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Transcripts: Ravens Season-Ending Locker Room Availability

WR/RS Michael Campanaro


On his plans for the offseason:"[I'll spend] the entire offseason just training here at 'The Castle,' so I'm looking forward to it – looking to have a big offseason and come back ready to go."

On if he feels like this is an important offseason for him:"It's really big. I'm looking at it for myself like a make-or-break year. [I've spent the] first two years just being injured, but my teammates still believe in me, coaches do as well, so I'm looking to have a big offseason and come in for a big year."

On how frustrating this season was after having a few good games before injury:"It's extremely frustrating, just the second year in a row not being able to play, being injured and being put on [Injured Reserve]. Playing is what I love to do, and I want to show my talents and show what I can do. So, it's frustrating, but it's a new season now, and I'm going to be ready to go."

On if it's just a matter of staying healthy for him:"That's how I feel. That's going to be my goal this offseason, is just preparing my body to take anything. That's the biggest thing for me. I feel like if I can stay healthy, I can really make a big impact."

On if he can do much to avoid the injuries he's had, or if that's just part of football:"I think my first year, a hamstring pull, you can definitely avoid. I think that comes in training, but maybe something like this past year, it was taking a hit the way I did. It was a play I've seen myself do a million times and just the wrong thing happened. That's tough; it comes with a part of the game. You see tons of guys in the league [who are] my size, my stature, playing full seasons and doing well, so it's definitely possible it's going to happen."

On if he feels like he's lost ground given the time he's missed:"I don't feel that way. The only thing I just missed out on is game experience. But just being around the team two years and practicing and watching guys, I feel like I'm fine."

OLB Elvis Dumervil

On how he is feeling about the season and if he feels like he gave everything he had:"I think everybody as a team, collectively, gave it their best shot. That's why we play football. We love what we do. It just didn't work out the way we wanted it to, so we've got to come back next year stronger."

On him having to play more than planned this year, and if that wore on him as the season went on:"As a football player, the season is always a grind. Obviously, you lose players and stuff like that. We lost a lot of rotation, so that makes it hard on any team. I think we dealt with that as a team. I thought the guys who stepped in came out and did their very best, but at the end of the day, we had a lot of young guys playing."

On if he is optimistic that the pieces are here for next year:"Obviously, I'm just a football player. That's [general manager and executive vice president] Ozzie's [Newsome] job. I'm just trying to get my body in the best shape possible."

On how disappointing it was to not finish the season with a win:"You always want to finish strong. They made more plays than we did."

On how much of a need pass rusher will be this offseason:"I think you can never have enough pass rushers, for sure."

On how he felt rookie OLB Za'Darius Smith and some of the other young guys did this season:"Those guys did a great job. [They had] some big shoes to fill, when you lose a kind of player like Terrell Suggs, but those guys came in and gave their very best. I think Za'Darius did a good job finishing this year."

On his expectations for what the future holds for OLB Terrell Suggs:"You can ask Terrell Suggs that question." (laughter)

* *

On how he evaluates how his season went, personally:"It was just a season of grind. Did some good things, some things we didn't do good enough. We've just got to get better."

On the possibility of some coaching changes:"Man, I'm just a football player. I can't answer any type of questions that [the people] up top handle."

On what it has been like to play under defensive coordinator Dean Pees:"It's been great, like every coach we have on our staff. We love all of our coaches. Those guys did a tremendous job, and they're good coaches."



QB Joe Flacco


On his knee surgery recovery:"It's going really well. I can't ask for any more. I'm just kind of in here grinding away each day and trying to get back at it."

On what he expects from his offseason rehabilitation:"I don't know. I've seen guys in there kind of going through it before, but I haven't seen all the different stages. And obviously, I've never been through it myself. So, I'm kind of just doing what they tell me and trying to push myself as much as I can and take it step by step."

On the locker room mentality knowing many of the injured Ravens are returning next season:"It's just definitely a different feeling this offseason than ever before, for myself, for a lot of reasons. Obviously, we didn't win as many games as we wanted to this year and, obviously, what's going on with me. But we have a lot of good guys coming back. Hopefully we keep as healthy as possible when I do get ready to come back next year, and [we've] got a good group of guys. I'm heading into this [offseason] just like any other year: optimistic about our future. And we'll have to do as much work as we can to make sure we come back ready to go."

On WR Steve Smith Sr. returning for the 2016 season:"Well, it's Steve [Smith Sr.] He's a great wide receiver; we have a great relationship. So, anytime you can have a guy like that back in the locker room, back out there on Sundays for you, it's a big step. It's going to be a long road for him, just like myself, and there's nobody better out there for us than him."

On if he expects to re-negotiate his contract this offseason:"I haven't thought about it too much. I know that it's obviously out there, and it's probably going to be somewhat of an issue. So, I guess I haven't thought about it too much, haven't talked to anybody about it. I do know that it's sitting there."

On if he watched the Ravens play and his evaluation of QBs Matt Schaub, Jimmy Clausen and Ryan Mallett:"Yes, I watched all the games. I thought guys did a great job filling in and playing good football, for the most part, and going out there and playing their role and giving us a chance to win football games."

On if his contract situation is a big concern for him and if he thought it would have to be re-negotiated when it was signed:"Well, yes. You know this day is going to come. No matter what you do, there's no way of getting around having a big cap number at some point or a consistently big cap number. The first few years of my deal, the cap number wasn't very big. So, you don't really have any other way around it [but] to have a monster one at the end of it. You know it's coming, unless the salary cap makes some kind of enormous jump, but it's really kind of out of my control. It's just an issue that these guys are used to dealing with, day-in and day-out."

On if the Ravens will be OK with the return of several injured players, or if the team needs to improve significantly in other areas:"I think we're good. I think we're starting out with a good foundation, but obviously, we need to improve. We need to play better. We're going to have to look at what we have when this offseason settles down and see where we may need a guy or two. But yes, we need to improve; there's no doubt about it. We're a 5-11 football team, and we feel like we're a lot better than that. Like I said, I think our foundation is good, but we need to get better."

On how this season's struggles and his injury impact his perspective given his prior success and durability:"I don't know. I think no matter what you've dealt with, even though we've won a lot around here, you still deal with things that are tough on a weekly basis. This year was no different, and I think you can see the kind of locker room that we've had. I think, more than anything, you can kind of look at this locker room and be proud of the way that we've handled ourselves and the way we've gone out there, and we've never given up; you can see that when you watch them on TV. We go out there each week and give ourselves a chance to win football games. There are a lot of different ways it can go, and I think – as ugly as this one was – I think our guys reacted well to it. I think we stood up to it, and that's all you can do. You keep going out there and try to win football games. It's not ideal, but I think it says that we have a lot of tough guys, a lot of confident guys, and I think that will definitely do us a lot of good in the future."

On the timetable he has been given regarding his knee injury:"Nothing. Honestly, nothing, but I've got, I think ...  By August, I'll be like eight months out of surgery. I don't know what the timeline is on these things, but I'm in there doing the work. So, I'm expecting I'll be ready to go. I really have no idea, though."

On his rehabilitation process:"[I'm doing] a lot of different things. I've been coming in a couple times a day for a couple hours, and right now, it's a lot of little things that kind of drive you crazy to do; but it's just working out. It's just working out. I'd be doing it anyway and trying to get the knee back to full range of motion, and all that stuff, and then build the muscle back up. It's simple stuff. Just go work out and work hard, and you should be good."

On if the passing game needs more speed:"I don't know if it's something that it needs, but yes, you see what speed does. It does a lot for football teams. You see what the Steelers are doing with the speed that they've added over the last couple years. It definitely makes a difference out there. I'm not saying that it's something that we need, but when we've had it here, it's definitely made a little bit of a difference. So, it helps."

On if he's excited about the direction of the offense:"I am." *(Reporter: "You guys have rushed the fewest times in team history this year.") *"To be honest with you, I think there are a lot of ... In a lot of ways, we're a lot closer than we've ever been to being a really explosive offense and getting to that point. Obviously, there are going to be some things that we need to change and some things that we need to do better, but I think there are a lot of good things, also."

On offensive coordinator Marc Trestman's first year in Baltimore:"It was good. In the beginning, it was getting to know each other, and obviously, getting used to his way of doing things and him kind of feeling me out. But around half way through the year, I felt like we'd kind of started to get to that point where we understood each other a little bit, and we started to move along pretty smoothly."

On if he plans to voice his opinion on offseason moves and the draft:"It's tough. It's tough to be in the ... To look at the draft, you get to look at a couple guys, but it's really tough to know when we're going pick, and really, it's tough to look at film of those guys. I'm not a scout. I don't know what I'm looking for, but I will be in the building a lot. So, I'm sure I'll have a lot of conversations with people, and if they ask me, I'm going to give them my honest opinion."

On added depth as a result of several injuries:"I think anytime you have a bunch of injuries and you have to bring in a ton of players through here – every week you're bringing in new guys, news guys, new guys – yes, you're bound to get a couple guys that can play and help you down the road. I think it's definitely a benefit if you're going to look for one."

On if he helped prepare QB Ryan Mallett to play:"No, I was sitting on a [training room] table, doing some things and watching them go in and out of meetings, and stuff like that."



P Sam Koch

On being selected to the Pro Bowl for the first time: "It feels great. If it wasn't for my teammates and the guys up front, it probably wouldn't be happening. I give a lot of thanks to those guys, as well as [special teams coordinator/associate head coach] Jerry Rosburg and all the other coaches. It's definitely going to be a good time going out there and having some fun in Hawaii with Morgan [Cox] and Jerry and [kicking consultant] Randy [Brown] and my family. My kids and wife are going, so it'll be a good time."

On whether he will continue to prepare for the Pro Bowl as he does during the season: "I will probably continue punting the way I have been during the season. Maybe not to the extent of the three days that we do normally during the season, but I'll continue to punt and try to be in great in-season shape for when we get to the Pro Bowl."

On whether the team will be able to turn things around next season: "Absolutely. We have a bunch of great players here – a great, young group here – as well as veterans. We're going to come in next year with the same mindset to be the best and hopefully go to the playoffs next year. Our mindset is always the same. We had a lot of unlikely bounces this year, and hopefully, they go our way next year. But we're going to be training hard, and we're going to be working hard to be on top next year."



S Kendrick Lewis

On what he wants to work on in the offseason: "I'm going to work on every part of my game – every aspect – even if it's just me sitting down watching film of old games. I'm going to work on every aspect of my game, look at all the season [film], look at my practices, [and] break down me as a whole. That's what I'm focusing on."

On whether he came through the season healthy: "I came out clean. I came out cool."


QB Ryan Mallett


On what he has learned during his short time with the team:"I've learned a lot of stuff about myself, about this team. I'm looking forward to the spring and coming back and competing and helping this team any way I can."

On if he expects to back-up QB Joe Flacco next season:"I don't know what the future holds. What I'm going to do is take this offseason to get into the best shape that I can and become a better player any way I can. That's really all I'm going to do."

On his performance in the final two games of the season:"I played decent. I think going through the spring will help [me] learn the offense, the complete gamut of the offense, not just a little bit. That will help. There [were] definitely plays to be made out there that weren't made, so hopefully we'll make them next year."

On how his offseason will vary from previous years:"I'm going to train at a different place. We'll see how it goes. I'll be out there with my agent in California, trying to stay warm. Like I said, I'm going to try to get into the best shape I can to come back and help the team any way I can."

On how he established himself as a Raven:"I feel part of the family, but I have a lot to prove in my own eyes and probably a lot of other people's eyes. So, like I was saying earlier, I'm going to do whatever I can this offseason to make myself a better player to be able to help the team."

* *

On if he was surprised the organization's cohesiveness:"It was just an interesting thing to see, being the season how it was and coming in and seeing how these guys really stuck together, and it's a big family. I saw it within the two or three days I was here, and it's something that it's fun to be a part of."

On if he enters the offseason thinking about returning as the starting quarterback if QB Joe Flacco is not ready to play:"I always go into the offseason and prepare like the starter, so I'm going to do the same thing in that aspect. If you don't prepare like the starter, you're not going to be ready when you're number is called, and I want to be ready whenever my number is called."

On if he regrets signing a multi-year contract with the Ravens with the opportunity to be a free agent this offseason:"Not at all. Just to be able to come in and to be able to play these last [two] games was a blessing. So to me, it was just, I guess, a growth experience in the firestorm of a short term getting used to the offense. Hopefully going into the offseason and going through OTAs and having a better understanding of the whole offense, hopefully, I just continue to get better."



T Eugene Monroe

On how to sum up the season for the Ravens:"It's definitely not the year that we expected, but it is what it is. At this point we can only look forward."

On if it can be a building block for next season:"Every year is different. I think it can, especially with how everyone fought toward the end, even knowing that we didn't have a chance to extend the season. But again, we can talk about this year, but nothing we say now will mean anything next season."

On if he is confident that he'll be back with the Ravens next season:"That's not something I'm concerned with at all. I'm focused on getting healthy and getting back to ball."

On what it's going to take to get back being healthy:"This is unfortunately the second time I've gone through this shoulder deal, so I sort of know what to expect in terms of my rehab process. But I'm fully confident that I'll be healthy and back on the field."

On how frustrating these past two seasons have been dealing with injuries:"Honestly, frustration isn't going to do me any good. No one likes to be hurt and not on the field, but it is what it is, and I've had some things happen that just were unfortunate. But I'll make sure I continue to work my ass off and continue to get better. I think, looking at my film, I've had some time to look at my game and how I've improved from the year before, and I've made major strides. I've played some pretty good ball, and I'm looking to build off of that."

On his impressions of G/T Kelechi Osemele's play at left tackle once he moved over:"He looked good out there, and he's played tackle before. So, I was confident that he'd go out there and do a good job, and he did. He looked good."



TE Dennis Pitta

On how he is progressing: "I feel good. I've been rehabbing and working out for the remainder of the season. We'll see where things are at in a few months."

On whether he has a timeline to return to the field: "Like we talked about, it's not entirely my decision. Certainly, I have a lot of weight in what my future holds, but [it is] not totally in my hands. We'll see. There's no timeline as far as when a decision is going to be made. We'll give it some time this offseason, and I'll certainly do some thinking and testing my body and hip, and we'll see."

On whether he still wants to play at this point: "Yes, at this point, nothing has changed from when we last spoke. I certainly have a desire to play and want to play and want to be a part of this team moving forward. But we'll see how it plays out."

On how important players staying healthy will be to the team next season: "We obviously need to be healthy. When you finish the year with 20 guys on IR – 21 including myself [on the Physically Unable to Perform list] – it's tough. It's tough when you have that much turnover. It's tough from year to year when you have a lot of turnover, and that's always the challenge in football. But when you have that much turnover throughout the course of a season, it makes it even more difficult. We didn't start the season like we wanted to even when guys were healthy. You see teams like Kansas City, who didn't start the way they wanted, and then rallied off eight- or nine-straight [wins]. We were certainly a team capable of that, but when you mix injuries into that, it didn't pan out that way."

On the development of the young tight ends: "They were a lot of fun to watch. It's a great group of tight ends – certainly a lot of promise moving forward. I'm excited for that group and what they're capable of."

On whether there is an update on how his hip feels: "Not really. It's kind of the same. I feel good physically, and I feel like I could go out and run and all that. It'll be about weighing the risks versus the rewards at this point. We'll do some thinking over the next few months in the offseason, get with the doctors again and go from there."

* *

On whether there is another landmark he has to meet to play again: "We don't have anything in place. Over the course of the next couple months, I'm sure we will reassess it and figure out where we're at."

On QB Joe Flacco dealing with a season-ending injury for the first time in his career: "This is kind of unchartered waters for him, so I've let him know what it has been like for me the last couple years, because I have – unfortunately – a lot of experience in it. But he understands it's going to take a lot of hard work and patience on his part. He's certainly up for the challenge."

On whether he thinks about life after football: "I think you have to in this situation. It'd be naïve to think that's not a reality as well. At some point, we all move on from the game of football. Hopefully, it's not that soon for me, but if it is, I've certainly had to think about it and put some thought into it."

On whether he has to get back on the field to assess his hip: "Yes, I think that's the most effective way to [evaluate], whether that's running routes on air or whatever it may be. I'll do all what I can to put stress on it [and] test it the best way that I can."

On mentoring the young tight ends: "I've been in meetings all year and done everything I can to help them. They've been able to bounce ideas off me. I've tried to be a presence in the room that they know they could come and ask me whatever."



LB Daryl Smith

On how he looks back on this season:"We fought through to the end and stuck together, and that was important."

On what the offseason will be like for him, and if he plans to again spend time with his family before thinking about what his future holds:"Same thing – nothing changes. I hate to be going home at this point, but right now we'll just get some [rest and relaxation] and spend time with the family. That's it."

On what he can tell the guys to ensure they build on a season like this:"Every year is a new year. You would think we were looking forward this year based off what we did last year, and that didn't happen. So, you've got to approach every year as a new year and build it from the ground up."

On how the defense improved, especially in the second half of the season:"We did some things, [but] we didn't do enough. We made a big jump there late in the year, a big push, [but] we just kept working and stuck together and believed in what we were doing. Hopefully, like you said, that's something we can build on."

On what he thinks they need to add to the defense for next season:"I don't know, man. I'm not in personnel. *(laughter) *But just control what they can control, get healthy, work on what you need to work on in the offseason and come back strong."



WR Steve Smith Sr.

On if his last season in 2016 will be special: "I think every year is special. Obviously, with all the stuff going on, it feels a certain way. I think a lot of times when you play every year – when you have these exit physicals and clean out your locker – it kind of hits you. You know you're going into a season where you have to think about a lot of things. And there are other teams that are continuously playing, and you're not involved or a part of that, so it changes up." 

On how he made the decision to play next season: "A lot of people already had their sources, and people were saying things. A lot of conversations were going on in my home, and we were constantly discussing it and talking about it, doing things quietly around Baltimore to decide what we were going to do and figure it out."

On when he decided to play next season: "We started discussing it when my wife brought it up. It was literally like the night before the Raiders game." (Reporter: "In Week 2?") "Yes. My wife brought it up and asked me how I felt about it. We talked about it off and on from then. Obviously, when I got hurt, [we] sat down and decided, 'What do you want to do?' After I – I guess – sobered up from the operation and dealing with all that, we talked about it and had a feel of what I wanted to do. The family – we talked about it, so that's why."

On how the offense can take its play to the next level: "I think there's going to be additions to the offense, defense, special teams. That's just the way the National Football League is. Obviously, when you have a disappointing season statistically, you have to make changes. But the changes that are going to be made – and the additions that are going to be made – are no different than any other team or organization. You look at the New England Patriots and some of the transitions and some of the things that they did … We have Kyle [Arrington] on our team, and he was on their team. All that stuff happens each and every year, so I don't think it's any different than anybody else."

On whether he thinks the Ravens will be a good team next season and if that affected his decision to play next season: "Yes, absolutely. It's funny, you read the stuff people say that … My financial planner told me I should come back. (laughter) I'm straight; [finances are] not any concern. (laughter) I do have a desire to play and also have an organization that wants me to play and is encouraging me to play, to continue to keep playing. So, that's what I want to do. I'm under contract for one more year, so it's not necessarily that we're moving around all these [players and] making huge moves. I'm under contract. I'm injured. I still have to … I have to rehab no matter what for the betterment of wanting to play with my kids, so I'm going to rehab. I think rehabbing [and] playing is a lot better than rehabbing just to rehab."

* *

On people questioning whether he can still be a dominant player after an Achilles injury: "Before I got hurt, you all didn't think I would be able to put up the numbers that I was at 36. So, will I be able to put up numbers at 37? To be honest, you guys don't know what the hell you're talking about, so it doesn't matter. (laughter) The numbers I put up will be the numbers I put up, and I'll happen to put up those numbers at the age of 37. Can I run like I used to at 22? No, but I'm comfortable being 37 years old, being on this team, and they're comfortable with me, so we're going to operate that way. Can I put up the numbers that I put up … When I started to put up good numbers, you guys told me, 'Well, he'll tail off.' I think what you need to do is let me play and quit commenting about my play, because every time you all tell me something I can't do, then you have a reason [for] why I'm doing it. I was 36 years old and close to the Top 5. Just let me play. Quit asking me what I'm going to put up. I'm going to put up the numbers I'm going to put up, and I'll contribute the way I contribute at 37."

On what point he is at in his rehab: "I won't be ahead of schedule. If anything – to be safe – I'll be behind schedule. With an injury like this, you don't want to be ahead of schedule. That takes away a lot of stuff. Despite reports that I'm doing hydrotherapy, I'm the driest hydrotherapy recipient ever, because I'm not doing hydrotherapy. (laughter) I just got out of a walking boot today. It's eight weeks. I still have four more weeks of taking it slow. And then after 12 weeks, I start to do a little bit more. Once I get back to Charlotte, I'll talk to the doctor. We'll have a plan [about] when I'll be able to start running and working out in the pool and all that stuff. But, I've been hanging out."

On whether he has talked to OLB Terrell Suggs about suffering an Achilles injury: "Suggs is a little vulnerable right now, so I'm not going to talk to Suggs about it. He's not a ray of sunshine like he usually is." (laughter)

On WR Kamar Aiken stepping into a starting role: "Seeing how well he has played, I was rooting for him to get 1,000 yards. We talked – talked to the receivers a lot. We talked a ton. We text messaged, [and I] gave them advice [about] opponents. I was watching a little bit of film [and would] tell them before games what to look for and all that stuff. I kept the communication with Marc [Trestman] on what kind of defenses he's seeing run. I kept myself a little busy."

On how the wide receivers group is shaping up for next year: "I think it's good. When I did come back [to Baltimore after surgery], I sat in the meeting, and was sitting next to a guy, [and] I had to ask him who he was. (laughter) I think it's going to be good. [There is] going to be a lot of competition. [There are] going to be a lot of guys pushing other guys and opportunities that maybe guys didn't have before. I'll still be doing rehab, so I'll be watching."

On whether there are positives that can be taken from this season: "Absolutely. There are things that happen for whatever reason, and you take that opportunity to evaluate yourself and the organization. Coaches are evaluating players, and players are evaluating their own effort. Agents are utilizing that information and that opportunity to help their clients. I think it works for everybody. The more horses you can have in your stable, it's not a bad thing, because now – offensively speaking – now the [opposing] defense has to account for not one or two guys, but they have to account for seven or eight guys. That's good, and you can't pigeonhole one guy or say, 'He's in there doing this.' It gives the ability to really help the offense as a whole."



K Justin Tucker

* *

On the mood of the team as players clear out their lockers:"I feel like this team has a lot that it can be proud of. Each individual that has stuck together to really be a part of this team this year, it's been a challenge, but I can say that I'm proud of what Morgan [Cox] and Sam [Koch] and myself have been able to do. We're proud to get Sam [Koch] to a Pro Bowl – that's pretty awesome – but as a team you want to get more wins, certainly. But I feel like this team has a lot to be proud of, a lot that we know we can build upon, and it should be exciting moving forward."

On his thoughts going into the offseason knowing he'll go through contract negotiations:"I'm optimistic that everything will get sorted out when it's supposed to get sorted out. I'm not really too concerned about any of that. The only thing that I can focus on moving forward right now is just taking care of everything at home, and getting ready for a new addition to the family, and keeping myself in good football shape and trying to improve as a player in whatever way that I can. I'll probably take a couple weeks away from football just to escape the game for a moment, but I can tell you I'm already chomping at the bit to just get to work. I felt like I got to finish the season off on a positive note, and like I said, everybody's got something to build upon and I know exactly what I'm going to do moving forward to try to make myself a better player. That's all I'm really concerned about right now."

On if there have been any talks about a new contract yet:"My agent and [the Ravens] have been talking on and off for the better part of a year, year-and-a-half. At this juncture, I'm kind of letting it all just unfold how it's going to unfold, and I'm optimistic that something will get done. But like I said, the only thing that I can really concern myself with – as a player – is just improving and making sure that wherever I end up … I know I'm going to end up wherever, God-willing, I'm supposed to end up. But the only thing I can take care of is my own personal business, and that's making myself the best kicker possible."



C Jeremy Zuttah


On the team's feeling entering the offseason:"Obviously, we have a lot of room to grow, a lot of things that we've got to work on. I think it's encouraging as a team that nobody started pointing a finger, nobody turned on each other. [We] just kept working, and I think in the situation that we were in, that's really all you can do. Obviously, nobody's making excuses; nobody's doing any of that. It's unfortunate [that], myself included, a lot of people just weren't able to make it through the season. So, you evaluate why and get back to it and try to make sure it doesn't happen again."

On his status in terms of his return next season:"Personally?" *(Reporter: "Yes, you.") *"I'm on my way. I'll be good to go in a couple months, 100-percent clear. So, that's nothing to worry about. I had the hip surgery last year, and that's feeling better than I think I would have even anticipated. I'm very positive about the way things are going to go for myself and for the team."

On if he credits this season's injuries to bad luck:"I don't think that's the way to go. If you say it's bad luck, then it's going to happen again next year. You have to sit there and evaluate what happened. Everybody's case isn't going to be the same. [With] some people, there's something, [and] there's nothing you're going to be able to do about it. But I think if you just put it on luck, then there's nothing you can do to improve. You're just playing a waiting game. So, I'm just going to take a proactive approach to it and then try to do everything I can to make sure that it doesn't happen to me again."

On how confident he is that the Ravens can improve after this season and return to where they expect to be:"I know Joe Flacco. I know he's going to be, in the offseason, working to make sure that he's 110 percent when it's time to go. And I know Steve Smith [Sr.], I know Terrell Suggs, I know those guys are going to do everything in their power. I'm not worried about that. We've got a lot of young guys on the team that are going to just add to what they've done and just keep improving. I'm confident in everybody in this locker room."

On the offensive line:"Like I said, everybody knows we have to get better. We didn't play as well as I think that we could have. There are things that we could do better. There is, obviously, room for improvement. I think we've shown that we can do it as a unit, so there's no reason to think that we wouldn't be able to do it again."

On G/C John Urschel playing center:"John [Urschel] is just going to keep getting better with time and experience. There's no substitute for that. This is his first time playing live-action center, and you see every week, he kept getting better. So, no matter what's asked of him, I'm confident that John is just going to keep going forward."

On the potential for change on the offensive line this offseason, and if he has stepped up as a vocal leader within the group:"I'm the center, so communication-wise, everything starts with me. When you've got a guy like Marshal Yanda on your line, obviously, you're not going to be 'that guy.' I know what my role is. I know I have to get everybody all on one page, and I know that all starts with me. But there are a lot of grown guys on the offensive line."

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