Transcripts: Ravens Postgame Quotes (Sept. 25)


(Opening statement) "All I can say is, that's amazing. It's awesome. It's incredible. For us, it's a fabulous victory. I am very excited we won the football game. I feel like it was the hand of God, that's how I feel. I'm proud of our guys for their fight. Four sacks in the fourth quarter when we were struggling to get there in the earlier part of the game for two quarters. To get the two sacks by Terrell Suggs; Timmy Jernigan might have got one and got the batted ball. All those things. We had 21 completions in a row. We were doing a real good job of getting turnovers on three different things. I give them credit because their pass rush really heated up in the fourth quarter. That's not normal for pass rushers to improve in hot conditions in the fourth quarter like that with how many passes were throw. You have to give credit because both teams were in excellent condition. Our defense, of course, to step up to get the sacks, to get the interception, to block the field goal; all the things that led to winning in the fourth quarter. That's the story and I am sure proud of our guys. "

(On if the defensive improvement late were tied into last year's team) "It probably did. I do believe we are a better defense. Bottom line is being better. It's not that we didn't want to stop people last year, we were not good enough to get it done. This year we're playing well enough to get it done. We are a better defense. We can't discount the fact we learned some tough lessons last year and our leaders are doing a good job of instilling that into our younger players."

(On what was working for the 21 straight completions) "Everything was kind of working. Our protection was working, we got clean looks. I thought Marc (Trestman) was calling them really well. We were chipping a bunch which really helped us. All of a sudden they edged a guard or got us with a pressure, battled a ball, a guy fell down or whatever may have happened then we weren't clicking, which is the nature of the game."

(On performance of their kicker) "We all know our kicker and he has been there before. You never take it for granted because the next kick is the toughest kick. I do believe Justin (Tucker), Sam Koch, Morgan Cox and the protection, because Jacksonville is a good field goal rush team—which you are not going to know if you don't study the tape—held up well since they were going after our right side. "

(On his thoughts about the last four minutes of the game) "I wasn't thinking about last year's game, I can tell you that. We have a lot of respect for this team. A lot of respect for this coaching staff. You can tell how a team is coached. I'm biased, in their special teams. Jacksonville special teams is extremely well coached by Mike Mallory. They play really hard and they got the turnover there which gave them a chance to win. I thought our special teams did really well. It was a really battle out there. It's a good indicator of how well they are coached."


(on putting defensive pressure on Blake Bortles)"I knew we had to find a way to affect Bortles and put more pressure on him. I think he was a little too comfortable back there in the first half. He's definitely a guy if he gets too comfortable I think he could make you pay.  He's going to be a great quarterback in this league."

(on the win)"It was tough and at the end of the day it's Sunday. On these Sundays in the NFL, anything goes. It doesn't matter what you did before. You have to take it week by week and be ready for anything. We weren't surprised by the way they were going to play. We knew it was going to be a battle."

(on being from nearby Lake City and playing in Jacksonville)"I had a lot of friends watching from back home and it was exciting. To grow up in the area, it was always a dream to come back and play in this stadium. It's the first time I have ever been inside this stadium.  It's a dream come true and to come down here and beat them."

(on winning a close game)"We just needed to keep fighting, and we're used to these situations. Last year we lost a lot of close ones and it's good to come out on the other side of it."           


(on the back and forth fourth quarter)"It was controlled chaos, that's all it is. In the fourth quarter, there's either blowouts or there's nail biters and that definitely was a nail biter. We make it interesting and I think we make it more interesting than we really like."

(on the win and going 3-0)"I think we understand what was at stake and this was an important game.  A game like this we lost last year."


(On Ravens' chances trailing in final minutes) "I knew we would get the ball back again.  Even without that last pick, I felt good about our chances if we went down 20-16. That's what I thought would happen – that we would go down 20-16 and get the ball back, go on a two-minute drill with no timeouts and would have to put the ball into the end zone.  You just want that chance and our defense gave it to us.  And they gave us a little more."

(On final drive for Ravens) "I want to get it as close as we can.  I don't want to have to go to the sidelines and start sweating.  I want to put the ball in the end zone if we can, but I know at the same time, if we put him (Justin Tucker) out there, he's going to do the job."

(On last minute wins) "I would have liked to have made it a little easier for him (Justin) and all the people back in Baltimore. There's no need to be giving people back in Baltimore heart attacks every single week. You don't want to have to be winning these games the way we are.   It makes us tougher as a football team, but at same time, you're not going to be able to get away with this when you're playing really, really good teams in January."

(On the 3-0 start) "If we get to the postseason, it means you're a good team and you know how to win football games.  Having said that, we have to play a little bit cleaner.  And, on offense, we have to find ways to get more points.  We played a solid three quarters of football but we're not scoring.  I think we're a team that's kind of growing as we're moving along here.  But we want to get into the end zone more.  That's what's going to put us over the top."

(On chemistry of this team) "We have a lot moving parts and guys that haven't played with us before. At some point, it's building up and I'm hoping for it to turn over very quickly as an offense and really take off."

(On remembering last year's game against the Jaguars) "It's a totally new team for us and a totally different year.  That game was disappointing at the time, but you get over losses in the NFL pretty quickly if you want to win the next week. 

(On improving offensively) "If we can get some chunks in the running game and start moving the ball that way, it will make it easier for us to start putting the ball into the end zone. We need to do it."


(On game-winning FG) "There's definitely butterflies.  But Morgan (Cox) said to me right before we went out onto the field, 'Heroes will be remembered.  Legends never die.' It's a football game, but that's how we feel. We get into these situations but I've had a good amount of them in my time here. Do they get easier? I'm not sure, but the more opportunities that we have and successfully convert, the more confidence I have going into the next one."

(On winning close games) "While we would like to blow everybody out, we know realistically we're the Baltimore Ravens and play AFC North black and blue division football.  We just have to be ready to end the close games and put the dagger in them. "

(On success over 50 this year) "I really don't think I'm doing anything differently than last couple of seasons. At the exact same time, we build upon our practices and each successful kick that we have in practice just gives us confidence to roll into game day with a little bit of swagger."

(On the importance of winning on the road) "I had no doubt. We've played three close games already and that is sort of our brand of football. To be able to come into this environment and get a win on the road in the last minute of the game speaks volumes to the resolve each and every member of this team and coaching staff has. That's going to be really important moving forward."


(On having Justin Tucker) "It was very valuable.  When games come down to a final possession, you want a man that's clutch. I'm a big King James fan, but it seems like in these moments, everybody says 'Mamba Mode' – Kobe Bryant – shoutout to 24 – but still long live the King – King James.   You want a quarterback with ice in their veins and you damn sure want a kicker with ice in his veins as well."

(On defensive pressure in second half) "I think we're still coming into our own.  We still have a lot of young guys despite this being year 14 for me.  You have to know how to rush and win the game.  You just can't go out there and be reckless with it. Coach Harbaugh believes in us. Towards the second half, we kind of got after it a little bit.  He (Bortles) made some plays with his feet but we knew that's the kind of quarterback Bortles is.  We were able to get it done."

(On getting turnovers) "You want to get turnovers and create short fields for your offense. We gave up a few but then we were able to get a few."

(On blocked field goal) "I can't say enough about how big these blocked field goals are happening. We would like to not have to do that, but it's good to know that when the time comes, you have a 6'12' Brent Urban that can go in there and do it."

(On Florida heat) "It was hot.  I kept using the hose on the sideline and drinking water. Anytime you get a sack and I can't celebrate. I thought I hydrated enough, but the Florida sun got me. I just have to keep working to get better."

(On Bortles' sack on last series) "He wanted to make a play. Quarterbacks want to win the game. I really think he knew that throwing the ball away was not going to help him. He took a chance and it just worked out for me."


(On blocked field goal) "Every time we line up for a field goal, we expect to block it. It's the same mindset. We executed. Other guys like Brandon Williams and Lawrence Guy did a great job getting push as well. I was able to get through there. It was a great all-around play."

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