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Transcripts: Ravens Practice Week 4 (9/29)


Opening Statement:"OK, good to see everybody. I appreciate you coming out. [It was a] great day for football, and we're onto getting ready for Sunday, so I'm excited about it. We want to congratulate the Orioles. What a great accomplishment – win the division, clinch the first seed [in the American League]. To [manager] Brandon Hyde and the whole team, man, on behalf of the Ravens, we're excited, we're proud of them, and we're looking forward to watching those playoff games. So, what questions do you have?" 

How did OLB Kyle Van Noy look this week? And if you would elect to bring him up, do you feel comfortable that he'd be ready, understanding that he didn't have a training camp and all that? (Luke Jones) "Yes, he [Kyle Van Noy] looked good. And yes, if we bring him up, he'll be ready." 

How good is it to have S Marcus Williams back at practice and in the mix again? (David Andrade) "It's great to have him [Marcus Williams] back out there. Obviously, [he's] been working hard, and that's a big, big plus for us." 

Do you think S Marcus Williams has a real chance to be out there this Sunday? (Cordell Woodland) "We'll see on Sunday. You don't know until you get there. He [Marcus Williams] practiced, and we'll see what happens – see if he can do it." 

Does QB Deshaun Watson's status at all complicate preparation over the last 24 hours? Do you have to look again at the backup? Or is that just something you do anyway? (Jeff Zrebiec) "Yes, we would do that anyway, for sure. The kid from UCLA [Dorian Thompson-Robinson], obviously, had a great training camp and a great preseason. [He] looked super good out there [and was] making plays. So, we'll be prepared. But everything coming out of there is that Deshaun [Watson] is going to play. And we're preparing for the Browns. It's the team; it's the schemes they run [on] all three phases. [They're] playing very well at home, obviously – the first two games. So, we're looking forward to that challenge, and it's not so much about any one player, ever." 

We saw that S Ar'Darius Washington underwent surgery. Do you have any update on his long-term prognosis for this season? (Jonas Shaffer) "No, I really don't know the details on that right now, long-term-wise. It will be a number of weeks, for sure. And then we'll see where we're at when that gets announced – probably when the doctors let us know."

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