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Head Coach John Harbaugh

Opening Statement:

"Good win – happy to get the win. I am kind of pleased with the fact that we - we've been here a long time and with two practices on the road and all that kind of stuff. Two days of just kind of being here can wear a team out a little bit and I thought our guys came out with a lot of energy. I am really happy to see that and proud of the guys for that. I'm really happy that we found a way to win the game. We did some good things. We did some not good things obviously. But that's all good. We'll look at the tape. Plenty of things that are good and we did a lot of things that weren't winning football especially in the second half. Those are the things that we'll look at to get ready for Miami."

How did you like how Lamar Jackson bounced back after the first couple drives and scored on back-to-back drives?

"Yeah, that's the great thing about Lamar. I mean he's confident. He's going to keep competing and he's always going to believe that he can make the play to turn the game. He did a great job doing that and we just have to keep working and keep getting better in all the little areas. There's no question in my mind that he's got a great future."

What about Joe Flacco and the way he played, especially the way he capped his night with the touchdown drive. Were you happy with that?

"Yeah, it seemed good. I look forward to seeing the tape and seeing the details but we moved the ball. When we got stopped it was basically us. It was our fault. We stumbled on that third down and if we would have gotten the third down we would have kept on drive alive - it was the fumble that we had to recover. So to me, the first unity looked pretty good but I expect us to be better than that."

Kenneth Dixon got to play tonight. What did you think of him making his debut? Is it good to just see him on the field and be able to play?

"It really was. That was something I was really looking forward to seeing Kenny get out there and finally (being) mostly healthy. He's not 100 percent but he went out there and fought through it and made some good hard runs. He's physical, quick guy. That was good and that was big for us. That two-minute drive was really good and I think he did a good job."

Anthony Averett looked like he a good sequence there defensively breaking up some plays. What did you think of his play and the plays of the corners in general?

"It seemed good. I'll have to go back and look at them. I'm really hard on those guys for technique and eyes and those kinds of things. But I thought we covered pretty darn well. We gave up that comeback and let them get out. Then we gave them that long pass the next play or two but he made a number of plays on the ball as well. He played well. It seemed good. We have good competition going at corner."

With the fumbles by returners, is that be something you'll have to get solidified over the next few weeks?

"Yeah, I told the guys, 'What's the first thing?' in the team meeting just now and the whole team said 'Catch the ball.' I asked, 'What's the second thing? Hold onto the ball.' That is the returner's job. In football, I don't care whether you're on offense, defense, if you're the quarterback, or you're catching or whatever. The ball is the game. The ball is our livelihood. The ball is everybody's work. Everybody's ambitions, dreams, hopes and everything else are in your arms. You have to hold onto the football. If we don't turn the ball over we are not going to lose the game. Let's not turn the ball over. Let's make that priority number one. Certainly, the returners – those were two drives, I mean you talk about offense, production and all that. Those are two drives that were wiped away. We didn't get a chance. Things like that are not going to be acceptable and those guys know that. We are not giving up on either of those guys by any stretch. Both of those two guys are young and capable of doing it. Sometimes you try to do too much when you're trying to make the team and I just want them to stay calm and be solid returners for us."

Do you know anything more about Ronnie Stanley's injury?

"I don't. It's not any kind of a big tear. It is a strain from what I was told during the game, a knee strain. I'm sure they'll look at that more, but they are usually pretty darn accurate about those things."

What about the pass rush and the pressure you had on the Colts quarterbacks?

"Yeah, we did. We were pretty basic. It's not like we were running blitzes or anything like that. We were pretty simple. I thought our guys were bringing it pretty good. I give Jacoby Brissett a lot of credit. He got out of a lot of trouble. He made one throw and on the way down he almost slinged it side-arm for a big first down. That was amazing. So, he is pretty darn good and did a good job with that. I was happy with our pressure."

What have you seen from John Brown so far?

"He has had a great camp. Smokes has had a great camp. We're trying to get him going in games. Sometimes you get the opportunity, especially in these short games. It's one thing about these games that is so crazy and is somewhat frustrating for the players is the fact that – especially the starters - you will only get a couple series. You really want to make things happen and not everybody is going to get a chance to make plays. We almost had the deep one there on the first play that would've been nice but the safety made a nice play. But in practice he's been showing it and I am very confident he is going to have a great year."

You have had good production from your first team wide receivers and tight ends but are you surprised that this far into the preseason there has not been a break-out guy to claim the backup job?

"I am not surprised, but I just want to see it happen. Your point is a very good point. I want to know who that guy is going to be. If you want to make the team you have to make the catch. If you want to make the team you have to make a block. You have to make a tackle. So, go make the team. Show us. That's what we are looking for those guys to do."

Jimmy Smith is not active tonight. What can you say about him?

"Personal issue. (There was) a personal issue he was taking care of so he was excused."

Quarterback Robert Griffin III

A win is win even though it's the preseason, is that good for the team overall?

"Yeah, 100 percent. We know we can't have as many turnovers as we had. We can't be so loose with the ball. But to win a game when we are not at our best is a confidence builder. We are all working for the regular season to get to the real games. This is part of the process and I think we are doing a great job at maximizing it."

How do you think you played tonight?

"I've got to go back and watch the tape. I'll leave that to Coach Marty Mornhinweg, James Urban and Coach Harbaugh to determine how I played. I felt in rhythm. I felt like I was seeing the field really well and I'm excited to just be back out there playing. It's a blessing."

Do you feel like you're three totally different quarterbacks or do you feel there are a lot of similarities?

"We all want to win. On paper there's a lot of accolades in the room. It's funny that we talk about it sometimes. There aren't very many rooms that are like ours. As far as from a playing style, Joe (Flacco) has done it a certain way his whole career. Lamar (Jackson) has done it a certain way his whole career. I've been a little all over the place. I've done it from the pocket, out of the pocket. We are all just trying to help each other get better. I think Joe is moving better because we are in the room. When you are in the room with different styles of quarterback, you pick up a couple of those tendencies. I think I see the field better being in the room with Joe. He's running a little better being in the room with me. We are trying to help Lamar get to the point where he can do the same type of things. He's working and he's working really hard at it. So, I think we have a great room."

Quarterback Lamar Jackson

Can you tell me about the touchdown pass and what you saw and how that play developed?

"Well, it was a role out passing catch. Chris (Moore) made a great catch. I had to put it in a specific spot, you know? Two guys behind him, chasing him and he got open."

*How would you evaluate your play tonight? You looked like you came back after a couple of verses that didn't go the way you wanted to? *"Incompletions. A lot of incompletions. I came out cold. I (have) to learn that from sitting down. When the veteran's up, I have to stay warm through the process. I didn't do a good job tonight. I started off slow, like I said (with) incompletions. A lot of balls I didn't like, but I ended up throwing a touchdown."

That's an adjustment for you obviously, not being the guy starting the game. Have you found it an adjustment to come in as a guy with this dream?

"I did that with my freshman year too, and the same thing happened. I think I threw an interception first play of my career and I just have to learn from it and keep preparing, warming up and stay warm. Anything can happen."

Lamar, it looked like after that first (interception) it looked like you got one decent run and then things got into a rhythm. Did it feel that way for you?

"Like I said before, I just have to stay warm. I've got to stay loose, so I can feel like I can go out there and perform well."

At Louisville, there were games that the average fan would've given you an A, a B on and you would be critical and give yourself C's or D's. What would your grade be for tonight?

"I don't know. I don't know. That's a good question though. I haven't thought about that. I don't really know. I just have to perform better. I don't feel like I've performed at a high level yet, since I've been in the last three preseason games."

What can you do to improve to make your passing consistent?

"Stay warm. That's all it is. I just get in cold and start throwing the ball and just get my hands loose to throw tight spirals and get my targets in the right areas."

Do you think that's an adjustment you will make as time goes on?

"Absolutely. Absolutely. I just have to learn from it and move on."

Do you said a couple weeks ago, I think, the speed of the game, you are able to appreciate now. Do you understand when stuff like that happens in a tough league and sometimes when the pass is incomplete that's happened to you a few times, do you think you've gotten use to it now?

"Yes. No, I'm not going to answer that question. I'm just going to stay warm, stay loose and get ready for the plays. Whatever I can learn so I can perform well."

John Harbaugh has talked about some of the drops from the young guys today. What do you talk to the point with Jaleel Scott and Jordan Lasley just keep going?

"There's more to the next play. I'm trying to throw it on the cutoff, and I'll probably just mess up the next play, or anything can happen and it won't go our way. So just move on to the next play and try to perform better. Just try to catch the ball next time, just like me with the incompletions and I try my best to complete the ball. Each and every time I threw the ball I (try to) throw touchdowns."

It looked like Robert Griffin III in the one of the times after one of the first few series. What has his been his most helpful advice been to you?

"He was just letting me know (about) progression reads and stuff like that. Weigh the option on certain plays. Just trying to get better me. He's just trying pep talk me, trying motivate me from leave it behind and move on."

At this point, what is your relationship with Joe Flacco?

"It's pretty cool. Honestly, yeah. He's doing the same thing as Robert (Griffin III). The same thing."

*You've talked about the speed of the game. Has it slowed down any at all in a couple of games? *"Yeah, I'm getting accustomed to it. It has been a lot."

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