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Transcripts: Ravens Rams Post Game Quotes

Rams Head Coach Sean McVay
(Opening Remarks)
"First of all, congratulations to (Ravens Head) Coach (John) Harbaugh and the Ravens – excellent football team. We didn't do nearly enough tonight to be competitive. They did a lot of good stuff. There is a lot of things that we can clean up. I didn't do nearly a good enough job. I think what we will all look at ourselves, critically, figure out what we can do to improve, flush this out of our system and then we move forward, preparing for our next opponent. That's where we are at, that's all we know how to do and that's what we are going to do."
(On if it was shocking how well Ravens QB Lamar Jackson controlled the game and the Ravens having the ability to play how they did)
"It was impressive. When you sit there and you watch and you feel the operation up close and personal, and you just see just how sharp they are with their execution – what a dynamic playmaker he is – what a good job they do of creating conflict right before the snap, changing your fits. And then, on third down, they were really impressive – just his (Ravens QB Lamar Jackson) operation, his ability to be able to find some completions, make plays with his legs. There is a reason why people are talking about him as an MVP, it felt like it tonight. Again, give them credit, they did a good job, but we're not going to let this bleed in to next week. This is humbling. Nobody is going to shy away from – we've got to do a lot better collectively as a team. You give the Ravens their credit. What you can't do, is you can't allow the Ravens to beat us twice, as we move forward into our preparation in the upcoming week."
(On how he moves forward in his preparation after not facing a situation like this in the past)
"I trust that we have the right guys in that locker room. Guys that are mentally tough, that understand that, 'Hey, whatever we did tonight, has nothing to do with what we are going to do moving forward, unless we allow it to.' That's the mindset we've got to have as coaches, as players. To a man, we owe it to each other to do better. I feel as responsible as anybody and I certainly have to do a better job, but the only way I know how to do that, is by the way that you work throughout the week, the way that you consistently bring a consistent demeanor of urgency, but also, 'Hey, let's be solution oriented in the way that we move forward.' Can't wait to look at this tape, fix it, and then we get ready for the Arizona Cardinals next week."
(On what happened on the offensive side of the ball tonight)
"I thought the things that really represented what the night entailed – almost as a team but offensively – you don't get anything going those first couple of drives, then when you do get down in to the redzone and you have penalties that set yourself back, you have no margin for error against a team like this. I thought those things were critical, they were crucial. Instead of potentially having 14 points, you end up with six. Then, kind of the last play that we had offensively, I think it was kind of representative of what the night was – one our best, most reliable players, tip ball ends up going in their hands and they make a pick. Credit them, they made a lot of plays, they did some things. Certainly, I know I've got to do a much better job of coaching this football team and putting us in a position to make plays."
(On if Jackson's performance is the best performance an opposing player has had against him as a head coach)
"I think so, yeah. I think it's hard to say. There has been some really impressive ones that you've seen over the last three years, but that's as an impressive team as we've seen. They won the game tonight in, obviously, decisive fashion."
(On whether the team's effort level or gameplan contributed to the loss)
"I don't think it was anything to do with the effort. I think, certainly, I feel responsible for not putting our players in better positions, really in all three phases. We'll go back, we'll look at it, we'll see what we can do. There's going to be an element of execution that that entails as well. We're all in this thing together, but I feel as responsible as anybody and you just put your head down and go grind, and find a way to just get ready for next week, because just dwelling on this doesn't do you any good. You can't run away from the problems that we did have tonight, but allowing it to set ourselves back is what this team will not do, I can promise you guys that."
(On how much of the challenge is trying to simulate the competition in the week of preparation)
"That's it. I think you said it right there. You can't truly simulate that, especially when you look at just what a great job they do of creating the conflict. When you look at when it is some of those gives downhill, those things hit faster on the second and third levels. Then when (Ravens Quarterback) Lamar (Jackson) does pull it on some of those zone-read plays, he's got the ability to get around you and then what he can do as a runner, just feeling space, because you're not tackling during the week, those do make it very, very difficult to simulate those types of things. They do a great job of creating conflict for a defense."
(On if the game looked as dominating for him on the sideline as it did in the press box and for the fans)
"Yeah, it was a tough game all around, we're not going to shy away from that. There's not anything good to take away from this, other than the fact that I did feel that our team continued to battle. I love this group, I love this locker room. I trust that we're going to respond the right way because that's the only thing we know how to do."
(On if what this loss does to the playoff standings is devastating or upsetting)
"Not winning the game tonight was what is upsetting. That's all we could try to do tonight is try to find a way to get a win. All we can do next week is try to find a way to get our 7th win. That's where our sole focus and concentration remains. Those things have a way of working themselves out if you deserve to be able to get an opportunity to compete afterwards, but what we're going to be focused on is looking at this, moving forward, and then getting ready for the Cardinals next week."
(On what he means by not letting the Ravens beat them twice)
"I think what you do is you look at the things that we didn't do good enough that are going to be carried over into the following week – what are some of the fundamentals, the techniques, what are decisions that I know I can certainly do a much better job of? Then you say, 'All right, let's make sure from just a self-evaluation standpoint, everybody is accountable for the things that they have to do moving forward in a higher level of efficiency for us to be a better football team. So, you face that, you try to fix those things, and then you continue to address them as the week progresses, getting ready for the upcoming opponent."

Rams QB Jared Goff
(On the offense struggling again this week)
"I think the game dictated some things and we were unable to get going early. I think against a team like that, the margin for error is so small. Unfortunately, we had some errors early on and it bit us in the long run. I think we had to get out to a hot start and we didn't. We came down the field – we actually moved the ball pretty well in those two drives and then finished in field goals with some crucial errors in the redzone. That's what you can't have – like I mentioned – against teams like this. We're just going to keep fighting, keep going, keep fighting. I've said it before, I think we've got the right guys in this building. I know we've got the right guys in this building. Just got to keep fighting."
(On how the team moves forward when looking at the playoff picture)
"We got Arizona next week and we've got to take it one game at a time. We obviously need some stuff to happen, but I don't think it's completely out of the realm of possibility at all. We're still very much in it and just got to keep fighting."
(On if people would be correct in thinking the Rams are far off the league's elite teams like Ravens)
"I don't know. It's so hit or miss every week. You want to stay consistent, but I think this game just got away from us. That's the best way to describe it. Got away from us and I think everyone on offense, defense, special teams would look at themselves and say, 'We can be better.' I've said this before, it starts with me. I can be better and I think like I mentioned, we let the game get away from us."
(On if he can nail down why this season hasn't been as smooth for him as last season was)
"There's a multitude of reasons. Games have been dictated certain ways and then there's been throws that I've missed and there's been guys that we've done some bad things. It's a million things. I really try not to look at the numbers because I know that's misleading. There's games where I look back on this year where I didn't feel very good after and my numbers were good. There's games that my numbers were not good and I felt good about how I played. I try not to let that dictate how I feel. I don't know if I can nail down one thing for you – I think there's a bunch of things."
(On what he saw from Ravens QB Lamar Jackson)
"He's (Ravens QB Lamar Jackson) a hell of a player. He's a hell of a player and I wish him the best. I think he's really proven a lot of people wrong and you always love to see that. I think his ability to obviously run is so special, but then how accurate he was. There's no limit for that guy. He's a great player."
(On what needs to happen for the offense to get rolling consistently)
"A million things. I think there's no one thing. It's just be better consistently. I know that's easy to say, but it's the truth. We need to be better down-in and down-out and not kill ourselves with little mistakes, penalties. I can distribute the ball better, we can do different things in the run game. There's a million things. There's not one thing and I think you just have to focus every single day on getting better, trusting the people around you and just do your best."
(On Ravens CB Marcus Peters record an interception in the game)
"He's a great player. I love (Ravens CB) Marcus (Peters), he's one of my favorite guys I've played with and he made a great play. He made a great play and he's known for that. I tip my cap to him, he made a great play. Their whole defense had a tremendous day."
(On not letting Monday's game carry over into preparation for Week 13 against Arizona)
"Come in tomorrow, watch the film and move on, like we do if we had won this game by 40 points. Nothing changes and I know we tend to think that we're going to dwell on this or, 'How is this going to affect our season or anything?' But, as a team, as an organization, we truly treat every win and loss the same way. Obviously, this one's going to hurt. The way it went is never good – we got beat pretty good. We'll treat it the same way and come back tomorrow with the same attitude and keep fighting. That's all we can do."
Rams RB Todd Gurley II
(On if it was tough on them as an offense with the Ravens getting off to such a quick lead)
"No, we had opportunities. We just messed them up ourselves. We didn't convert when we had the chance either. Goes both ways."
(On the team was feeling confident coming into the game)
"We come prepared every week. We know we got a good opponent – Monday night, excited about it. Just one of those games. We got blown out and just got to move on to the next one."
(On how the Rams can move on quickly and prepare for Arizona)
"We don't have a choice. Tomorrow is Tuesday, we're usually off, but we're going to come in, get ready, watch film. We still got Thanksgiving so you still got to appreciate that with your friends and family, teammates. And then just get ready for Sunday, honestly."

Rams WR Robert Woods
(On how the offense played against the Ravens)
"Just struggled, just trying to get things going and get in our rhythm. They played us well, their defense played solid, and just got to find ways to execute on first down and get us started."
(On how the Rams can bounce back from this loss)
"Watch the film, just be positive and keep working. Find ways to get better and look forward to Arizona next week."
(On his message to Rams fans heading into Thanksgiving week)
"I'm very thankful for the fans, family and just this team. Very supportive and a great family."

Rams T Andrew Whitworth
 (On the feeling after a loss against a team like the Ravens)
"You're always disappointed anytime you lose. In this league, any time you have a loss you're upset, but the reality is nobody feels sorry for you and the next week's coming fast. So it's about tomorrow, coming in, flushing this out, figuring out what we could've done better and getting prepared for the next week."
(On the Rams facing Lamar Jackson)
"I've seen this team play this way, all year. I mean, Baltimore is a heck of a football team. And you look at those guys, talking to them afterwards and before, some of the guys I know, they feel like they have something really special in Lamar Jackson and they almost just seem in awe of him. I think that you see this guy play, you see what he does for them, it's really special."
(On how to not feel defeated by the loss)
"I think you come back tomorrow, you be honest with yourself about what we could do better. That's coaches, players, everybody. The thing is, eventually, it's one of those things where it's not just players, it's not just coaches — it's all of us together, collectively, how do we get on the same page, how do we do things better. Is it the plan, is it the plays, is it the players? All those things have to be looked at with alligator skin, you got to be tough about it and look internally and say, 'hey, how can each and everyone one of us be better?'"

Rams LB Clay Matthews
(On if the team just focuses on the next game or looks at the playoff picture)
"Oh sure. It's obviously about the next game but at this point in the season I believe with five games left I mean you'd be a fool not to look at it and see the big picture here. We got to start winning and we got to start winning now and unfortunately, we didn't do it. I'm not sure what the analytics say about possibly making the playoffs or whatever it is. I know that's not even something we talked about, but it's obviously –that's why we play this game is to have an opportunity to play in the playoffs to have a chance to get to the Super Bowl. We got to play better next week and we need a win or else we're going to put ourselves too far behind in a very good NFC division."
(On how he feels about his team being 6-5)
"You know obviously I don't think anybody envisioned us being in this situation that we're in right now having the record that we did. I wasn't a part of the Super Bowl team last year, but especially coming off that you figure with the addition of a few free agents and the draft that you're going to continue to get better. But the reality is – what are we 6-5 now? We got to start winning if we really have a chance to get to the playoffs. One thing we talked about after the game is we're just not going to let a loss like this – it all counts the same at the end of the year – divide the team. We just need to get back to work, that's all we can do."

Rams CB Jalen Ramsey
(On his conversation with Ravens CB Marcus Peters outside the locker room)
"If y'all have some questions about the game, I'll answer that other than that I'm not going to answer that."
(On his thoughts on the game and what went wrong)
"A lot."
(On what they will look at more specifically and try to improve on moving forward)
"We got to watch the film and see."
(On how the team can bounce back from a loss like this at home)
"Stay positive. Go in and evaluate the film tomorrow. Grind, grind, get better for the next week. Put this game in our past and just move on really. Learn from it, move on."
(On what he thought about the Ravens offense)
"Put a lot of points up on the board. Best in the business I would say."
(On what the Ravens did so well and why they couldn't defend as well as they would like to)
"Like I said we got to watch the film to figure out exactly what went wrong. It's a lot to watch obviously, I don't really know where to start. It's kind of hard to answer your question precisely – I got to watch the film first."
(On the different coverages they used and if they were making endgame adjustments to things they were seeing)
"We kind of kept that – our gameplan a little bit. Ran the plays that coach called. It was what it was. Of course, we had talks on the sideline. Things were not going well but we just couldn't get it together. It is what it is. Tough game really."

Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh
(Opening Remarks)
"Ok, I appreciate you guys sticking around. Great win, proud of our guys. We'll be moving on – we've got 5 days and about 20 minutes before we play San Francisco, so we've got to work on those guys next."
(On his thoughts on the big win tonight)
"I'm proud of the guys. I told them in the locker room just from the focus standpoint – these guys went to work all week. Our two guys were just up here talking about how good the look came for them. That's exactly right. I mean, it hit right in the head – they come to practice, they work hard, they're locked in – they're locked in in meetings, they're locked in in travel. They're thinking about football, keeping it about football, and keeping it simple. I feel like they're on a mission – it's one mission at a time. That's the way they approached this game, that showed up in the result. I'm proud of them for it."
(On if they practice as well as they played today)
"Yes. They play just like they practice."
(On if he feels his team's success has to do with the players having a special chemistry)
"I do. I felt that way last year too. I think it's a unique group of guys. They really are close. They really do love one another. They have a certain belief in one another and things greater than that. They have faith, they trust – and they work. They go to the next play, and they keep it simple that way. So, just like you said – I agree there's something special here but, you know what? There's nobody crowned in November, so, we have a lot of work to do."
(On if anything Ravens QB Lamar Jackson does amazes him)
"You know, we just don't look at it like that. Yeah, he's a great football player, he makes great plays. The thing that I'm really so impressed with is his decision making – the way he handles the offense, and runs the offense, and the choices he makes in critical situations. I mean – take the end of the half. The way he worked the clock, worked the ball down the field, left no time for the Rams at the end. Scored right at the end when we were out of timeouts. That's just operating at the highest level you can operate at as a quarterback. So that's the thing I'm probably most amazed at if it's anything – is how he operates as a quarterback."
(On continuing their successful season by beating the Rams by such a large margin)
"Yeah – I mean it's good for this week, but next week it doesn't give you anything – you get one win no matter how many you win by. But, the fact that we're playing so well from one week to the next is, to me, an indication of how hard the guys are working and how focused they are. But they know next week's a new week. We have a great opponent coming up – San Francisco. These guys are the best team in football, they're playing at the highest level right now. Nobody's crowned like I said. There's no best team in football right now. February's when they make that decision."
(On the focus going onto Jackson with his performances week after week and being in the spot light and if he can take a step back and be a historian)
"No, I can't. I really can't. I love history and I talk history all the time, the guys know that. But, at this point in time, no, I can't. I absolutely cannot. Five days we're playing the San Francisco 49ers, right?"
(On what he might see emerging here)
"I don't know. I mean, that's for you guys to decide. That's what you do. I coach football, these guys play."
(On any of his impressions of the 49ers and what they've done so far)
"They look great. They're killing people. They've got a great football team who you as coaches, we've gone to work on them already. We know what we're up against. We've got to get back, we've got to get rested and we've got to get to work."
(On what he has to say about this offense and losing Ravens C Matt Skura and replacing him with Ravens Rookie G Patrick Mekari)
"I think it says a lot about (Ravens G Patrick) 'Pat' Mekari and it says a lot about (Ravens Offensive Line Coach) Joe 'D.' (D'Alessandris) and the job he does with those guys. To step in there and still play at that high level. I mean (Ravens C) Matt Skura was playing at a very high level. It looks Patrick did the same, there was no drop off at all. Rookie, it says a lot."
(On if he knows anymore about Skura and if he needs to get an MRI)
"Yeah, I don't know anything definitive yet."
(On if he is surprised about winning against a team that knew that this game meant a lot)
"I don't think we think about that stuff. We're just thinking about us and trying to be the best football team we can be, really. That's the honest answer."
(On what specifically made them so good against DT Aaron Donald)
"I thought our coaches did a great job with the gameplan. But, really it goes to the offensive line. The linemen did it and we did it with double teams, no doubt. They were good, tight-fit double teams which our guys do well, but they were also one-on-one blocks. I mean, (Ravens G) Marshal Yanda is one of the best players ever to play the game at right guard, there's just no question about it. Then, (Ravens G) Bradley Bozeman did a nice job. They move them everywhere, so all of our guys, but I think the offensive line deserves the credit for that."
(On what he was thinking on the play before halftime when Ravens OLB Matthew Judon forced a fumble and then picked it up and there was a sack)
"I don't remember. I hardly remember the play, to be honest with you."
(On that play)
"I don't know. I'd rather not get into it. I can't remember."
(On having seven-consecutive wins in the NFL being an accomplishment and if he sees this team thinking about getting better)
"Well, the plan is to get better, yes. The plan is to get 1% better every single day. It's hard to do that, but our guys are up to the task."

Ravens QB Lamar Jackson
(On why he was mad on the drive right before halftime)
"We come here to compete. We played a great team. I'm not trying to make no mistakes. Like you said, I fumbled and my job is to fix it. And that's what I'm trying to do with my scoring. I didn't. I fell. I fumbled and then fell, and it ticked me off."
(On if today's game was supposed to be a test)
"It was. I understand, but it was a test. That was a physical team. That was a great team. We just came to play tonight."
(On how close it was a to a perfect football game)
"I don't know. Like I said, I'm out there trying to compete. I'm not worried about being perfect. I made plenty of mistakes, just like I did on that slant to Marquise (Brown). If that had been a better pass, that would've been a touchdown. I'm just trying to play to win."
(On how satisfying it was to finish drives with touchdowns)
"Yeah, that's our goal going into each and every game. We practice it a lot. The scout team defense did a great job all week. Biggie (Iman Marshall), it was him. He did a great job this week. But yeah, like I said, we're just trying to win."
(On why his receivers were wide open in the red zone)
"We watched a lot of film on them. They were trying to disguise coverages. They were in coverage zero and they went on to cover two, single high. They were doing it all, but like I said, G-Ro (Offensive Coordinator Greg Roman) outdid himself. He was in his bag today. He was calling great plays on great coverages. Our guys did a great job of getting open. Obviously, we did a great job of blocking. It was a great success tonight."
(On the crowd chanting MVP)
"It's okay, but I'm trying to win the Super Bowl and take it one game at a time. I'm not worried about MVP, you know. If it comes, it comes. I'm trying to win the Super Bowl. That's a team award and that's what I want."
(On hearing the crowd and the respect that he gets)
"It's cool. Like I said, it's cool, but I'm trying to win the Super Bowl. That's the goal and I'm chasing that right now. We got the 49ers right now… well next week and that's what I'm focused on."
(On if he feels how special things have been going for the team)
"Yes, we've been clicking on all cylinders. It starts in practice. Our defense flies around. Like I said, our scout team does a great job. They're competing their butts off and it's making us better. And that's what it was tonight. We had a lot of success."
(On if he watched the 49ers last night)
"I didn't actually. I didn't watch. I was focused on the Rams. I'm focused on who we got next. Like I said, we got the 49ers next week and I'm going to watch film right when I have to. Starting tomorrow, I'm watching them."

Ravens RB Mark Ingram II
(On who the leader of the team is)    *
"We have plenty of leaders. 'LJ' (Ravens QB Lamar Jackson) is our leader. (Ravens G/T) Marshal Yanda is our leader. (Ravens S) Earl Thomas (III) is our leader. We have guys that have been here for a long time, (Ravens CB) Jimmy Smith. We have a lot of veterans that just know what it takes. We have young guys that know the value of hard work and understand the value of winning one day at a time. We have multiple leaders and guys that love each other and care about each other. We all step up to lead each other."
(On what he has to say about Ravens QB Lamar Jackson this week)

"Come see me. 'LJ' – MVP. If you have a problem, come see me. Just run that back from last week. People have been trying me, but they can't validate their opinions, so 'LJ' for MVP."
(On his thoughts about the play of their offensive line)
"They have a great defensive front. We knew coming in it would be a challenge. Best defensive player in the game over there. They did a great job today of being physical and dominating the line of scrimmage, giving Lamar time, giving us holes to run through and space to operate. They gave time for LJ to deliver the ball downfield. Those guys are the best unit in the league from left tackle to right tackle to fullback 'Project Pat' (Ravens FB/DL Patrick Richard), tight ends (Nick) Boyle, Hayden (Hurst), Mark Andrews and receivers blocking down field, Willie Snead (IV), (Seth) Roberts. It's a team effort. Everybody believes in each other and everybody loves each other. That offensive line is dominant, man. I'm glad that I'm able to take the huddle with those guys."

Ravens WR Marquise Brown
(On how the receivers were so wide open when they threw the ball on offense)
"It was just how our defense prepared us this week. Some of the plays didn't work in practice and then you come out in the game and you know how to run it and get open."
(On how it felt to come back and play in Southern California again after playing at College of the Canyons)
"It was very fun. I saw my coaches at College of the Canyons. I have family out here. They never get to see me play in person, so for them to see me in person today was pretty cool."
(On if he sensed early that the offense was clicking and that they had the Rams defense on their heels)
"We just go out there every play trying to execute, honestly. We try to score every play, no matter run or pass, we try to score."
(On if he was surprised the defense kept playing outside leverage on the goal line)
"We watched it on film, that's how they play it. So, we exploited it."

 Ravens OLB Matthew Judon
 (On how fun this is on a game-by-game basis with their wins this season)
"The process is fun and I love my teammates and they show the same exact love back. So, that's what is fun. Winning is obviously fun, but this job can bring a lot of ups and downs. But when you have teammates like these guys, that makes every day coming into the building really fun."
(On how the defense set the tone early in the game on the first two possessions)
"We're just playing good team ball – offense, defense and special teams right now. Like I say every week and every time I talk, but we're doing our job. Our job is to get the offense off the field as fast as possible and get the ball back to our offense. Everybody is amazed at what 'A' can do and we love it too. It kills the clock. The whole offensive line, running backs, receivers, tight ends, they kill the clock. I think I think G-Ro (Offensive Coordinator Greg Roman) is doing a great job. Our offense is doing a great job marching down the field. As long as we can continue to get three-and-outs or hold them with no points, we love it."
(On if he is surprised by the margin of their victories)
"Not when we're playing like that. Not when we're playing complementary ball. When we're all going it together - from Tuck's (Ravens K Justin Tucker) kick, to our three-and-outs or getting them off the field fast, to a long, methodical drive leading to a touchdown. I think, what was it? We went for it on fourth down and got them all I think? So that's a testament to the faith that Coach (Jim) Harbaugh has in our offense and we're calling stuff up and we're executing it on offense and defense."