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Transcripts: Ravens Post-Game Quotes


Head Coach John Harbaugh (page 1 of 2)

(opening statement) "OK, appreciate everybody being here. Congratulations to the Chargers, they played outstanding. Very good game plan, very well-coached team. A lot of good football players over there. I thought they played a winning football game, especially in the first half. I thought they went out and capitalized on our mistakes. Congratulations to them, I wish them nothing but the best going forward. [I'm] disappointed in the loss. We didn't play our best game, obviously. There are plenty of things that we can do to improve. We'll look at this as our beginning and go from here. OK, what do you have?"

(on the performance of the defense) "I thought our defense played outstanding. Playoff football is basically complementary football – you win as a team. You have to put all three phases together to win it. We didn't really do that today like we needed to. All three phases fought, all three phases competed. Our defense played the best of all three phases. And like they have all year, I thought they played the way they have all year. We had some turnovers and would have loved to have had the touchdown – that would have been an amazing play. It just wasn't meant to be. I'm just proud of the whole team, really. I'm proud of everybody on the team – all three phases. More than that, every individual player on the team. I think the way they played the game today is indicative, encapsulated in one game, the way they approached the whole season. To me, that shows you who they are. We can be a better football team, for sure, but I don't think we can be a better team. I don't think we can play together any better than we did. I don't think we have any more of an unselfish team that has each other's backs any more than this team did. I told them in the end, 'Say what you want, it really is one of the most important things.' We were the best team we could be, and we'll move on from there."

(on QB Joe Flacco putting his helmet on while on the sideline and what words were exchanged between them) "We were just talking about all those possibilities. I'm not going to go into all that – in terms of what was said and was not said. I can assure you, we were considering putting Joe into the game and all that kind of stuff. It was part of the conversation. [We] certainly thought about it, certainly talked about it with everybody. I can tell you this – everybody was on the same page with what we did. Everybody, including Joe. That's where it was at."

(on the determining factor in not playing QB Joe Flacco) "I think I just said I'm not getting into all the details, but I appreciate you asking it. In the end – talk about the fourth quarter – Lamar [Jackson] played really well in two-minute. I don't think Joe would have played any better in two-minute than Lamar did. Give Lamar credit, right? For the way he played in two-minute. He played really well. You have to say, based on that part of it, at that point in time in the game, it was the right decision. We went down and scored two touchdowns."

(on general manager Ozzie Newsome's impact on the organization) "Wow, [general manager] Ozzie [Newsome]'s impact on this organization … Ozzie was the first GM here, right? In 1996? This organization has never not had Ozzie at the helm. He has made the Ravens who they are, in my opinion. You can go back to the Modells – [former owners] Art and Pat [Modell] deserve so much credit for the personality that they … the character … I had a chance to get to know them … The character and the heart of the Ravens. Then the Bisciottis come in, and they impart their character, and who they are, and their fiber … Which to me, is just first rate. Excellence across the board and really good people. But Ozzie, too, has been the third leg to that right there, in terms of building the Ravens. I'm biased, but I think he's the greatest GM in the history of football. I think he's a Hall of Fame player, Hall of Fame GM. To me, it's unquestioned. That's how I look at it. And more than that, he's a great friend and a mentor. I've learned so much from him, and the good news is that he's still with us. That's the positive."

(on QB Joe Flacco's future) "I don't have any detailed sense … I haven't really thought much about it, other than to say I know Joe is going to do really well. I mean, Lamar [Jackson] is our quarterback going forward – no question about that. Joe Flacco is going to play really well in this league. Joe can still play; I think we saw that in the first half of this season. Joe's going to have a market. A lot of teams are going to want Joe, because they understand that. I'll be in Joe's corner, wherever he's at, unless we play him. He's special. Joe Flacco is a great talent. He's an even better person. He's the best quarterback in the history of the Ravens, without question. That's not even because I'm biased – it's just a fact. Yes, he's going to be just fine."

(on the bond that has developed between him and QB Joe Flacco and how much he will miss him) "I'm not going to miss him personally, because I'm still going to keep in touch with him. I'm sure that we'll always be friends [with] his family and [wife] Dana, and those crazy kids that come running around the building all the time – those little nuts. Seeing those crazy kids grow up is going to be fun to watch. It's been great. It's been a chapter with Joe. It has been a chapter in our life as well – for me and my wife – with Ingrid and [daughter] Alison [Harbaugh]. But, like I told the guys, every ending is a beginning. So, that's where we go from here. There's only beginnings. We'll see where it takes us."

(on if there's a question about his own future) "I don't believe so. There's a bible verse that basically says, 'Make no oath.' No one can say what tomorrow is going to bring, other than God willing – Deo volente. Those are the only two Latin words I know, but those are the two most important. We'll see. We'll see what God has in store. I have every expectation, every plan, to be here as long as they want me here, and I believe I'll be here. I think that's been made clear by them, to me, over the last few weeks. Like I said a couple weeks ago – or last week – I love everybody in the organization; they're great people. I expect to go forward with that as long as that's what they want to do. I do believe that's what they want to do. Let's roll."

(on the significance of QB Lamar Jackson's ball security and how it will be addressed) "I think that's a great point. The ball handling in an offense like this is the thing. That's the thing we have to be great at. We'll become a good drop-back pass team. We'll become a good play-action pass team. All of those things will be very important. But, when you're basing the offense on the principles on which we're basing the offense on, you have to be a great ball-handling team. The truth is, we didn't get enough work at it in the offseason, in OTAs, training camp, all that. To be a great ball-handling team, you can't put the ball on the ground. That's something that he knows, the backs know, everybody knows. Even our snaps – our snaps are not where they need to be – [they're not] consistent enough. They need to be right there, because that goes into the ball handling on the read option. That's something that we'll go to work on when we come back. That will be priority [No.] 1 – to be a great ball-handling team."

(on why he decided to kick the field goal on fourth-and-1 in the third quarter) "What was the score? 12-3? I thought we would make it and get within one score. We would get within seven points. So, if we get the first down there, there's a good chance we're kicking the field goal anyway. So, at that point in time, kick the field goal, be down by six and preserve time to win the game. That was exactly the thinking. Now, if we're down there a little closer [to the end zone] – so that the conversion has a better chance to turn into a touchdown – then, we're going for it in that situation. That's the thought process there. Thanks."

(on if there was anything with how the Chargers lined up that surprised him) "There wasn't anything different. They played their nose guard … They changed up the way they played their nose guard a little bit on a couple of gap schemes and back blocks, which we anticipated and practiced for. I just feel like they executed better. We didn't execute in our ball handling, which was pointed out. We didn't execute in our blocking as well as they played the defense. That's why they deserved to win the game. They were the better team. In my mind, they won the game in that area right there."

(closing statement) "Thank you. Thanks, all year. You guys have been great all year. I appreciate you all year. You have been pros. It does not go unappreciated."

QB Lamar Jackson

(on what felt different in this matchup with the Chargers) "Nothing. We just played like we didn't want to be here. I did, not my team. I feel like I played poorly. I feel like there were a lot of things we could have done, I could have done, I feel, [to] put us in a better situation. We have to move on now, get ready for next year."

(on if there was anything different in the fourth quarter that allowed him to be successful) "Yes, start playing football. That's all that happened. At the beginning, a lot of throws weren't hit that I was supposed to make, turnover, I fumbled once, and I wasn't playing my game today. I'm ticked off about that, definitely."

(on if he felt any different coming into this game) "No, I didn't, not at all. Same team, just a different day."

(on why this matchup with the Chargers was tough) "I can't tell you. I just feel like we weren't in it today. I didn't play my game at all, only towards the end. There are a lot of things I need to work on. We lost."

(on if the Chargers' defense put more players in the box) "They really didn't have any linebackers out there. They had mostly DBs in the box for more speed, I guess, but we still should have executed. That shouldn't stop us. We stopped ourselves."

(on the fans booing the offense) "No, man. We still love the fans. They're going to come fill up seats for us. It was a hard finish. They were looking for better in us. We didn't perform well. It happens sometimes."

S Eric Weddle

(opening statement) "Wasn't what I envisioned coming up here, but life goes on."

(on if he was disappointed by the way the fans reacted to QB Lamar Jackson) "I'm not answering a question about that, so [ask] something worth talking about."

(on his thoughts on the RB Melvin Gordon fumble in the end zone that was called back) "I knew he was down; I hit him, and once I saw the replay, I knew the ref was going to overturn it. They ran the same exact play. It's unfortunate that we didn't play the play better when we knew that the play was coming." (Reporter: "Did you think the ball was out?") "No, we knew. He was down. If you thought it was out, it was not."

(on his emotions now as the season ends) "You just try to put everything in perspective, right? This was an amazing season in a lot of ways, the way we were resilient, the way be battled back, how many young guys stepped up. The togetherness and unity of this team is by far the best I've ever been on, so you wish you could continue on. We didn't play good in all three phases. Special teams, they kicked our butt. Offensively, [we] didn't do much for about three quarters, and defensively, we could have played better, so hats off to the Chargers. They played an outstanding game, and they deserved to win. So, it's unfortunate that we couldn't play our best, but they had a lot to do with it, so you tip your hat to them. Coming up, across the country, on the road, they played a great game, and they had a lot to do with the way we played."

(on if the suddenness of the season ending in the playoffs is difficult to handle) "For sure. Yes, because you get in the tournament, you're on such a high, and you envision yourself holding the trophy. Your first step is to get in. Now, you're in, and now it's an abrupt halt to everything that you wish and dream of as a football player. It's hard, but you find ways to deal with it and move forward. The fight and the true character of this team showed throughout this entire game, never gave up, never gave in. Defensively, we fought to the bitter end. Late third quarter, fourth quarter, I was just telling the guys, 'Look, we don't know what's going to happen. This moment, this team, this defense may be the last time we play together. So, let's give it all for each other and really give ourselves a proud moment.' Because, that's our resume on the film. When people watch you, old, young, they can see if you're quitting. They can see if you're not giving effort when the game is out of hand. So, we gave ourselves a chance, and I'm proud of that, proud of this group, these coaches, the fans – that was electric out there. It was a fun season."

(on his injury at the end of the first half) "I folded my ankle. Geez! Usually, I'll walk it off, but I was like, 'Man!' I knew 'Phil' [Philip Rivers] was already looking at me, and I was like, 'If they snap the ball right now, I'm giving up a touchdown. There's just no way.' Then, I came down [to the locker room]. I got taped. It was fine. I just didn't get over it as quick as I normally do, so I just didn't want to do something to hurt our defense."

(on how he feels about QB Lamar Jackson) "He's the future. He is the future. He's such a bright kid, unbelievable energy and personality. He's likeable. He works hard. As you guys can tell, he's devastated right now, and that's what's going to drive him in the offseason. And, he'll come back 10 times better than he was this year. For what he did, and to the belief that he gave not only our team, but our city, this organization, is pretty special. And, no matter how bad they were playing, we still figured out and knew that he was going to turn it around, because that's what he just does. He doesn't get too high. He doesn't get too low. We made a run at the end. We just ran out of time, but he's going to be a great one. I love him to death, and I can't wait to see where his career ends up."

(on how long he will look at this game before he moves on to what's next) "I don't know. I'm going to look at this game for a while. Who knows what happens in the offseason? It could be my last, it couldn't, who knows? But, I gave it my all, and there are no regrets in this body of mine. So, obviously, I wish we would have won, but I did the best I could and could definitely live with it."

(on what he learned about this team during the time he's been in Baltimore) "It's definitely… It's a special, special place to play football. This city, this organization, players, coaches, faculty, the media, everyone… It's just different, and you always hear about places like that from around the league, and I've been lucky enough to experience it firsthand. I've enjoyed every second of it. It's the happiest I've ever been in my career, coming to work every day for this organization, so to be able to put on this jersey and represent this organization and the city that welcomed me with open arms three years ago has always been on my mind to try and make them proud. I always felt I was meant to be a Raven, and hopefully the people understand that I tried to live that out, for sure."

QB Joe Flacco

(on if he could have made a difference in the game) "No, no, you can't even go there, man. I thought Lamar did a great job of just hanging in there. You know, he gave us a chance at the end."

(on his future plans) "It's not really up to me. We'll see what happens."

(on his message to the fans) "I love the people of Baltimore, man. It's been 11 years. You come in, you feel one way, and you don't know what to expect. The people warm up to you. You warm up to the people. To be honest with you, I can't imagine a better 11 years. This place becoming my home and my children's home. Just how many different life changes I went through and how much we won here. I'm not from too far up the road. People from here are a lot like the people I grew up with. Definitely a group of fans and a community that I loved to be around for 11 years."

(on if he wants to go back to being a starter) "There's no doubt about it."

(on if it was frustrating not getting an opportunity to play) "It really wasn't. We made the decision what was going to happen here weeks ago. I really wanted to see the guys turn it up a little bit and make a play, which they did."

(on if he talked to Lamar Jackson during the game) "[I talked to him] a little bit. Everyone was talking to him. I told him, 'Hey, just tell everybody to shut up at some point.' I just told him, 'Listen, finish strong. At some point you're going to be proud of how you finished no matter what happens. This is all part of it. You know, dealing with the situation right now. It's still a game, so go out there and do what you can to get us back in it. Handle yourself the way you would like to see yourself handle the situation."

CB Marlon Humphrey

(on RB Melvin Gordon III's potential fumble on the goal line) "It was the right call."

(on what the Chargers did differently this time around) "I'm not sure. I felt like we did a good job containing them for the most part. They had one or two drives where they got us. They didn't try to force anything. They played really conservative. I feel like the difference between this game and last game, they put themselves in position to be third-and-long, third-and-15, third-and-16 and things like that. This game they tried to stay away from that. Run, run, short pass here, and short pass there. It seemed to work for them. That was really the only difference."

(on if QB Philip Rivers got rid of the ball quickly) "Definitely. Some plays he just dumped the ball out to the back in the flat. They were definitely trying to get the ball out quick, trying to eliminate our pass rush. I still think we got some good pass rush, but some of those plays I think we had the ball for a second and a half. They were definitely trying to get it out quick."

(on if they felt they were playing with their backs to the wall) "I feel like we did have our backs to the wall a little bit on a lot of drives. Every time we went out there, no matter where they got the ball, we were thinking if we can hold them to a field goal we will be good. As a unit we tried to embrace wherever we got the ball wherever we went out. I thought we did a good job. They got a lot of field goals. It's always good to hold them to a field goal."

LB Terrell Suggs

(on if the defense shut them down) "You can't really say that, because they won. What, did they score 23? They came in, and they played playoff football. It's disappointing. We wanted to win the game. But if you lose, you want to lose pretty much doing what you do. It just didn't feel like it was a Ravens game. It seemed like they were better at playing our style of game then we were."

(on if he thought they had a shot at the end) "Absolutely. We were waiting on it to break through and get some big explosive plays. It happened at the end. They gave us a chance to win the game. At the end of the day, that's all you can ask for – a chance to win the game. Hindsight is 20/20. Everyone is an expert right now after the game. They did a good job executing their game plan. We picked the wrong day not to be the Ravens."

(on if he loved this season) "I loved this season. We showed a lot of resilience. Everyone counted us out when we lost three in a row, and we were 4-5. We were like, 'Look, if we win six of seven we're in.' We took the North. We did that. It's just very unfortunate to end it on this note, losing a playoff game on our home field. You can take a lot of positives from this season. We don't want any moral victories. We want glory. We're going to work. The offseason starts today."

(on if this was his last game as a Raven) "It may be. I hope not. I would love to be a Raven for life. I'm healthy, and I still feel like I have some juice in the tank. I would love to be a Raven for life. We'll have to see what happens. It's a long time between here and March. So, we're just going to enjoy it and hope we can work it out. If not, I'll be lining up for somebody next year."

(on what not playing "a Ravens game" means) "They had more time of possession than us. They were able to make just a few more plays than us. Their defense got two turnovers; we only got one. We thought we had two. But it was just a little bit of a miss here, a miss there. It's unfortunate. But like I said, we don't have anything to hold our heads down about. We played pretty good; we just didn't play good enough to win today."

(on QB Lamar Jackson's season-long performance) "He played good. We don't want to hit our cruising altitude. We all want to continue to ascend. We all have to get better. I'm pretty sure he's dedicated to getting better. I think he had a really good rookie year. He's going to have a successful offseason. He's Lamar Jackson."

(on his future) "It's pretty much out of my hands. Like I said, I would like to be a Raven for life. It might not happen that way. Unfortunately, we've had to see some Raven guys line up in other uniforms. I hope that's not my case. If it is, so be it. I chose nothing. I'm a football player. I was born, and this is what I am. Like I said, I plan on lining up in 2019. So, hopefully it's in the black and purple."

(on if he wanted to see QB Joe Flacco play quarterback) "Like I said, hindsight is 20/20. I'm not the head coach. I was more focused on what we needed to do. My focus was on how we can get a turnover to help our offense. Who knows? I can't make that call or decision. I'm not going to debate you or anything like that. At the end of the day, we lost the game. And we all have to play better."

RB Gus Edwards

(on the team's second-half rally) "We showed that we had fight. They played a good game. It's just motivation. It's just motivation for next season."

(on the loss) "I don't have too much to say about the results, but we've just got to use everything as motivation to get better in the offseason."

(on how much he hoped to win) "I wanted it bad for the vets on the team. The defense, they fought hard, but we're going to get better."

(on the Chargers putting eight in the box) "We noticed it. Teams have done it, but they played a good game."

(on moving on from this and how the season ended) "There's a lot of things I have to work on. I'm going to get better. It's unfortunate how it ended, real unfortunate."

RB Kenneth Dixon

(on the offense's early problems and his early fumble) "I just feel like we came and got [off] to a slow start, one being me having to take care of the football. That's what you've got to do, come out and protect the football and don't put our defense in a bind like that."

(on the team's late rally) "I felt like we responded very well. Our leader stepped up and told [us] we had to take charge and just bring a spark [and] try to lead a comeback. And, that's what we were trying to do."

(on the emotions now, after a playoff loss) "It was hard, obviously. I mean, you know, it's always hard when you fight so hard to get to a spot, a playoff berth, to have it end the way it did was hard, very hard."

(on his fumble) "It [is] very disappointing every time you lose the ball. But, you know, it comes with the game. You've just got to move on from it. But it was definitely hard when it happened."

(on the Chargers' run defense) "I just know they had a bunch of smaller guys on the field that [could] slip blocks and everything. They went smaller than they did last time, but we've just got to make the play."

TE Maxx Williams

(on what is going through his head now that the season is over) "It all happened so quickly. That one is going to sting. Obviously, give props to the Chargers. They came out and they had our number for three-and-a-half quarters before we finally got something going on offense. But I think the thing you can take from it, is it shows what kind of an offense and what kind of team we can be. I think we showed that in the fourth quarter with Lamar [Jackson] at quarterback, and all the young guys we have on the team and hopefully we can make it back here. It's going to sting, but overall, I think we showed a lot this season. I think this team showed what kind of heart we have and how much fight we have. So, it's one of those we're going to have to process it, and have to live with this the whole offseason, and come back next year ready to go."

(on what took the offense so long to get on track today) "You can point fingers here and there, you can point fingers at yourself, and I think that's what we'll all do. We'll all look at what we did wrong, but until you watch the film, until you really know what's going on… But you've got to give credit to the Chargers. They played a heck of a game, they were ready to go, they were fast. Our defense, they shut them down the whole game, so I think it hurts more being on the offense with this kind of outcome. It's one of those you've just got to learn from it, move on, get ready for next year and be a better player."

OLB Matthew Judon

(on the season) "We did accomplish a lot, but this wasn't where we wanted it to stop. We wanted to keep going, but this is a stepping stone and one we can build on. We got the division but would've liked more."

(on his feelings right now) "We wanted to win. Everybody in this locker room wanted to win. It cuts you, to come up that close, and work this hard. To come up short, and unfortunately, there's only one Super Bowl winner, so it leaves you a little empty."

(on the fourth-quarter comeback) "We never gave up the fight. They [Los Angeles] came in here looking for a fight. Unfortunately for us, the time ran out. At the end, we just couldn't get the job done."

(on the difference between the two games with Los Angeles) "They obviously made adjustments. They are the same football team they were a few weeks ago. They were a good football team then, and they're a good football team now. They just came out there and executed a little bit better than we did."

(on how important Terrell Suggs and Eric Weddle have been to his career) "I can't even put into words the things those two guys have done for me. The support they have given me, and everything they have showed me. [Eric] Weddle is the first one at work every day, unless I get there first. [Terrell] Suggs, I mean 16 years of work. He keeps things light, but he's really all about work."

(on his first playoff game) "This was different. It was wild out here. I want to thank the fans for coming out and being as great as they were. Everybody just stayed until zeroes hit the clock. I don't want this to be my last home playoff game, so we're going to work. I am going to work hard in the offseason to make sure this doesn't happen again."

WR Willie Snead IV

(on the fourth-quarter comeback) "We never thought we were out of it. We don't care what the score is. We don't care about what kind of comeback we're going to have to make. There's no quit in us. We came out strong in the fourth quarter, put some plays together. Los Angeles didn't do anything different throughout the game. We were ready for everything, but we just couldn't get into the rhythm today. I thought we gave a great effort but just came up short."

(on the last possession) "I mean, we just felt we needed the chance. Our defense gave us that opportunity. We just couldn't take advantage of it in the end. The Chargers, give them credit. They came out with a good plan."

(on the future with QB Lamar Jackson) "Our future is really bright. With a year under his belt, I feel he can come out and do the same thing, but even better. He's going to get to grow, he's got a lot of confidence. I think the future is really bright."

(on if he feels they need to pass the ball better for success) "We definitely had to lean on the pass today, and I know confidently we could've made a few more plays. We just needed another opportunity. Los Angeles did a great job at stopping our run game today. We just needed to make a few more plays."

(on if it's difficult to not catch as many balls as he used to) "Sure, I mean that's what we're here to do. But it was a crazy year, and we did a lot of great things this year. We came back to win our division. We just have to get better from our past moments. We'll be ready."

(on how QB Joe Flacco has handled things) "I love Joe Flacco. He's a veteran, and he knows how to handle things. I have a lot of respect for him and for what he's done here."

(on if he thinks QB Joe Flacco return) "That's a great question. I don't know. I hope so, but if not, good luck to him. I know he'll be great wherever he goes."

CB Brandon Carr

(on today's loss) "It's a tough pill to swallow. No moral victories will come out of this whatsoever. We need to look in the mirror at ourselves and get ready for next season."

(on the Ravens as a team) "I am really proud of these guys. I've been in this locker room for two years now, and this is some locker room. I know we didn't get the job done today, but we took a big step. This game, this season, we'll look back at this for years to come as a special season for a great group of guys. We have a lot of guys with some years and wisdom, and guys that are going to take the next step for next season. We have a good combination of guys in this locker room. I think the future is bright for years to come."

(on the defense ending the season on the note that it did) "Hey, we just go out and do our job. We go out there to execute, play football and have fun. We don't care what field position we're put into, we have to make plays. I thought our communication was good today. We knew it would be different from Los Angeles the second time around. But we tried to fight and crawl, whatever we had to do to stay in this game, and there it was. In the fourth quarter, we had a chance to get to the next round; we just came up a little short."

(on the future of QB Lamar Jackson) "I am proud of him. Once he finally took over the team, his composure, his demeanor says a lot about him. The game was not too big for him. Once he got on the field, you could see his talent. I think his future is bright. That's great for us as a team. Once he gets this offseason, he'll take the next leap. Once he gets his eyes set, his mechanics will improve, and let's see what we got with Lamar."

(on if there's a sense of pride in winning the division and proving everyone wrong) "I always have pride in these guys. We've been together since April, but we didn't come into this game to rest on the regular season. We're kind of hurting right now. We should've won this game. There are no moral victories. The 2018 season is over, and that's just the way it is. This place will change, players will change; everything will change. That's just the name of the game."

CB Jimmy Smith

(on if Los Angeles surprised them with anything) "Not really. They tried to negate their rush with quick passes and screens, stuff like that. But the result was that they just kicked a whole lot of field goals."

(on his reaction when fans were booing QB Lamar Jackson and asking for QB Joe Flacco) "So I am standing there on the sideline, and they're chanting [Joe] Flacco's name, and I am like, 'What's up with that?' They're booing the guy that got us here. Are you a fair-weather fan that quickly? They turned their backs on him, and that got under my skin a little bit."

(on what QB Lamar Jackson showed him in the fourth quarter) "His resiliency. We wanted to get that started a little earlier, but we had the chances at the end and came up short."

(on the future with QB Lamar Jackson) "Oh yeah, yeah. This was his first year, and he's already excited about what he gets to do in the offseason. You know, if you add a Peyton Manning passing game to this offense, you may have the greatest quarterback of all time."

(on what it is about QB Lamar Jackson that would make you want to stand up for him) "Well first of all, I would stand up for any of my teammates. But as far as Lamar [Jackson], I got ticked off when the fans started booing him. This was the same guy they cheered for last week. To turn on him that quickly didn't really sit well with me. But for the record, I think our fans are better than that. There were a few of them in there that were fair weather, but overall, our fans are great." 

T Orlando Brown Jr.

(on what the Chargers did differently up front this time around) "I have to watch the film. Overall, they played a great game. Being a rookie, it's been a long year. Obviously, teams in the playoffs are going to play a lot better than they did in the regular season. They came out here and did what they needed to do."

(on going against DE Joey Bosa and DE Melvin Ingram III) "They've been Pro Bowl players since they pretty much stepped [into] the league, both of them. Very productive. Very good players. Just like a lot of defensive ends in this league, they're going to make plays. It's what they get paid to do."

(on rating his own performance in this game) "I'll have to watch film. After I watch the film, I'll know."

(on how the offensive line takes giving up seven sacks) "We've got to protect [QB] Lamar [Jackson]. Although he's jumpy; although he has his own style of play, we've got to do a good job of making sure that we do what we need to do to take care of our job."

(on how QB Lamar Jackson handled himself on the sidelines in a tough game) "He's very confident. Obviously, he's a leader. He's the quarterback of this team right now, and we're all riding behind him. We all have a lot of confidence in our team, in our coaches, in our scheme, so there was never [any] doubt."

(on the team's resiliency this season) "It's been a long year. Obviously, couple guys fighting injuries here and there, guys replacing each other, a bunch of rookies playing—the future's bright. Hopefully, the city recognizes that. We've still got a lot of work to do. We're going to get there."

(on if this was QB Joe Flacco's last game with the Ravens, how will he remember him) "He's a leader. He's a pro's pro. He's somebody that's one of the first guys in the building and one of the last ones out. Guys like him, guys like [G/T] Marshal [Yanda], [G/T] James Hurst, [OLB Terrell] Suggs, [CB Brandon] Carr, [S Eric] Weddle, these guys are a pro's pro. They're going to be the first guys in, the last guys out. They're studying. They're taking care of the film, taking care of their diet. I learned a lot from Joe, just about being a pro."

G/T Marshal Yanda

(on his thoughts on the season ending this way) "Just really, really, really disappointing."

(on if this was QB Joe Flacco's last game with the Ravens, how will he remember him) "[He has] just [been] the rock of our franchise for over a decade. Just consistency and just a great player and had a lot of really great games with him. I love the guy."

(on how QB Lamar Jackson bounced back from a slow start) "We just didn't get it done offensively. We started way too late. Three points for three quarters just really killed us. Like I said, just very disappointing. "

(on the Chargers putting a lot of players close to the line) "We couldn't get it going, and they made the plays. Give them credit; us trying to run the football, we couldn't get it going at all. Then we had to resort to pass there, and stuff like that, they did a good job of stopping us. We didn't do a good enough job."

(on if they felt good about going up the middle with NT Brandon Mebane and LB Jatavis Brown out) "[Overall], we felt good if they were in the game. Give credit to them. They did a really good job. I'm very disappointed on our end."

(on what QB Lamar Jackson can learn going forward) "Right now, you're just living in the moment. Things happen fast. It's just a very disappointing way to end the season, with how much momentum we had. Things can change fast in four hours. I'm not worried about tomorrow, just very disappointed right now for us."

(on how young players like G/C Bradley Bozeman and T Orlando Brown Jr. progressed this year) "I think they're fighters. I think they're good guys, and they're fighters, and I think they did a good job this season for us."

(on what he says to QB Lamar Jackson after a game like this) "Obviously, we have to take advantage of our opportunities. We just didn't get it done offensively today. Three points for three quarters, you're not going to beat anybody doing that. We've just got to, like I said, take advantage of our opportunities."

(on how he would sum up the season) "Right now, like I'm said, I'm just living in the moment. Just very, very, very disappointed. To end the season like that, it definitely hurts."

(on how QB Joe Flacco has handled the situation) "He's handled it like a pro. He has to deal with it. He's a professional, and I think he's handled it great. Obviously, he's kept his head high. Control what you can control. Things [that are] out of your hands, out of your control, you can't worry on that stuff. You've just got to worry about what you can control, and go about it in a positive way."

(on what QB Lamar Jackson learned from today) "I just think that we just didn't get it done offensively. I think that obviously, you know, we can all look at the film and [see] things that we can work on and get better [at]. Just missed opportunity. These playoff games are rare, and it's a rare opportunity, and we just didn't like, as whole, not just Lamar, all of us offensively, we just didn't take advantage of our opportunity. Give credit to [Los Angeles], they came in and played a good football game. They did well, but missed opportunity for us."

(on if the Chargers did anything differently up front) "I don't know. We just couldn't run the ball [against] them."

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