Transcripts: Ravens Postgame Quotes (11/12)


Opening Statement:"Obviously, [it was a] disappointing loss, but we're still grateful for the opportunity to have a chance to compete in a game like that. Glory to God for that, a chance to go out there and be a part of a game like that. I'm proud of our guys. I thought we played very hard, we fought [and] we competed, but we did not play well enough. We did not play the kind of winning football that we need to play to win a game like that. [There were] different situations, all three phases and the coaching staff, so we have to put behind us. It's a long season in the NFL. You have games like this. You do lose games like this in this league, and we have to bounce back and play our best football on Thursday night. What questions do you have?"

(on if he's disappointed the team wasn't able to stop the run in the fourth quarter)"Sure. That's something that would have been very valuable in this game to stop the run better, and you get the run game going just a little bit better, but we weren't able to do it. We tried, but we weren't able to." 

(on RB Keaton Mitchell not playing as much in the second half and if it was due to play calling or just how the game went or injury) "No, it's just kind of the way it went as far as the play calling. It wasn't a part of the plan or anything like that."

(on injury updates with CB Marlon Humphrey and T Ronnie Stanley)"I don't have any updates on that right now."

(on the defense having trouble defending the Browns in the middle of the field and if there was anything specific the offense was doing to create those issues) "Yes, we didn't play our specific zone coverages there – our split safety coverages very well, and that's what happened."

(on QB Deshaun Watson going up the middle a lot in the game) "A big part of the emphasis in the plan was to keep him in the pocket, retrace [and] tackle him coming back on the middle. When he took off – we call it the front door – that's when he ran, and we didn't want to let him get out of there, but he still did it. So, that's something that was disappointing." 

(on what was the difference in this game compared to other games where the team has gotten the lead and kept the lead) "You saw the fourth quarter and the plays that were made. The plays that were made, and we weren't able to finish it in terms of offensively, the one drive late in the fourth quarter where we had to punt and then not getting them stopped and the turnovers. That's it, that's the plays that were made in the game." 

(on S Kyle Hamilton's pick-6 and breaking the streak of not having a Ravens' defensive touchdown since 2021) "I'm sure for Kyle [Hamilton], it's great. It's great to see it. Those kinds of individual things are valued, but when you don't win the game, it's not something that you think about as much. I'm sure he's not thinking about it much either. I'm sure he'll look back at it someday and be proud of that."


(on what crossed his mind as the Browns' game-winning kick went through the uprights)"It's just tough, obviously – starting fast and [with] guys making plays. You just wish, down the line, that some things went a little bit differently than they did, but that's the way football goes. We learn, we grow. I'm still proud of the way the guys fought and everything. All that being said, [with] everything that could have gone wrong [and] all of the stuff that could have been done better, we were still in this game, [and] we were in control of this game. We'll look to grow from this in the future."

(on the Browns defense, particularly in the second half)"They are a good defense. They play up, tough, [and] they've got really good players. I think it's more about us than anything."

(on if not being able to finish the game strong makes this loss even tougher)"Yes, you get put in a situation where it's kind of a dog fight, [and] it's a close game; these are the types of games that you've got to win [and] you've got to be great at. Everyone has got to lock in. No matter what happens in the first half, third quarter or however much you're up by, when it comes to that fourth quarter, it's time to go."

(on what it's like trying to grab the momentum back when he can feel it slipping away)"I think we had [the momentum] the whole time. It felt like we had control of the game. It's just [about] making plays [and] not making mistakes. We hurt ourselves a lot."

(on why he thinks the Ravens couldn't seal the victory, despite a two-TD lead)"Just mistakes. I think it's a culmination of everything. We need to … Talk about putting teams down when they're down, we should have done that. But even if it gets close at the end, it's about doing our job, not making mistakes and playing the best football that we can, because we're a hard team to beat. We were still in this. But we had plenty of chances to win this game, even [with] all the things that went wrong."

(on if losing a game that felt controlled by the Ravens makes the defeat even more frustrating)"Yes, yes. It's tough. But we live, we grow, we get better. Every team is tested, and we're getting tested. So, [I'm] excited for this next week."

(on if the quick turnaround means there is no time to dwell on this loss)"I'm looking ahead. Yes, I'm excited [and] looking ahead. It's all about taking care of your body, being a pro and going onto the next one. I'm not dwelling in the past, but learning, and I think we will."

(on the challenge of T Ronnie Stanley possibly missing some game action moving forward)"Obviously, Ronnie [Stanley] is a centerpiece of what we do. I don't know what's going on with him. But he's a fighter, he's a tough guy, and he's been through a lot, so I'm praying for him."


(on how he's feeling heath-wise) "I'm OK. I'm good."

(on how tough the loss is knowing the team let the game slip away at the end) "[It's] very tough. These [are] games you're supposed to win. Our offense scored 30 points. We were supposed to win this game."

(on what he saw from his former teammate Browns QB Deshaun Watson today) "[Deshaun Watson] was doing what he's been doing all year [which is] extending plays [with] the ball coming out quick. When they get it, they get it out, but other than that, he was making plays with his legs, running around the backfield and [doing] what they paid him for. [He's] doing what they paid him for."

(on if he was rushing from the opposite side because it was easier on his elbow) "No. We just take turns out there, me and Odafe [Oweh] and 'K.V.' [Kyle Van Noy] and whoever else goes in the game. I let them decide what side they want to go to, and I go to the opposite [side]."

(on what he saw from the Browns' run game) "They had some great calls. They were getting on the edges with gap schemes [and] pulling schemes, hooking the [defensive] ends with the tight ends, and we were missing a lot of tackles today. We missed more tackles. So, that's part of the game."

(on if he would say the team wasn't as locked in towards the end of the game) "I'm not going to say that. I'm not going to say that we weren't locked in. I felt, at halftime, I thought we were in a good spot coming out. Things just started going their way, and they started moving the ball on us. We can't really point out one thing or point at ourselves for one thing. It was a total defensive effort for what was going on out there. It wasn't one person's fault or anything. It was just … They get paid, too."

(on if it's good to have another game soon)"It's pretty good. We'll move forward [and] get on from this one. Of course, we have to watch the tape [and] learn from our mistakes, because the next team is probably going to pull stuff from this game, so they can move the ball on us. So, we'll have to learn from it and move on."


(on not being able to put the game away)"We've just got to play better – me included. I've got to make more plays on the ground."

(on what made this game against Cleveland tougher than the Week 4 matchup)"They gave us some different looks, but I feel like we still could have … We didn't play to our potential, and we've just got to play better than today."

(on letting this one slip away)"When we've got the lead like that, we've got to put it away, and we failed to do that today. We'll get back in the building, and we've got a quick one that's going to come really fast on Thursday, so short-term memory, and we've got to get back in the lab."

(on if the short turnaround and having no time to dwell on this loss helps)"There's no time to dwell [and] no excuses. Thursday night is another big one for us, so we've got make the best of it."

(on if this defeat feels similar to the Ravens' two other losses this season)"No. This game meant a lot, and we didn't play how we were supposed to play. So, all we can do now is just move on to the next week. We've got the Bengals next week. They're going to come with it, and we've got to play our best football."

(on RB Keaton Mitchell's performance)"[Keaton Mitchell] is doing great. He's playing great football right now. Next week, I know we're going to keep getting him more involved in the offense."


(on his pick-six on the second play of the game) "I blitzed. We were in, like we teach in practice, and luckily [it] bounced towards the end zone, and [I] just ran under it [and] scored."

(on what it was like to have no one around him when he scored) "Just go score, and [I didn't] have a lot of thoughts, honestly, at that point. It was a good start to the game, but it seems like it was a long time ago right now."

(on how tough the loss is to swallow) "We expect to come out and win every game, especially at home. [Give] credit to [the Cleveland Browns]. They fought the whole game. It's another hard lesson to learn. [We] just have to treat the scoreboard like 0-0 at all times. [I] feel like we could've done a better job of that, just intensity-wise, but [there's] a lot of stuff to work on. Luckily, we have a game on Thursday to fix it."

(on how much he felt the team let a big opportunity get away with a division race on the line) "That was a big game – a division game at home. I think we're all pretty much tied for the division [lead] now. That just goes to show how tough our division is as a whole, top to bottom. [It] makes Thursday that much more important. Not that it wasn't already, but we have [the] Cincinnati [Bengals] coming in here, and [we] have to get that win."

(on how the defense handled the Cleveland Browns' physicality with their running game and TE David Njoku's yards after contact) "I don't think there was a question of physicality at all. It's just little things that, like you said, yards after [the] catch. That's more just tackling and good technique. I think [at the] point of attack, I thought we were moving their line of scrimmage back. [It] was just tough to get [them] down at times, and [Deshaun Watson] did a good job getting out of the pocket [and] making plays. Credit to them. They fought back and won the game."


(on what the Cleveland Browns did defensively to slow him down)"[It was the] defensive line. Hats off to Myles Garrett [and] those guys, Za'Darius [Smith]. Both of those guys were doing a lot of T-stunts and playing good defense."

(on the reasons the team couldn't finish the game off after being up by 14 points in the fourth quarter) "That pick-six, the tipped ball – that's unfortunate – that pick-six. We just have to finish the game. Like you said, we were up 14 points. We just have to finish like we've been doing."

(on what he saw on his pick-six in the fourth quarter)"The guy [Ogbo Okoronkwo] just tipped the ball. [I] saw Pat [Ricard] was open in the flat. The guy tipped the ball, and the ball just flew 10 yards in the air. [Greg Newsome II] made a great play on the ball and just scored."

(on the opportunity the team had that they let slip through their fingers) "We just know we have another division opponent [in the Cincinnati Bengals] this Thursday, so we have to win this game [and] see the [Pittsburgh] Steelers again. [We] have to win this game and defend the [AFC] North. That's what we have going so far."

(on how tough it was for depth tackles Patrick Mekari and Daniel Faalele to protect him against the Cleveland Browns' defensive front)"It's tough, [especially for] one of the young guys [Daniel Faalele] out there, but at the same time, it's the NFL. I believe our [offensive] line's prepared to play."

(on if the loss stirred from a cumulative effect of losing CB Marlon Humphrey and T Ronnie Stanley to injuries during the game from a leadership perspective) "Similar things happen like that. It's the NFL. We can't control injuries. We try our best to do it, but sometimes it happens, and I don't know. I believe we could've still finished the game with those guys being out, because we've done it throughout the season."

(on his interception in the second quarter and his noticeable reaction after the play expecting something different)"[I] failed at the ball. I have to put more power behind the velocity on that ball. It was an underthrown pass."

(on if the offense ever got into a rhythm that he wanted throughout the game) "We had glimpses of it, but we were on the sidelines [for] so long. It was cold. Those guys were trying to keep us off the field, but it's football. Every Sunday isn't going to be our day. Today, it wasn't."


(on what the Browns did to make their running game so effective today)"[There were] a lot of QB scrambles. That's something that throughout the week we were emphasizing on to stop, and we didn't do that. We have to learn from it. We have to do better, and we have to move on, because we have another opponent coming into our house trying to take what we're going to get to and allow that to happen. But we have to learn from it, for sure. It's a definitely a loss that shouldn't have happened. Every week you're supposed to come [and] bring your best, and we didn't do that today, so we have to get better."

(on why the Browns' QB scrambles were effective, despite it being a priority for the defense)"I guess, we just didn't execute the way that we were supposed to, and they took advantage of that. They capitalized on it." 

(on if QB Deshaun Watson found his rhythm as the game went on)"That's what it looked like. That's what it looked like. Yes, that's what it looked like, and it's just disappointing. But we have to learn from it and get better, because we have a game in like – I don't know – 85, 90 hours from now." 

(on what's going through his mind) "We weren't - and I think can speak for everybody – when Kyle [Hamilton] had that pick on the second play and [Keaton] Mitchell ran in for a touchdown, nobody thought that they were going to win the game and that's what happened. So, it's definitely just shocking [and] frustrating, but it's the NFL – you have to bring your best game forward every Sunday and we didn't do that today. We're going to get better. That's what we're going to do. That's one thing I know."

(on if he feels like the team was physically outplayed at the line of scrimmage) "No, we just didn't stop No. 4 [Deshaun Watson] from scrambling. He's elusive with his legs. He was hurt a little bit earlier, so we thought maybe he would slow down, [but] he didn't, and that's just what it was." 

(on how big of a challenge it could be if CB Marlon Humphrey misses time) "Marlon [Humphrey] is one of our best players, but next man up. We have a lot of great players on our team. Everybody knows Marlon. Everybody knows he's a playmaker [and] great in coverage and everything, but if he's down, [it's] the next man up, and the next guy behind him is great, too. On defense, we're stacked, so I'm not worried about it at all, honestly."


(on the loss)"We could do better. Every game, win or lose, you always have things to look at and things to get better on. We have a short week. [It's] time to put this behind us and focus on Cincinnati."

(on his TD run) "When I got the ball, I just saw a big hole, and I let my speed work." 

(on how he was overlooked in the draft) "My size."(Laughter)"I guess my size. I don't know. I don't really pay attention to all that. I'm here now, so it's time to make a name for myself." 

(on if he could have imagined this for himself after coming back from injury and making a big impact in the middle of the season) "Every day, we just go out there and work hard; whatever happens, happens. I have a great group of guys in the room. We all push each other. So, every game, they'll get our best."

(on not playing as much in the second half) "It was just going by personnel. That's really just it." 


(on playing against QB Deshaun Watson for the first time this season)"[Deshaun Watson] made some key plays late in the fourth. He's the heart and soul of their offense, but yes, he came up big. We fell short. That's what it comes down to."

(on being up 14 points in the fourth quarter and the reason they weren't able to close the game)"We just didn't make the plays that we needed to make, [like] execution, just getting off the field. Yes, [we] just didn't make the plays we needed to make."

(on if there were issues with communication, execution and split-field coverages during the game) "We'll have to go look at it on film and make those corrections, and then just go from there."

(on if having a performance like this is hard to wrap his mind around) "It's definitely frustrating, but we can't really hang our heads on this one. We have a short week. Our mindset is always [to] improve who we are, so we're going to have that same mindset going into Thursday and be ready to play."

(on how tough the turnaround will be for Thursday Night Football knowing what happened in the AFC North today)"This game is over. Like you said, it's a quick turnaround, but we'll be ready."

(on the challenges of playing without CB Marlon Humphrey) "'Marlo' [Marlon Humphrey] is a big piece of this defense, but the next man in has to step up, so regardless of who it is that's in there, we just have to [think] next man up and just go play."

(on what the team can learn about itself from a loss like this)"It's all about responding now. Like I said, this one is over with. We'll learn from it. We know that wasn't our best performance, but it's still a long season, and we just have to go win next week."

(on if he gets a sense that the Cleveland Browns are a team that's hard to put away late in a game)"No. Like I said, we didn't make the plays that we needed to make. It has nothing to do with them. It's us, but yes, they made the plays they needed to make, and they came up big, and we came up short. That's all it is."

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