm standing by that."

Is QB Joe Flacco coming along well? (Jeff Zrebiec) "He's coming along beautifully. It's just amazing. (laughter) Amazing, the recovery he's making. You guys, I've been reading from some of the writers out there, especially the national guys out there, the guys that come up with all the 'scoops,' the story guys that have all these sources that they have, these 'inside sources,' and they know what's going on. What did they report? What did they say? Was it a 'mind-meld?' Was it actually a 'mind-meld?' A 'Spock mind-meld,' I think was the quote. We have a mind-meld thing going. (Reporter: "A John Harbaugh mind-meld.") "I think that was the point: a 'John Harbaugh mind-meld.' I'm a Spock guy. I like Spock, but I'm more a Captain Kirk guy. I like Spock, but Captain Kirk was the man. Right? Everybody agree with that? Kirk or Picard? (Reporters: "Kirk.") "Kirk? OK. Picard is great. What's the name of that actor?" (Kevin Byrne, executive VP of public and community relations: "Shatner.") "Well, Shatner, of course! But who is Picard?" (Reporter: "Patrick Stewart.") "Patrick Stewart! Awesome actor, English guy, right?" (Reporter: "Right.") "All right, Broadway-type guy! William Shatner never did Broadway. We all understand that. We get that, but… [I like] Kirk." (Reporter: "That's not exactly how I thought this question was going to turn.") (laughter) "The whole point of the whole thing is just the plan has unfolded just beautifully. To quote The A-Team, 'I love it when a plan comes together.' (laughter) You can use that. Feel free to use that! Feel free to quote me on that!"

Is it a concern when a rookie quarterback misses a day of practice a couple of days before a game? (Jeff Zrebiec) "Sure, absolutely, absolutely. It's not ideal. Was it part of the plan? Apparently, it was. Apparently, it was."

Can we assume that you guys got clarity on RB Kenneth Dixon since he's been designated to return to practice? (Luke Jones) "We did. You can assume that. We got the word this morning that he was okay to practice for his situation. It was a unique situation. I can't get into it, because I'm not allowed to, but also, it would be up to him to explain whatever he would want to about that. But, he's cleared to practice now, so his clock will start, the three-week clock. It could be anytime before that. It won't be this game. We're not going to bring him up this game after one practice. There's news, you guys! Shocking development, but he could be up for next week, so that's where we're at."

How do you feel that CB Maurice Canady and CB Jaylen Hill are coming along after returning to practice? (Kyle Andrews) "Maurice has looked good, had a whole good week of practice, so that's very positive. I don't anticipate him being active for this game yet. But, Jaylen did not practice today, so it didn't work out quite as well for Jaylen. We'll have to see with the docs where he's at."

I was going to ask you if you were going to have three quarterbacks on the field at any one time? (Bo Smolka) "Working on it. It's in the laboratory. We weren't able to practice that this week, obviously, so we probably won't, to be honest with you. See, there you go. You pulled it out of me right there. No three-quarterback system this week."