Transcripts: Ravens Halftime Quotes vs. Colts


Ravens vs. Colts

Aug. 20, 2018

RB Javorius Allen

On recovering after a fumble to sustain some solid offensive drives: "You've just got to have a next play mentality. I slipped and didn't get the ball and picked it up. As long as we recovered, I was good. So, it's in the past and done with."

On if catching passes is a part of his game that he's worked on: "Most definitely. I always had that in my game, it's just been them using it and putting me in the right spot to showcase it. I'm excited."

WR John Brown

On if taking shots down the field were part of the game plan going into tonight: "Oh, yeah. It was the game plan going in, and I just talked to coach Harbaugh and I was like, 'I'd like to send a message being the deep threat guy and get on them early.' We kind of wanted to send a message and let them know that we were ready."

On his touchdown catch tonight: "We practice that a lot, just working on turning your head around quick. Once he made the throw – a great throw – and I just kept my eyes on the ball and I was able to make the catch. But, we practice it so much that we got it down pat."

QB Joe Flacco

On shooting themselves in the foot early and then rebounding offensively: "Yeah, I thought we would be able to move the ball if we just didn't hurt ourselves. We had a false start in the second drive and we busted it on third down. Then on the first drive, we were so close to getting a first down and 'Buck' [Javorius Allen] just kind of tripped up in the backfield. We take those away right there and we would probably be feeling a little better about it. It was good to get down there and get a score at the end and get a little taste for what John [Brown] can do and get all those guys involved a little bit."

On what he saw on the WR John Brown touchdown reception: "They were just splitting the middle of the field down there and you kind of run out of room in the back of the end zone, so I guess they trusted the linebacker to kind of hang with him there. But, with John's speed I just trusted that he would get around the guy at the last minute – which he did – and just a great job by him getting his eyes on the ball and making the catch."

S Anthony Levine Sr.

On the sudden changes early in the game: "We just want to go out there and play football. We've got our great leaders – 'Sizz' [Terrell Suggs], C.J. Mosley, Eric Weddle – and we pride ourselves on going out there and playing good Ravens' defense."

On his interception: "C.J. Mosley made the call, I played the call, and I saw the ball in the air and just went for it and became a ball player. There wasn't really much to it. I had my man one-on-one, I don't think he saw me and he threw the ball. I just reacted."

OLB Terrell Suggs

On the defenses resiliency today: "We aren't flinching. We believe in our coordinator [Don Martindale], we believe in this package, and most importantly, we believe in the players on the field. There's no flinch. We don't worry about it."

On his sack today: "I'm really disappointed I didn't get the ball out, but like I said, just trying to get my rhythm, trying to get my swing and my timing down. But, it's all right."

On what he's looking for from the young players on defense in these games: "We just want to know who is tough and who can battle through. We're going to see those who are Ravens and those who are not."

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