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Transcripts: Ravens Postgame Quotes (Sept. 1)


Opening comments:"It was a good night. Obviously, victory's what you look for. I thought our guys came out
and played really hard with great intensity. It was good to see the discipline part of it. We played with
discipline. We played wining football. We were strong against their ones early in the game. That was good to
see. We didn't give up a touchdown in the first half, until right at the end (of the game). I am just proud of our
guys. I am proud of every single man from top to bottom. I thought our guys played good football, winning
football. I told the guys that though we cannot keep every player, we sure wish we could. I wish we had a
bigger roster. I wish that when you draft guys and you develop guys that you are allowed to keep guys that you
develop to have later in the year when the injury bug hits. I am proud of them. I am excited for all their futures.
I thought that, if anything, guys played themselves into jobs. Nobody played themselves out of jobs."

On if anyone took a step backwards tonight:"No, it didn't seem like anybody did. Everybody played solid
football, played hard. Sure, some could've played better, but I just saw a lot of good football."

On Michael Pierce:"Michael played really well. He's played well throughout. He's had a good camp. He has
played well when he has been in there in games. He hasn't really gone against the ones as much, but he did
tonight for a series or two."

On being 4-0 this preseason:"You always want to win. I think that there's great value in winning. We didn't
do anything extra special to win any games in the preseason. We did not play our starters longer than other
people. As a matter of fact, they played less than other people. I'm just proud of our guys. You want to establish
the fact that you know how to win football games. You don't count them going forward. They are in the books,
but our players should be proud of that (record)."

On the difficulty of releasing players: "Yeah, I am not looking forward to this at all. The good thing about it
is that you have a relationship with them. I think that I can remember every single guy that I had the
conversation with. I think that if he walked back in, I think that I'd be right back in that moment because it's a
real moment. It's a very meaningful conversation. It's not one that you want to have. You get close to players,
you really do. Coach-player relationships are really special at every level, including the NFL. It is probably the
strongest in high school. High school coaches are amazing. College coaches are amazing. The work that
coaches do (is amazing). Football, baseball, women's sports (are all important levels for coaches). My
daughter's an athlete. Coaches are the salt of the earth. Coaches make a big difference in people's lives. It is all
about relationships."



"It was good to go out there and get plenty of reps tonight. We're ready for the regular season. We executed the
game plan and I can't wait to start playing for real."

"I know this is a really hard time for a lot of guys in the locker room. I haven't been in the league that long
myself and its always stressful when the final cuts are announced. But we have a solid group of guys and we're
ready to start the regular season."


"I feel fine – nothing to worry about with the injury. It really surprised me, for the coach to call my number the
very first play of the game. I'm real glad it happened the way it happened. When I saw the DB (defensive back)
playing off of me a little bit I had a sense the play was coming my way. I said to myself, you better be ready and
I am glad I did."

"Catching that first ball was like a sigh of relief for me. It felt real good to get out there, play and contribute. It
felt like a blessing – and that's why when I caught the ball I gestured up to the sky and thanked God. It meant a
lot to me; especially to be out there and helping my team mates as that's what it is all about."


"There is nothing I can do about it (making the final roster). I've done what I could do and now its in God's
hands. And if God gives me the opportunity to make the team, then I will take every advantage of that
opportunity. And if it doesn't work out, then that is what was supposed to be. Regardless of what happened, I
know I gave it my best and didn't second guess myself at all; and that's all I can do."


ON HIS SACK, FUMBLE RECOVERY & TOUCHDOWN: "The play happened real fast. I got great pressure
on the quarterback and sacked him and then the ball popped free. Since it was on the goal line, I just noticed the
ball and covered it up for a touchdown."

"I've scored before so that wasn't the first time! When I played at Samford (University), I played on offense a
few times and scored touchdowns there. But it was a real special feeling. And with me being from this area – I
am from Mobile – it was great for me to have that happen with some family and friends watching."

"We all know that, as rookies, the cut is coming. Everyone in the locker room has worked real hard to make the
team. As for me, there's nothing else I can do and I hope I've proved to the coaching staff that I deserve a spot
on the team."

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