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Transcripts: Ravens Postgame Quotes (Sept. 11)

Head Coach John Harbaugh

(opening statement) "Just an excellent team victory. I thought our guys figured out how to play winning football throughout the course of the game. We had some penalties early. One of them was designed. The very first one, we did that on purpose. But, we overcame those and then we played really good winning football – penalty-free football down the stretch – and I was really proud of that. I guess it's always going to be like this against a Rex Ryan team. We've played these guys a few times now and it has been like this every single time. It has been right down to the wire, it has been a defensive football game. That's what you expect – very well coached, very creative. I thought [Bills offensive coordinator] Greg Roman did a good job. Maybe the numbers aren't going to show, but they had some ideas up. Our secondary covered some ideas that they had. [The secondary] did a great job on some double moves and some schemes that they had to try and get some big plays. Obviously, getting the big play was huge, to Mike Wallace, and Joe [Flacco] hooking that up. That was well schemed, that was a check that Joe went to in the line. They did a great job with that. 160 yards on the day, 95 passing yards, and heck, trying to get Tyrod [Taylor] on the ground is pretty difficult. We would've had him a few more times, but he made plays with his feet. I'm just proud of our guys, it's a big win. It's good to be 1-0, but after tonight, we'll be 0-0, and we're going to Cleveland to play a division team on the road. We know what that's fraught with."

(on CB Shareece Wright's QB sweep) "That was a huge play in the game. That was just … For Shareece to come right through there, because it looked like he had a little space there, he had a little room there. He was well blocked. He made a guy miss and knifed through there and up in to Tyrod. It was just a huge play."

(on CB Shareece Wright's performance overall) "He played well. So did Jimmy [Smith]. I thought our corners – so did Tavon [Young] – our corners played exceptionally well. These guys, they have talent. I thought we did a good job tackling LeSean McCoy. They schemed us up a little bit in the first half. They got our edge a few times around the left side. We got that corrected – that was a scheme thing – and I credit [Bills offensive coordinator] Greg Roman and their guys for that. They back-doored us one time with LeSean McCoy – we should have been back there on the edge. Beyond that, the run defense was really good."

(on how QB Joe Flacco responded to sacks and on the offensive line) "We'll look at all of that stuff. We sure want to protect our quarterback better than that. When you're going against this defense, that's always the number one task. It's always a challenge. I'm sure there's plenty of things we could have done better. I saw some movements and some stunts, and things like that, but Joe is as tough as a two-dollar steak. (laughter) My brother didn't come up with that, either. It's from an old western, just for the record. We saw that when we were kids … What's a two-dollar steak nowadays?"

(on the secondary limiting big plays) "No question. Just start with our coaches. [Secondary coach] Leslie [Frazier] and [defensive backs coach] Chris [Hewitt] have done a phenomenal job in the back end. Lardarius [Webb] and Eric [Weddle] just do a great job. Those two guys understand the defense inside and out, as well as the coaches do. As a coach, that's what you want. That's what you strive for. The communication with the corners was excellent. As I said, our corners just played elite football out there. They played great. If we can play like that in the back end, we're going to have a chance to win some games."

(on the communication issues with the offensive line) "Those were cadence issues. Those were things we were doing. We were going to the line, trying to go fast. We were calling some plays at the line and things like that. Those are cadence issues that we're going to continue to work out. We want to be able to play fast. We want to be able to do some things at the line. With young guys … But even with any offensive line, it's going to be a part of it when you're trying to do that."

(on if it was a cadence issue with the offensive line on the QB Joe Flacco fumble) "The details of it will work out. I'm not sure what the details of that were, but to me, that's a great example of it."

(on if having big-play threats on the outside with WRs Mike Wallace and Breshad Perriman open up other options on offense) "It probably did. That's something that we just have to keep chasing. Those two plays were differences in the game. We don't win the game without those two plays. We need more of those plays. We have guys that can do that. We have to improve our passing game, we have to become more precise – protection wise, timing wise, throwing and catching wise – but, we're going to. We've had guys back here for about a week and a half now. Our guys will go to work and will continue to get better, but the point of emphasis is, they did what they had to do today to get the job done and make the plays that needed to be made in this game, and I'm proud of them for that."

(on the decision to challenge and take points off the board to advance the ball in the fourth quarter) "When it's going to give you a first down, you definitely go for the touchdown there. You have to make a decision when you're going to be looking at another third down or another fourth down. Am I going to go for fourth-and-one there? That's kind of what I thought we were going to be in. I didn't realize it was going to be an automatic first down. When he told me automatic first down, it was a no brainer."

CB Jimmy Smith

(on the performance of the secondary and if they made a statement) "It's the first game, but I feel like it's important. Big play today with a potent offense like that. I definitely think that the safeties this year make our defense better as a whole. I think today, just a big game out of [CB] Shareece [Wright], so you know, the question marks somewhat have been answered a little bit in this first game."

(on if he and high school teammate Wright ever envisioned talking at the podium after a big win) "Not at the podium. This is the first time for this, ever. But, I mean it is a unique situation. It's something that hopefully we can get the film for this one day and watch it when we're sitting old somewhere."

(on if the defense was faster than last year) "Yeah, I think the staff simplified the defense a little bit more, so we were able to go out there and have checks and play fast, and I think that was evident today. Coach switched it up a lot today, and he likes to play certain things sometimes, and I think he did a really good job of switching up the defense, so it kept them on their heels and not knowing what we were going to do."

(on the stand on Buffalo's last series) "Everybody in here [had] been a part of last year, so we know that no matter what happens, the game always comes down to the last two minutes. So, as a defense, when you're in that position, you want to go out there and make a big play or stop them and make sure they don't get behind you and score – in a tight game like that especially."

(on how much he enjoyed the chance to follow a strong receiver like Sammy Watkins) "I've done it a few times. The coaches came to me... [and said] 'you're matching up', so whenever they ask me to do it, I do it. I just play whatever they tell me to play. It is a good feeling to shadow [a good receiver] some time and have a good day."

CB Shareece Wright

(on making so many good defensive plays versus the run) "I do whatever I can. Whatever I can to help this team win. I was in position to make tackles, and we emphasized that, making tackles on [RB LeSean] McCoy and being able to get those guys down and eliminate big plays. We know they're explosive when they're making guys miss tackles, so that was important today, and I was able to get that done."

(on how the new running program of director of performance and recovery Steve Saunders helped) "Definitely, we had a great off-season. We worked hard, and he definitely added a lot to this program to get us ready for these type of days. We've got a lot of 1 o'clock games, and the sun's going to be out early in the season, and we've got to be ready. Luckily, we had a hot week of practice in full pads that prepared us for this. So, it was good."

(on how hard it is to limit the number of big plays that a QB like Tyrod Taylor can produce) "You've just got to be disciplined. We've got to stay on our guys. We know he's going to scramble, he's going to break out, but that's not our job in the secondary to make those plays. We've got to depend on our front to make those plays and cover our guys. We did a good job other than, I think, probably one play today."

(on how much of a difference the safeties made) "A big difference. [S] Eric Weddle, he's a different type of guy back there. He's like the defensive coordinator, and he's putting us in the right position, and he's making sure that we're on top of everything. He's communicating with us, and [DB Lardarius Webb] back there, he's a smart, instinctive player, and it helps having guys there to make sure we're OK."

(on how much this performance on defense adds to the team's confidence) "Definitely, in this league, it's momentum, and at this level we've got to roll with that. We've got to continue to get better. We've got a lot of things to work on. But starting off that fast and that hot, it's what we wanted, to start off fast. [Defensive coordinator] Dean [Pees] has been preaching that  during the pre-season. We didn't start off too hot in those pre-season games but today we did, so we've just got to carry that over into the rest of the season and just keep getting better every week. It's big."

WR Mike Wallace

(on his 66-yard touchdown catch) "It was a check. We had a run called. Joe [Flacco] just checked the play. We have a veteran quarterback that has been around for so long and has been in every situation. He knows the right thing to do every time, and it just came into effect. It was a great throw. All I had to do was run under it. I've been doing that for a long time."

(on Joe Flacco checking out of a play to call the touchdown throw) "We can't give you an exact check, but just know we have a lot of them, and they all could get ugly for anybody at any minute. We have a lot of guys, our corps, our receiving corps, is deep. We have a lot of guys, just with the guys that we had to let go, I knew what type of group that we had. We work hard every single day. It's not one day that I come in the building with a down attitude, because when I see those guys I get happy. I know the type of players, the type of workers, that they are. Just being around Steve [Smith Sr.], that's a guy who just gets me motivated, fired up every day. Breshad [Perriman], all the stuff he overcame, that just makes me happy to see those guys doing well. That just makes me want to do well. That's just what it is, we work for each other every single day, every single play."

(on if he knew that when Flacco called the check that the ball was coming to him) "Honestly, I didn't, but I knew there was a chance. On that play, you have a lot of different options – I just got the right coverage. Steve [Smith Sr.] did a great job – he ran across the field, and the safety ran with him. I was one on one with the other safety. And, if you have a safety on me, he's dead every time."

(on when he knew he had the defender on the play) "When he lined up, and it was a safety. I knew I had him, but I didn't know I was getting the ball. It's fun and games right now, but when you're out there, you just want to make a play. I was excited. I feed off the other guys. Breshad [Perriman] had just went over the top of the other guy for the first down and a big play. I was like, 'Alright, it's time for me to get one.' We have bets over who's going to get a 40-yard touchdown first, so he kind of owes me right now."

(on how it feels to make that kind of play in the opener) "It felt right. It felt so natural. From the moment I got here, every single day, it felt normal. You know what makes it a lot easier? I've got my brother Kendrick [Lewis] with me. We went to high school, college, all of that together, so from Day One, I felt at home. Then I have teammates like 'Webby' [Lardarius Webb] and them, you know, we had beef before I got here. From Day One, he was like, 'Alright, we're on the same team now. We're going to kill that.' Just being embraced by the guys. You know, 'Sizzle' [Terrell Suggs], he told me I'm the 'illest' guy in the league. So, if he tells me that, who am I not to listen to 'Sizzle'? It's just a great atmosphere, and I feel like we're all going to do well because we care about each other. This is a great organization. They know how to win. They know how to get things done, so it just feels right."

(on how big the touchdown was for him personally) "It was extremely big, just because I probably haven't had a 50-yard-plus touchdown in three years. It felt good just to get back to that, just to let them know that we're not dead. A lot of people wrote me off. They think I don't have it, but I've got something for them. I told you all that from Day One. Nothing's going to change. We're just going to keep pounding and pounding and pounding. They better get ready, because I'm coming."

(on if seeing the Ravens defense from the sideline brought back memories) "Oh yes, that was crazy. Our defense did a great job today. I don't even know who the star was. Shareece [Wright] had, what, 11 tackles or something? You don't see that too often from a cornerback. And, he had good tackles, not just like a push out of bounds. The one where he split the two guys, that was amazing. We need those type of plays to win football games. We need every single player at every moment. Our defense did a great job. We have to pick it up next week on offense. We made some plays, but we're not near where we want to be. I think our defense did so good that we're going to have to find ways to coach them up this week in practice when you watch film, because they did such a great job. On offense, it's not going to be hard for us to find things to get better at, because I don't think we did a great job, but at the same time, we have hard-working guys who know exactly what we need to do, and I think we'll get it done."

(on if the team discussed doing any sort of national anthem protest) "No."

(on his thoughts regarding player protests) "Personally, I feel like, 'To each his own.' Everybody has different things that they believe in, and if you feel like you need to do that, do it. This is America – the land of the free. You can do that if you want to, and I don't think anybody should have a problem with it because we're free. We can do whatever we want. If you want to go that route, you can go that route. If you want to just stand there and do it, do it. I represent the people. I'm with everybody. Positivity, I'm just all about positivity."

DT Timmy Jernigan

(on the 9/11 ceremony before the game) "It definitely means a lot to be a part of that with all that's going on in the country right now. I wore my USA Basketball warm-ups to the game today with the American flag on the sleeve. I'm proud of that. It's one of my favorite outfits and was appropriate today."

(on chasing QB Tyrod Taylor) "He's fast, very elusive. We have a great deal of respect for Tyrod. We paid a lot of attention to him coming in, prepared a lot and the coaches did a good job of expressing to us how important our rush lanes were today. They did a great job of expressing to us how explosive how Tyrod could be."

(on getting pressure up the middle) "When you play against a guy like Tyrod, you have to get that push up the middle, make him stay in the pocket and actually play quarterback. I feel he's really dangerous on the run, makes a lot of plays on the run. We wanted to stop that today."

(on the defense closing out the game in the fourth quarter) "That's all Ravens' defense, man. We definitely put the work in this summer, all those camp days. We knew what kind of defense we wanted to have coming into the season, and this game today kind of proved us right."

OLB Terrell Suggs

(on how his first regular-season game felt) "It feels good. I just wish my first game wasn't against [Buffalo QB] Tyrod Taylor, to be honest with you. But, you know, when you face an elusive, athletic quarterback like that and a team that's capable of big plays, you just have to stay the course. But it was a good place to start. We got the W and started off the way we wanted to."

(on facing the Buffalo offense) "That's a dangerous offense. They made some plays. It's opening week, they're on the road, we're at home. We just took care of business, but they came to play. They executed, we executed. We stuck to the plan and got the win. We've got a lot of things to work on. We have to make that jump from the first week to the second week, and we have to get ready for [coach] Hue Jackson and the Browns."

(on if the defense was faster today) "You have to play faster. You've got to understand we're facing one of the best running backs [RB LeSean McCoy], one of the best up-and-coming premier quarterbacks in the league, and they have [WR] Sammy Watkins, capable of making plays down the field. So we had to play fast, faster than them."

(on not allowing them any points in the second half) "Well then, [defensive coordinator] Dean Pees called one hell of a game. He called one hell of a game. It was all about don't let Tyrod Taylor make an explosive play. Don't let him break the game open, and we did that. We did that collectively. Myself, [OLB] Za'Darius [Smith]. I saw in the stats [CB] Shareece Wright had 10 tackles. I think that's my first time here I've seen a cornerback with 10 tackles. So, it was a collective effort. That's how you play Raven football.

(on QB Joe Flacco's effort in the game) "But Joe's been the same since he's got here. He's not moved by anything. All right, whatever, next play, and he's been putting it on the money. Cool Joe. We're all wearing 'Elite Quarterback' shirts here, and you all are just finding out how cool Joe is. He's got ice in his veins."

(on if he's physically where he wants) "It's definitely coming. First live action in a year, you know. Can't really count the pre-season games because I only got a couple series, so this is my first real live action in about a year, so you know I'll just continue to chop wood. You can always get better. It's my first game, and I feel really good about it."

S Eric Weddle

(on his first game as a Raven) "Man, it was scripted just how you envisioned it as a defensive player. Man, the fans were electric today. They really gave us the energy and the juice to finish the game out. Shoot, there's no better play than a QB kneel for the win."

(on the play of CB Shareece Wright) "Man, Shareece was big-time today. Not only covering his guys. You know, I played with Shareece for four years, and I know what type of player he is, how physical and tough he is, and the willing tackler that he is. Everybody got an eye-opener today of what he's all about. I couldn't be more proud of him. He's worked his tail off. Shoot, some of those third-down stops, if he doesn't make them, those may become big plays. Huge plays, you can go down the line of guys stepping up and playing team ball. You know, we had some tough spots. The fourth-down conversion we didn't get and some of the field position. But we buckled down and got the ball back to our offense, and they finished the game out."

(on preventing Buffalo from taking shots down the field) "We just played together. One of our main focuses and goals was nothing over the top of us. That's not just one guy, that's all four of us. Or five or six, depending upon the situation. We're very conscious of what can beat us, and we're playing together. It's definitely a good building block for the start of the season, going against the weapons they have, and that's what we want to do. We want to take away the weapons they have against us and, for them, it was the deep shots on the plays up the field, and we wanted to make them beat us some other way."

(on closing out the game in the fourth quarter) "It's been a focus all off-season. What defense do we want to be? Do we want to be a defense that, when the game's on the line, we want to be out there to win the game? Or, do we want to be a defense that sits on the sideline and hopes you're not out there. Every man, to a man, said 'we want to be out there to win the game'." And it's not one guy. From the day I got here, I've been saying 'it's all 11 playing as one,' and when we do that, special things can happen. Today was a glimpse of what we can become. It's still a work in progress. We still have areas that we need to get better in, but when we needed to get a stop, we got it. And that gives our defense some confidence for the future."

QB Joe Flacco

(on how nice it is to have playmakers on the outside like WR Breshad Perriman and WR Mike Wallace) "Yeah, we had two big plays with them, it was a good start. You can see what Mike [Wallace] can do. They played 'cover zero' a handful of times, and we only really took advantage of it on that one play."

(on what it felt like to throw it deep to WR Mike Wallace) "It felt good to watch him go into the end zone. Overall it was pretty simple, and his speed got the job done. It was a really easy throw; nobody was back there. He did a great job beating the guy with his speed. I think you can see his athleticism, because after he ran so well, he was able to stiff-arm the guy and make sure he got in the end zone. Getting in the end zone there is huge, because when you get down there, it's not always easy to put it in."

(on what went into the decision to check that play to WR Mike Wallace) "It was just part of the plan. Like I said, they were playing 'cover zero;' they didn't have any safeties there. I have a handful of things I can go to, but I really don't think I checked into that specific thing all week. I thought they might double Steve [Smith, Sr.], but if they did, I wanted to give him [Wallace] a chance to really win a matchup."

(on how happy he was for WR Breshad Perriman and TE Dennis Pitta) "It is funny. I don't think about all that stuff, and then Breshad catches a pass, and the crowd goes wild, and then Dennis caught a pass, and the crowd went nuts. I guess that was Breshad's first catch. They definitely were aware of it, and it was pretty cool."

(on how his knee feels) "It feels good. As much moving and running around I've done on it and playing in the last preseason game… I didn't really take any hits on it, but it felt great coming in, and it has felt great. I think it held up well. I had some hits around my legs and some hits up top, I was really happy with how it felt."

(on if he felt like today was a great test) "I think we did a lot of good things, but sometimes we find a way to make it tough on ourselves and play games like this week where you're squeaking out wins, and fans are at the edge of their seats at the end of games. It would be great to throw for 180 yards in the first half and be up by three scores and not up by whatever we were. We let them hang around and had to win the game in the last couple of minutes. It was a really tough situation at the end of the game. We relied on Mike [Wallace] on his jet sweep, and we relied on Justin [Forsett] with about the sixth flip to him of the day. That is just players making plays, and it's not really that easy to do in those situations when they know we are doing that. It was huge to get the win."

(on how impressed he was with the defense) "I think they did really well keeping Tyrod [Taylor] in the pocket. Tyrod had a good game. He took what they gave him, and they had some runs here and there, but at the same time, I think we were able to keep them in control for the most part. If it wasn't for Tyrod getting out of that one sack, they really wouldn't have scored. That is Tyrod though. He was really active today, and he can get out of the pocket and make some plays. I think we kept their running game in check, and we didn't let them get too many big plays on scrambles."

(on if WR Breshad Perriman's catch is a type of play that builds trust to take shots to Perriman) "I'm taking the shot no matter what, I don't care if he came down with it or not. It was great he came down with it. That's a 30-yard chunk right now. Hopefully it will turn into him running by guys and going for a touchdown, just like we did with Mike [Wallace]. It is nice to be able to give him chances. We haven't had a lot of time together, but I'm going to trust him to make those plays, no matter what."

(on the offense struggling in the second half) "We kind of got slowed up. I don't remember, did we go three and out on the opening drive on the second half? We were just real slow, and we seemed lethargic for whatever reason. I don't know why. It was probably because we didn't get a first down, and we were running on and off the field. They were able to keep us in check. I think we hurt ourselves a good amount today with pre-snap penalties and not being in a really good rhythm. There were parts of the game where we did really well, but I just think we have to be more consistent."

TE Dennis Pitta

(on playing today) "It was great just being out there. Once you are back out there it feels like you have been out there for the last couple of years. It is just great to get a win. It wasn't perfect and it wasn't always pretty, but we got a win."

(on his first catch) "It felt good. It kind of helps you settle down and get into the flow of the game. It is always nice to get the first one out of the way."

(on blocking in the red zone) "I do what I am asked to do. On that particular play I had to stay in and block. It was just good to lay a foundation. I think at times it was not perfect for us offensively, but to come out of the game like that with a win to build on is what is important."

(on his blocking technique) "That is the tough part when you haven't gotten a lot of reps in the preseason. Just being able fit back up and be physical at the point of attack. That is something I will continue to work on and I will have more time to do it now. Good start for us and I certainly did not play perfectly, but I was able to knock the rust off and we can move forward now."

(on running out of the tunnel before the game) "It was really cool. Emotions ran high for me during that time. It was a special moment to run through the smoke and out of the tunnel in front of our fans again. It's been awhile since I've been able to do that."

(on whether he was nervous) "Once you kind of get the first play under your belt you settle down and you just kind of get into the flow of the game, that's how it was once I got into the flow. I felt like I hadn't missed a beat."

(on his seam route catch) "He [Ravens QB Joe Flacco] did a good job of reading the situation and making a nice throw where I could make an adjusted catch. We did a good job of working the linebacker there because he had his head turned. It is one of those feel things and it's something you don't get to rep in practice. When it happened in the game we were both on the same page."

(on how he feels) "I feel really good and the legs feel good. I stayed healthy which is important and I am excited to keep it rolling."

DT Brandon Williams

(on holding the Bills to 165 yards on offense) "We just came out there and told everybody to play the Raven Way.  Stick to the game plan, [defensive coordinator] Dean Pees had a great game plan. We came out and executed it. There is some things we have to work on, but all in all we had a great game. It was a great scheme."

(on what Terrell Suggs return meant to the Ravens) "Seeing him in the locker room and seeing all of his leadership, it was just great to see.  It was great to have all of that excitement and energy that he brings to the team. Having him out there on the defense was great."

(on him and teammate DT Timmy Jernigan being the best in the league) "I think our whole defense is good. Our defensive line can switch any players that we want. We can put any combination together and we are going to succeed because the coaches teach us that way. We can roll with guys in and out."

(on Bills QB Tyrod Taylor's elusiveness) "The game plan was to make him be a quarterback. Sometimes he got out of there, but not too many times."

(on holding last year's leading rushing team in check) "That's always the way if the other team can't run the ball, you make them one dimensional. For us to keep them to 60-plus yards was great, but obviously we can do better. We want to hold them to zero."

(on shutting the Bills down in the 4th quarter) "It was awesome. When it comes down to it and the defense is on the field it's our time to make a play and step up. You see guys out there and you say, 'let's make a stop and get the ball back for the offense and make sure they can close it out.' It's our goal to stop them anything they have to do and get the offense back on the field to close it out.

LB Zach Orr

(on beating the Bills) "It was great. I was talking to CJ [Ravens LB CJ Mosley] and it is the first time since we have been here that we have been 1-0 to start the season. The last few years we were here, we lost to Cincinnati and at Denver last year. So it feels good to be 1-0 for the first time.  Now we've just got to go back and work on it. It was great winning in front of the home crowd. We always want to put on a show for those people. They were loud and rowdy the whole game. It was great."

WR Breshad Perriman

(on how his long catch play was designed and if it was intended for him to go deep) "That's never the intent. When I saw it was one-on-one coverage with me, I knew it was a good possibility that [Joe Flacco] might come to me, and he did."

(on the leap he made over the defender to make the catch) "I just had to. I was going to try to catch it over my shoulder and try to score, but the way the ball came I didn't have any other choice but to try to out-jump him and I did."

(on his emotions after his first NFL game) "Crazy. Really, a dream come true for me. The last game was good as well, but this is the first regular season, just being out here with the whole team, the rest of the 53 [man roster] and my receiving corps, it just feels great. Words can't really explain it all, I'm just very happy."

RB Justin Forsett

(on his first regular season game since last year) "It felt good to get back out there and get a win. Last time I was out there playing a real game, I broke my arm, so it was good to be back. It's been a journey, and again, glad we got the win."

(on the running backs rotation with RB Terrance West) "It felt good. We were both able to go out there and make some good runs, be consistent out there and help our team win. I think [offensive coordinator] Marc [Trestman] did a great job of keeping balance, and I think the sky is the limit for us."

(on if he would prefer to have more consistency in the game and look at upwards of 20 or so carries) "Yeah, we'd all love that, but the main thing we have to do is worry about what we can control, and that's when we get the ball, I do something with it."

(on having two rookies blocking for him on the offensive line in T Ronnie Stanley and G Alex Lewis) "I think they played with composure, they were communicating a lot out there on the field, helping me out, helping other guys out. These guys are veterans now. They're playing with us, they're smart guys and they're going to do a good job for us this year."

(on if there was a sense about having all of the injured players back on the field) "Definitely, it felt good seeing all of those faces out there that we didn't see at the end of the year last year. You know, seeing 'T-Sizzle' [Terrell Suggs] back, Steve [Smith Sr.], [Dennis] Pitta, Joe [Flacco]. So, it was good to be back out there with the boys."

Steve Smith Sr.

(on the emotion of today) "It was good. A lot of emotion, I think, for a lot of people. But we got the win, so it's good."

(on how he's doing health-wise) "I'm good. Feeling real good."

(on his role in the game today) "There's wins and losses and you have to evaluate them the same way. Was it ugly? Possibly. But it doesn't matter. It's a win column for us, and we have to go in there and get corrections, and the Buffalo Bills took a loss and they have to get corrections. But it's 50/50; one team is going to win, one team is going to lose. So, how you win and how you lose doesn't matter. You just go into one column and you have to figure it out."

(on WR Breshad Perriman being out there today) "It was great to play out there with him. To see him get a long catch, to see him go out there, stretch out, and get up after falling … He was excited, I was excited for him, so it was fantastic."

(on if the team talked about the protests in the locker room before the game) "You know, here's the thing about the protests – each individual has their right to do what they choose to do. That's what those people chose to do, so I think they have that right. Did you see anybody protesting any of that stuff here? No. So, for me, honestly, just where I stand is I have to speak to a man privately before I can stand with any man publicly. I haven't had any private conversations with individuals about it, so there's nothing to discuss."    

(on shutting down the Bills in the 4th quarter) "It has been a big emphasis since the end of last year. We had extra meetings coming into OTAs than mini-camp and training camps. When we are the last ones on the field, we have to make a stop. We had the lead early and we wanted to keep the lead. It's something we talked about. 'Sizz' [Ravens LB Terrell Suggs] talked to us after the game and said the coaches put in a great game plan and we were able to execute.

(on the Ravens swarming defense) "The coaches have been talking about it and we see it as players. This is the fastest defense that's been around here in a long time. When you are playing guys like Tyrod [Bills QB] 'Shady' [Bills RB LeSean McCoy and Reggie Bush, not everyone is going to make a one on one tackle so it's important to get all 11 hats to the ball. We were flying around and those guys made some plays because they're great players, but we were able to minimize the damage."

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