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Transcripts: Ravens Post Game Quotes

Head Coach John Harbaugh

(opening statement) "Good seeing everybody, appreciate you being here. Appreciate you staying. We had a lot of fun. It was a great night for the fans with fireworks and all of that. The stadium is awesome, right? It has a great feel to it. I just want to compliment [Ravens owner] Steve Bisciotti, [Ravens president] Dick Cass and all the people involved in this stadium. This stadium was built in 1998 – I remember that because the Eagles came here and played a preseason game … It might have been the first one, right [executive vice president of public and community relations] Kevin [Byrne]? That's ironic. This stadium is better than ever. You have Camden Yards sitting over there, and you have M&T [Bank Stadium] here. M&T Bank [Stadium] is going to be one of those iconic stadiums. Steve [Bisciotti] keeps making it better than ever with his own money – he's pouring money into this thing. It's a very creative place, and it's going to be around for a long time. It's a beautiful place. I had time to notice that tonight. (laughter) Compliments to our guys, I thought they played well. Cyrus [Jones] had the pick for the touchdown. [Kaare] Vedvik did well – he had a 56- and a 54-yarder, I think. The whole crew in there, on the long field goals … We had a lot of good field goals. The defense played great. [The Jaguars] didn't cross the 50- [yard line]. Certain guys made plays … That's good. Bottom line is, we have to make a big jump between the first game and the second game. We have a lot of work to do. We have a long way to go. This is our beginning. We're going to go through this thing and gather information and get better."

(on if this was a good beginning to the preseason) "Yes, it's a good beginning. I'm happy about it. We like to win around here."

(on the Jaguars resting QB Nick Foles and Ravens QB Lamar Jackson's performance) "I thought he played well. Their quarterback has been playing for how many years? He's a Super Bowl champion. Do you think he needs to play a game in the preseason? Our guy's in his second season. That's an easy decision."

(on how he feels the joint practices benefitted the team) "Yeah, absolutely. I think we're further along because we had those guys in there, and we practiced against them. That stuff is really valuable. They were great, and both teams got better. The game is probably not as important as practice, but the game is important in the sense that the players get to get out there and make plays under the lights, and make that transition to the arena."

(on the successes of the young pass rushers) "I thought they did a good job. We were physical off the edges. I'm looking forward to seeing the tape and seeing the little things about it. It seemed like, from top to bottom, all the pass rushers did a nice job tonight."

(on the resilience of rookie players) "Really good. I thought Trace [McSorley] played well, with a lot of poise, and [Miles] Boykin made a lot of plays – he had one called back. But, you're right, it's a great point."

(on WR Miles Boykin translating good practice plays into game performance) "Such a good point. For the young guys, to take it to the next level, to take it to the next situation … Before, when there's a next game, or a road game, or another tough game, that's attached."

(on if the players finished healthy today) "I think we did. It looks like we did."

(on how happy he is for P/K Kaare Vedvik) "So happy for him. Not surprised. He was so confident. He was really confident before the game when I talked to him. He believed he was going to make them all, and he did it. So, hats off to him."

(on P/K Kaare Vedvik kicking two punts) "Did he? I didn't even know that. Neither of them were long. He works really hard at it, and he has great coaches. [Assistant special teams coach] Randy Brown is great, and 'Tuck' [Justin Tucker] and Sam [Koch] do a great job with him, too. I think he knows how blessed he is in that way, too. It was good for him."

(on if the game plan was for QB Lamar Jackson to play pass-heavy football) "That's the way it shook out. In practice he doesn't run that much. We're trying to work on things; we're trying to get better with stuff and execute plays. When he runs, he's going to run because he feels like it's going to be the best thing in a real game. It wasn't something that was planned, but maybe it was planned by him more."

(on the Ravens' preseason win streak since 2015) "I'm still mad about that one. (laughter) We like to win. The haters out there are going to have their own little snide comments. I think winning is better than losing, and we don't do much different than anybody else. Last year, we didn't play anybody in the first game. [Reporter] Dave [Ginsburg] is mad we played our quarterback. (laughter) We didn't play a lot of our starters. A lot of guys didn't play. It's not like we're game-planning games, we're playing like everybody else. I give our players a lot of credit, and our coaches. We like winning around here. Let's keep doing it – in the regular season, also – for all the haters out there."

QB Lamar Jackson

(on if this season is more comfortable than last season) "Yes, definitely, it was. I know I said it a million times last year, just coming in a rookie, it is a lot different. If you are like me, you've waited your whole life for this. But, this year was like I already did it, so I just have to perform and come out and win."

(on if he is impressed with his progress in a short amount of time) "Absolutely. Not a short time. It took me a whole year. I was working at it, hoping I would get better at it, and you are telling me this, so I just have to keep it going."

(on if the pass on the touchdown drive was intended for WR Chris Moore) "Yes, I knew people were going to ask that. Yes, it was. I was waiting on Nick [Boyle] to come out on an out route. It was taking too long. The defense was coming. It's not practice, so I had to get it out of my hands, and Chris was looking out for the ball, so I just had that back hip."

(on if it was planned that he did not run) "Well, the plays weren't set for me to run. There weren't any RPOs for me. It was for the backs, so that's what I did. I did what I was coached, threw when I had to. The pocket was good, so why would I run?"

(on how the offense performed for the first three series) "I feel we did pretty well for the most part. We got taken off the field one time, but came back, scored some points. We did pretty well."

(on WR Miles Boykin's performance) "He's good. (laughter) He's good. He is going to be pretty nice, man. He stepped up. He dropped the pass, came back, made up for it, scored a touchdown. He is going to be great."

(on how he would assess his play) "It could have been better. I could have put the ball in front of Miles [Boykin] on that one. Even the out route, I could have made it an easier catch for him, easier pass for him, but I am impressed with how I competed, too. Wish I would have gone 100 percent. I could do better."

(on QB Trace McSorley's performance) "He did great. I was telling him on the sideline. I was pumped. I was mad that they called the touchdown back, though. We needed that on film. The quarterback room, we are a unit, and we needed that in the quarterback room. He did pretty well. He did better than I did in my first game, so he did great."

(on the importance of having no penalties and good ball security) "We have been working very hard on that. Coach told me during the summer, OTAs, we are going to work on that, overemphasize that, more, because there were a lot of fumbles last year on my behalf. We had to just step up and get better at it, and we did a great job."

(on how close tonight's game plan was to the regular season plan) "Not close at all. We ran a couple plays a lot. We didn't really show anything. It is going to be fun to watch though."

(on how many reps he needs to get ready for the regular season) "However many coach wants. I'm only a sophomore in the league, I guess. I really haven't done anything. I am going to play ball. I love it.

CB/RS Cyrus Jones

(on if playing in his hometown contributes to his success) "I don't know. I am blessed to be in this position, be home, have fun, and come out here and help this team win games. I just try to do my job when I get out there, whatever it is."

(on if his interception was special after his offseason) "Yes, it definitely feels good any time you have success. Being off the field in OTAs was definitely tough, away from the game and just being out there in training camp, I was happy to just be back out there, be healthy, be out there with my teammates, get better and compete. That was the big thing, just coming out here and competing and running around and playing and having fun, full speed."

(on if returning an interception for a touchdown in his hometown is special) "Yes, definitely, any moment I get to put on that purple and come out and represent my city, being from here and growing up here, being a Ravens fan, it is definitely always something I will never take for granted. I cherish it every time I walk in the doors and walk on the field."

(on how motivated he is to show that he can be a factor on defense) "Super motivated. I am a football player, and I love going out there and competing with the guys. My first couple years, I went through a lot in New England, but getting a chance to come back home and coming off an injury, coming back home, this being my first season starting the season healthy, was just a good feeling. I am just trying to come out there and show my worth, whether it is punt returning, which you already know I can do, but show that I can still go out there and be a productive player on defense. It is definitely something that was important to me coming into this training camp."

(on if playing fast defense was an emphasis from that coaches) "Definitely. I think the biggest thing for guys in the preseason, especially young guys … Coming from college, they come out here under a different set of lights. There are different expectations, different pressure, but the biggest thing is to put in their minds that it is just football, and the same goes with us vets, guys that have been doing it for a couple years. You still get those jitters, but the biggest thing is coming out here, realizing it is just football. Have fun, and if you are going to make a mistake, coaches always say make it full speed. That is what we try to do."

RB Gus Edwards

(on the first game) "It felt great to go out there and finally go live again. It was a great feeling."

(on the performance tonight) "I think that we did well. There is room for improvement. We did well, and we showed a lot of promise."

(on the running back group) "We have a great group of guys in the backfield. I think that we do a great job of pushing each other. The competition stays in the locker room. We are definitely making each other better."

(on what his goals are this year) "I'm honestly just going out there and trying to grind and make sure I can contribute to this team each and every game. I do whatever I can possible."

(on how comfortable he is) "I don't like to see it that way. I like to stay with the pressure on me. I feel like I play well with pressure on me. I just want to build off of what I did last year."

FB/DL Patrick Ricard

(on getting two sacks today) "It means a lot to me, because last year I was inactive for the last month of the season. This year, first time being in the pads again, I just wanted to make sure I was playing like it was my last play. It felt great to go on the field and just play. It felt great to go out and make plays tonight."

(on the defensive line) "Jaylon [Ferguson] was all over the field today. He was just powering guys. He was trying to make plays, too. Sometimes that's what happens when guys are just playing, being violent and being physical. He made a great play, and I just happened to be there for the sack."

(on the Ravens playing physical football) "Especially on offense, our offensive coordinator Greg Roman, he loves using words like 'medieval.' He said that a couple times already this week. And he looks at me to be that guy, to be physical for us; just to hit players and finish plays. It's the same thing with the defense. It's just kind of blue collar and go to work."

(on what he likes better — offense or defense) "I like playing football. Whatever it takes out on the field, that's what I'm going to do. I'm just happy to be playing right now."

(on the dominant defensive effort tonight) "I think it just shows our depth. It shows that we have guys that are executing, running the ball and playing hard. It also says that our coaches are doing a great job with us. They are putting us in great positions to play. The last couple of years I've been here, we've been great in the preseason. It just shows that we have a lot of depth."

OLB Tyus Bowser

(on the effort defensively tonight) "We have a culture here. To come out here and stop the run. Whenever the ball is in the air, we make sure we are around to deflect or take it away. These guys were flying around tonight."

(on Patrick Ricard) "That's just him man. He has a motor that doesn't stop. If you notice, he plays on both sides of the ball. There is a reason for that. He goes out there and does his job. He works hard. He plays hard. It shows out there."

(on his opportunity in this defense) "I'm embracing every single thing about this. Every time my number was called, I just had to go out there and do what I have to do. I had the opportunity to go out there and play on 'Raven' and other packages. I took advantage of that and did what I had to do. Whatever happens, happens. I'll learn from it and continue to move on."

(on how good this defense can be) "The sky is the limit for us. It's amazing how dedicated these guys are. Learning the playbook, being a great teammate and helping each other out. We are a young team, so we're going to fly around the field. We have a fast squad, we are definitely going to go out and make some plays."

(on if Kenny Young's hit on the quarterback was the hardest he's ever seen) "I thought I had that against the Redskins last year (laughter). But, we can give it to him. He did a great job tonight. Right spot, right time. Good hit. Hopefully he doesn't have a Fed-Ex package in the mail this week (laughter)."

LB Kenny Young

(on his big hit of the quarterback) "Playing fast man, playing fast. It was just a blitz that we called, and the quarterback fumbled the ball, and then he stood back up. Sometimes you pay for decisions like that."

(If he ever remembers getting a clean shot like that before) "Yes, absolutely. It was in high school against Les Miles's son. But I think it was worse than it was tonight."

(What it feels like to get a hit like that) "Honestly, I'm in a mode right now where plays like that just become part of my nature. If you ever study the great players like Troy Polamalu, Terrell Suggs, Ed Reed, Ray Lewis, Champ Bailey, they all make plays like that naturally. For me right now, it is just making the next play. I'm a ball player and came in to play ball."

(Do you think the quarterback knew what was coming) "I don't think he knew. My mindset was to run right through him. That's it. What made it worse is that he fumbled it and his momentum brought him back. I was coming in, screaming through the A-Gap. It was amazing. The guys all got hyped about it. But most of all, I'm glad we got the shut out. But the sack was great."

(On replacing the stars on last year's defense) "Really we don't even think about it. We are going back to the drawing board when we get back on Saturday. The coaches will review the film, and I'll also review the film and will see the things we have to work on. It's funny to say, because I am only a second-year guy, but I was helping the young guys with their nerves tonight. It was their first NFL game, and just a year ago I was playing my first NFL game. I know the nerves sometimes overtake what you are supposed to do. So, I just try to calm them down and let them play."

(Where the defense is right now) "We still have a lot of work to do. But our defense is on the way. And in my eyes, this will be the best defense we ever had. We are going to be dominant, we are going to play fast, real fast, and that is what we want. That is what they recruited us for. Honestly, our coaches trust in us and we trust in them. And that is why we are able to play fast. We trust the coaches, and they allow us to play fast."

OLB Matthew Judon

(on Jacksonville not crossing the 50-yard line) "I really didn't realize that. We have a lot of hungry guys out here, a lot of players that know how to win, and we're stacked. We're stacked."

(On the defense playing fast) "Well, we are going to see. We are going to try to keep playing at that pace, and we have to keep setting the tone. Kenny [Young] is a good player, and we have a lot of good players on this defense, and we obviously trust one another."

(on the defense pitching the shutout) "Oh yeah, it is always good to get that shutout. It is good to have a goose egg on the board, and a lot of players made plays to make that happen. Even in the preseason, its sweet and says a lot."

P/K Kaare Vedvik

(On how he felt about tonight after having a good kicking game) "It was a lot more emotional than I thought it was going to be. A lot of anticipation; it's been a long year building up to come back to this moment again. I love football, I love sports, and my entire life I've always been involved in sports. Getting back on the field, man, it's just a different feeling."

(on what kind of emotions he's feeling) "How do you describe that? You know, you think your life is supposed to go a certain way. You think you have a certain amount of control, and in moments like what happened last year, you kind of lose that sense. It had a huge impact on me – more than I thought it would have had. So, this year has been about me being closer to people close to me. My whole family has played a big role this year. Since I moved to the U.S. and I lived with them for a year, and they've been huge. My close friends, having Sam [Koch], Justin [Tucker], Morgan [Cox] and the support here at the Ravens has been amazing. They only want the best for me, and they've done everything in their power to get me back to where I belong. This is where I belong. I feel it."

(on how the 55-yard field goal felt coming off his foot) "Just like any other kick. You try to just kick the same, pretty much. So, I lined up, picked my target, Sam [Koch] gets the ball dropped amazing; it's like kicking off a stick. I just swing, that's it."

(on if he ever worried last year that he might never get back to this point) "No, I didn't. At first, it seemed kind of surreal. One thing is hearing stories like that, but when it happens to yourself it takes some time for it to really sink it. It eventually did, and I kind of just had to face it. What happened, happened. As a person, I've got to grow from it, I've got to learn from it, and hopefully become a better person from it. Take your lessons, man. You want to have a smart head on your shoulder and keep the people close to you, close to you. People in the Ravens care a lot about me, and my family cares a lot about me, my friends care a lot about me. So, just keep tight with them."

OT Orlando Brown Jr.

(on how he played in the game) "I think I did OK. Obviously, I'll have to see the film. A few plays here and there stick out for me as far as leverage, but I'll have to see the film and see exactly how it was."

(on how much more playing time helps) "The coaches know that, so I'm just here for the grind. That's it."

(on if he feels more confident in his second year) "Absolutely, just understanding the playbook, knowing where [QB] Lamar [Jackson] is going to be in the pocket and all those different things, I'm feeling very comfortable."

(on how the first-team offense looked tonight) "I'd have to see the film. I don't have an exact answer for you. I know that we did score. We were able to move the ball really well but it's early. There's still a lot of different things that we've got to nitpick to make sure that we're on it for when we play against someone's 'one' defense."

(on how it felt just to get back out there and score 10 points) "It felt really good. Obviously, to score touchdowns, that's why you play this game, is to score touchdowns to win games. You've got to score touchdowns to win games. I enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun."

QB Trace McSorley

(on how he felt in the game) "I felt pretty good. Really good learning experience. Made a few throws, missed a couple, so I think it's one of the things that you can look at the tape, really learn from and take strides on."

(on the connection with WR Miles Boykin) "Yeah, Miles is a guy, you can give him an opportunity…You give him a chance, he'll make a play for you. So that's what he did. We had a couple, we were a little bit off early on in the drives, but then we were able to kind of catch our stride in that one drive. He's a guy [that if] you give him opportunity, he's going to make big plays."

(on getting the chance to run also and if the offense fits his skillset) "I think it's something that, our offense tries to utilize all 11 guys. We've got all athletic quarterbacks in our entire room. Really, they're all athletic guys. So I think it's one of the things that if we're able to utilize a different aspect, we want to try and do that."

(on bouncing back from mistakes) "I think that's kind of football. Not everything's going to go your way. You have to be able to bounce back and focus on the next one; 25 seconds later they're re-spotting and you've got to get the next snap off. So, that is part of the game. There's going to be some you miss. Obviously, you want to learn from them. I think that's something that we'll be able to do big time from this team. Coach [John] Harbaugh talks about it, just taking [it in] stride from this game to the next game."

(on the biggest thing he's taking from his debut) "Just the experience of getting real live game action in there, and everything that goes into the communication aspect, then the physical executing the offense. [It's] really the first time. There's going to be a lot for us to learn, so I'm looking forward to getting into the tape and being able to take that, take the coaching from there and be able to improve in the next week."

(on the connection with WR Miles Boykin) "I think me and Miles have a really good connection. I got to know him a little bit while we were training for the Combine, so I think that's probably where our connection started up. We talk about it all the time – he's a guy [who] if you give him an opportunity, he's going to make a play for you. That was the great thing about us being able to come right back after the interception, bounce back and have a couple of big plays."

WR Miles Boykin

(on how he and the team played) "Very efficiently, both sides of the ball, especially special teams as well. Personally, I've got to be better. I've got to go out there and have better games. I've got to make a couple plays. Obviously, as a receiver, it happens. You're going to drop some balls. You would rather it not happen at all. You're going to be defined by what you do on your next snap, not the snap before that. For me, it was just going out there. The coaches have faith in me. The quarterbacks have faith in me. They keep throwing me the ball. So, hopefully, I was able to make some plays later on in the game."

(on the long pass he caught) "It was just a go route. A great ball. [Trace McSorley] put it in an area where I was able to catch it and make a play on it. Unfortunately, it got called back, but those are reps you can't give back…especially in the preseason."

(on if that's something he feels pretty good about) "Yes and no. I tend to be a realistic guy. It was a good plays, but at the end of the days, there's also plays that I should have made – routine plays that I should have made. I left too many mistakes out there, and at the same time, for me, especially the goals that I had and being the player I want to be, I can't do some of those things, even though it was my first game."

(on if he was surprised he got so much work, especially early) "Not at all, I knew that I was going to get some work out there. Obviously, I wasn't available in OTAs and minicamp, so I knew all these times, I'm getting all my reps now. I have to remind myself sometimes that these are only my ninth and 10th time with these guys practicing when all the other rookies have had OTAs and minicamp. So, I wouldn't say I'm working my way into things, but I'm still learning. For me, it's all about being calm and about being the player I can be."