Transcripts: Ravens Postgame Quotes (8/21)


Opening remarks: "Our defense [had] 45 plays against their first offense in the first half. I thought that was just awesome to go out there, and then a number of plays in the second half, too, so they put a lot of plays on the field, and I thought they were fighting right to the end. That's what you care about. Offense was explosive, made some plays, different guys made the plays, and that play that [S Ar'Darius Washington] made to get that ball out. That's one of the best plays you're ever going to see. Of course, [QB] Josh [Johnson] was pushing the offense up and down the field, so a lot of great things." 

On the preseason winning streak: "It's just, I'm excited. The thing about something like that, I just told our guys, you know, you're proud of it, of course, you appreciate it, but the thing that you're proud of is all those games are mostly just like that, you know. Preseason games that people want to write about, some of you in here want to write about and say it doesn't mean anything, because you never played the game. You never were out there, you never were fighting for a spot on the team and then you have the audacity to say that the effort that somebody puts into that to win and fight and win a game like that is meaningless. Tell me that was meaningless out there, what you just saw. If you like football, was that a meaningless football game, you know? I can't respect anybody that says that because the effort these guys put into it, that's what you're proud of. That's, that's why I'm so proud of these guys for the way they fought. It doesn't matter win or lose. It matters, it matters the way they went about their business tonight, and I'm proud of them for that and always will be." 

On seeing offensive explosiveness in practice translate to a game: "It was great to see it. I mean just to see that and the way [WR Zay Flowers] played and just, you know, the offense and just creating plays like that, you know. We did it in the run game as well, and then how about a guy like [TE Travis] Vokolek? You know, going out there and catching those passes and scoring a touchdown, [TE] Charlie [Kolar] stepping up and making the catches. Both quarterbacks played outstanding, [I'm] just really happy with all of that."

On continuity and strength of Baltimore Ravens organization over the years: "Yes, I mean, I just think it's something that it's just one of these things you look at and you go, 'Wow, how'd that happen?' 'How did something like that take place?' It's pretty, it's pretty remarkable. What are the odds, you know? And to say … There's no one reason it happens, but it says a lot about a lot of people's efforts. A lot of good practice, a lot of good meeting time, a lot of the younger players working hard to be as good as they can be, a lot of coaches developing those players, scouts finding those players. All those things come into play, but in the end, it's about it's about football and the men, and women now, who play to play the game. And, it shows you what makes this game so great, why it does matter so much because it takes those kinds of efforts. That's what you have to do. It's a courageous game. It's a game for courageous people. It's a game for people who are willing to go out there and throw themselves around in really tough, awkward situations. Physicality, it takes that kind of grit to play this game and to fight like that, and that's … I think most people that love football and love it for that reason right there. You respect what it takes to play the game, so that's what I feel that's how I feel about our players feel about every player in the National Football League, but I especially feel that way about the Ravens and the men who play for the Ravens now and the men who played for the Ravens all those other years. I'm really very proud of that part of it." 

On the Washington Commanders' motivation to end the Ravens' streak: "Yes, I don't even want to get into all that. People say what they say, guys say what they say. Obviously, it was meaningful to them. I saw them celebrating over there, and more power to them. Congratulations, they won … They won a hard-fought football game, you know, they deserved it in the end to celebrate, so they should celebrate." 

On RB Keaton Mitchell's injury: "Yes, not serious. We had no serious injuries in the game, so we're happy with that."


On, as a Baltimore native, if he had a lot of friends and family come out to watch him play: "Definitely, just like the Ravens flock, my family flocks together no matter where we go. DC is not too far from home. They definitely drove down."

On how many tickets did he have to get: "I tried not to get too many, but it was a lot. Not as many as [when we played at] M&T Bank Stadium, but it was definitely a lot."

On what he's hoping to prove in these last couple weeks of practice and training camp and this last preseason game: "I feel as I've put together some good games, but I just want to dominate the whole game. So hopefully that comes against Tampa Bay this week; I'm just trying to go out there and dominate."


On what it's been like to change gears with a new team after being familiar with the Chicago Bears: "It's been exciting. It's definitely different than what I've been doing, so it feels like a new challenge. I couldn't ask to have come to a better organization, you can tell they do things the right way here."

On after not being with a team this offseason, what his level of confidence that his phone would ring: "I worked out the whole summer – lifting weights and doing my defensive back drills. I felt pretty good that my phone was going to ring, but there were some times where I was questioning it and asking God when he was going to make it happen. I was very thankful when I did get the call."

On how the Ravens' defensive scheme compares to Chicago's: "Defensive football, you can only do so much. It's similar stuff. [I'm] just trying to get used to the terminology."

On making a play tonight and how it increases his chances of making the team and what he thinks he has to do to make the team: "You would have to ask the coaches that question. But for me, it felt good to make a play. I had a chance to make an interception earlier in the game that I missed, and I thought my tackling was a little off. I had some positives and have some stuff I need to clean up. I'm looking forward to [Saturday's game in Tampa]."


On if it felt like a preseason game: "No. Just like coach [John Harbaugh] said, for us players, we know what this means – to get the opportunity to go out there and play in an NFL game. Especially for young guys, you're living out your dream. I was once in that situation before, so the atmosphere was great. Guys were really getting it out the mud. Honestly, you saw guys playing kickoff, turned right back around playing defense. We were down to one running back at one point in time. Coach [John Harbaugh] said it's just the grind, guys pursuing an opportunity, and you know for me, I was just happy to be able to go out there and share with field with those guys. All of us just try to collectively pull out a win, but unfortunately, we weren't able to do that."

On what it means to him that the streak is over: "Yes, we don't like to lose. No player wants to be on the losing side of a football game. It's hard to win in this league. As a team, we don't like to lose, but it's part of the process. They did what they had to do at the end of the game. We weren't going out there talking about the streak, we're just trying to play great football, and they just came out on the winning side today."

On how the offensive line is doing: "The O-line's doing awesome. They come out there every day and work their tails off, guys rotating, and guys playing different positions, [and they're a] versatile group. We've run the ball really well. I'm just happy to be playing quarterback behind those guys. I see it every day in practice, and it translates to the game. It just gives you confidence to go out there and play your game when you're behind those guys."

On WR Zay Flowers' performance: "Zay [Flowers] is different. To see him do what you all see every day – we were able to get the ball in his hands early. He's a very exciting player, and his moves are wild, and it's like that every day. So automatically, it injects life into the whole team to see him go out there and just unleash his special talent. I'm excited for the young fella."

On if there is something different about the Ravens' organization that enabled the streak: "We just grind for it. I was joking the other day, that I survived a [head coach John] Harbaugh training camp at my age. We work every day, and I think that's why from the top to the bottom of the roster, you see guys go out there and play good football. And that's a credit to the organization, credit to the coaching staff, credit to the players because we show up every day with a work mentality, and it shows up on the field."

On what he's seen from WR Tylan Wallace during training camp: "[Tylan Wallace is] just a consistent player that can do everything, play anywhere the coaches need him to, do whatever the coaches need. [He] just continues to show up [and] make plays. Last time I was here in 2021, I got to play with him a little bit, and he was the same guy. He just keeps evolving, so the sky's the limit for [Tylan]. We all trust him, and we all believe he will continue to make plays, and that's why he continues to get opportunities." 


(on if he was hyping up TE Travis Vokolek on the sidelines) "Of course. [He's a] great dude. I've loved getting to know [Travis Vokolek]. I played with his cousin [for] five years in college. So, I was so excited for him. We're a group. We don't have egos. [It's not] one person or another; if we succeed, we all succeed." 

(on how he feels this camp) "[I feel] a lot better than not playing. (laughter) It's nice to put good film out there, which we did today. It sucks to come up sure, but we control what we can control. We did some good stuff in the run game, and it was awesome to see the tight ends have success." 

(on if each tight end raises the level of competition within the room) "Oh, absolutely. Even though you're happy for each other's success, you're still competing with each other in practice. It's a good room. We work hard; we're happy for each other; we push each other. I'm blessed to be with these guys. It's a good room." 

(on what he focused on this summer) "Obviously, I try to be the best athlete I can be. I just tried to come back as a better athlete [and] better player. And then I just [focused on] doing stuff in the run game when I get my opportunity this year, and just being explosive in the passing game, too. I just try to be the best player I can be." 

(on seeing TE Travis Vokolek catch two touchdowns) "Dude, it was awesome. I'm so excited. [He's a] great dude, good player. It's just awesome to celebrate his success. We were all hyped to see it. It reciprocates; he's excited for me when I make explosive plays, and I'm excited for him when he scores. Everyone's success is the room's success. Like I said, it sucks [that] we came up short as a team, but I was happy with the room." 


On Washington's game-winning field goal and what he saw: "Yeah, I think Tress [Way] and Joey [Slye] and 'Cheese' [Camaron Cheeseman] did a great job at making the kick, for what it's worth. [My] hat's off to them. I mean, anytime the opposing team is lining up for the game-winning field goal, it's a little bit of a bittersweet feeling because I want to see the other guys do well, but not at our expense. Even if it is in the preseason, these games do mean something to us. Anybody that says otherwise just does not know the experience. I wouldn't have made the team, or even scratched the surface of my own individual potential, if it wasn't for getting opportunities in the preseason as a young player. Especially in the heat of position battle or competition. For every person that's involved in this, players and coaches alike, it definitely means something. It always means something to put your best self out there and try to put a winning product on the field, and for a long time we've been able to do that. We'll just get right back to that [on Saturday] in Tampa."

On how tight the fraternity of kickers is in the league: "I think most guys tend to know each other over a period of time. I think it's a really cool part of our game that guys genuinely want each other to do well. That's something we've already believed here. We want to put the good energy out there, we want guys to do well. We just want to do better. I think it's a rising tides thing, where we want to be not just a ship on the ocean, we want to be the ocean. … You like that? That was pretty good. I'll leave it at that."

On the preseason winning streak getting snapped today: "You know, it's definitely strange because it's been talked about so much. It's one of those things where we understand what the preseason means, but every single time we take the field, we want to win, and we want to play well. So, at the end of the day, it's not necessarily going to be recorded as some dramatic loss. It's going to be, 'Well, we lost a preseason game.' What really matters is, and what I think we all understand, is playing well in the regular season and putting together a winning product. You practice those habits now, though. You practice winning habits this time of the year. They can carry you a long way. So, the streak being over, it's kind of… whatever. But I think everybody that's been involved in any of those preseason games is putting their best foot forward and putting their best product on the field. I think that's what the core focus is on."


(on when the last time he caught two touchdowns in a game) "Never. I was telling some guys that I was close to tying my record from college in one night in a pro game. That was cool, but ultimately, we lost the game which stinks. [There's] a lot to learn from and a long way to go."

(on where the touchdown celebration came from) "I don't know where it came from, honestly. I was just telling Zay [Flowers] and Charlie [Kolar] and Mark [Andrews] and those guys that I didn't know what to do. They're always harping about doing something after scoring, but I'm not a big celebration guy. It just kind of came to my head. I've seen other guys do it, so I just did it."

(on if he knew about the preseason winning streak) "Yes, I knew about the streak. I think everyone did. It sucks that it ended, but it's an opportunity to grow and learn from our mistakes on film and just keep getting better every day."

(on how he's approached coming into the deep tight end room) "There's a lot of experienced guys in the room. [There are] a lot of great guys to learn from in that room like Mark [Andrews], Charlie [Kolar], 'Zay' [Isaiah Likely], Pat [Ricard] and Ben [Mason]. All of those guys, they've helped [me] out a lot, and I've embraced coming in and just learning from experienced guys. I'm an older rookie. I'm 25 [years old], so it's different, but those guys have helped out a lot. I'm just taking it day by day and continuing to learn from mistakes and keep getting better."

(on if not being drafted was disappointing or if it gave him a chip on his shoulder) "It didn't really bother me. I wanted to be drafted, of course, but just an opportunity is all I could ask for. I feel like I'm taking advantage of it. I just have to keep working every day and keep learning. The other guys in the tight end room are really helping with that."

(on if he's proved anything to himself tonight and throughout camp) "Yes. I think so. I never really have had doubt in myself or anything. I wouldn't say I'm a cocky guy, but I'm confident in myself and my ability. It's been awesome to be surrounded by guys who have really helped. Being a first-year guy, you make rookie mistakes. Just having Mark [Andrews] and all of those others guys [is] continuing to help me grind every day with those guys. They've really helped out a lot."


(on his TD reception) "Shoutout to [offensive coordinator Todd] Monken setting me up again in the red zone. He called a play, and I knew what I had to do. Like I said, the QB [quarterback] put it right where it was supposed to be, and I've just got to make a play. I knew we needed that touchdown, so shoutout to everybody for believing in me and making that play."

(on drawing a pass interference penalty on the play before) "So, obviously, we were trying to take another shot down the field. Like I said, when you [have] those opportunities, you've got to lock in, especially at the receiver position. With 'Monk' [offensive coordinator Todd Monken], he likes to throw the ball down the field, so I took advantage of the opportunity. I was seeing the ball, [and] I was obviously trying to make a play on it, and I got the P.I. [pass interference]."

(on what is making the difference for him this year) "I think me just trying to actually lock it in [after] going through the past two years and realizing how the game is played and how it needs to be played. I feel like I'm really trying to lock into paying attention to how it's being played and how fast you need to play. Obviously, this is a big year for me, so I really took that to heart this offseason, and I feel like I've prepared really well. Coming in, I knew I had to make plays, so I'm just trying to do what I can."

(on if he feels like he's put his best foot forward this summer in a competitive WR room) "Yes, definitely. Like I said, I feel like I can always get better – no matter what it is – but I definitely knew going into this offseason and this year [that] I needed to have a great year and just go out there and do what I know I'm capable of. So, I'm trying to do the best I can with that."

(on what these preseason performances do for his confidence) "Obviously, it builds a lot of confidence. Just being out there … The career I had in college, now, finally, I feel like I'm starting to translate that over into the NFL. So, it helps a lot – going out there and making these plays and just doing what I know I'm able to do."

(on what adjustments he made preparing for the season) "I think I really attacked the offseason differently than I'm used to doing. I went [and] got a new trainer. I really took it a lot more seriously. I knew going into it just the year I needed to have and what I knew I could do. So, I think that was the biggest thing for me. [I'm] just taking advantage of the opportunities when they're given to me."


On if he came back into the game on the defense's final drive due to the fact that they had used all of their cornerbacks throughout the game: "Yes sir. Someone had gotten hurt, so I had to come in and take their place."

On if he had gotten the wind knocked out of him: "Yes, I just got the wind knocked out of me. Nothing major."

On: How he feels he is performing so far this year: "The main thing is just staying consistent. But doing the right things and stuff like that, and in the right situation, right place; everything like that. But really, just staying consistent for me; understanding the call and everything when we go on the line. That's the main thing for me."

On what it is like for him to line up at various positions across the secondary: "I mean hey, I just want to show them [that] I can learn. I can do it all."

On how tough it was for the defensive back group toward the end of the game as they dealt with injuries: "I mean, it was tough. You know what I'm saying? We were out there grinding. So, we were trying to win. We're trying to go out there and compete. So, we didn't really think, "Oh we're hurt right now," but we tried to dig deep and be in the game out right."

On how he feels as a player when people claim that preseason games do not matter: "I mean, it means a lot. We're going against a different opponent, so we want to win. You know, some guys like me and other guys on the team; we're fighting for spots. So, it means everything to us."

On the atmosphere and his feelings over the final minutes of the game: "I mean, it was amazing, man. I wish we could've come out with a win, but it was a good feeling. You always want to close out. As a defense, you always want to close it out. So, it's an amazing feeling for sure."

On if joint practice with the Commanders made him feel any differently about this matchup: "Uh, I don't think so."

On if the comments made by a Commanders' lineman about Baltimore's 24-game preseason win streak bothered him: "No sir. They're going to feel how they feel. You know what I mean? So, they came out there, and they won tonight. You know, I take my hat off to them." 

On what do big plays from rookie TE Travis Vokolek and rookie receiver Zay Flowers say about what rookies in this offense can achieve in the first year of a new offensive regime: "I mean, it shows that [Travis Vokolek] has been out there grinding. He's been working. And I actually had forgotten, and so he reminded me when he put up [his] two [fingers for two touchdowns]. [He was] letting everybody know that he got two. So hey, he's been grinding. He's been working hard."

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