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Transcripts: Ravens Postgame Quotes


Head Coach John Harbaugh

(opening statement) "OK, thanks for being here tonight. Congratulations to Michael Phelps. Is that 21? 22. We're still counting. Congratulations to our guy. Also, I want to start off quoting O.J. Brigance. He said, in the locker room through his device, he said, 'Winning is always good.' I agree with that, that's what he said to the team. It's always good to win. And we want to do a lot more of that this year. I was proud of the guys for that. A couple notes: We won despite three turnovers – that's got to be cleaned up. That's a big emphasis for us. We let the pass bounce off the guy's chest, we had a muffed punt and we had a strip in the pocket. Those are the things that can't happen. We will continue to make sure that those things do not happen in the future. If they don't happen, then it's not even quite as close of a game. But, I thought the guys played pretty hard. Our running game showed up, especially early in the game. We had a lot of completions. I thought [Ryan] Mallett completed a lot of balls, which was nice to see. Just generally a really good effort."

(on why QB Joe Flacco didn't play tonight) "There's really nothing to say about not going with Joe. I just didn't feel like there was any reason to go with Joe tonight. In the big picture, I don't think that's hard to understand. It makes sense, I think. He'll go maybe next week. Maybe he'll go the third game; we haven't decided that yet. When Joe didn't go, there's not a lot of reason to play some of those other guys. I thought Ryan [Mallett] did a really good job, I thought he played well, probably better than he has in practice in some ways. Last week, he really picked up in practice, so it was good to see. I thought Josh Johnson came in and played well. He made a bunch of plays, had a couple of scoring drives, completed passes. He'll want two back. He'll want that fumble back, and he'll want that – I think it was a third-down throw over the middle, late in the game to Kaelin [Clay]. But, I thought he played really well, also."

(on how much deeper the team seems to be this year) "Sure, I think comparing to last year, which I really don't want to do, because I forgot about that already … I told the team, I think we saw the kind of football team that we can be, and that we're trying to be. And the football team that we can be, is the football team that we're trying to be. That means a physical football team that can run the ball and run to the ball and play really hard, play sound in the back end and get to the quarterback. Those are the things that complete passes on a regular basis. We can be a winning football team; we just have to build on what we did tonight."

(on LB Chris Carter getting to the quarterback) "Chris has done that. He was a really good special teams [player] for us, and rushed the passer a little bit into last year when he came here. Chris has been nothing but business from the first day he came here in the offseason program. Even last year, this guy is nothing but business. He's very determined, and he's making a push."

(on the success of the running game) "I thought the running game … The only thing I'm disappointed about in the running game was at the end. On the four-minute first down, we have to get more than -2 [yards]. We have to get in there and pop in five, six, seven, eight yards, somehow. We just have to find a way to do that. I thought our backs played well. The offensive line played well, obviously. Our backs were dynamic. We have Terrance West in here, he was dynamic. Made some runs – he made a really good run early and made three or four guys miss and created some yards on his own. Really, all of the backs that played, played well. Stephen Houston has been here a week and he comes in at the end of the game and has a big run around the right end. So you're right, they played well."

(on how important it is to see the young guys do well) "It's so important to see those guys playing games. I don't think you ever really know. I was, the last couple of days, waiting for this game to get here. I was like, 'How are they going to play? How are they going to look in a game against another team?' You just don't know until you see something happen. Now [that] we have this game behind us, we can watch the tape and have a sense of, 'OK, this is kind of our beginning, this is where we start.' Some of these young guys, we drafted them for a reason, and I think they showed up tonight. But, they have to keep getting better if they're going to win games in the National Football League against top-flight guys. They have to take it to another level, but it's a good place to start – making plays in the first preseason game."

(on if there were any significant injuries tonight) "We look fine. I'm sure there are bumps and bruises, but it doesn't appear that there is anything serious."

(on how encouraged he is by T Ronnie Stanley's performance) "It seemed like he did OK. Again, I'll have to watch the tape to see. But, the fact that he … He said it all along that he was going to play. But, I asked him before the game, 'Are you going?' He looked at me like, 'Are you crazy? Of course I'm going.' (laughter) That's a good sign for him as well."

(on what he's looking to improve upon in the next preseason game) "I think the mistakes. We don't want to have the turnovers. We didn't give up big plays on defense – that was a really good thing, that's a plus, that's a start. I thought our secondary played with good leverage and good discipline. A couple of those flags out there, I have to see them. I'm not going to tell our guys to put their hands up on defense. We're going to play defense out there, and if they're going to call that ticky-tack one at the end of the half, we just have to ignore that. We didn't have pre-snap penalties. That was really good on offense. I didn't see bad penalties. That was really important; that's been a point of emphasis. We have to build on that. We can't have that, and our cadence is going to get more complex than it was tonight, so we have to build on that. And the turnovers – the turnovers are something that we have to eliminate, 100 percent."

(on special teams overall) "I think [they played] pretty good. The first kick, we had two young guys in there, and they don't squeeze. The first three kicks, they didn't squeeze and get in front of the ball like they needed to. One thing about us is, in preseason, when you watch us, we always kick off and we always bring the ball out in preseason, because we need the practice. These young guys need to work on kickoffs and kickoff returns. So, you're going to have some plays go against you, but that's how you teach, and that's how you find out who can play. I didn't like the kick-off coverage with the young guys early, but then Jerry [Rosburg] got to them and got a couple of things corrected, and we started covering kicks a lot better. Obviously, on the punt return side, you have to catch it. We have to find a punt returner that can catch the ball, and I think we knew that. Kaelin Clay can catch the ball. He's proven that in games, so I was really surprised by that one. Keenan [Reynolds] is learning. Keenan is a work in progress. I think he'll learn fast – we're not going to give up on him. So we'll just keep working with him. It was his first time under the lights, and guys were buzzing all around him, but that's a catch he needs to make. Obviously, our specialists played well. Wil Lutz, I know he can make that kick. He made it in practice, probably, I'd say 80 percent of the time, at 50-plus [yards]. I think he got a little nervous. Next time, he'll come back and he'll nail that kick."

S Eric Weddle

(Opening Statement) "Everyone good? Great win. Man, those young guys were flying around. Great night. [Michael] Phelps got a gold [medal]. How sick is that? Greatness. You don't need to ask me any questions. I can go down the line if you want me to."

(on if he watched the Smartvision boards showing Michael Phelps' race) "Of course. I get the chills for that kind of stuff. I can sit back 10, 20 years from now, and I can tell my kids … I'll be able to say that I'm sitting in a Ravens' preseason game, and I'm watching one of the best swimmers ever win a gold for the U.S. As you get older, you cherish those kind of moments. Not only that, but just being on the field, playing in this game, seeing my teammates out there playing and seeing their energy and their passion and how much fun they're having, and me having fun watching them – and me having fun being out there. It was awesome to be on the field again with my new team and building something special."

(on his performance in the game) "I'm mad about the one out-cut. I didn't see the ball, obviously. I broke before he did, and I knew it was coming, but didn't swipe it good enough. Other than that, I got in a few tackles, just running around, being energized, being there for my teammates, communicating. We didn't have any missed calls or coverages. They moved the ball, and they had a reverse and a screen. They got us, a delay, but other than that, we were tight coverage. They got down to the red zone, and we buckled down. When it comes down to it, it's holding them to field goals, making the big stops when we have to. They can drive as much as they want, but at the end of the day, we've got to hold them to field goals, and we'll win most games." 

(on if he felt extra nervous for this game) "No, it's just energy and excitement and just a chance to continue to build with my teammates. It's an opportunity to get live reps together and understand how we're going to play and communicate and run around. They see me on the practice field, but then they see me in the game – let's hope that they don't see much difference. So, no nervousness, I'm just happy and excited to be playing."

(on Za'Darius Smith's early turnover – the strip sack and forced fumble) "It was big. We stressed it. We preach it; we practice it every day, day-in and day-out. Your only hope is it carries over in the game. At the end of the day, we know in our hearts that we practice it and work at it every day, and it's going to carry over. The guys believe that. The coaches obviously stress it, and to see 'Z' [Za'Darius Smith] come up with a huge play like that – those are the plays that win you games, the game-changing-type plays. You can watch the film. There's 60-70 snaps, there will be four or five plays – you either make them, and you win the game, or you don't, and the other team does, and they win. So, we want to be on the right side of that and win a bunch of games."

* *

QB Ryan Mallet

(on how he felt) "I was throwing the ball. That's my job, and I have to continue to get better doing that."

(on scrambling for a first down) "I have wheels right? It took about the whole quarter for me to get it, but I got it eventually."

(on how big it is to play well and get a win) "I think it is just part of the process of getting more mature and slowing the game down, seeing things better, then just putting the ball on my guys. That's my job, and I have to continue to do that consistently and just make plays."

(on getting into a rhythm and if something has clicked) "I think it is just getting more comfortable, kind of knowing what is going to be called and knowing my personnel better. I'm getting a lot of reps, especially in camp, and then coming out here getting the start … I played the whole half. It is just slowing the game down and finding the open guy."

RB Terrance West

(on how he liked his performance) "We came up with a win, and that is what we play the game for. I'm excited for it."

(on how it felt to find the end zone twice) "It feels good. Last year, I didn't touch the end zone, so to come back the first preseason game … I don't care if it is preseason or not. Every time you step on the field, it is an opportunity to get better. I feel like as a group we got better."

(on how good the competition at running back is) "This is one of the strongest teams I've been on as a unit. When I came here last year near the end of the year, it wasn't too good – we were losing, but not one person pointed fingers. It's a tight group of guys in that locker room."

(on what he proved tonight) "I'm just trying to win every guy in that building and show the Ravens facility that they can count on me – accountability. I am just trying to come out here and work hard and show these guys that they can depend on me."

(on if his anticipation for this game was higher) "I treat every game the same. I don't care if we are home or away. It is just another opportunity to play in the NFL. I'm just trying to get better."

(on if he thought he had the edge on his cutback TD) "On that play, I saw they overloaded to the left. I was peeking to the left, and I saw my old teammate [Panthers DE Ryan Delaire], and I said, 'If he comes flat, I'm going to outrun him.' He came down flat and slow, so I outran him and cut him back."

(on if he said anything to Ryan Delaire after the game) "Yeah, I saw him after the game. He was like, 'Man, you got me.' But we have been in situations like that before at Towson."

LB Kamalei Correa

(on playing his first game) "It's always been a dream to play in the NFL. It's a bunch of mixed emotions. It was fun and exciting. I was nervous, but I had a lot of fun out there. Shoot, it's football so I just try to do what I can."

(on meshing with the veterans) "We do have a good group of guys on defense. I'm just trying to learn from them every single day. I'm trying to take tips—really anything I can from these veterans, and I'm just trying to help this team win."

(on advice he got from former Ravens Edwin Mulitalo and Haloti Ngata) "They really said, 'It's just football.Just go out there and have fun, and go out there and do whatever got you to this point.'"

(on playing with the first-team defense) "It's nerve-wracking because you have to make a lot of fast adjustments. You have to play quick, but man, it's fun. We've got a good group of guys, and I'm still trying to learn the defense. I'm just trying to take away what those other guys have been giving me."

(on playing against Cam Newton) "At first I was like, 'Wow, that's Cam Newton. I can't believe I'm playing against him.' But at the end of the day, it's just football, so I'm going to try to take him down, whatever way I can."

* *

DT Carl Davis

(on his fumble recovery) "'Z' [Za'Darius Smith] got a good pressure, he got a hit on the quarterback and I was just kind of in the right place at the right time. Sometimes you get lucky like that. I just kind of found the ball and dove on it as soon as I saw it."

(on being here year two) "This year I kind of know what to expect. I know who we're going against and I understand the defense more. I'm starting to expand out, playing the five technique as you saw tonight. Now I can play the one, the three, or the five. It allows me to be versatile. Everything is not as brand new as it was last year. I'm still learning a lot and I have a long way to go, but I'm definitely in a good place right now."

(on the young defensive linemen) "You've got guys out there who are hungry and want to make plays. It's the dream come true. Your first NFL game, you want to make your best impression out there. Especially my guy Judon [Matthew Judon], he did his thing tonight."

(on playing an opponent) "It's great to finally get an opponent in a different color jersey – somebody else new in front of you. You get tired when guys know what you're going to do every day. When we practice they know what your moves are. It's nice to go against somebody else and try to see if this is going to work."

(on the emphasis this year of getting turnovers) "I feel like we're going to have a very explosive offense – especially when the starters come back. If our defense can stop the run and force opponents to put the ball in the air, we will create some turnovers. We have a great secondary who can cover guys and take the ball away. We have a defensive front that can hit and possibly get some fumbles."

OLB Matthew Judon

(on his first professional sack) "It just felt good to get the first one under my belt. I'm still learning and I've got a lot to improve on, but it felt good to get my first sack as an NFL athlete, but I just need to get better."

(on his first NFL game action) "You just have to let it loose a little bit. You really care about your team when you're practicing against your guys and you go full speed, but you kind of ease up at the end and you don't finish at the quarterback. But going against these guys, these guys let it all loose. You have to let your work that you've done in practice speak for you on the field."

(on his impressive stats at a small college) "I'm here now. I just have to go out there and prove that I belong in this league and show people what I can do. I went to a small school. It happens. But we've got a lot of great guys, just look at Brandon Williams from a small school and he's a great NFL athlete."

(on adjusting to an NFL training camp) "I'm not confused. We have a huge playbook and I'm just trying to learn it and get better every day but I feel comfortable because we have great older guys that take us under their wing and show us how to be an NFL athlete."

(on if preseason game one was what he expected) "Yes, yes it was. It was all that and more. I was a little nervous and I had, what we call those bubble guts, but we got through it."

OLB Chris Carter

(on his stellar performance tonight) "Well, I appreciate it, but I really give all the credit to my teammates.  Those guys are all fighting with me, and they just made it possible for me to go out there and make plays.  Everybody was in the right position, and fortunately, I had an opportunity to hit the quarterback."

(on his progress over six years) "Yes, I think so. I think I am getting better, and it's just a natural progression building year over year. When you get around seasoned vets like Arthur [Brown] and Albert [McClellan], they teach me skills and moves that I can add to my repertoire."

(on getting his opportunities with Terrell Suggs and Elvis Dumervil in front of him) "I just have to look for my opportunities. We have a lot of great pass-rushers here. They're proven, and they have a long history of success in the league, and I really respect those guys. When you get the opportunity, you just can't drop the ball, so to speak."

(on playing special teams) "Absolutely, that's one of the things about being a special teams veteran. You have to learn how to be all-around in this league. You can't just be a defensive guy. [Terrell] Suggs has that position; [Elvis] Dumervil has that position. But me, I just have to play at a high level, special team-wise, and when I get in there on defense, I just have to take my opportunities."

(on his sixth NFL training camp) "I think I'm continuing to improve every year. This year, and I'm honestly speaking from the heart, I really appreciate our defensive coaches teaching us the defense. I feel that I have learned more football-wise this year than I have in any other organization. And I've spent my entire career in the NFC North with the Steelers and the Bengals. I've had great coaches everywhere I've been, but here our coaches do a great job of breaking down the defense. And with me playing a new position, that's really been a seamless transition for me."

(on being taken out early for concussion protocol) "I was hoping they would let me back in the game, but really in the NFL, they take great precautions in dealing with concussions, and I couldn't be mad at anybody if I wasn't allowed to go back in the game. It was an interesting play on the kickoff. He came at me, and I wasn't going to turn the other cheek. I needed to make the play, and it's a man's game and fortunately, we both walked away healthy."

RB Kenneth Dixon

(on his first NFL carry – a 19-yard run) "I feel like we were really coached up to go out there and very prepared for our first game. My O-line really opened up a great hole for me, and I was able to make a guy miss."

(on his emotions after that run) "I just felt like I needed to keep it going. It felt pretty good to see the team corral around you. It makes you feel really good."

(on the running backs pushing each other) "Oh, it's definitely a competition but there's no animosity on the team at all. When I came out, Buck [Allen] would tell me something, or Terrance [West] would show me something and it's good. I feel like we are all in competition, but we're all together and that's just how it's got to be."

(on playing Carolina in his first game) "It felt really good and one of my former teammates at Louisiana Tech got drafted by them, so it's always great to play him and play against somebody you know."

(on the 19-yard run) "It always feels good to see green grass in front of you. The offensive line made it very easy for me. I just hit the hole and the rest is history."

(on watching Terrance West's two-yard touchdown run) "It was great to see Terrance get out there and do that, but you know, he does that time and time again. He practices really, really hard and I try to emulate him, practice hard and use the fundamentals the way he does. He keeps his pads low and is always giving me pointers. I just absorb it like a sponge and I just want to work. We all just want to work."

* *

RB Javorius Allen

(on all the running backs having a pretty solid game) "Yes, really did a great job all around. Every guy made some kind of play, and it's great to see what you put in through the summer up until now pay off. I feel like we've got a great group and I'm excited."

(on every running back competing like no one wants to lose ground in the competition) "And that's how it is, man. We all compete, and at the same time we're all going to push each other and make each other better, but we're all competing. Me, I love seeing guys do great, and we're all there for each other and trying to make each other better."

(on how it felt to finally be playing against someone other than his teammates) "It felt great. When you're playing against teammates, they know your moves, they know what formation [we're in] or they know what route is coming. And to play against another team, it's not expected – it was great and I'm looking forward to next week."

(on how he assesses his first preseason game) "It was cool. It could have been better, always feel like I can get better, but got to take it one day at a time. You can't always hit a home run on the first play, so I'm good and just getting back in the books and get ready for next week."

(on what it was like when everybody stopped to watch Michael Phelps race) "I still say he's not human. That's a God given talent. To see someone like that do what he does, it's amazing. I got chills from watching him, and I'm happy for him and happy he's one of our guys from [Baltimore]. I wish nothing but the best for him."

T Ronnie Stanley

(on how he liked his first NFL game) "I enjoyed it a lot. The fans, the whole experience, the atmosphere was really fun, and it was really nice to be out there with the whole team."

(on how much he was looking forward to playing tonight) "I was very [much] looking forward to playing today. I really didn't want anything to stop me from playing [and] definitely wanted to be a part of this. I knew this was going to be a big moment in my life, and it was."

(on how he felt he played) "I think I played well, but there's always room for improvement."

(on if he likes acting as the lead blocker) "I know that's something I'm good at doing and I'm able to do and something that our offense calls for sometimes. I'm definitely able to execute on those types of plays."

(on wanting to see the guys run the ball well tonight) "Yes, exactly, we want to see yards on the ground and that's what we did tonight."

(on watching the Michael Phelps race) "Oh, it was great. I've been keeping up with the Olympics the whole time, so it was great to be able to see that. I've been rooting for Michael Phelps a lot throughout this and it's good to see him win by such a margin as well."

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