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Transcripts: Ravens Postgame Quotes (12/10)


Opening statement: "[It was] just a tremendous [and] amazing victory. Congratulations to our players for making plays when they had to be made and also to the [Los Angeles] Rams. That's a really good football team. Sean [McVay] had those guys ready to play. They played great football. [Matthew] Stafford, [Aaron] Donald, the defense – every one of their players played great football the whole game. It was a hard-fought win.

The other thing I want to share with you is what we shared with the team this week and what was talked about [which was] the time of year, and the fact that there are moments in life, and this is your time. Five 
hundred years from now, none of us are going to be around. Five hundred years [ago], none of us were here, so we're given this time with these people in this place for a purpose. There's December, and the 
time is December. December football has a meaning to it. It's preparation for great events to come. You have to put yourself in position with December football for what's to come. It's also the Advent season. 
Advent comes from the Latin [word] 'adventos,' which means anticipation and preparation for an amazing event, which is the coming of our Savior and celebrating the Christ – the Good News that changes the world and changes it for all eternity. 

I think our guys showed an amazing display of December football, and it was pretty darn exciting, wasn't it? I was talking into the [headsets] to myself and shut the deal off so no one could hear me, and I just said, 'Well, there is nothing you could do right now.' I guess I was talking to God, and I said, 'You know, overtime and the end of the game football, it's a players' game. The game belongs to the players, and players will find a way to step up and make plays.' That's how these games are won, and that's what our guys did. That's the amazing event that I'm talking about this December in this game in this stadium today – December football. I just couldn't be more proud of those guys, because it was mountains and valleys. There were peaks and there were lows in that game. It's the National Football League in December against 
a very worthy opponent, and our guys just weathered all those storms – figuratively and literally – out there and found a way to make those plays to win the game at the end. As a coach, there's nothing better 
than that. What questions do you have?"

Who reminded you that amidst the celebration at the end of the game that you had to go shake the opposing coach Sean McVay's hand? (Mike Preston) "Here's what happened. I ran all the way down 
there, and I tried to get involved [with the celebration]. I was diving over the top of the pile and everything, and it was fast. I went really fast. I jumped around, and I lost my headset. I think God probably reminded 
me – the Holy Spirit, maybe something. It was a small, still voice in my head [that] said, 'You still have to go shake hands with Sean [McVay],' who's my friend. So, I ran back and my legs – my lactic acid had built 
up, and I had nothing left." (laughter) "I cramped up on the way back, but he was gracious enough to wait for me, which I appreciate."

You say that football is a players' game. What does it mean to a team when a player like WR Tylan Wallace makes the game-winning play? (Shawn Stepner) "That, to me, is a really great point, because 
you're talking about amazing events. That's the beauty of football. That's the amazing thing about football. It is the ultimate team game. The guys were so happy for Tylan [Wallace] in the locker room. You'll see the celebration in the locker room after the game with all the water [spraying] and everything and the guys going crazy. When you see it, you're going to know exactly what I'm talking about. That celebration right there is what it means."

Why was WR Tylan Wallace chosen as the punt returner to replace WR Devin Duvernay after he went down with an injury? (Bo Smolka) "[Tylan Wallace] was our guy. That was already set. That was the pecking order, so to speak. The other person in there is Zay Flowers, which we did talk about and considered putting Zay out there, too. But Tylan – here's a veteran player, [a] fourth-year guy who's been through it. We just felt like – it wasn't a conscious thing – we just felt like he deserved it. He was ready for that moment. Now, did [we] think he was going to take it back to the house? No, but I thought he'd catch 
it [and] maybe make a guy miss. You could see how tough it was to catch those punts out there [in the weather today]. Another amazing event [in] Advent."

Can you think of a regular season win you got caught up in emotionally as much as this one? (Kyle Goon)
"I can't. I don't know. This was really special. I don't know why it was so emotional – this one. I don't have any idea why. There's probably no logic to it. It just was."

Given what this team can do, do you like having this euphoric moment where you pull yourself out of the fire in a non-routine win? Is there something to be said for this win in the story of your season? (Childs Walker) "It's a chapter written in the story, and we'll see. That's the thing. It's like, 'Will we be looking back on this moment saying it was a galvanizing moment?' The team has been galvanized, so maybe the galvanization is reflected in a moment like this for everybody to see. I think the guys all know that already, but we have a really tough game in Jacksonville coming up on Sunday night. That's what we'll 
be thinking about after we get back to work. For now, we're all going to go have a nice evening."

What did you think of QB Lamar Jackson's performance throughout the game, especially on the last touchdown drive in the rainy conditions? (Cliff Brown) "Lamar [Jackson] deserves so much credit. You forget Lamar sometimes. All these other things are happening, and we're not going to talk about Lamar Jackson who drove the offense. Then, guys stepped up and made plays. His poise in the pocket – how 
about the offensive line? There were times when he had a lot of time back there in the pocket and could search things out. I give [the Los Angeles Rams' pass] coverage a lot of credit, too, but our guys … [He] 
runs around, scrambles [and] finds guys downfield. He's a very unique player, and most of the time it works out really great just like any player. He's one of a kind. There's nobody like Lamar Jackson."

Are there any injury updates on S Kyle Hamilton and WR Devin Duvernay? (Jeff Zrebiec) "Kyle [Hamilton] and Devin [Duvernay] are both being evaluated right now, so we'll see tomorrow."

What does WR Tylan Wallace's ability to not go down on the sideline during his punt return for a touchdown say about him as a player from where he has come from trying to make the team during training camp up to now? (Brian Wacker) "I think that's a great point. To me, words couldn't express what it says. It says what you see, and you see it. That says it all, and I think that point right there that you 
just made is it. That's the beauty of this whole thing. That's why we're riveted by the game [and] by the players who play the game and their stories. I just love it. To me, [it's] Advent – amazing events."

What was the significance of the final touchdown drive of regulation? Was WR Zay Flowers the first option on the two-point conversion? (Jonas Shaffer) "The first option was the flat [route] to Isaiah [Likely], and then Lamar [Jackson] held it. It looked like he might've gotten it in there for the two-point [conversion] now, but Lamar – I guess he wanted to make sure. He has so much poise. The [final touchdown] drive – the long yardage, the touchdown pass on the third-and-long. That was an incredible 
throw [and] an incredible catch – Zay [Flowers] making that grab like that on the run and then the two-point play. It's, like I said, Lamar."

What did you see on Los Angeles Rams' WR Demarcus Robinson's touchdown catch that made you challenge the play despite not being allowed to challenge scoring plays? (Cordell Woodland) "It was more about getting the timeout. I thought maybe [Demarcus Robinson] stepped out of bounds. I know [the replay officials] look at that, but really what it was, was just getting organized [on defense] for the 
two-point play call. They go fast in those now. They don't give you time, really. We all did, but I really wanted to make sure we had the right call, so that's a way to get a timeout there [throwing the red flag] from 20 yards away."

What was the explanation on QB Lamar Jackson's sack in the fourth quarter where it appeared to be an incomplete pass but he was ruled down by contact? (Ken Weinman) "[The officials] didn't explain it. They just said, '[Lamar Jackson] was down by contact.' They said, 'We're going to wind [the game clock] right 


On the last touchdown drive in regulation: "Somebody had to make a play, and we called a play for me, and I was able to make a play. Lamar [Jackson] threw a great ball. Coach Monken [offensive coordinator Todd Monken] called a great play."
On how he was able to respond and not let the weather affect him the rest of the game: "I've been [playing] football for a long time, and we're going to have drops. It's about what you do next, and I was able to respond."

On how the team was able to keep composure and close the game out: "Honestly, we knew they couldn't stop us, so we knew we could drive downfield whenever we wanted, and they would have put up points. I feel like we just have to do that the whole game."

On his emotions watching WR Tylan Wallace's game-winning punt return TD: "Honestly, I knew somebody was going to break one because 'Duv' [Devin Duvernay] had one [where] he had a lot of space. Then, 'Ty' [Tylan Wallace] had one [where] he had a lot of space, and then when he caught that one, I saw him stumble a little bit. [I was] like, 'He put us in good field position. Now, we're about to win.' He got up 
and kept running. I was like, 'Yes.' He deserves that one, because he comes to practice every day, works, [he's] quiet, and he just does everything we need him to do. His number was called, and he made a play."

On how the team keeps the momentum going, with all four AFC North teams owning above .500 records: "We just have to play our game [and] don't play anybody else's game, execute and run everything and do everything we need to do. And, we still have the best defense in the league. It was a struggle today, 
but everybody has struggles."

On what's it like playing with QB Lamar Jackson: "It's fun. You never know what [Lamar Jackson] is going to do. [He] just runs around the field like – I don't even know. He's just going to break out, run around, and he's just going to do the same thing as him. He's going to find [a receiver]."

On what QB Lamar Jackson said to him before overtime: "[He said,] 'Let's go finish it.' You know him. He's a competitor, a super competitor, so he just wanted to finish the game, the same way we all wanted to, and 'Ty' [Tylan Wallace] did it for us."

On if he's ever been in a situation where QB Lamar Jackson had seven or eight seconds to throw the ball on every play: "If we have [Lamar Jackson] back there, he's going to keep doing anything, extending plays for however long he wants. So, he makes our job easier."

On what the final celebration was like: "Honestly, I don't even think we were celebrating the win. I think we were celebrating 'Ty' [Tylan Wallace], because he comes into practice and does his runs. He runs routes. He runs first offense; he runs second offense; he [does] everything that we need him to do, and to see him come out there and make a play and end the game for us, it was special."

On going from WR Tylan Wallace's penalty earlier in the game to his redemption moment: "Yes, that's God. He's blessed. He does everything right, so why not?"


On WR Tylan Wallace's return for the touchdown: "That's something we practice every day. We visualized it, and before overtime, we talked about it to end this game with a kick return or punt return. As soon as I saw him turn that corner, I knew that he was going all the way. I just try to do my part, and I watched him go to the endzone."

On the final touchdown drive in regulation: "Two-minute drill. We practice it every day. The way [Lamar Jackson] executed it was beautiful. It's not a surprise for us. It's just like what we do in practice."

On the running game performance today: "The offensive line did a great job today – both in the running game and pass protection today. Lamar [Jackson] had time and when you add him to the run game, we are really hard to stop. That's a good defense over there, they are tough in the middle but so are we."


(on the emotions that he's feeling right now) "[That was] electric. That was crazy [and] that was a wild game. Shoutout to 'Ty' [Tylan Wallace]. The emotions right now are electric right now. It's not a championship, but it was like [a] playoff atmosphere. It was a team game; [a] team win. But shoutout to 'Ty' and the [punt] return team, because that was a heck of a return – that was crazy."

(on the touchdown play to WR Zay Flowers and what he was looking for on that play and what he saw) "[What] was spoken? That was our play call. Coach [offensive coordinator Todd Monken] called a play and I gave 'Nelly' [Nelson Agholor] a preview in the huddle. 'Nelly' was telling me if we do that play, he's going to run to the safety and run him out of the window [then] Zay [Flowers] should be wide open, and that's 
exactly what happened. We had the coverage, the safety jumped 'Nelly' and Zay did the rest." (Reporter: So, Nelson Agholor said that in the huddle?) "Yes, because usually the play, he usually runs it shorter, and the safety would have been … It would have been single high. But 'Nelly' knew he was going to run with him if he ran and got on his toes and ran past him, he would have thought he'd been open. If 'Nelly' would 
have done that, he would have been open and the safety would have stayed, but that was just a heck of a play."

(on how difficult it was throwing with DT Aaron Donald being in his face) "It was Aaron Donald, that's a tough throw. But I trust my guys [and] I believe my O-line, they did a heck of a job all day. [There were] probably two sacks given up, but Aaron Donald and that front four, that's great."

(on if the weather was giving him a hard time holding the ball today) "Sometimes, but no excuses, it's football. You have to learn how to throw in those conditions. On the east coast, our weather is bi-polar, so we just have to be prepared no matter what."

(on the deep balls he threw in the game today) "I wish I would have had those other few [deep balls]. I feel like I was too excited, because I just saw [my receivers] flying, but I should have just kept my poise and delivered them like I did earlier on in the game and the game probably would have been over faster than [going to] overtime. But we got the [win]." 

(on how the ups and downs of a game like this prepare the team for what's ahead) "We have four more teams [who are] tough teams, tough opponents, [and] playoff teams. The Rams are definitely a playoff team. We just saw that today. We just have to be prepared, stay locked in each and every drive because 
these types of games, you have to score points."

(on what it felt like to have a fourth quarter touchdown drive at the end of regulation) "[We're] just proving we can make it happen. When we really need it, we're down [and] trying to win the game, we don't want to put them back out there on the field, but we just have to score. We have to score, and we delivered. Our whole offensive line did great. [Our] running backs, receivers, [and] tight ends did awesome. It's a whole team effort. A total team effort."

(on what happened with the snap from C Tyler Linderbaum where it seemed like the offense wasn't ready) "Just miscommunication. We gave them a free two [points]. That's probably why we were in overtime, but we got the [win]. So, we're going to hit the drawing board and talk about it. It shouldn't happen again."

(on what his vantage point was on WR Tylan Wallace's punt return touchdown) "I was prepared to go back on the field. I thought it was going to be like a fair catch or something, but people on the sideline [were saying], 'You have time,' telling 'Ty' [Tylan Wallace] he has time. I guess he heard it, and he just went crazy just now. That looked like a movie. I was sitting in the locker room, and he just showed his tail, he just showed off. And that was just a spectacular return, that was crazy."

(on how good he feels for WR Tylan Wallace) "I feel like I just returned it. (laughter) I'm more excited than 'Ty' [Tylan Wallace]. He just showed his tail like I said. I'm very excited for him because you don't know what the future may hold. He just showed out. He just showed out."

(on why the games feel like a playoff atmosphere to him and what he takes out of that) "Every team is out to win. They're trying to win. Some teams [are] not in the playoff picture, some are in the hunt, stuff like that. I believe just us being the Baltimore Ravens, every team wants to beat us. They're going to give us their best shot, so that's why I say it's a playoff game, because every time we go out there, that's what it's going to be. Sometimes there are going to be up and downs, sometimes we might play a smooth sailing game, but I believe every game is a playoff game because we're in the NFL." 

(on if there was anything being said on the sideline after the defense's three-and-out and before WR Tylan Wallace's punt return touchdown) "We pretty much know. We go over situations in practice every day, so we knew a field goal would win the game, but I guess 'Ty' [Tylan Wallace] said he wanted to score. That's what it was, [it] put the icing on the cake [and] saved [Justin] Tucker's leg." (laughter)

On the sideline reaction after the game-winning punt return: "When he caught it, he cut it to our sideline. So, everybody on the sideline was trying to give him directions. When he cut it back, and you can see the hole open up with the Ravens wall of blockers and nothing but green grass, everybody started cheering 
and it was electric."

On his touchdown catch: "It was a fast motion play for me, and I didn't really see anyone coming in motion with me. So, I raised my hand, and I was like, 'Throw it to me. Throw it to me.' [Lamar Jackson] saw me and I said, 'I've got to score on this one.'"

On if he has been that open before on a touchdown: "For sure, it was like a dream come true to see all that green in front of me."


On what he was thinking on the sideline after the defense forced a three-and-out: "Just win the game. I just want to win the game. That game was just hills and valleys, ups and downs. We were down; we were up; we were rusty, but then we were hot. It was just a crazy game, but I'm glad we got the win in dramatic fashion, [we're] 10-3. God is good."

On the adjustments the defense made to stop the run: "Just getting off the box quicker. [Defensive coordinator] Mike [Macdonald] came to us on the sideline and was like, 'They want you to hold onto to the box and what you need to do is shut them quick.' They were doing a lot of duos in the interior, trying to con the linebackers like 'PQ' [Patrick Queen] and 'Ro' [Roquan Smith]. He was telling us to make an 
emphasis on just shutting blocks and making tackles quick [on] the line of scrimmage, so that's what we tried to do. That's what we did."
On how the defense reconvened after giving up the field goal that led to overtime: "We just keep plowing, just keep going hard, and just keep trusting the game plan and just never giving up. Just never giving up. We knew it was going to come to the wire – the score. It was tight. Both teams were firing, so just keep fighting, and that's what we did.

On what his streak of sacks means to him: "It's funny. Everybody's telling me it was [or] it wasn't me. It's just a lot of hard work. Honestly, I told myself, I need to step up and be the best defensive tackle in the league. There's a lot of guys in the league that are really great, but I believe in myself, and I just put in the work and just trust in the guys around me - 'Dafe' [Odafe Oweh], [Kyle] Van Noy, [Jadeveon] Clowney, 
[Michael] Pierce, 'Broddy' [Broderick Washington], everybody – and just trying to coordinate rushes and just … Everybody's eating. We're leading the whole league as a defense in sacks, so it's not just me. It's not just me at all. It's everybody on the team, so I'm just happy to be here[and] just to play with these guys, and it's a privilege."

On if QB Matthew Stafford is one of the harder quarterbacks to get to because he gets rid of the ball so quickly: "I can't say that. I think they're all quarterbacks just trying to get it away quickly. [Matthew Stafford] is a great quarterback, but I wouldn't [put] an emphasis on how hard it was to get to him. I just try win my rush and just get to him and get our defense off the field."

On if he had a chance to catch up with DT Aaron Donald before the game or after the game: "No. Everybody was hugging Tylan [Wallace] at the end of the game. So, when I went to go try and see [Aaron Donald], he was gone. [I saw] one of my boys, Bobby Brown, a D-lineman on the Ram. I played with him in college. [I] chopped it up with him. He's doing well, and he just said he was proud of me and stuff like 
that. But, I just try to get better in every way I can."

On it was easier or harder to battle in this weather and if it was a disadvantage to the team: "I love the rain. I love the rain. I love, honestly, any weather for me. It doesn't matter. As long as I have my boys with me, some food in my belly and some Gatorade, I'm good. So, it's all about the mindset. No matter what's
going on, on the outside, it's all about your mindset and your focus. So, that's just my take on it."


On the emotional victory: "It was a crazy game – crazy game. We don't want them to score that many points, but at the end of the day, everything happens for a reason. God had a plan, and his plan was for Tylan [Wallace] to shine. With all the stuff that he's went through, all the injuries and the adversity he went through, for him to make a play like that – something legendary like that – breaking four tackles, it's just stuff that you dream about, and he made that play."

On if WR Tylan Wallace embodies the next-man-up mentality of this team: "Definitely. If you're here, they know that you can play at the end of the day. So, it's just another guy going out there and doing his job. That's what they breed here, and that's what he did. He just did his job, and he did it to the best of his ability."

On how this Ravens team finds ways to win and in all types of ways: "We're built for it all. Like I said, we didn't want to allow that many points, but we know we can go the distance. We know that every time we go out on the field, we've just got to get stops and get it back to our offense so that they can go out there and do their thing. So, that's all our mentality was in overtime – just get a stop and get it back to our 

On starting this tough stretch of games with a win and looking ahead to the tough schedule remaining: "Everybody has got to come play us. We're not really too worried about how hard our schedule is. At the end of the day, we know who we are, and we know what our record is. Everybody has got to come see us."


On if he has seen an ending like that: "Top of my head, I can't remember a game ever ending like this. And I am talking about ever in my career. Third-and-17 and the touchdown pass, and then the two-point conversion ... Then we go to overtime, we go through three-and-out, and they go three-and-out. Then, boom touchdown, and then it was over, and it wasn't our starting punt returner. It was a guy who came in because our starter got hurt. So, no, I have never seen anything like that."

On WR Tylan Wallace: "This is a huge credit to Ty. It's a big moment in his career and kudos to all the guys blocking on that play. This is a game that we are all going to remember. Rain, cloudy, miserable conditions and it was a hard-fought win to the end. This was a great day for us as a team."

On the touchdown drive late in the fourth quarter: "It was pretty much like a two-minute drill, zero personnel, we were passing the ball every play. Guys that were making plays, third-and-17, someone had to make a play and it was Zay Flowers, a rookie, who is not playing like one. And then the two-point conversion to Zay [Flowers], and he makes the play again with Lamar [Jackson]. I think their connection is 
something that will keep growing. I think it is an exciting time here in Baltimore."

On the offensive line's protection of QB Lamar Jackson: "Unbelievable. It seems like Lamar [Jackson] had all day to throw, set his feet, make his reads, run for yards if necessary, which he did. Guys were getting open for him, but definitely credit to the offensive line for solid pass protection. Really solid job by them."

On what this team is capable of: "We're just together as a team. No cliques. No one is selfish. No doubt that they want to make plays for each other. There is so much depth at every position. We are a mature team. There are a lot of guys from the 2019 team that are still here who understand what we have here. We're going to take it one week at a time and play together."

On the three-headed monster in the backfield – RB Gus Edwards, RB Keaton Mitchell and RB Justice Hill: "Love it. Dominant. We have a blend of everything. Gus [Edwards] is a big, powerful back. Keaton [Mitchell] is a super quick runner. And Justice [Hill] is explosive and a tough runner inside. They all do well 
in pass protection. Keaton is an undrafted rookie and will keep getting better with more experience and touches. Lamar Jackson and the blocking of the offensive line, I'm just glad to be a part of it."


On the emotional win: "Just hats off to everyone. I'm sure [that] a lot of people, including myself, can say there are things that [they] didn't quite like [and] things that didn't quite go our way. But, at the end of the day, we're victorious, and we're going to celebrate it. It was definitely a game of emotions, but we just have to always steer clear and have the end goal in mind, and that's getting a 'dub' by any means 
necessary, regardless of everything that's going to come up."

On covering the Rams receivers: "Yes, man. Just hats off to those guys, and with [Matthew] Stafford over there, he can squeeze the ball in really tight spots. I remember that from my Chicago days; like, 'How the heck did he fit it in places that he fit it in?' But, hats off to those guys, and we just stayed resilient 
throughout and didn't focus on what happened in the past. It was just [a] next-play mentality, and with that mentality [that] we've had all season – the next-game mentality – that's how we are."

On getting the third-down stop and watching WR Tylan Wallace race down the sideline: "It was pretty crazy. When they got the false start … We kind of knew the snap count [and] what they were going on, and when they got it, [Matthew Stafford] tried to motion last minute. He was trying to get it going, [but] the center wasn't on the same page with him, so I was expecting him to hike it at any second. It was just 
us being prepared – prepared for our moment – knowing we didn't play the way we wanted to [in] the first half. Hats off [to] the offense for doing everything they did, and [the] special teams, [too]. We've just got to look at it as room to grow. Coming off the bye week, [we] started out a little rusty, but that's not us. That's unacceptable for now on, and we've just got to move on and enjoy this one tonight."

On WR Tylan Wallace taking advantage of his opportunity: "It just goes back to the game of emotions, for some, with [it] being a roller coaster. People [were] thinking 'this' and people were thinking 'that,' and I'm sure [Tylan Wallace], knowing his mindset. He steered straight ahead [and] wasn't really worried about the offsides [penalty] earlier in the game – more so forgetting that. [He had that] next-play mentality, and 
for that to happen for him, man, I'm just extremely happy for him – just knowing, since I've been here, the injuries he's been through [and], week in and week out, just his mindset and just everything he's gone through. I just have the utmost respect for him and just the way he goes about work every single day. [He] just comes in, smiles [and] busts his tail day in and day out, and for that to happen for someone like that, man, I'm extremely happy for him."

On what this win says about the resiliency of the Ravens and their ability to find a way to win: "I would just say, 'Told you so.' We know exactly who we are. We don't shy away from that at all. Whether it's going to be a four-quarter game [or] five-quarter game, we're going to be here at the end of the day, and that's our mindset. We just have to keep going and get better from the mistakes that we [made] throughout the game, because we know [that] certain plays throughout the game weren't us. But, at the end of the day, we got the 'dub,' and everything is a lot easier to clean up after those."

On his emotions after the game-winning touchdown: "Going into it, obviously, with 'Duv' [Devin Duvernay] going down [and] me having to step up into that role, I obviously – like you were saying – I hadn't had too many in-game punt returns. So, the main thing for me, especially with the weather, I was just like, 'I need to catch it first before anything.' But, on that play, we had the return set up, and I was like, 'This is a perfect opportunity to put the game away.' Shoutout to the guys blocking for me. It was wide open, so [I] appreciate them helping me out. I just saw the crease, and I just took it outside. It just feels great to be able to make a difference in the game and help the team win."

On his thoughts after the game when he was sitting on the bench for a while: "For one, I was out of breath, for sure. I was like, 'Let me catch my breath. [I was] trying to celebrate and was talking to everybody, so that's one thing I was trying to do. And then, I wanted to sit down and just take in the moment. Moments like this don't … You could say [it's] a once-in-a-lifetime moment to be able to sit down and soak that all in while catching my breath at the same time."

On if he could hear guys on the sideline: "I don't hear [any] of that. I'm not going to lie to you. I don't hear [anything] on the sideline, but I saw, in my peripheral, [that] guys were blocking for me, so I saw I had some time. Once I took off, I saw the crease [where] guys just had a lane for me, and I just said, '[I] have to go, run as fast as I can through it and try and score.'"

On if he felt close to going down when a Rams defender almost tripped him: "For sure. I was about to go down, [but] I can't go down right here. I made it this far. I'm like, 'I have to keep going. I have to stay up.' So, that's what was kind of going through my mind in that moment."

On if he was looking to make a difference after he committed a penalty earlier in the game: "Most definitely. Like I said, I'm more [tough on myself] than the coaches are. You could say I'm harder on myself than they are. Going in, I knew I was kind of having a rough game on special teams going early on, so to be able to come back and wipe that all away and come back and make a play like that, on special teams at that, it means to world to me to be able to do something like that."

On his conversation with the coaches after the penalty and what it was like getting the punt return responsibility later in the game: "They were telling me, 'You know, it happens. Penalties happen. Obviously, you don't want it to happen too often, but just wipe that away. 'Duv' [Devin Duvernay] went down. Alright, we trust you back there, so we're going to put you back there.' I appreciate them for believing in me to be back there and to make plays for the team, so that was kind of the talk we were 

On if the fumbles by the Rams punt returner earlier in the game added to the tension he was feeling waiting for the punt return: "For sure. [When] you go back, and you see the other team drop [a punt return], you're kind of like, 'Oh, man.' But I believe in myself. I believe what I can do and knew what I'm capable of, so I just knew I had to go back there, and I knew I had … The ball was really the team. So, I had 
to really make sure I took care of the ball and take care of the team, and the rest took care of itself."

On how difficult it was to stay in bounds when you don't have much space on the sideline: "Yes, it was tough. Like I said, they did a great job of blocking, so there was enough space for me just to squeeze through. I just knew that I had to stay in bounds and get as many yards as I could, originally. Then, as soon as I started to stumble, I realized, 'Oh, I can stay up. I can go score.' So, I tried to stay up and do that."

On if there was anything different about how the team was lined up on the penalty: "I probably should have checked with the ref before I got there. I kind of looked at it … It was maybe, very slightly, but like I said, that's on me. I have to check with the ref to be sure I'm good before I line up."

On if he can estimate how many practice reps he gets as a punt returner during the week: "I get a decent amount. I'd probably say if I had to throw a number on it, I'd probably say maybe five or six, maybe. But, like I said, I know what I'm capable of, I know what I can do, so getting the reps that I need in practice, I make sure I get those that I need and know when my number is called, I can go out there and execute."

On if he's had over 1,000 practice reps as a punt returner since he's gotten to Baltimore: "Yes, maybe. Something like that, so I've been doing it for a while, just not in the game."

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