Transcripts: Ravens Mandatory Minicamp Day 3 (6/16)


Opening statement: "Good seeing everybody. I appreciate you guys being here. It's a great day for football, and we had a great day of practice. I'm really excited about the guys. The attitudes have been A-plus-plus-plus. It's been a fun offseason, and it's been very productive. I feel like every guy that was here got the most out of every day here, and that's all you really can ask for.

"A couple little things you might be looking at from practice: 'Snoop' [Tyler Huntley] has a little tendinitis in his shoulder from all the throws, so we just gave him rest the last two days [for] that, so he'll be fine. Jaylon [Ferguson] had an ankle sprain from yesterday – you saw that – so that's why we held him out. And Nick Boyle just had the day off; it was in his rotation. I don't know if there is anybody else. Do you have any questions on anybody else that way, since we're at this point in time of the year?"

Do you have an update on RB Gus Edwards, RB J.K. Dobbins or T Ronnie Stanley? _(Jerry Coleman) _"Yes, Ronnie [Stanley] is … I'd say they're all on schedule, but what is the schedule? The knee injuries are a little tougher to say what the schedule really is. So, [if] you talk to J.K. [Dobbins], he's the starting running back today, [and] he should have been practicing today, but he's got work to do still, [and] so does Gus [Edwards]. But they're both doing great. We'll see how they look when they come back and all that. Ronnie [Stanley's] ankle is looking great. Ronnie's mission right now would be to get in the best shape of his life and get ready to play football, and that's what he's been working on."

Is it too early to say if any of those guys will be at Day One of training camp? _(Childs Walker) _"It is [too early], it is. I think they all have a chance, but you know, we'll see."

Are you still hopeful that all those guys will be ready for the start of the season? _(Jamison Hensley) _"Hopeful. Hopeful, yes."

With T Ronnie Stanley being out, we've seen T Ja'Wuan James and T Morgan Moses move over to the left side. How have they looked, and is that kind of the silver lining – that you do have a lot of options, as far as if Ronnie isn't ready to go? _(Luke Jones) _"That's exactly the silver lining. We've got two veteran guys; we have a young guy in Daniel [Faalele], who has looked good. He's a young kid, he's a big man. I saw some of the stuff about you guys talking about [him] getting in shape, and yes, he's working his way into kind of NFL-type-conditioning as a tackle. But that's … Man, he's almost … What is he? … I don't know. I do know, but he's up there, and it's good weight. So, he's going to learn how to play at this level, at this speed – I'm certain of it. And then Jaryd Jones-Smith is doing a really nice job. So, we've got five good tackles, I feel like, there, and with Ronnie [Stanley] in there.

"One other thing I'd like to mention was the HBCU Scholarship kids are here. The Ozzie Newsome Scholarship that [owner] Steve [Bisciotti] and [his wife] Renee did. So, the first 20 scholarship recipients are here with their families today, and it's a huge celebration. Applause for Steve and Renee for what they're doing for those scholarships, for these kids. He [Steve Bisciotti] told the team his dream is that these scholarship recipients, in the future, become the leaders of Baltimore and the leaders of Maryland, and that's his goal, and that's what it will be. And it's 20 scholars every year going forward. So, it's an awesome deal. Congrats to Steve. And the players are over there shaking their hand, so it was neat to see."

(SVP of communications Chad Steele: "We'll re-send information, so you guys have all the information.")

In terms of the rookies, have you seen a transition, as far as them adjusting to the NFL game right now? _(Cordell Woodland) _"Definitely. I would say, they've kind of gotten themselves accustomed to this phase. They've been in OTA [organized team activities] phase now for four weeks, and that's a lot, that's a lot of practice, so they seem comfortable. You saw Isaiah Likely out there making catches. And Josh Oliver is not a rookie, [and] you saw him making catches. But I feel like those guys, they're kind of acclimated to this. Now, the next step will be training camp; that will be a shock for them. Then, they'll have to get acclimated to that, and then they'll be preseason games, and that will be a shock for them, and then the regular season. So, that's kind of that process."

I'm not asking you specifics on DT Michael Pierce, but is this anything that could jeopardize training camp for him? _(Jeff Zrebiec) _"Absolutely not. It's not anything like that. He's healthy, he's good; it's just a personal matter with his family, and that's what it is."

What have been your impressions of RB Mike Davis – a veteran running back out there? _(Jamison Hensley) _"[I'm] very positive about Mike Davis. He shows up as a veteran running back. [He's] quick, has really good vision, and he's always been a good receiving running back, but when you see it in person, it kind of opens your eyes. I'll say, Tyler Badie, too, is a receiving running back. These guys kind of jumped out that way in these camps."

You won't see a lot of these guys for several weeks now. Is there a parting message, as these guys go off, and what you anticipate or expect of them? _(Mark Viviano) _"Well, [owner] Steve [Bisciotti] gave that message. Coach Bisciotti gave that message, and I think it was really appreciated, because he talked about the culture, and he talked about [how] we like people that add to our culture, not people that detract from our culture. And he asked them for no drama. So, I don't have any concerns about these guys at all, but we look forward to seeing them in a few weeks."

What are your thoughts on OLB Daelin Hayes and what he's strung together in OTAs [organized team activities] and minicamp, as well as some of your other young outside linebackers? _(Ryan Mink) _"All those guys … Daelin [Hayes] is a great example of it, and all those guys, they're flashing and they're showing some good things. The next step will be training camp [and] getting to the quarterback, as much as we allow them to, when the pads come on, and then in the games and all that. But he [Daelin Hayes] has flashed. He knows the defense, he's very confident out there right now, and there are a lot of guys like that."

How do you see the connection with QB Lamar Jackson and the new guys, especially the tight ends? We also saw a lot of good catches from FB Patrick Ricard, as well. _(David Andrade) _"Yes, that's a great point, because I feel like … Lamar [Jackson] has been here three days – that's all it's been – and it didn't feel like you had a lack of chemistry. Now, there were things – and he and I talked about it on the field – communication things, cadence things, some of the new offensive stuff. That's not stuff he was here for to immerse himself into in the OTAs [organized team activities]. That's the only thing, and that's something we easily make up in training camp. But as far as the throwing and the catching and the targeting and all that, and what you're saying – the playmaking stuff – I was happy to see that. And I was wondering about it; how's he going to look? To see it look that good, to see the shape he was in, how well he threw the ball, that was all … For a coach, that's exciting."

The team has a good history of undrafted free agents making the 53-man roster. Is it too early to look at an undrafted free agent and say that guy has a good chance? _(Kirk McEwen) _"It probably is too early to say that he would make the team, but to your point, to say he has a good chance to make the team, we're probably already thinking that way. Yes, we're looking at guys and probably saying, 'Hey, I think they have a chance.' And then they go through the process."

With owner Steve Bisciotti's parting message, do you know if he said anything to the rookies, specifically, about staying in shape, because this is essentially vacation time for a lot of these guys, including you? (Jerry Coleman) _"Yes, I'm going to be in tip-top shape coming back – I promise you that. _(laughter)I've got a lot of workouts planned." (Reporter: "Have you passed the conditioning test?" – laughter)"I used to. I used to pass it every year. Now, I never did it with the corners. My first couple years, I had the safety time, then I had the linebacker time. But when I went to the O-line time, I said, 'You know? It's time to retire the conditioning test.' (laughter) We did talk to them about that – absolutely. That being, really, priority [No.] 1. You're going to get your time, but you've also got to commit your time. So, there's got to be two, three, four hours a day, up to four hours a day, where they've got to be committed, four to five days a week, to conditioning and also skills. I know that Lamar [Jackson] and the receivers and tight ends are going to meet in Florida at Florida Atlantic with Willie Taggart – the head coach down there. He's going to host them for some throwing, and that's going to be good. So, they've all got their plans to do that, and I'll be calling them and asking them how it's going, probably." (Reporter: "Four to five days, really?")"Four to five days a week." (Reporter: "Isn't this their vacation time?")"Yes, [the] short answer [is] yes. (laughter)They'll do it. I promise you, the guys know they've got to come back in shape. I mean, this is what they do. It really is what they do, and they don't want to toss away everything they gained up to this point."

There has been so much attention on the health of this team, given all that happened last year. You get through rookie minicamp, you get through OTAs [organized team activities], you get through mandatory minicamp, and other than a couple minor things, the only guys not out here were the guys you knew weren't going to be out here. Do you feel like the changes or any adjustments you've made have really paid off, or have there been any changes that have kind of led to that? (Jeff Zrebiec) _"That's a great question, and you really can't know. What did [former secretary of defense Donald H.] Rumsfeld say – it's an unknowable [or] something like that? Remember that? I'm taking you back [with a] Donald Rumsfeld reference. Wow, where does that come from? _(laughter)But I feel like the guys appreciate what we're doing, and I can't wait to take it into training camp and see how it affects us."

You mentioned that T Ronnie Stanley is looking better – his ankle. You've gone without him for about a season and a half. Can you speak to the significance of him being back out there and what that would mean for the team? _(Mark Viviano) _"It's a great question. I will say this: It depends on how he plays. And I expect him to play like Ronnie Stanley, and he's really motivated to do it. I just talked to him again today. He's chomping at the bit to get back. If he plays like Ronnie Stanley, and even better, than the significance is almost immeasurable. And that's what we're hoping for."


What do you think of QB Lamar Jackson's development in these last three days with the new offense? (David Andrade)"Lamar [Jackson], obviously, handled his business when he was away from us, and he's worked tremendously hard. I told him many times – having worked with him over these years – I said, 'I'll be able to tell as soon as I see you, and as soon as we get out on the field.' And I could tell in the best way possible."

What were some of the things that you've seen that are different than when QB Lamar Jackson left last season? (Kevin Richardson)"Improved – I wouldn't say much different. The mechanics that we've been using and some of the techniques we've been doing, that's what I see. I see improvement in it. Some of the things that we talked about, he's taken it and worked very hard at. Of course, physically, he looks imposing. He looks very, very good."

What do you see out of QB Brett Hundley? He's been around the league for a while. He looks like he's in good shape. [He] threw a nice ball or two today. What do you see? (Kirk McEwen)"Brett [Hundley], boy, he's had some experience now with some of the rooms he's been in. Anytime you're going into Year Eight in this league … It's funny, he just had his 29th birthday, and all of our guys are calling him the 'OG' like he's an old guy. It's not … 29, 'geez', I wish. (laughter) But no, I love his experience. He's a diligent guy. When you're in that role, you've got to take advantage of mental reps, and he does a great job with that."

You've been around QB Lamar Jackson for a while now. Is one of the things you've just come to … He's a polarizing player around the league. People are always talking about him. There's always something about him. But what are the things you've come to expect that when he hits the practice field, when he's in the building, none of that stuff carries over to him … It doesn't bother him, it doesn't impact him, it's not a distraction? _(Jeff Zrebiec) _"No, we've always had this mentality when we come to this building, when you walk through the doors of 'The Castle' here in this beautiful facility, we go to work. So, when we walk out onto the field, it's time to work. We don't worry about the outside distractions. He is a master of that. He is tremendously good at focusing on the task at hand. So, when we're in meetings, that's the task. Or when we're on the field, that's the task."

Can you just talk a little bit about QB Lamar Jackson's work ethic and just how coachable he is, as much of a polarizing player as he is? _(Cordell Woodland) _"Yes, I've always told you, Lamar [Jackson] works tremendously hard. That hasn't changed. My opinion of that hasn't changed. What I see from what he's done hasn't changed a bit. He works very, very hard. It's very important to him, and there's no question about that."

Was there any contact during OTAs when QB Lamar Jackson wasn't here? Even though he wasn't here, were you in contact with Lamar at all? (Kirk McEwen)"We're in regular communication, yes."

You said QB Lamar Jackson looks physically imposing. We can see the muscle mass that he's added. How does that change his game? What will that allow him to do? (Ryan Mink)"I don't know, we'll see, we'll see. Look, this is a game built for big, strong, fast men, right? So, I think he's checking three of those boxes right now." (laughter)

The zip that we've seen on the ball [from QB Lamar Jackson], is that more fundamentals than body strength? (Jonas Shaffer)"Good question. The fundamentals look really good right now. He's been impressive these three days. He's clearly been throwing; he's clearly been working. The strength sure doesn't hurt that. The velocity, the tight spirals, those things, they look good."

When QB Lamar Jackson is often working in Florida or California with a private coach, is it difficult to sync that up with what you're doing at all? Or does it fit fairly naturally into the plan? (Childs Walker)"It's not difficult."

What was it out there with the new drill with the nets – the seven-foot nets that you put out there? How did that idea come about? And what's kind of the focus for that? (Jamison Hensley)"There's nothing entirely new about that. Those things [have existed]. I've not used them to the extent that I'm going to use them. We want to be fresh; we want to be new. So, you do self-scouting, like everyone does. And you watch film, and you say, 'So, what are the things that I need to work on? OK, I want to get this improved. I want to teach this better. I want to coach this better. And how do I do those things? Oh, what are tools that I can use to help me do that?' And this fit the bill."

Is the drill used for downfield accuracy? Is that what it's for? (Jamison Hensley)"Sure, sure, we can use it as accuracy. We can use it as a distraction, where we'll put a target behind and use that as a distraction. And of course, when you have something like that that's stationary, you can focus on a small part, and then, so you're working on putting that ball exactly where you want it."

You said it's not difficult to sync-up other coaches, but is it ideal? Would your preference be that he's with you? (Nestor Aparicio)"Of course, I'm the quarterback coach of the Baltimore Ravens, and he's our starting QB. That does not mean that what he has done and how he's chosen to do things that it hasn't been productive. It has been [productive]."

What was your first reaction when you saw QB Lamar Jackson before practice? (Ryan Mink)"I just wanted to give him a hug. I've been working with him for a long time. We've shared a lot. So, I miss being around him. It was from January until now that I got to see him."

Wide Receivers Coach Tee Martin said that downfield passing is going to be, and has been, an emphasis for you all this offseason. Obviously, it takes all 11 guys on the offense to help with that, but what can you guys do in training camp to take a step forward from last year? _(Jonas Shaffer) _"Look, I've been around long enough to know that you get what you emphasize. So, you emphasize it, and you emphasize the techniques, or the route running, and all of that, and then the timing aspect of it. So, you get what you emphasize, and we're going to emphasize it."

We can almost tell the re-design of the offensive line. Will that make it a good factor for QB Lamar Jackson to develop in a better way? _(David Andrade) _"Yes, we'll find out. We're hopeful, obviously. [We've] done an unbelievable job of addressing a situation and putting us in a real good position. We feel really good about what's happening up front."


On not attending voluntary workouts this year: "I just wanted stay away and just grind. I just wanted to come back and just see how I felt. I feel good. I asked my guys how they would feel if I stayed home; they were like, 'It's cool.' I want to get some chemistry there, and they told me they want to get some chemistry. I'm like, 'Man, we're going to get that, regardless, when we get back.' And when I first started offseason, back in February, James Proche II and 'Bate' [Rashod Bateman] were out in California with me, and we were just hitting. We were just throwing passes, completing passes. We were looking pretty good, so I was like, 'The chemistry is going to be there when I get there for camp.' So, I was good – just trying to grind."

On if his absence during the voluntary period was contract-related at all: "No, not contract-related."

On if he plans to have a conversation with the Ravens about his contract before the season begins: "We actually did. We did. It's a conversation – that's all. We're just keeping it private."

On if it's just him and executive vice president & general manger Eric DeCosta during these conversations: "We're having conversations – that's all."

On if conversations will continue during the season: "We're having conversations."

On if he expects to play in Baltimore for the rest of his career: "I expect so. Yes, I do."

On if he buys into the notion that he shouldn't step onto the field without a contract extension: "No, no, I don't buy into it at all. I play football; that's what I'm here for."

On if he feels he's worthy of a contract extension despite not yet winning a Super Bowl: "Yes, I think so. I still want my Super Bowl, though. But I think I'm worthy [of] it – yes sir, I do."

On if conversations about the contract have occurred since arriving in Owings Mills, MD, this week: "Yes, since I've been in Owings Mills, we've had conversations." (Reporter: "This week?")"Yes."

On if QB Deshuan Watson's contract has affected his thoughts about his future and what he would consider an acceptable contract: "Nothing at all. I'm a man of my own. I don't worry about what those guys get."

On if he feels stronger and the viral video of him throwing the ball 50 yards from his knees: "I think so. Yes, James Proche II just beat me to it – a 50-yard throw to the goal post. He just beat me. But, I feel pretty good. I do feel pretty good. Coach [Harbaugh] said I look good. Everyone is saying I'm looking stronger. I feel stronger, and I feel faster."

On what he's gotten out of the last three days: "Man, we're moving. Guys came … The new guys who are in, they came to work. Those guys look pretty crisp. Everyone is moving a lot smarter, and everyone is in shape."

On when he knew WR Marquise Brown was going to be traded and his reaction to that news: "Actually, Coach [Harbaugh] called me. It was after a workout, and I was like, 'OK,' [and] I'm just listening to him. But he was like, 'We're thinking about trading him' and stuff like that, but I didn't buy into it. It was just conversation, and when it actually happened, I was like, 'What the …' But it's all good. It's part of the business."

On if his tweet on Draft night was related to the WR Marquise Brown trade: "Yes. I was kind of hurt, because that's my boy. But it's all good. Like I said, it's part of the business."

On if he was surprised that WR Marquise Brown was already in Arizona at the time of the trade and that it was such a secret: "Yes, I was shocked. I'm like, 'Damn.' (laughter)But like I said, it's part of the business."

On if he's changed his mechanics and feels like he's throwing the ball a lot sharper: "I really didn't change my mechanics; it's just … He [personal QB coach Adam Dedeaux] just sharpened me up a lot with just refreshing my lower body, keeping my hand poised when I'm releasing the ball, and that's just what it was, because I get loose sometimes throwing the ball, and that's when I have the [wobbly] ball and stuff like that. So, yes, Adam has been doing a great job with me."

On his back and forth on Twitter with NBC Sports' Chris Simms and if it's hard to tune out the noise: "No, sometimes it's clickbait. He [NBC Sports' Chris Simms] baited me, because I was like, 'Dang, I want to be myself; I don't want to be the next guy.' I look at myself as Lamar Jackson, not Tom Brady and this and that. I want the Super Bowls like Tom Brady, but I'm still myself. So, that's why I responded. No hard feelings, though. He's doing his job."

On if he's betting on himself, in a way: "No, I haven't thought about that. I'm just playing ball. I haven't thought about that."

On if WR Marquise Brown ever expressed his frustrations with the offense when riding together in the car: "I don't really remember, because we're, most of the time, partying after the games, in the car, I'm saying – not partying, literally. But we're in the car partying. (laughter)You've heard the music. We listen to music and go home. So, no, not really."

On if he would prefer to have a contract done before the end of the year: "That's a conversation. It's in conversation."

On if he would still play Week 1 without a new contract: "We're in conversation right now."

On how he and WR Rashod Bateman have built a connection: "Yes, like I said, in February, when the offseason first came, my ankle got better. We just had chemistry off [the] bat. It was like I never stopped playing, really, and I just felt like when I got to camp, it was going to be the same way, and it has."

On how much muscle weight he's added: "Yes, muscle-mass-wise … Usually, I'm like 205 [pounds], 208; I'm 220 right now."

On why he wanted to add weight: "I don't know; I just wanted to do it [to] see how it looks [and] see how I feel, and I feel good."

On how he was able to gain weight: "SpenceFit. That's how I did it – SpenceFit. That's my trainer." 

On his trainer's name: "Emonee Spence."

On if he will be at training camp and starting Week 1 even without a contract extension: "We're having conversations about it. I don't know."

On his restaurant Play Action and how he came up with the name:"Me and my team, we actually came up with it. Quarterback, Play Action. Eight – I was going to do it 'Pl-8 Action', like with the eight, but I was like, '[I] get us a Super Bowl, [and] I change my number to one … We might have to change it.' So, I just kept it as Play Action, and that's just what it was."

On if he has plans to expand his restaurant business in the future:"Future … I don't know what the future may hold, but hopefully. Hopefully."

On how eager he is to get back to playing this season and his expectations for this season:"I feel better than 2019, I'll say that. I'm very eager. I'm very eager, no doubt."

On if there was a reason he didn't engage with the team on contract negotiations this offseason:"I was away, and I just wanted to grind. That's why."

On who is included in his team of people giving him advice:"What do you mean? (Reporter: When you're talking about your team talking to the Ravens.)"I didn't say that my team was talking to the Ravens. We were talking about [my restaurant] Play Action. We were talking about the restaurant. Yes, my restaurant team."

On his relationship with TE Mark Andrews and his excitement for the rookie tight ends:"The guys look nice. You saw [Isaiah] Likely out there today, he was making heck of good catches. A rookie, he was making diving catches. Sure hands. [He] caught one in the back from Anthony [Brown] in the back of the endzone. It was a tremendous catch. So, the sky's the limit. Sky's the limit."

On his impressions so far of working with rookie C Tyler Linderbaum and the chemistry they are building:"The chemistry is great. The chemistry is great. I threw an interception yesterday. Daelin [Hayes] was taking it back to the house, to the other way. I was kind of paused, talking to 'Duv' [Devin Duvernay] during the play. And my center, Tyler [Linderbaum], was getting after it. He was running him down. I just saw he's fast. (laughter) He's fast as heck for a center. I have never seen a center run like that. He's a football player."

On how long it took him to feel better after his bone bruise injury that sidelined him at the end of last season:"Actually, after the Super Bowl. That's when I started feeling better because that is when I was out there throwing with the guys in California."

On a new quarterback drill at practice involving throwing into nets:"Oh my God, we were like 4-of-1000 today. I was like, 'What the hell are we doing?' (Reporter: "Do you enjoy throwing into the nets?")"I do. I do. I had fun, even though I was hitting the rim of the net. It felt pretty good because it was there. The receiver are going to make the rest of the catches. So, it was just helping our accuracy and stuff like that. Put a little air under the ball and stuff like that. It was pretty cool."

On his plans to train with the wide receivers and tight ends at Florida Atlantic University:"Like you just said, get with the guys and we'll work. Watch some film and just build our chemistry some more. Because the football season is here, really. We had the offseason back before I came and stuff like that. Football season is here, so we're going to grind right now."


On who's idea it was to do the press conference together:

Bateman:"This guy. This guy for sure. (gesturing to Proche II)But I agreed, I agreed."

On if he has a flight to catch after this:

Bateman:"I do, I do."

On what differences they have seen with QB Lamar Jackson:

Bateman:"I just think that he's coming in and he's about his business. He's been out here working day-by-day, and his approach to the game is definitely different. He's eager, he's ready to ball, he's ready to show everybody who he is. We all know who he is, and I think we all are tired of the Lamar [Jackson] slander. But, I know who he is."


On which wide receiver is currently winning at locker room basketball:

Proche:"These are alley-oops. But, if we're talking about who won in our last horse game, it was me. It was me. (laughter)That was me. I'm up one right now for sure, to answer your question."

On what Bateman's impressions of QB Lamar Jackson's differences during minicamp:

Proche:"He kind of said everything. Like, kind of tired of the slander, that's really it. There's only been one Lamar Jackson ever in this league, and the fact that the media disrespects him the way that they do is, what I said earlier, barbaric. So, there we go."

On how they think QB Lamar Jackson handles talk from the media and outside noise:

Bateman:"I think we all can tell that Lamar [Jackson] doesn't really care about what anybody says about him. Being around [him], I think that's something that I look up to him about. Being a black man in this world today, I think that's what we pride ourselves on most is being able to stand up for ourselves in times when it's hard. He's a guy that definitely does that first class. He definitely shows us that it's OK to be us, for sure."

Proche:"What a great answer."

On the difference QB Lamar Jackson's presence makes at practice:

Bateman:"He is our starting quarterback, so we would love to have him out here every single day."

On how their chemistry with QB Lamar Jackson is after a week of minicamp:

Proche:"I feel like it's great. I think that chemistry is important just as people. We can go out and throw all day, but the closer we get as people, watching film, knowing each other's thinking, knowing each other's tendencies, what makes them tick, what makes them go … How to get each other going, when we're in a rut … I think that stuff matters more when we're involved in chemistry. That's an everyday grind. As the season goes – it's not just an off-season thing – during the season, we'll keep picking it up and hopefully for years to come."

On if Bateman knew there was a possibility that WR Marquise Brown would be traded before the Draft:

Bateman:"No, actually. Me and 'Hollywood' [Marquise Brown] are close, we're all close. Obviously, we didn't know, we found out later. But, there's no bad blood. 'Hollywood' is our brother; we still stay in contact with him. We potentially might even go down to his camp, that was something that we talked about, just because he's our brother. This league is a business, and you have to handle things to handle things, so we still communicate and it's all good."

On if downfield catches are an underrated part of Bateman's game:

Bateman:"We'll see."

On if Proche has been frustrated with not getting on the field as much as he'd like to over the past few years and if he's excited for the opportunity to play more:

Proche:"Yes, it would be frustrating for anybody just because you want to play. That's why you work hard, to play. But, like the best thing that I've ever heard in my life is, 'Control what you can control.' It almost makes me feel invincible at a point, just because God has a plan for me – it's already out there. I just have to keep walking in those steps, keep working, keep my head down and just keep grinding. Control what I can control."

On the criticism and doubts that the wide receivers have received this offseason and how they respond to that:

Bateman:"I just want to know why us? There's like rookie receivers everywhere going crazy, and everybody is talking about us. But, we embrace it. It's a challenge, but we're learning from Lamar [Jackson]. We don't really care anymore."

Proche:"It's just noise, just noise."

On wide receivers coach Tee Martin calling Bateman a leader by example in the wide receivers' room:

Bateman:"Yes, because I don't really talk much. I talk a lot, but hopefully I can show them by the way I work by being the first one here every single day, by working hard at practice, running routes, studying film, whatever it may look like. That's the role that I'm in. That's the role that I've always wanted to be in, and I'm excited to take that role."

On if the outside questions about this group of receivers have made them closer:

Proche:"No, we just really mess with each other. If we were all police officers, if we were all reporters, we would have been hanging out, kicking it. We just – those draft choices are a blessing. We got lucky. We have a group of guys who really mess with each other like outside of football. So, that's just a plus."

On if it has been enjoyable getting to know the undrafted free agent receivers and show them the way:

Proche:"Oh yes, it's been cool. I always like taking people with me wherever I go, as far as like, just picking the young guy up. I had that responsibility at SMU, so it was easy, especially with 'Bate' [Rashod Bateman], 'Duv' [Devin Duvernay], 'Jay' [Jaylon Moore], 'Bin' [Binjimen Victor], guys that have been here before – Tylan [Wallace] – to kind of like … We don't have any egos with this. We just want to win and get better. They said [the] tide rises all ships, so we're just trying to make everybody better."

On if rookie TE Isaiah Likely has earned an honorary wide receiver title after some of his catches in minicamp:

Proche:"100 percent. My little brother goes to Coastal Carolina – shoutout Jacob Proche. So, I've been watching Isaiah [Likely] for probably two years now. So, I already knew what he was capable of."

On if they are looking forward to training during the next few weeks with QB Lamar Jackson at Florida Atlantic University:

Proche:"Where'd you get that from? Florida Atlantic? Where'd you get that from? (Reporter: "From Coach Harbaugh")"Yes, we're going to Florida. We're going to Florida. I'm just messing with you." (laughter)

On what they plan on working on while training at FAU:

Proche:"Just football. Just football. Chemistry, like we said before. Timing. We just like to [build] camaraderie. I'm telling you, that stuff matters. [Cincinnati Bengals] Joe Burrow and Ja'Marr Chase – you obviously know their chemistry – that's because they're close. So, that stuff … Aaron Rodgers and all that? That stuff matters. So, we have to get closer."

On their initial reactions to the trade of WR Marquise Brown, the fact he was already in Arizona on Draft night and looking forward to the opportunity in front of them:

Proche:"Every day is an opportunity. Whether 'Quise' [Marquise Brown] is here or not, like we said, that was a business move for 'Quise'. We wish him the best. I know that he's going to ball out there. So, every day is an opportunity, and [we] didn't look at it any different. Just kind of have to keep the same mindset no matter what the outside extremities are. Just focus, blinders on, don't worry about anything else."

On if receiving praise from coaches for his work ethic has made him extra motivated for this season:

Proche:"Me and 'Bate' [Rashod Bateman] talk about this all the time. I just love football. I love my job. I love what I do. This is my nine-to-five, plus some overtime. (laughter)Some people are at desks and cubicles or whatever they want to do. Salute to you all, but I need to play football. And I told you all last year, that's not going to change. I'm super grateful, I'm super blessed. I wouldn't want to be doing anything [else] in the world right now."

On Proche checking out the field photographers on the practice field, posting photographs to Twitter and his new interest in photography:

Proche:"Yes, it's just a hobby. [It's] really therapeutic. I'm a perfectionist, and I used to do digital. But, in digital, you can take as many pictures as you want. Like film, I have 36 exposures, and it is what it is at that point. I can't manipulate it, I can't change it, I can't control it. So, it's kind of therapeutic just taking a picture and whatever happens, happens. (Bateman: "Yes, he made me get one.")"Yes, we're locked in. Locked in."

On what they have learned about how to be great run blockers:

Proche:"It's effort. It's want-to. Blocking is just a fight. Coach 'Dub' [pass game specialist Keith Williams] put it in perspective – probably in great perspective. If this dude is blocking you or throwing you around, he's basically saying he could whoop you in a fight. So, you can't whoop me, so we're going to block you. That's basically what it is."

Bateman:"Yes, that's kind of the mindset. You're either going to do it or you're not going to do it. When you care about your teammates, as a receiver it's like blocking here and there. But no … Lamar Jackson's our quarterback. We're going to block for him. Whoever's our running back – Gus [Edwards], J.K. [Dobbins] it doesn't matter – we're going to block for them. It's not about just routes or anything like that. It's [that] we're receivers. It's part of our job, and it's what we're going to do as well."

On what Proche learned during his internship at a vineyard learning how to make wine:

Proche:"It was amazing. I'm not a sommelier or anything, but I know a little something. A little grenache, a little tempranillo, zinfandel. I know a little. (laughter)You know something? So, it was a blessing. I pruned a whole row of grenache, probably like one hundred yards. Polishing glasses. They made me start over because there were spots on them. I did barrel testing, lab work, I did everything. I'm going back in July just because I have a surprise for you all in the next five [or] six years. We have to learn; I want to do it the right way. (Bateman: "That's a long time.")"Yes, patience, baby. Patience. We're good. I have something in the works, for sure."

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