Transcripts: Ravens Rookie Camp Day One

T Orlando Brown Jr.

On if it's any less sweet getting drafted by the Ravens in the third round, after being a projected first-round pick: "Where I was picked, that wasn't where my mind was set on. Where I was more focused at was coming in and dominating and doing the best of my abilities to make sure I'm on that field come September, October and all of those months. Where I was drafted – that doesn't matter to me. I couldn't have asked for a better situation and a better franchise to come into."

On his Combine performance: "It was surprising for me. Those numbers were numbers that I put up when I had first got there. Before we left, I was running a consistent 5.69; I was benching 18 to 20 [reps], and all my vertical stuff was 25-26 [inches]. My performance at the Combine wasn't even what I expected to do at all – [not] even close."

On what he has done the last 24 hours: "It's just been a ton of install – learning the offense, learning the people around the building – I mean, the ones that I don't know. It's been a lot of that, a lot of mental work and obviously, the first day of practice."

On if it was emotional to have the same jersey number as his late father, former Ravens T Orlando Brown Sr.: "Yes, absolutely. My biggest wish right now is I wish he could see it. At the end of the day, that's my motivation for getting to this point and continuing to make sure I carry on his legacy."

On his comfort level with the Ravens organization: "[I'm] very comfortable. These are people that have known me for – literally – since I was born in '96. I'm very comfortable. I'm very happy to be here. I'm very blessed."

On if he has a sense of how many rookies recognize who his dad was: "Honestly, I haven't really looked much into that. For me, I know it's mentioned. I know my dad played here, and I understand all those things, but that's not something that I'm pushing towards my teammates. I want to be the best me. I want to be the best offensive tackle on this team, eventually."

On if he knew QB Lamar Jackson prior to being drafted together: "I didn't. He's a funny guy though!" (Reporter: "What was your first impression?") "He's a character; he's a good guy. Obviously, they took him in the first round because they understand his potential. He's definitely going to be one of the guys that, I believe, transitions his game at this level."

On if QB Lamar Jackson being a Heisman Trophy winner gives him more demand amongst the rookie class: "I don't know if it's more demand, but he's a leader. He's a guy that goes out there and works. I look forward to working with him for the next few years."

On if he compares himself to his father: "Yes. Honestly, I think my game is a little bit different than his, just because of the time period. He was someone that didn't start playing offensive tackle until late in college – his last year. So he had a lot of things to learn, I think, fundamentally. He wasn't the most [technically] sound player; he was very physical. He eventually learned to use his hands very well, but didn't have tremendous length like me. Growing up, he preached to me to be more like Jonathan Ogden – as far as the game."

On how surreal it was to step on the practice field today as a Raven: "[It was] very surreal, very surreal. Like I said before, it's such a blessing to be here and to be around these people and to put on this purple jersey and the ability to now play on Sundays. I'm incredibly blessed."

On if there's anything outside football that he appreciates to be back in Baltimore: "Just to give back to the community. I'm not a person that was raised in Baltimore City, but I grew up pretty much in Cockeysville/Hunt Valley/Towson area. I look forward to giving back to the community and being as impactful as possible."

On what contributed to his collegiate success: "My football I.Q. Everybody knows I'm slow. I'm not the fastest guy – half of you could probably beat me running, honestly. (laughter) That's something that I continue to work on and I'm going to have to continue to work on during my career. My weight room numbers aren't the best, but [my] football I.Q. … I've been around the game. My dad forced me to learn it, like I said more so from a Jonathan Ogden standpoint than [from] him. Mentally, I don't think there's anyone out there that understands the game or is more instinctual than me. That was my credit to being able to play at such a high level in college, and I look forward to transitioning out to this [level]."

On if he studied T Jonathan Ogden film and what he learned: "Growing up, I studied a lot of people: Jonathan Ogden, [Tony Boselli, Anthony Muñoz, Jackie Slater. For me, it was more so understanding their game. I want to be one of the greatest, and those linemen right there are right at the top. I can't watch Dan Dierdorf's film, but yes, I studied a lot of tape from them, a lot of tape from 'J.O.' [Ogden]. The biggest thing that I learned is how to use your length, using your base and your size, creating as big of a hoop as you can. 'J.O.' was a tall guy like me that played with a very wide base and used great hands."

On if Ogden has ever reached out to him: "Yeah! He reached out to me, actually, when I was in college. I didn't get a chance to meet with him when [Oklahoma] was in the Rose Bowl, but he was out there."

On what nutritional expectations have been laid out for him: "Honestly, we haven't completely got into it. But where I want to be is 325 [pounds], and I want to be in the best shape as possible." (Reporter: "What are you at now?") "340."

On if he will continue to wear a black bandana: "Yeah, I am – absolutely."

On the significance of him wearing a bandana: "When my dad passed, he had a Ravens equipment bag on his bed. I remember that was my first time back in the house that day after school and after I had found out [he passed]. I went up there and there was a pair of D-Tack 4 gloves – that I still have – and I still have the bag. There was a bandana in there. He always told me and preached that, 'You play offensive line; you have to have your own swag. You have to make yourself noticeable, because nobody notices offensive linemen.' So it was just something [that] I adapted, and from there, it just holds a lot of value."

TE Mark Andrews

On his first practice as a Raven: "It was good. It's exciting to join this organization. You can tell out here … It's impressive. I almost get an Oklahoma-vibe being out here. They love to work hard. You have to work for everything, and that's how it was at Oklahoma. It's kind of like coming home to me. I'm excited about the opportunity to work hard, earn my spot, and that's what it's all about here."

On catching passes from reigning Heisman Trophy winner QB Baker Mayfield and now 2016 Heisman Trophy winner QB Lamar Jackson: "It's a pretty cool thing for me – obviously, playing with Baker, and Lamar now. It's a cool thing. I think that Lamar came out here and did a really good job. Obviously, catching balls from him is a pretty awesome thing. He did a great job. It's always a good thing being a tight end and being able to catch balls like that."

On if he felt that the Ravens could still draft him after picking TE Hayden Hurst in the first round: "The Ravens have always had a history of loving their tight ends, so it was never out of the picture for me. I know my abilities and what I can do, so I knew they were still on the table. But it's exciting having Hayden and I on the table, and being able to work off each other is going to be a big thing. We're going to be able to grow and compete with each other and have healthy competition where we're able to grow as players. I never thought it was out of the picture – no."

On if he got to know TE Hayden Hurst during the pre-draft process: "Yeah, [at] the Combine. He was one of the guys that I related to and talked with throughout the things. We had known each other before, so we were definitely friends before we came here."

On if former teammate QB Baker Mayfield has what it takes to succeed as a No. 1 pick: "He's one of my best friends. I've seen him work incredibly hard from scout team – we were on it my 2014 year – to where he's at now. He deserves it all. He is the best player in the country, by far. There is no one else that can turn around a program or an organization like he can. He's everything and more. I'm excited to see how he comes out, besides two games a year. I know we're going to beat him twice (laughter), but other than that, I'm sure he will do really well."

On being compared to former Ravens TE Dennis Pitta: "That's a huge honor to be compared to someone like that and someone that has done so much for this organization and had some big years. I can see it – just watching some tape today. We see him running some routes. He's a great player, so that comparison is honestly humbling. I have to go out there and work and earn my spot, and hopefully I can be there one day."

On if critics are underestimating his blocking ability as a tight end: "I grew up being a receiver; I know how to [catch]. It's something I'm really good at. But I'm a big-bodied guy. I haven't got a lot of reps at doing it in college, but that's something I'm going to learn. I think I'm going to thrive at it one day. I want to be a complete receiver, and one day I will be. I'm not there yet, but again, it's something I'm going to work on, and I know being here, it's something they're going to ask me to do – and they have asked me to do. I'm only going to get better at it, so I'm excited to learn it."

On how many questions he received on being a type 1 diabetic during the pre-draft process and how he handles it: "I've never had it affect me during football and sports, so it's never been a problem. Some teams have asked me and were just wondering about it. It's something that I take extremely good care of myself; I'm very diligent about it. It's not a problem – it's just something I always have to be aware of. I always take care of my body, and that's something that always at the front of my mind."

On what critics were overlooking with T Orlando Brown Jr. as they focused on his Combine: "It's tough. He has one bad day. Obviously, you see his pro day was a lot better, but the guy's a dog; he's a beast. [He] should've been a first-round pick, no doubt. But he is where he is. Now he has to make the best of what he's got, and he's going to thrive. I'm excited and I'm excited for the Ravens Flock to see what he's all about, because he's a tenacious player. He's going to get after it."

On if he could tell T Orlando Brown Jr. was even more excited to be coming home to Baltimore: "It was special. It was one of those things where we trained together, as well – we're in the same agency. He would always say, 'Man, if I go to Baltimore that's going to be surreal for me.' It's almost a dream come true for him – being able to wear his dad's number and being able to play where his dad did is special. It's really special. It's one of those cool things that you see in sports. You can't take that for granted."

On if there was a tight end he emulated growing up: "I would say for me … It was so recently … I would say Rob Gronkowski [and] Jason Witten. Those are two guys that I liked, just because I started playing the position the last four, five years. Those are two guys I looked at when I started playing."

On how his play compliments TE Hayden Hurst's: "Hayden is an extremely aggressive player. I think we can work off each other and use our strengths and whatnot. I think it's going to be a very healthy thing. This is something where we're going to make defenses have to guess what we're going to do – block, pass, whatever it may be. It's going to be tough on defenses to be able to game-plan for us."

On his first impression of QB Lamar Jackson: "He's a good player. He's fun to play with. Just watching him run around, he makes guys laugh, he has fun with the game – that's what it's all about. It was the same thing with Baker [Mayfield]. He did the same thing. He loves to play. It's awesome to see that. I think he relates to the guys really well and he throws the ball incredibly well, as well. He's a great athlete. He has all the intangibles, for sure."

CB Anthony Averett

On his first practice as a Raven: "It was fun. It was definitely hot, so it kind of felt like 'Bama a little bit. It was definitely fun and crazy. It was fast-paced, a different atmosphere – just different. I'm proud to be a Raven."

On if practices with CB Marlon Humphrey as a Raven will be similar to those at Alabama: "They're probably going to be similar, because we're probably going to be joking around, reminisce and talk about the old days. I'm excited next week for it."

On if having former Alabama players on the team helps transitioning to the NFL easier: "Definitely – it makes me more comfortable. I'm a new guy, but I already know a few of the guys and I know they'll bring me in and tell me some plays about the playbook and make me feel comfortable being as a rookie."

On how Alabama players view LB C.J. Mosley: "He's legendary already to us. Him here – he will be eventually. He's definitely a leader. He's a leader here, too, as well. [I'm] definitely going to be looking to him for advice."

On if players of his generation look to LB C.J. Mosley as the gold standard of making a successful jump to the NFL: "Oh yeah, definitely. He learned everything from coach [Nick] Saban, trusting the process, and I felt like he brought the process here. He's doing really well right now."

On the amount of talent on the defensive backs' depth chart: "There's great competition here. I'm definitely going to come in and bring some more competition. I'm definitely going to compete. I just have to learn the systems. It's a different language right now. [I'm] just going to learn and compete for the jobs."

On where his best chance is to contribute right away: "Special teams – that's what I'm looking forward to right now. Any type of … I'm ready; It doesn't matter to me. I just want to get on the field."

On if he expected to be drafted earlier: "Yes, I was supposed to go [in the] second, third round. But I mean, it's just part of God's plan. I'm glad to be here; I'm glad this team chose me. I'm definitely going to play very well here, give them my all. I'm blessed to be here."

LB Kenny Young

On his thoughts about his first practice as a Raven: "It was pretty awesome, honestly. The humidity out here pushed us a little bit. A lot of new faces, but it's good to get back into football and get into the groove of things, and the coaching here in Baltimore is special."

On if he was able to talk to anyone about the Ravens since the team doesn't typically draft players from UCLA: "No, I'll be the first one to start it." (Reporter: "Jonathan Ogden.") "Yeah, J.O., but since then … I think what Baltimore has seen in me was a guy that could contribute and help the team with some success. Thanks to them, I was their guy, but that's right, man. I'm just here to do my job and get us to another Super Bowl. That's the goal, right?"

On if there was a team meeting this morning and how the day has gone: "Today started pretty early. We did have a meeting; we had a special teams meeting, and we went over a couple of things as far as the scheme – field goal, field goal block, we went over punt, simple stuff. We went over to … Some of the guys that had a couple of questions about the defense. We went and talked about that, and we just went out and played today. We just let it loose, cut it loose and just worked on being a pro."

On if he played much special teams in college: "No, I did not, but what did help me, I would say, is that my high school – John Curtis [River Ridge, La.] – has a similar system to the way the Ravens work. I played every single special teams in high school, so I could tell you based off the technique how to play something. The adjustment will be pretty easy. It's just getting back into the groove of things and having it become more familiar, because I haven't played it in five years."

On where he wants to improve the most in his game: "A little bit of everywhere. For me, right now, I just want to get in the playbook and master the concepts. We have great coaches – [linebackers] coach Mike [Macdonald], [defensive coordinator] coach 'Wink' [Don Martindale], guys that will push us, will push me, and they want me to think like a pro and come in and try to contribute right off the bat. I'm talking to the special teams coach, getting real friendly with him. We're here to win, man. Here in Baltimore, we're about winning. We like hard guys, guys that are ready to come in and play, and guys that are coachable, very coachable, and guys that are just going to do the things that you ask them."

On what he has heard about playing in the AFC North: "The only thing I've heard up until this point is that some teams are scared to play Baltimore.(laughter) That's the only thing I've heard."

On having T Orlando Brown Jr. on the team with him and his first impressions of him on the field: "I didn't really get to see him much, as far as his movement and stuff like that. But I'm sure he's doing what he's asked to do, and everybody is. You're a guy yourself, and you have guys around you that want to push you and want to see you get better. Today, it was a challenge with the weather, with guys getting back into the groove of football, because we've been training up until the Combine to be an athlete and to run your fastest 40. Well, football condition is totally different. So, it's awesome. We're going to keep pushing Orlando, and we're going to keep pushing each other as well."

On if he had a good look at QB Lamar Jackson today: "Lamar, first play I think he tried to run. Good thing it's pro, where we can't tackle him.(laughter) But no, Lamar, I think you can see that he has the spirit that he wants to be a leader, wants to be a guy that wants to soak up what the older guys are teaching him, and a great guy. Great guy."

On how much pride he takes in his pass coverage and how he thinks that could help him contribute sooner than later: "I think you have to look at the picture as a whole as a linebacker. You can't just be a run-stopper and suck at pass coverage, or you can't just be good at pass coverage and suck in the run. Most times you'll fail. So, I think my athleticism helps with that – with guys like C.J. Mosley and whatever packages we have to put guys into, to get us off the field. I don't know if I'm that guy yet, but I'll tell you one thing is that we've got the leaders on this team, veteran guys that are going to push, and the coaches are going to make the right decisions to put the guys in the right place to have the defense as a success."

On how much he has watched LB C.J. Mosley's game and what he has taken from him: "I've been studying C.J. ever since he was at Alabama. What I try to do is I try to study some of the top guys that are playing in this league. I even asked one of the guys at UCLA to try to get me some of Ray Lewis' old tape, just to watch the energy they play with and the passion they play with. And I know I'll never be like a C.J. Mosley, but if I can take away his mindset, the way he looks at the game, the way he anticipates, I think that will make me a better player."

On potentially playing at weakside linebacker. "I love it man. I can run, hit, cover. That's what I've been doing all my life."

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