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Transcripts: Ravens Postgame Quotes (10/22)


Opening Statement:"First of all, I just want to say humbly to God be the glory. When you fight, and when you compete, and we had a lot of guys who have their faith, and it's a big part of the National Football League. It's a big part of what we do and when you have an opportunity like that just to be grateful for the graciousness of God and the grace that he gives us. It's a valuable, wonderful thing and our guys feel that way. Also, I want to mention [Lions RB] Mohammad Ibrahim and the injury – we'll be praying for him tonight, and we hope he's well. I'm proud of the guys. Mark Andrews, I don't know how many touchdowns he had – a bunch. [He only had] two? It seems like more." (Laughter)"So, what questions do you have?"

(on if this game was a statement win for the team)"You guys can define all that stuff the way you want, and it's cool. We're just going to define it in terms of what we think we're capable of playing like, and I promise you all the different things in that game that we feel like we can do better. But the things that we did well, and we stand on and we build on. The things we can do better, we have to take with us out there to Arizona and find a way to keep getting better. So, that kind of creates a vision for what we can be, but let's go be even better." 

(on if he remembers the last time the team played as complete a game as today's)"I haven't been thinking about that right now. I haven't." 

(on what was the decision behind winning the coin toss and not deferring to the Lions) "That was a wind thing. We felt like we wanted to set ourselves up so we could possibly … But [with] the wind blowing the way it was, we have the choice to take the wind in the fourth quarter if we wanted to. That's why we did that."  

(on how he ranks this Lamar Jackson game compared to others) "Every time we have a win, my dad texts me and says, 'That was your best win ever.' So, I would say that was his best game ever. But he played a great game. There's just been so many great games. Lamar [Jackson] got the Lions' spike along with all the guys making plays. It was wall to wall. It was wall to wall from the beginning to the end."  

(on what's been the most impressive thing about QB Lamar Jackson's growth as a quarterback) "It's so many things. Everybody has their own unique path, and everybody wants to make comparisons. Lamar [Jackson] is his own unique person. [He has his own] style, challenges that he faces, all those different kinds of things. He's very determined, very persistent. I don't even think he's that happy with the game. When I see him in the locker room right now, it's not like he's all giddy in there. He's thinking about the plays that he could have had. He's thinking about the plays he wants to get better at. That's how all our guys are thinking right now. That's how they should be thinking." (Coach John Harbaugh calls out to Lamar Jackson: Lamar I just said my dad always says the last game we win he says, 'That was the best game ever.' So they asked me where [this game] ranked, so it's the last one, so it's the best one, right?) 

(on what was the decision going for it on fourth-and-1)"The one that we did the thing? We thought we were … Our plan was to go for fourth-and-1 and less in those situations. We weren't going to go for fourth-and-2. Our plan strategically earlier in the game was to be fourth-and-1 or less once we got down in there close enough." 

(on how pleased he was with the players this week after three road games and not having a hangover after London)"100 percent. They were locked in from Day One [after returning from London]. Every single guy was completely locked in to practice. We had three excellent practices. I'll tell you, one thing about these guys, there's no turning to the right or the left, they are like this. That's how their focus is right now – every single day. You love it as a coach. That's how they feel. That's how they go to work. I wasn't even thinking about it, [but] everybody kept asking me about not taking the bye or whatever. There you go." 

(on the pass rush being resourceful each week) "No. I think we've done it the same way every week. Those guys are bringing it with a real viscousness about the way they're rushing the passer. They're bringing it. Their technique is getting better; the timing on the stunts [and] the blitz are better; the individual moves are better. [Outside linebackers coach] Chuck Smith has done a great job. [Assistant head coach/defensive line] Anthony Weaver has done a great job with coaching those guys. But we have some legit pass rushers, just give the guys credit. Now give the guys who are rushing the quarterback credit. Start talking about them, because I think they deserve it."  

(on the team correcting issues in games each week and what it says about the team) "I'm really not into any big arching themes. You have guys … They said it afterwards. You go back to work. Our guys, we have playmakers. We have tough guys; we have physical players; we have smart players; we have guys like we said that are focused [and] that work really hard, and we have playmakers. So, nobody's surprised. We just want to keep stacking it, just keep improving and keep stacking it."  

(on what he looks for from guys in the secondary) "You have to be steeled to play back there. You have to have a certain mindset, and we want tough guys. We want guys that will do their job, but guys that will have their eyes where they're supposed to be when they're supposed to be there [and] tackle, play hard. But guys that can the ball off receivers, those are all things that you look for." 

(on what made the plays the offense made work so well)"The schemes were great. I felt like they did a great job, and Todd [Monken] deserves credit. Matter of fact, Todd got a game ball with the offensive coaches in there. So, that was great and he had a few choice words for the guys, which was fun, as you can imagine. But it was execution, too. Those plays are great plays, but they were executed well. It starts with the quarterback. Lamar [Jackson] in and out of the huddle executing the way that he did. How about the pass protection? The offensive line deserves a ton of credit. That was a really good pass rush team, a power-rushing team who wants to knock you back into the quarterback and cage rush the quarterback, and Lamar had plenty of time back there."  

(on what optimism he has with the flexibility of the offense) "That's a good thing for you guys to think about and write about. You'll come up with some great stat [or] analysis that will be really interesting, and I'll read it. I'll read it, and it'll be cool. But really, all we're going to be thinking about is Arizona. So all we're going to be thinking about is the Cardinals." 


(on if today's performance was more in line with what the Ravens are capable of)"Yes, that was a … I think we played really well. It was efficient ball, consistent ball, and guys made plays left and right – everybody on the field. We have a lot of dangerous playmakers, so when we do that – we're efficient – it's hard to stop, and I think you saw that [in] the first four drives." 

(on if he had any extra motivation with today being National Tight Ends Day)"For me, we had a … More importantly, we had a little boy in our facility this week, Isaac [Lopez] – I'm wearing an Isaac band – and I had met him a few years back in [Los Angeles], and he was going through a hard time. Life is not fair, and he really touched me, and it was awesome to see him this week. So, I told him that we were going to go out, and I was going to get him some touchdowns and win this game. [I'm] just extremely blessed to be able to see him [and] see how strong he is right now. The message is [to] just continue to fight – just continue to fight and be happy. People are going through things in life, and just take it day by day and just be happy you're alive and taking a breath, like he [is]." 

(on how on point he believes QB Lamar Jackson was today)"[Lamar Jackson] was slinging it. Man, he was on the money all day – 'Money Lamar.' Yes, at times, just extending drives if he had to, but [his] ball placement was incredible." 

(on if he was surprised that the Lions' coverage wasn't tighter)"I think that [the Lions] played hard. They're a good team, and I think we took advantage of whatever 'Monk' [offensive coordinator Todd Monken] saw. He called a really good gameplan. So, I think guys made plays." 

(on what this performance does to the offense moving forward)"I think it's time. You talked about the time of year that it is; it's time to separate and become the team that you want to be. If we can continue to stack, continue to get better and take it week by week … Now we're focused on Arizona and hopefully become even a better team this week than we were during this game. So, that's our goal every week – is to get better." 

(on if you have to put great performances behind you in order to move forward, as well)"Yes, I'm going to … My mom and dad are in town – and my girlfriend – so I'm going to celebrate that. I'm already looking onto Arizona; I'm excited about that – to go home and play a good game. This is a big game for us, and no one in this locker room or this organization is going to take this lightly." 

(on if the offense is getting more in sync under offensive coordinator Todd Monken)"Today was lights out – just by Lamar [Jackson], Coach 'Monk' [offensive coordinator Todd Monken] – from the top down on the offensive side of the ball. Those two guys were elite." 

(on if it said anything about the Ravens to beat the 5-1 Lions by 32 points)"Yes, I think guys were ready [and] prepared. I think someone mentioned earlier … [With] the whole week in London and getting back here, I think guys did a great job of getting their sleep, getting right, being pros, and it showed today. [It was] lights out [in] all three phases. Defense – shout out to them. [They are] lockdown every game. It's every game [where] they're just bringing it. So, we've got a dangerous team, and [I'm] excited. Like I said, [it's] just week by week." 

(on how he would rate the offense's performance)"Ten, man. Ten." 


(on what it's like for the offense to come together) "I just think we executed very well. That's one of the games where we put everything together. I think we definitely showcased that today." 

(on what was special about today's game and if he knew anything beforehand)"No, stuff just takes time. You have to be patient, we really had a good week of practice [and] good preparation. We just came out there, and we played all four quarters. I think we showed them.) 

(on if this game was a statement game after the first four drives being touchdowns) "No, it was just another game for us, another workday. We knew we had business to take care of. Our No. 1 goal was just coming out with a 'W,' and I guess that's just what it looked like." 


(on his thoughts on today's game)"It was a great feeling. I think this may have been the best game we have played on offense, but we still have a lot of work to do. It just feels great to make plays and help the team." 

(on his 80-yard catch and run) "It was crazy. I had a choice to make whether to block the rusher or get open. So, I decided to get open and I knew once I got open, there would be nobody there. I wish I would have scored on that." 

(on the teams' preparation for this past week from a three-game road trip) "We are coming into the meat of it all right now. We knew we had to dig in and we have a couple of West Coast games coming up. So, just get over the hump. This is a really important part of our season. I thought we reacted well off of the long trip from London. We had a great week of practice. Practice has really been great. I wish you guys could see it, so you know what I am talking about. But we were flying around at practice this week, and it showed up today." 

(on correcting the mistakes from a couple of weeks ago with the dropped passes) "Everybody was really accountable for the offense. We saw a lot of guys taking extra catches after practice. Just credit to the team and just how much everyone takes it to heart so that we can bounce back. We still have a lot of work to do to reach our potential." 

(on how much more potential he thinks this offense has) "It's never going to stop. We are never going to stop. In the first half we were almost perfect, but we still put the ball on the ground. We're going to keep chasing perfection. We're going to keep chasing it." 

(on the play of the offensive line) "They are buying in. We have an opportunity to go in there with the offensive line and talk about pass protection, the responsibilities they have, and just calling it out. Credit to them for their hard work. They played a great game today and also in the run game. There were a lot of holes out there, a lot of yards out there. So, big credit to them." 


(on what beating the Detroit Lions by 32 points means for this Ravens team)"When we're doing what we're supposed to do, the sky's the limit for us. We just showed a glimpse today, I believe." 

(on why he does not seem happy after his performance)"I believe, when you're playing regular season games, you should be OK. We're winning. I'm alright with winning, but still it's [the] regular season. We made strides for improvement last week and earlier in the season. I believe we did, but it's just one regular season game." 

(on the confidence level in the first half after scoring on their first four drives)"Just keep being consistent and keep doing what we're doing. We had one hiccup – me and Justice [Hill] - but we talked about it on the sideline, and we shouldn't be having that problem anymore. Little stuff like that – that's why I'm not pleased with the win, because we were trying to strive for it. Every drive we were going to score [and] put points on the board, but we didn't because of that fumble. It's pretty good [that] we got the win, so I'm satisfied." 

(on seeing the offense getting closer to what the team wants it to be like) "It's pretty good. That's what we expected. That's what we expect out of each other [for] our offense to be moving the ball down the field [with] no problem and putting points on the board. But, we need to just keep being consistent. That's the biggest aspect I got out of this game." 

(on if this offensive performance is what you envisioned the offense to look like under offensive coordinator Todd Monken) "Yes, but we just need to keep doing it week in and week out – not just one game, and [then] next week or the following week, it's 'Oh, where did the offense go?' Stuff like that. I don't like seeing stuff and hearing stuff like that, because I believe we have a great offense." 

(on how important his rushing touchdown was on fourth down in the first quarter in setting the tone for the game)"I wasn't expecting [it], because all season I don't believe we had won a coin toss. I said this last week when we played Tennessee on the sideline – I'm like, 'We haven't won a coin toss, and we're getting the ball first every game.' When we won it [the coin toss], I was expecting the defense to go out there. Then, 'Snoop' [Tyler Huntley] told me 'We're out there first.' I was cool with it, but we just had to be focused and that's what we did today. We were focused a lot [and] sharp, I believe, but we just have to keep doing it." 

(on if he felt he had all day to throw the ball)"First of all, Detroit [Lions] has a great defensive line, while I believe our offensive line blocked their tails off - 'Mo' [Morgan Moses], 'Ty' [Tyler Linderbaum], John [Simpson], [Kevin] Zeitler, Ronnie [Stanley] – those guys blocked their tails off. With the time that I had, I just had to get my receivers, tight ends, running backs, fullback the ball – the great location. The sky's the limit for our offense. We just need to keep doing it." 

(on if the 80-yard pass to RB Gus Edwards was himself making the play or if offensive coordinator Todd Monken schemed it up)"Actually, yes. It was schemed up." (laughter) "I'm going to say it was schemed up. We had success with it. It was schemed up. I don't want to give it away, but hats off to Gus [Edwards] for … He helped me [by] keeping his head up and doing what he's supposed to do." 


(on what he saw from the Ravens defense overall during the game) "Our collective effort was great. The secondary played great. [On] defense, I felt like we played – on the defensive line – just in sync, in terms of the pass rush and stuff like that [and] stopping the run early, lowering their confidence. [Defensive coordinator] Mike [Macdonald] reiterated all the time throughout the week that if you startle [Jared] Goff early, he starts to get panicky; That's exactly what happened. I feel like we just did a good job. It was just a great team win." 

(on if the defense built on their momentum when they got to QB Jared Goff more and more throughout the game)"Yes, 100%. One thing that he [Jared Goff] is, he's an accurate thrower, so we did know that we had to get him startled. We had to run games. We had to make it confusing up front, and that's what we did early. [The] offense is doing a hell of a job putting it down their throat and scoring touchdowns. That definitely helped us as a whole team just win." 

(on how he continues to build on his performance each week and how comfortable and excited he is)"Just the little details like in practice – 'J.D.' [Jadeveon Clowney] and Kyle Van Noy kept reiterating to me. They were kind of bullying me throughout the week like, 'Pick the hip, pick the hip' on those technique games. When I do it, it gets me free; those little things just keep stacking. [We] just keep believing in each other. That's how we win games, and that's what we did today." 


(on the overall game)"There are a lot of things that we feel like we can still get better at, and that's the beauty of it. For us, we fixed some things that we lacked last week, which was [executing] in the red zone and things like that. So, being able to drive the ball down the field and execute in the red zone was vital for us. Every week [there] is something we need to work on, so we just have to continue stacking the days and keep finishing." 

(on if he sensed anything during practice that week that things were clicking) "[We were] focused. I can tell you right now, [we were] focused throughout the week, just in walk-throughs [and] in meetings. Players [were] asking questions [and] clarifying what things need to be done [and] what things need to be fixed. I think when you can do that as a collective group, you're always striving to get better, and that's our thing. We played a great game this week, and now we have to go out there and do it next week as well." 

(on largely rendering DL Aidan Hutchinson on Sunday) "[Aidan Hutchinson] is a great talent, but I think when the guys focus up like that … And like I said, it's a collective group, so when a receiver is running wide open and making plays, and Lamar [Jackson] is getting us in the right protections, and [offensive coordinator] Todd [Monken] is calling a [heck] of a game, that's what it looks like. The ball is coming out. Guys can't get to [Lamar Jackson] if the ball is coming out. So, shout out to Lamar. Obviously, he's doing a phenomenal job. We just have to keep on stacking these. Next week is going to be another challenge, and we just have to take that head on." 


(on)"We just played our style of football. Honestly, [hearing] all the talk around the league how we might not be the best defense, we might not have the best offense, or we might not be the best team in the NFL, obviously, there was a lot of talk that they were the best team in the NFL. The whole time, we were just like, 'Let's focus on us. Let's do our thing. Let's go out there, try to get the stops [and] stop the run.' We knew what they were going to do, so [we] just [had to] go out there and play our style of football." 

(on what the defense did up front to confuse the Lions offense) "Nothing. We just did our stuff. We just ran our plays [and] did it to the best of our abilities. We let guys go rush, did what they had to do and we just dropped back in coverage and did what we did. That's how it works. Lock guys down and let guys get their sacks. When they get their sacks, we locked them down. It all works together." 

(on his view of QB Lamar Jackson's performance) "We know our guys can do that week in and week out. That's why we were so frustrated as a team, because we know our potential, we know what we can do [and] we know how dangerous we can be. We talked to [Lamar Jackson] coming off the field just now, and we were like, 'We just have to be better. We just have to be consistent. We can't just be up and down all the time. We just have to be consistent week in and week out.'" 

(on how it feels to be playing at home after three games on the road) "It definitely feels lovely. I was at the hotel I was [staying] in, like 'This is so weird.' It doesn't even feel normal, but I definitely loved it." 

(on if having Terrell Suggs and other Ravens Legends here inspired the team to perform)"Yes, of course. Just growing up watching those guys, how they ball out ... For them being at the game, and it being such a special game for [Terrell Suggs], we definitely wanted to go out there and perform. We didn't want to lose on our home field while he was having his introduction, so it was definitely a high bit of motivation." 


(on how he would describe the overall effort)"It was pretty amazing. Like we said all week, we just came out and did what we had to do, and just played our style of defense. We just know they haven't faced a defense yet like ours." 

(on how it feels when both your offense and defense are clicking)"It's an amazing feeling, and that should be the feeling all the time. We have a huge amount of faith in the offense, as well as a huge amount of faith in us on the defense, so we just have to come out [and] play to the best of our ability. I feel like if we do that, the sky is the limit for us both." 

(on what this win says about the team and this defense) "If I recall, I think earlier in the week, I said I'm from the 'show me' business. A lot of things happened here and there, but you have to show me once we're on the field. I don't believe in all the things you hear and say. Like I said, that team hadn't been tested just yet, so that's what it was." 

(on if that was their version of "showing" the Lions)"I'll let you be the judge [of that], you know. I think the score is the judge, as well as … They got cheap yards at the end, but hats off to just the way we played as a team, and I'm just proud to be a part of it."

(on if this was a statement to show everybody the Ravens defense is really good) "Well, [it's] a statement for the outside, I guess, who don't quite know exactly what we're about, but as far as the guys in the locker room, we had faith all week. From Monday, late – once we got back from London – we knew exactly what we had at hand, and we just went out, handled business, accordingly, from Monday until Sunday. We finished it up, will enjoy tonight and move onto Arizona." 

(on how the team responded after the London trip last week)"It was an awesome time over in London. We got the win, and you know, some people make excuses, and some don't. So, I'm not in the excuse-making business, nor are the guys that are in this locker room. So, we'll go out, do what we have to do and handle business accordingly." 

(on what it meant to perform well in front of many Ravens Legends who were in attendance for the Terrell Suggs Ring of Honor ceremony) "It's an amazing feeling, just knowing [that] those guys came before us and set the standard, what it means to play as a Raven, as a Ravens defense, as well. The way those guys played … It means a lot to just be able to go out [and] perform in front of those legends. Everything they've done to set up [and] have the name that they have in coming from those guys. It was an amazing feeling. I'm just happy we were able to take care of business and play Ravens' style in front of those guys." 

(on if this performance supports the fact that the defense doesn't have any weaknesses)"I think, if you look at it, every single week that we play, there are little things that are going to happen. That's just part of being in the league. Those guys get paychecks as well, and they're some of the best in the business. But, yes, the way I look at it, from top to bottom, the D-line, linebackers [and] secondary, I don't really see any weaknesses. If we're all on our game, it's very hard to move the ball on us, especially score [on us]. I know they got that one [touchdown] late, but hey, live to see another day. We'll bounce back." 


(on his interception)"It was fourth down and we were playing deep. To be honest with you, I probably should have batted that one down. That's what they told me afterwards. But when the ball is in the air like that, you just think takeaway." 

(on preparation for the game) "We had a great gameplan and we executed it the best we can. We knew where they wanted to go in certain situations, and we just went out there to play ball and show who was better than the next person. We gave up a few plays later, but in the first half, we took care of business. Great defensive effort." 

(on today's game being a complete effort) "The game turned into a passing game, and I liked that because the rush was getting there, and it flustered him [QB Jared Goff]. In a situation like that, for me, I like that because he was overthrowing the ball and that is an opportunity for takeaways." 

(on the Ravens offense) "You saw how explosive they can be, and I think they are just getting started. We still have a long way to go, we have a lot of room for growth, and I think we are headed that way." 

(on whether this was a statement game for the Ravens) "Take it as you want to take it, but we are going to go back to work, no matter what people say." 

(on his thoughts on playing in front of former Ravens OLB Terrell Suggs and Ravens Ring of Honor members today)"It's always an honor to see the Ravens legends come back, especially when they are put in the Ring of Honor. Putting on a show for them feels great; makes us proud." 


(on what a game is like when the defense is consistently shutting down the opposing offense and the offense is scoring on every drive like in the first half)"Honestly – I'm not trying to be disrespectful – that's a [butt]-whooping. I say that in the nicest way possible. I've been on the other end of that a couple times, and it's just one of those games. Detroit is better than that, and this one got away quickly. I think we took it to them really, really early, and we showed up. I think a lot of people were touting them this week, and the Baltimore Ravens' defense, we came together like we should. We held it down [in] the first half for sure, and then the offense started off strong. Give credit to [offensive coordinator] Todd [Monken] with that fourth-and-one call with 'L.J.' [Lamar Jackson] scoring. That was an elite play. When you start of like that – [with the score at] 7-0 – it feels really good." 

(on how he has been able to jump in with the defense and play like he has been with the team for multiple years)"Honestly, it's been like this my whole career. I've been underrated on a lot of people's underrated lists. I'm just thankful for my teammates. They've been really helpful for me – the coaches. [It's] just a great environment. Ozzie [Newsome] – we've talked a little bit, and he's been awesome to me. Just everybody in the building's been very positive, and [I] just still got it. [It's] kind of like [New York Giants guard] Justin Pugh said, 'Straight off the couch'. I believe that. I've known that I can play for a long time, and I'm just happy the Ravens needed me. It was a good marriage, and things are going really [well] right now." 

(on what it meant for him to play in front of Terrell Suggs and other Ravens legends)"It's just an honor having their presence here [and] having my cousin, Haloti [Ngata], here [and] seeing him. [He's] just an awesome guy. [I] got to see Todd Heap and [Marshal] Yanda [and] guys that I've played against. Honestly, it's awesome to see Terrell Suggs. He looked really good out there. [It] looked like the crowd was really receptive, and it was 'Ball So Hard University' today, and we had to put on [a show] for him."

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