Transcripts: Ravens Post-Game Transcripts


Head Coach John Harbaugh

(opening statement) "OK, just appreciate everybody being here. Obviously, tough, hard-fought win in tough conditions … Couple turnovers – that put us in a tough spot. I thought our guys … Basically, I thought that was the theme of the game, in terms of our guys overcoming adversity and just getting the job done when the job had to be done. Credit to Tampa Bay – it was a very hard-fought game in the trenches, all the way throughout the game. They played a pretty clean game except for the one interception. Credit Marlon Humphrey – obviously, that was big for us. Our second one in two games, so we're on a roll. (laughter) Right? It's good. I'm proud of our guys. I thought our defense really played well. They're ticked off in there right now because of the two long passes. Other than that, I didn't think they did too much [wrong]. They did blitz some runs on first and second down, so I'll look at that. But, that's a very physical offensive line and a very physical running back. I thought Jameis Winston played well. So, what do you have for us?"

(on CB Marlon Humphrey's performance) "Marlon Humphrey played at the level we expected him to play at, which is at the highest level. The interception, the big pass … He came through in critical situations the whole game. Tackling – the whole secondary has been tackling. The whole secondary has been playing well. Credit [secondary coach] Chris Hewitt. Chris has done a great job. I think we have some leadership back there with Eric Weddle, Brandon Carr … I'm just really proud of those guys. I was just telling them before I came in here [that] I love watching our secondary play. I love the way they play – and really everybody. But, you play a team that's the No. 1 passing team in the league, even though the conditions were tough, and they've got guys making plays … Half of that is corralling the quarterback and keeping him in there, because he extends plays so well and throws so well on the run. Our secondary did a great job."

(on if CB Marlon Humphrey looked as though he was healthy enough to play after looking at this week's practice film) "He did. He made a lot of progress with it during the week. It's just a groin [injury] and it's nagging. It will be a short week this week; we only have six days. The Chargers played Thursday night, right? So, we're going to have to get healthy and all that stuff quickly so we can turn around and be ready to go. But, our guys will be up for it."

(on what RB Kenneth Dixon does for the running game) "Well, it's a great point. He brings some physicality to it. He makes people miss, breaks tackles … Really, if you want to run the ball, and you want to have a good running game, that's what you need running backs doing. You need running backs making plays. I thought Kenny sparked us a lot during this game, to your point. He had a couple big runs in there where guys had him – they had him hammed in, and he found a way to get key first downs to keep us on the field. At the end, you have to stay on the field on offense. If you can do that, you have a chance to generate some points. Kenny did a great job of that."

(on if RB Kenneth Dixon is 100 percent in shape) "He's in pretty good shape. I wouldn't say he's 100 percent in shape just yet. He's probably not quite there, but he's working really hard at it."

(on if they wore down Tampa Bay's defense with the run game, or if adjustments were made) "I wouldn't use that word, I would say that's the effect the running game should have. That's the idea of it. They were tough to run against, it was tough sledding. We called a number of passes, and I thought Lamar [Jackson] and the receivers and the tight ends … Hayden Hurst had a big catch, Mark Andrews had a big catch … All the guys did a good job. You talk about those guys, too – playmaking. But there are not as many opportunities for those guys to make plays. But, they're making their presence felt also by blocking. That's not the easiest thing for wide receivers to do, but they want to win. They're character guys. We had to make a few plays in the passing game, and we were able to do that."

(on QB Lamar Jackson leading the field goal drive to conclude the first half) "Just tremendous, just tremendous. Seamless. He made the plays with … Extending plays and finding receivers … Guys made catches … Just the operation of the thing, too. I mean, two-minute [situations] are the toughest things to operate. He did a great job of getting everybody lined up and making sure the communication was good. So, he did a great job."

(on if he could explain the delay-of-game penalty) "That was a pretty drive there, wasn't it? (laughter) I told the guys afterward, 'Good! I guess.' You want to say, 'Good!' So, what happened? We almost got the first down, then we had a guy in motion … I don't know, what else happened after that? Then, we got sacked, but before that – then we had the intentional grounding. Lamar [Jackson] is in here now, so I'll mention that. (laughter) We tried. Then, we had 10 guys on the field for the punt team. So, good!"

(on how to address the CB/RS Cyrus Jones muffed punt return) "Yes, we're going to move on from that one. It was so bad – it was such a bad decision, to be honest with you. I don't even know what to say about it. Let's put it behind us. Let's forget it ever happened. Our defense stepped up and got a stop. I think the credit there – we talked about this in the locker room – that's really what you have to do. Mistakes are going to get made, but we have to have each other's backs. We have to overcome those mistakes. Cyrus is going to make a big return that's going to dig us out at some point in time, or he's going to do something on defense. That's probably what our team has done the best job of – of any team that I've been around in some ways – is overcoming those things. So, we'll just let that go."

(on QB Lamar Jackson's performance) "Well, it's a long game. Lamar [Jackson] can probably speak to that himself. You can't get rattled – you can't afford to. You just have to keep playing and put it behind you, and know that the guys are going to be there for you. He does a great job of that."

(on if he is growing accustomed to QB Lamar Jackson's unscripted runs) "I don't know – everybody can have their own feel on the nerves. But, it's good. I know from a defensive perspective, it's tough. You saw it with Jameis Winston today, too. You've got everybody covered, but the play gets extended. Lamar can throw on the run, or he can run, just like Jameis Winston and other quarterbacks who have that ability. We've watched [Steelers QB] Ben Roethlisberger do it for years, too. I just think that's a very valuable thing to have."

(on going for it on fourth-and-1) "It wasn't tough, we decided we were going to do that. Our analytics guys … [Football strategy coordinator/wide receivers] Matt Weiss leads that. That was something we decided to do before the game even started."

QB Lamar Jackson

(on the difficulty playing in the weather conditions) "Yes, it was. I had Mark [Andrews] on one play. He was down field, behind a defender. [I] hit the defender in the back. I was kind of ticked off. I was like, 'Man, this rain is getting on my nerves.' So, I just have to fight through it. You know it's going to happen; it could snow at any time, so you have to be prepared for stuff like that. But, we got the game. We won the game, so we're good."

(on the play where he avoided a sack) "I saw him coming. They went 'Cover Zero.' I ran at the [defensive] end; the end came free. The line was doing a great job. They had to get inside, bring the guys down, and the end came free, and I just had to make a play. [I had to] make a bad play good. It was a success."

(on the offense's mindset coming out of halftime) "Halftime is our break, and it's time for us to step it up. Defense is doing a great job, so it was our time to step up, put points on the board. That's all."

(on if he is accustomed to bouncing back and how he does it) "I just feel like we have grown men on the team, and we have to just move on from whatever situation it was before. We have to make stuff positive, and our job is to win the game, not put our defense back out here with no points, or put them in bad field position. So, we have to do a good job of punching it in, getting the defense, wearing them down, punching the ball in, punching the ball in with our running backs and throwing. We just have to score points."

(on if there was a feeling during the last drive that Tampa Bay's defense was breaking) "We don't really worry about if they were breaking or not. We're worried about keeping the ball in our possession, get the clock down and don't put our defense back on the field."

(on when he felt the run game get into rhythm in the second half) "I didn't really sense it. Our line was just doing a great job giving the backs great holes to hit. They were just hitting the holes, breaking tackles, and it just kept us out on the field, and we were just doing a great job. They were just great offensive plays. I don't have anything to do with it; I was just handing the ball off."

(on the feeling when the offense picks up big yardage on the run) "I love it. It's just time to score, that's all."

(on if he attributes the fumble to a slippery ball) "Yes, man, slippery ball. (laughter) I told coach, 'Freak!' (laughter) I was like, 'Man, we have to go score now.' I don't like turning the ball over and not putting points on the board, so we just had to do the next job. I was ticked off though. I probably said other things (laughter)."

(on if he thought he was going to score on his long scramble) "No, I knew I wasn't going to score, and I started stumbling. I didn't keep my speed up. But, he fell on my leg. I am like (sighs) it's a lot of weight on me. I am small, man. I am not big, but yes, I was good after that. I just had to walk it off."

(on if he will pay to attention the Steelers vs. Patriots game, given the AFC North implications) "No, no. I am focused on the Ravens. We have to get ready for the Chargers. I don't really care about what they have going on."

(on if he wishes he would have thrown the ball sooner on the last play of the first half) "Yes. Yes, definitely. '94' Carl Nassib he did a great job. I have to get the ball past the line of scrimmage. It would've been good, but yes, I have to do a great job of that."

(on if it is difficult to judge the speed of the game until he is put in that situation) "No, not really. I just did a bad job on that play, and it was just me. I told coach that was my fault. We shouldn't have been in that position anyway. I got the ball and lost yards on that play, and it just escalated from there. So, I just put that job on me."

(on if he got any feedback from teammates or coaches after a slow start) "No, they know I am always going to stay focused on the game. It's all about winning. It's not about being selfish, getting mad, throwing temper tantrums. I want to win. There was a lot of time on the clock. We just had to do what we had to do."

(on what it was like with QB Joe Flacco active on the sideline) "It was just the same thing. He's always coming to me, asking me about drives and what I felt on certain stuff. It's pretty cool."

(on his connections with WR Willie Snead IV) "He just does a great job of getting open. I wouldn't say it's just me and Willie Snead [IV]. There are other guys out there, but he just does a great job of finding holes and getting windows to get the ball."

CB Marlon Humphrey

(on if it has felt like a long time waiting for an interception) "Oh, yes. Definitely felt like a long time. I felt like we were playing decent, but that was my first one. I feel like, even the secondary as a whole, we haven't really been getting interceptions. I don't think anybody on the team has more than one or two, so as a whole, we definitely need more."

(on how much his tackle for loss contributed to his energy) "It definitely got the juices flowing for me. A lot of times I would always rather make a big hit like that just as much as getting an interception. So, for me, anytime I get the juices going early, it's always something I can build off of during the game."

(on if he was confident throughout the week that he would be healthy enough to play) "It was a little kind of touch-and-go. I felt a little bit better than what I felt the previous Monday after the Atlanta game. So, I felt even if I wasn't 100 percent, I was going to play regardless, kind of similar to the Chiefs game. It was never really a doubt. It just was, how good I was going to feel, was more the question."

(on if he sees QB Lamar Jackson's confidence growing) "I definitely feel the confidence growing. It seems like a lot of times now, you see him when he scrambles out, and you see him looking more to pass first instead of just immediately trying to run. To me, it seems like he's looking for something to open up, somebody to come open. And, the way he's kind of established that leadership role this week, with kind of a controversy a little bit, he's definitely fallen to a leadership role, and I think it's showing on the field."

(on if long offensive drives make it easier on the defense) "Yes. At the end when we had seven or six minutes and we were sitting there like; 'Alright, we'll probably do two-minute, do another drive.' And then, we're like, 'We might be good.' We were on the sidelines getting cold some of these past couple weeks, which is always not so good for the older guys. They're like; 'Man, I am starting to get cold.' The young guys, when we're cold, we just get warmed up right quick. So, it's been a lot of love the way we've been able to stay on the field on offense."

(on what challenges playing a mobile quarterback poses to the secondary) "Definitely a big challenge. Jameis [Winston] – his name is 'Jay-boo,' but I am from Birmingham, so I know him. (laughter) But, Jameis, he's not the fastest guy, but he's actually pretty agile in the pocket, so anytime you have to deal with that, you know you're going to have to cover a little longer. I think Mike Evans slipped out on that one, too. So, you just have to play top-down coverage, especially when guys start scrambling."

(on if he feels that he's emerging from the pack of NFL cornerbacks) "I don't really know if I feel it. I think I've been playing some good ball. As far as the other guys, I haven't really been able… They're kind of things you watch at the end of the year. Every year, you kind of look at the guys who make the Pro Bowl and kind of see what they do well, so it's something you kind of have to evaluate at the end of the year."

(on the significance of head coach John Harbaugh saying that he is playing up to his level) "To me, it just means…I feel like when they drafted me here, I felt like they saw a guy that could maybe step up and be the next good corner here. Jimmy [Smith] is playing at a high level. However many more years he plays, I feel like they were trying to have a guy that could be the 'CB1.' So, I think I've been showing some strides toward that. I still have the work to do. I feel like it's all about making the big plays, though, so I was able to do one today. Which definitely was good."

(on how making a big play feels different than playing a good game with few stats) "It feels good. Like I said, I feel like I have played some good games. Atlanta, I thought I played pretty well. You said, 'Marlon played a good game,' but when you don't see it on the stat sheet, it's kind of like, you know yourself that you played well, but as far as… I feel like the difference that makes a good corner and a great corner is mainly plays, interceptions, pick-sixes, things like that. So, you say I played well, but you get an interception, you kind of take good to great. I kind of want to be a great one, so I think it all starts with interceptions and pick-sixes."

(on the mindset of the team of where they stand in the playoff hunt) "I've been looking, hearing more about it. I never really was very familiar with how it works, who wins and who loses and all that, but I think the thing that plays in our favor is all we have to do is win and we should be in. So, it definitely feels good, and I feel like the team, we all were on board to get this one. Next we have the Chargers."

S Tony Jefferson

(on being back today) "I'm so happy. It's been a while. It felt like two years, but it's been two games. I'm glad to be back out there with my guys. And to come out with the win … It took a lot of hard work in the training room. I love the training room, but I have to stay out of there."

(on his early third-down tackle) "All week, when you practice, you never get real tackling-type situations. So, you really don't know how your ankle is going to react. I was able to do that with no problems. I think that excited me even more than the fact that it was third down. I felt good out there, just have to keep building."

(on QB Lamar Jackson) "He's young and he's an NFL-starting quarterback. That's a lot of pressure. It can be tough when you're young like that and everyone's in your ear, telling you what you should and shouldn't do. He's handling it well. He's a playmaker. He can make something out of nothing. I think that's what's going to make him even greater as he progressively gets more snaps and more opportunities. I love Lamar. He just needs to keep doing what he's doing."

(on CB Marlon Humphrey) "Marlon is doing his thing. I think it's starting to click for him more in the film room. Obviously, the intangibles, he has to be a top four or top three cornerback in the league. It has always been mental for him, and I think he's come a long way with that. That's just excelling his game."

(on the short week in Los Angeles) "I think we just have to keep doing what we're doing. Short week, I get to go back home to California, so I think my ankle will heal up just fine, knowing that I'm going back home. I'm going to see some palm trees and eat some Mexican food. Nobody knows about California Mexican food like me and Weddle. He's my neighbor. When we get back home, where are we going? Humberto's, 43rd."

(on the Ravens' offensive attack) "I just remember being on the sideline in Atlanta – I felt like the offense had the ball the whole third quarter. I know as a defense, you have to love that. Whether you're getting three points, or six or seven, we're resting. The worst thing, I think, for an [opposing] offense, is to have a defense like ours to be rested and fresh going out on the field. I think it plays great into our hands, and it's going to show."

(on holding Tampa Bay to a field goal after the fumbled punt) "That's our philosophy. It's the NFL. Guys are going to get down into the Red Zone. Our philosophy is to hold them to three or get a turnover and get the ball back. I believe this was the No. 1 offense in passing yards coming in – we held them to 12 points. That's Ravens football right there."

(on his pain tolerance moving forward) "It's really more of just a swelling-going-down thing. I'm a Raven, I've got to fight through it."

S Eric Weddle

(on not celebrating with the defense after the interception) "I just knew the moment of the game. I just wanted to give him some words of encouragement [Lamar Jackson]. I wanted to let the guys know that this is an important part of the game – let's finish it. It really didn't work out that way. Maybe I shouldn't have talked to him. But man, what a great team win. That's a good team that came in here. They didn't roll over like some teams do. We had to fight for it. The way we played in the second half, and the answers that our offense had, especially in the second half controlling the ball … Turnovers happen but we bounced back from them. It's a big team win. Everything is right there in front of us."

(on the Ravens rushing attack) "It's big. It's less plays for the opponent. When you get that opponent reeling a little bit, whether you get a turnover or you get them off the field, they know it's going to be a minute before they get another chance. We're playing great team football right now to a T. We're playing well off each other – running the ball, controlling the clock, third-down conversions. The one to Mark [Andrews] was huge. What a throw. [Lamar] stood in the pocket. Obviously, the conversions running the ball – Lamar is getting better and better each week. He's fun to watch. He's fun to be around. We just know, as a defense, we just need to continue playing at a high level to give our offense more opportunities. Who knows what's going to happen."

(on the playoff push) "We've had some tough things happen to us during the season. We didn't make excuses, we just learned from our mistakes. We stuck together – this team is as tight as it has ever been – at least that I've ever been on. When you have that identity and you know that no one is going to stop fighting, I think you always have a chance. Last week showed that, on the road, holding that team to 17 points, felt like we're right there to beat anyone in this league. It was big to come back this week, to show some fight. Some things didn't go our way early on, but we kept fighting and we took it to them in the second half and really shut the door on them."

(on playing Chargers QB Philip Rivers next week) "They're playing outstanding football. It's going to be a great matchup, us versus them. They're on a roll all season. Again, we're going against one of the best teams in the league – we relish that situation. It's great for our team. We've got everything in our hands, as do they, so it's going to be an amazing game. One that will define where our season goes from there."

(on keeping the No. 1 passing attack in check) "We've got sticky coverage – guys that can play man-to-man. We mixed our zones and our zone pressure. Jameis [Winston] was back there running around all game – we had constant pressure on him. The one third-and-long … That's unfortunate. It's a simple mistake, the corner has to stay deep and stay on it. They made plays, but we battled back. We shut them down on fourth down, held them to a field goal on the turnover. It's something that we pride ourselves on – trying to be the best defense and the best secondary in this league. We've got another challenge this week, they get bigger and bigger. I thought today was a complete team effort. Especially to hold them down. Obviously, the weather had some effect on it, but at the end of the day, you still have to go out there and execute the call and play together as a defense."

(on playing the Chargers) "It's San Diego to me – it's always going to be. It's a huge game for us. It would be huge no matter who we're playing at this point in the season. We're 8-6 and have a chance to win the division, depending on what happens this afternoon. That's our focus. It just happens to be one of the best teams in the league. Let's go out, get on our flight and take our guys with us and see how we do. We're excited for the challenge and the matchup. Everything is there. They have a lot riding on it; we do, too. Two great teams going at it – let's see what happens."

(on if he imagined holding the ball would be a good philosophy) "I've always envisioned us having a great team – a balanced team – offense, defense and special teams playing off of each other. We kind of got away from it. Defense didn't play very well, offense didn't play very well – we lost some games. We've gotten back to what we do best and historically what the Ravens are – running the ball, stopping the run and playing great special teams. As a team, we're where we need to be. You prepare and fight for each other, and knowing that's the way the game's going to go. You play good football. We're just playing together. Next week, it could be 40-30 something, you just never know. Everything's right there in front of us. You just have to enjoy these moments. They don't come often. We have another challenge ahead of us, and we'll get right to it tonight."

CB Brandon Carr

(on getting the win against Tampa Bay) "It's December football. We have been talking about this for a couple weeks. Now, we're here. We felt that our record should be better than what it is right now, but it is what it is at this point in the season. We're just grateful for the opportunity to have meaningful games at this point in the season. We took care of business tonight. It's going to be a short week. We have to go on the road and face a high-powered offense again."

(on if he'll watch the Steelers-Patriots game) "I'll watch a little bit with my family. Just kind of see how the game shakes out, but at the same time, we have to take care of our own business. We control our own destiny right now. Whatever happens, happens with those guys."

(on CB Marlon Humphrey emerging as a top corner in the league) "Last year he was emerging, this year, he is that guy. He's been making plays for us since last year. He's always had confidence; now he's just putting it all together – just the mental part of the game, the classroom study. He's a veteran guy, just plugging him in during the week with different things to work for. He plays an amazing game – a lot of passion and a lot of fire right now. He's a young guy with an active body, and he's just out there doing his thing."

(on the pass-breakup that set the tone for the game) "We knew they were a high-powered offense – the No. 1 pass offense in the league. We had our hands full. We enjoy playing the best of the best. Whether it's passing offense or whatever. We know they're going to make some plays, but it's our job to go out there and make plays of our own, in manageable positions for us as a defense."

(on holding Tampa Bay to a field goal after the turnover) "That was a big moment in our game, but at the same time, our defense doesn't panic over anything. When duty calls, we go out there and make the best of it. We held them to three points and kept them out of the end zone. Whether we're backed up in their territory, whether it's fourth-and-4, fourth-and-8, we're going to do our best to come out on top."

(on whether the Ravens' defense can get better) "The goal is this: you want to be playing your best ball at the end of the season. Obviously, the goal is to get better every week. So, hopefully we haven't reached our climax as far as what we can do. We have a lot of weapons across the board. I think, right now, we're playing complementary football to what our offense is doing. They're controlling the time of possession, getting first downs, extending drives, giving us time to rest and get ourselves together so we can get out there and play as hard as we can. We have to get off the field as fast as we can and get the ball back to those guys. We have to continue to play complementary football, make the plays on defense, and the offense has to continue to control the ball."

(on whether he gets to watch QB Lamar Jackson and how he has played) "He's doing what is asked of him right now. He's a threat. He can throw the ball – we're still working on that aspect of his game. But once he gets out in the open field, it's hard to stop him, and it's hard to bring him down. He extends drives, and as a defense, we know firsthand that those types of quarterbacks make it frustrating for you."

RB Gus Edwards

(on the inside/outside combination of him and QB Lamar Jackson) "I feel like Lamar [Jackson] brings a lot to the table. I feel like the offensive line was getting a great push for us and the running game got the momentum going for us. Every play felt like we just did what we needed to do."

(on how fresh he feels at this point in the year) "I feel really good. I'm always in the treatment room during the week, getting my body worked on."

(on the Ravens wearing down their opponent in the fourth quarter) "Right now, we have a good thing going. We're trying to build on that each game, and keep it working. We feel like the fourth quarter belongs to us. And we'll run out the clock every time if we have to."

(on this style of play helping the defense) "Yes, it's definitely a big part of the game. Keeping their offense off the field allows our defense to rest and make them fresher in the fourth quarter. We've got to keep using that."

(on his serious demeanor) "I guess you just have to get to know me. [Smiling] I'm really not that serious all the time, but that's a good question."

(on the change in offensive philosophy) "I feel like our guys are ready for whoever comes in there and whoever we play. For us, it's the next guy up mentality. Whether it be Lamar [Jackson] for [Joe] Flacco or any of the running backs, it doesn't matter."

WR/RS Chris Moore

(on his touchdown catch) "It was an awesome play call by our offensive coach. Willie Snead did a great job of sealing that edge, and I was able to make it into the end zone for the touchdown. It was a great call."

(on the offense) "Our offense is amazing. We control the ball very well, and that really helps the defense. If the defense is fresh and rested in the fourth quarter, that makes all the difference in the game. Our offense is very versatile. We can run it inside, and get the edge on the outside. If we keep playing like this, it's going to be hard to stop us."

(on being 8-6) "Feels great. I really feel this is a high point for us. We feel like we are a dangerous team, and other teams don't want to see us. We're going to keep playing our Ravens football and finish strong."

RB Kenneth Dixon

(on if he is close to the weight he would like to play at) "Oh, yeah. Definitely. I don't really have a certain plan. As long as I'm having good burst and going out there and competing at a high level, I think I'll be alright."

(on how important these past few games have been to him to show that he can stay on the field and be an important part of the offense) "Very important, but we've got a great running backs room, and whichever running back is up, we're all going to support him. Today was Gus' day, and he did a really good job of taking care of the football and running downhill. So, we all just got behind him."

(on how fresh he feels) "I feel very fresh. Good legs, I stay in the training room getting extra ice and everything like that just to keep on top of everything."

(on if him missing time at the beginning of the year can be a benefit to him now having fresher legs) "I feel like all of our running backs benefit off of it, because we're very hard to tackle, and that's what [running backs] coach Thomas [Hammock] talks about all the time; just getting the ball, running downhill and protecting the football."

WR Willie Snead IV

(on feeling like the team can control its own destiny into the playoffs at this point) "It's crazy to be honest. Like you said, five weeks ago, I don't think anybody was giving us a chance, but right now we're just controlling what we can control, and that's win games. If we win out, shoot we might take the division, we might have a home game. Whatever happens happens, but we're very fortunate to be in this situation, and we're just trying to take advantage of every opportunity."

(on how he saw QB Lamar Jackson handle the early struggles in today's game) "We just kept telling him, 'Look, we're going to get a drive going.' It was kind of slow adjusting to the rain and everything, but I just think he did a great job of shaking off the first two drives, and we were able to finally put one together and get some points. That's when we're able to get in our groove with drives back to back."

(on the mentality of the team with two games left in the regular season) "Yeah, I think our mindset right now is just to focus on L.A. [Chargers] and get ready for a Saturday night showdown. We feel like we're in position to control everything, and right now we're just trying to take it game by game and prepare ourselves and get ready to win these last two games."

(on if he feels like his rapport with QB Lamar Jackson is continuing to grow) "Yeah, that's the thing, is you've got to make the most of [your opportunities] as a receiver in this offense right now. We're a run first, pass second [offense], and I've just been fortunate enough to hold on to the passes. It was a rainy day today, so it was a lot of concentration. But, yeah, me and Lamar talk every day, and I'm just trying to help him grow, because I've been in the league a couple of years; I've played with a Hall of Fame quarterback [Drew Brees], and I'm just trying to help him as well. But he's been doing a great job making plays and putting our team in great position."

DT Brandon Williams

(on facing his former teammate C Ryan Jensen) "It was fun. It was cool. It's always great to see a former teammate and get respect from each other. I know he's [Ryan] Jensen, but at the same time, he puts on a different helmet, and we have to go at it."

(on his big third-down stop) "It was awesome. Just a good play, a big defensive play. Coach 'Wink' [Martindale] made a great call, and I was able to execute it. It was a defensive victory on that down."

(on the offense controlling the ball throughout) "We definitely appreciate our offense, Lamar [Jackson], the backs and the o-line and all they're doing. They're staying on the field longer, which is giving us more rest. It gives us a chance to shut out our opponents when it matters."

ILB C.J. Mosley

(on stopping one of the best passing offenses in the league) "I think with the weather, and us playing top notch defense, it kind of bottled them up a little bit. For us, it's just a matter of our defense making plays on 3rd down, and limiting their offense's chances."

(on the Ravens' style of play) "We appreciate it so much, the way our offense is playing. It's keeping their offense off the field. It allows us to take care of our business, gets us rest when we need it, and that's so huge. But I really feel like it's always been that way for us. No matter what style our offense plays, our goal is to be dominant out there. When the game is on the line, deep in the season, or even in the playoffs, we need to stop people. Stop the run, win the line of scrimmage, that's always been our way."

(on being 8-6) "It's great to be 8-6, but it's always going to be one game at a time. We've got to go out and handle our business. Next week our business is in Los Angeles. A lot can still happen, but none of that matters unless you win. We'll take the win today, and prepare for the Chargers."

TE Hayden Hurst

(on the game and how he played) "It was fun. When [TE] Nick [Boyle] went down, I had to stay ready. But I get to watch him in practice, I kind of learn from, in my opinion, one of the best tight ends in the NFL. I feel like I'm always prepared, you know. I just went in and took advantage of it."

(on if playing like this gives him more confidence) "I've felt good for a while. I think what today hopefully does is just gives the coaches more confidence in me to put me in there in situations. But I can't really worry about that. [I've] just got to keep doing what I'm doing every day."

(on the importance of being prepared and showing what he can do) "When your opportunity comes, you've got to be ready. Like I said, making plays out there, executing blocks, just proving to the coaches that I can play [and] leaving it in their hands."

(on how well the offense played after the first quarter) "I think we're jelling pretty good right now. We do a really good job of communicating. We have so many substitutions, so many guys coming in and out, but I think the biggest thing is just everybody comes in and does their job."

TE Mark Andrews

(on being kept busy in this game) "It was a good game, run and pass, I feel like we're growing as a team and as an offense especially. So, it's a really big win for us."

(on he keeps getting more chances and how it affects his confidence) "You know, it's great. I've kind of got a niche in this offense. I've got a lot of confidence in my abilities. I knew coming in I was going to be able route people up and catch the ball. It's just good to be able to see it on Sundays."

(on how the offense bounced back after the first quarter) "I think we were kind of feeling out the rain a little bit. Both teams had a couple mistakes on offense, and once we kind of figured out the rain and got things going, it was good from there."

(on the success of the offense and QB Lamar Jackson and how it can bother defenses) "Lamar is such a dynamic, special player. His ability to get outside and run, to read the defense and then to throw the ball. Not many people can do that. He makes it tough for a defense to game plan."

(on Jackson being all over the field) "That's part of the fun of playing with him, always keeping your eyes on him because you never know what he's going to do."

G/T Marshal Yanda

(on the play of the offense and how they adjusted) "Just staying committed to it, I think. I think that's the biggest thing. We changed up a few things, but the biggest thing is just staying committed to it for four quarters. We knew sooner or later those runs were going to pop, and definitely in the second half they did."

(on the growth of QB Lamar Jackson) "Young players in general, every game that they get, they're going to get a little bit more experience, you know what I mean? You hope to see improvement a little bit each game. When you're a young player that experience is huge. So obviously he's getting a lot of snaps, and every week he's definitely seeing new things, learning from his mistakes and doing some good things."

(on the team growing into the new offense) "For sure — we're all bought in. You roll. It's fun for us offensive linemen to pound the rock like that. That's like college football right there. I mean, seven minutes in the fourth quarter, and we kneel on it on seven minutes. That's awesome."

(on the running game and how well it's doing) "We're doing really well keeping our defense fresh, keeping them off the field, and they have a really good offense, and we're keeping them off the field. So, it's huge — possess the ball and pound on them."