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Transcripts: Ravens Postgame Quotes (Aug. 20)

Head Coach John Harbaugh

Opening Statement:
"Good to have everybody here, small crowd that it is, but we appreciate you guys being here, loyalists. Really exciting game – hats off to the Colts. They are a really good football team. Well coached. Played hard. Have one heck of a quarterback, we saw him in the first quarter. It was good to see him, and there are a lot of similarities between the two teams that was fun to watch. It's good to win, and it's good to find a way to win through all the adversity in the game. I was proud of the guys for finding a way to win the football game at the end. I mean, Josh Johnson I thought played really well for the most part – the drive at the end of the half, the way he played the fourth quarter, converting the third downs with his arm and his feet were huge for us. Then Anthony Levine (Sr.), who was banged up and nicked up, playing out there and picked that thing off for the winning points was gigantic. You know, that's the kind of thing you're proud of. Tom Crean, best basketball coach in the world – right there he is, just spoke to our team and he made a point about resiliency and the things that you go through – adversity that we built last year as a football team that we stand on now. The new guys coming in were expecting that and adding to that and understanding that that's what propels us to where we are going. So it was just a tremendous message. My awesome sister, Joani, right there looking as beautiful as ever. But the negative was the penalties. Just way too many penalties. Some of them were terrible calls and we'll deal with those, but plenty of them were on us. We gave them too many opportunities to hang in the game. Eric Weddle gets a turnover, which leads to a touchdown, we get the drive around front and then we have a turnover, then we have penalties, and we jump in the neutral zone and just those kinds of things. We need to clean those things up and guys who do those things just aren't going to be here. The other thing is special teams, we kicked the ball to them they kicked the ball to us and we got our butts kicked and that's not acceptable. So if you're out there on the field and they're returning kicks against us and you're on the kickoff team, you've got a good chance of not being around here very much longer. We've got to find guys to play special teams for us."

On the two-point conversion, did it go through your head, 'Hey, we're going to be ahead after this?'
"You don't do math on game day. I was proud. I was proud of Anthony for stepping up. I was still steaming about that passing interference call. I just thought it was impressive that our guys overcame that call. That's what you have to do, you have to overcome those things when they happen to you. They are going to happen to you. You have to overcome and find a way to win the game anyway. That's what we have been talking to our guys about constantly from the first day we got back. Then to see it happen tonight was really valuable."

Do you feel that the penalties were legit or young players that were over anxious?
"Over anxious would be a psychological question. So it's either you do it or you don't do it. That's all we have to look at. You look at the ball. You understand snap counts. You don't jump on a hard count."

What did Josh Johnson do well tonight and where have you seen progression?
"I think you look at the two-minute drive at the end of the half. He just operated really efficiently, aggressive to the line, got the plays called, got everybody in the right spot and made throws. Then later in the game, in the pocket the guys got covered a little bit more, he was able to find space in the pocket, protect the football while he did it, and used his legs to make plays on critical third downs – closed the game out. I just thought he was very poised. He was very accurate in his throws and he is making his case to make this team. There is a competition for that spot and it has been on going through training camp. I thought he played well, and I won't take anything away from Ryan (Mallett). I think Ryan played well too. So we'll just go back and look at it and keep building on what those guys are doing."

Jeremy Butler had a touchdown catch late in the half, what do you think about him taking advantage of his opportunities when he's getting playing time?
"Well, he has done it in practice and he has done it in games. That's the thing, Jeremy Butler, every time you throw it to him, he makes the catch. Every time he runs down a run play, he makes a block. That's not just been one day, that's been day after day. That's what you're looking for."

What do you see in rookie Matthew Judon with back-to-back games with sacks?
"Yeah, he's a gamer I guess. He's playing pretty good in practice, but he's playing really well in the games. I think kind of what I'd like to do next week, is put him in against some starting offensive tackles and see how he does. He's made some big plays for us these last two games, you're right."

Albert McClellan had a tackle that forced a turnover and other players have gotten some turnovers and I know that was an emphasis going into this season…
"You're right, and the thing about that was hitting people, knocking balls off people, stripping balls, punching balls out, all those kinds of things are going to be important, even catching the ones that they throw to you. The next part of those is recovering them, and really that comes from running the football. Having more guys around the football than they do when the ball is on the ground. Now, on that play you can see we were buzzing around that ball, so that was good to see."

Has the secondary made the progress you want to see at this point in the season?
"I think so, you know all through training camp they've been getting better and better and playing pretty well. Even tonight, a couple times early in the game, you play a little safe or a little loose. When a couple receivers gave Andrew (Luck) a couple completions, I wish we could have contested a little tighter, and they came off the field and were talking about it. We don't want to give up anything. We want to have pitbull coverage every single play. You know, regardless of the coverage, regardless of the receiver, we want to be all over people. I thought we did a better job at that the second half. That's what the guys are working for."

Did the run defense give up a little more than you wanted to?
"Absolutely. I mean, we aren't a four-yard gain team. It's not going to be acceptable. If you're up there in the front seven, they're pushing the ball out. We're not interested in seven and six or third-and-4, we're not interested in that. We're interested in third-and-10. So it's not good run defense for the Ravens to give up three yards. I don't want anybody cheering about that saying that's a good job. Especially on our sidelines, which I heard tonight a few too many times. One yard, two yards – I'm pissed even, but I can live with it. Three yards – I can't live with. Zero yards is what we're looking for. We need to knock offensive linemen back and dominate up front. That's the kind of guys, and you know we've got the guys to do it. So, hey competition is on. If you're dominating against the run and you're a defensive lineman, you've got a chance to make it on this team because we need to get in third and long, pin our ears back, and go get quarterbacks."

Quarterback Josh Johnson

Can you talk about what you thought was going well for you today?
"I was just able to get into a rhythm early and execute. Coach was calling some great plays, guys were running some great routes so it was really just about giving playmakers the ball and letting them do the rest."

What did you see on the touchdown pass to Jeremy Butler before the half?
"We had a good pre-snap look. He also alerted me ahead of time that he might be there so it is credit to him for knowing the defense and then I liked what I saw pre-snap. The line did a great job with protection and I gave him a chance and he came down with the play."

You have been solid really since the start of training camp. How have you approached this battle to make this team?
"Just taking one day at a time and just go out there and (take it) one play at a time and just execute. No matter what the situation, no matter what the circumstance, I just try and control what I can control and that's the opportunities that I am given and just be a leader out there – lead the young guys. I have been in this league for a long time and I understand that I need to go out and be a leader, bring a calm to the huddle and bring a calm when we are out there and just encourage them to do their job well and do my job well. If we can do it all together as a team, then who knows what can happen."

How much do you feel like you are pushing for that number two job? Ryan Mallett has gotten most of the first team looks but you have played well.
"That is really up in the coaches' hands and my job is to go out there and put it on tape and just show this team that if they need me, I will be there and I will be ready. Things like that, that is up to the coaches, ownership and management to make those decisions and my job is to perform. I am just focused on going out there every day to perform."

You also had some nice scrambles tonight. Do you think that through your experience you have gotten better at picking and choosing when to run and when the opportunities are there?
"Yeah. I mean, being around a lot of different quarterbacks and different situations and as you study you kind of learn things about how this game goes. So just being smart about it and then taking advantage of a scramble opportunity when it really can hurt a defense to really keep our offense moving. Ultimately that is all we are trying to do is move the chains and so if I can do that with my legs then it's just an added advantage for our offense and our team."

Defensive Back Anthony Levine Sr.

What is running through your head as you are taking that one back?
"Actually, man, I don't know. I see the ball coming, I caught it and all I was thinking about was not getting caught so my teammates couldn't be clowning all week. It's the beginning of the season so there is no way I can get caught and I don't want teammates clowning me so I was trying to run as fast as I could."

What did you see on that play, could you read that that one was coming pre-snap?
"I was supposed to go on a blitz but I posted to the outside but the tackle jumped out so far, I knew I wouldn't be able to get around so I just fell back and kind of just was seeing if I could pick up somebody and started to read the quarterback's eyes. So when the ball came over the tackle, I just jumped up and caught it."

How have you enjoyed playing linebacker and being in the box?
"I love playing linebacker, it's fun. You have to run fast, get to the ball and make tackles. That is what I do on special teams so I like it, it's cool."

Did I see you flash a 2-5 at the end of the touchdown? Is that for Trey?
"Yeah that's for Trey. RIP to Trey. Every time I go out there I think about Trey. He is a great guy man, one of my good friends on the team ever since I meant him last year so every time I go out there I do it. I was kind of beating myself up on that punt when I ran down and made that tackle and I was just beating my chest, I was tripping. You know, I got to thank the man above and I got to do it for Trey so every time I go out there and make a play I am doing it for the man above and Trey and my family."

Did you know immediately that if you took it back that it meant two points? That is a pretty new rule and it's a very unusual play.
"I wasn't even thinking about the score. I knew it was two points but I didn't know what the score was. All I know was that when I looked at the score, I was like, 'Aw man, okay, cool.'"

Tackle Ronnie Stanley

On his most extensive work to date:
"I think I fared well along with the rest of the competition. I think Alex (Lewis) did well as well but we got to look at the film and see where we both stand."

Is there something at this point that surprised you or you felt with all the reps you have been getting in practice you felt ready for all this once the game hit?
"I am pretty settled in. Not trying to get excited about everything. Football is football and the competition is going to be at a high level but you just have to go out there with a clear mind and use your technique and it will handle out well."

Have you been as calm as you've looked? It seems like you are taking things in stride even though you have made the jump from college to the NFL and it's not fazing you that much?
"I have always been that type of person. Don't try to out think yourself and try to do too much. Stay calm, cool, know what you have to do and be ready and prepared and go out there and play."

Defensive Back Lardarius Webb

It seems like there is something to be made like you guys are in position and are close to making some plays on your own, is that sort of your take on it too?
"Yeah, like I said just focusing on our technique and keep getting better. The guys are not just burning the guys or burning us. We're close in coverage. We just have to get a little tighter. Like you said, we have been tested with some good quarterbacks. Cam Newton came out throwing some strikes on time. (Andrew) Luck came out making some on time routes. When you have a good quarterback giving the wide receiver the ball on time and in the right spot, it is kind of hard. Good offense can beat good defense all day so we just have to try and confuse the quarterback and make him have to take more than one read."

Cornerback Shareece Wright

Do you guys feel like you have been doing a good job of being on the same page the first two games?
"Playing good technique and not having miscues on the defensive side, communicating with our safeties, making sure we are doing the right things and being there and around the ball. When we start game planning, we will be able to set up those plays where we can make interceptions when we start game planning those teams."

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