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Transcripts: Ravens Titans Post Game Quotes


Head Coach John Harbaugh

(opening statement) "I appreciate everybody being here. Congratulations to the Titans, Coach [Mike] Vrabel and their team. They did a great job. I felt like they played winning football, and they did it in a tough environment, and they got the job done. So, they'll be moving forward. We wish them all the best moving forward. I'm disappointed that we didn't play the kind of football we needed to play to win the game. That will stick with us for a long time, but we'll move forward from here."

(Is there any way you can attribute the three-week layoff to some of the, maybe, rust in the first half, at least?) "I don't know. I don't have that answer. It's unanswerable. Our guys practiced really hard and did the best they could, but we didn't play a sharp football game, for sure. What should you attribute that to? I guess you can theorize a lot of different things."

(What was the message to your team in the locker room?) "The basic message was I was really grateful for them. That was part of our prayer there. And then I felt like this team was the best football team that it could be this year. With the group that we had, we made the most of us, becoming the best football team we could be. We just weren't that today, and that's the disappointing thing. But in the big picture, I couldn't be more proud of what they did every single day, how they came to work, how they made the most of their talents and abilities, played as hard as they possibly could, including today. We have to step back and take a look at that and understand that and see it for what it is. This game is going to be the one that we'll remember because it's the last one. I told them, in the end, there's only one team. This is pro football. In the end, there's only one team that gets to be the one true champion, and that's not going to be us this year. So, that's where we're at."

(What will you say to QB Lamar Jackson to bounce back from such a hard night tonight after such a good regular season?) "I won't have to say much to him. We'll talk, I'm sure, tomorrow, and we'll see where that conversation goes, just from two people talking. But I know how he's going to respond. He's going to respond by being extremely motivated and determined to improve as a football player. And the strides he made between last year and this year are pretty indicative of that, and we expect him to continue to get better. That's what he should do. It's simple, him and everybody else, that's what we all should strive to do. I just know his character and who he is as a person. That's what he'll be thinking about."

(How much did RB Mark Ingram II's injury affect him, and how much did it affect your run game?) "It's hard to say. I just don't know. There's just no way to tell. It's impossible to determine that. I'd like to answer it, but what can I say? I don't know." (Reporter: "It didn't change anything about the way plays were called or the way the offensive gameplan was?") "No. No, we tried to run the gameplan that we thought was best against their defense. They did a good job with what they were doing. I thought they played really well, especially up front. The trenches on both sides, they played extremely well. That was the biggest difference."

(What did you see them doing; what did you think they did pretty well defensively against your offense?) "I just thought they did a great job up front. We didn't convert in the passing game, probably, like we needed to. In the end, you have to complete passes. And a team that's up there playing good run defense, we popped some runs, but it wasn't quite consistent enough. It's just football. They didn't do anything schematically that was different than what they do. They played their defense."

(Had you thought to kick it there when it's the first drive in the second half instead of going for it on fourth down?) "Yes, there are always thoughts of that, but I thought that was a pretty obvious decision."

(How would you evaluate QB Lamar Jackson's performance tonight?) "Lamar [Jackson] played with heart and guts and courage, and he competed like he always does. And that's what you ask for. He laid it all out there, just like all our guys did. As a coach, that's what you hope for. Everything else, you work on. But that's who he is. That's who all of our guys are. I'm proud of him, and that's it."

QB Lamar Jackson 

(on what went wrong in the game) "We just beat ourselves. We had, I had, a lot of mistakes on my half. Three turnovers, that shouldn't happen. They came out to play. We just started out slow. We've just got to do better next time, but [now it's] moving forward, get ready for this offseason, get ready for next year." 

(on if it felt like it's been a long time since he played) "No, not at all. Not at all." 

(on if it will be painful to hear people talking about him not winning a playoff game) "I don't really care about what they say. This is my second year in the league. Many people [aren't] able to bring it to the playoffs. I've got a great team with me. I don't really worry about the people say. We're just going to keep going, like I said, [and] get ready for next year." 

(on what the Titans did on the fourth-down play on the first series of the second half) "They just did a great job. We've just to try harder and get it next time and convert it. They just did a great job." 

(on how long this loss will stick with him) "I don't know. I hate losing. I really do, so I don't know. But like I said, we've got to move on. We've got to get better for next year." 

(on how tough that it is to do after losing this game) "I don't know how difficult it's going to be or how long it's going to be in my mind or whatever. But like I said, we've just got to get ready for next year. Everybody hates losing. I wanted to win this game. My team wanted to win this game, the coaching staff. [We've] just got to move on, like I said, get ready for next year. It's in my head right now. I don't know how long it's going to be, but can't do nothing about it right now." 

(on how this team should be remembered) "14-2, great team, a family-oriented team, Flock Nation." 

(on if he still has big expectations for the Ravens long term) "Definitely – we're a young team, especially on our offense. We're going to get better. We only can get better. It's only [up] from here." 

(on what was the message in the locker room after the game) "We had a great season. It was an all right game, but we've got to score points. We've just got to get better, come together even more, as we did this year and, like I said, get ready for next year." 

(on if the Titans confused them on defense or was it a lack of Ravens' execution) "No, we've just got to do better. They weren't doing anything spectacular out there. Nothing we've never seen before. We've just got to put points on the board." 

(on what he's going to work on in the offseason) "Oh, it's going to be the same answer every time. I've got to work on everything. There's always room for improvement. I need to improve on everything, whether it's running, throwing the ball, pocket poise, everything." 

(on what happened when the Ravens played from behind early) "I feel like we [were] too excited. We wanted to score points, like right away, as soon as they scored. But we just got out of our element a little too fast, you know, trying to beat them to the punch. We just were slow today a little bit." 

(on if he's decided about if he's playing in the Pro Bowl) "I didn't get to thinking about that; we just lost. Forget that Pro Bowl. I wanted to be in the Super Bowl, you know, but it is what it is – I'll think about that tomorrow, or whatever, when I get my mind off this loss. I don't care about the Pro Bowl [right now]." 

(on if he thought rust was a factor in the offense's problems) "We didn't [have any] rust. We've just got to do better. We were driving the ball down the field pretty fine. We've just got to finish. We wasn't finishing like we did all season. We just hit a hump." 

(on how much the turnovers hurt) "It was pretty easy to come over that, but like I said, we have to score fast. [Those] losses count. It counts for this type of game, not a division game, but a playoff game. We've just got make the best of our opportunities, and we didn't." 

RB Gus Edwards 

(on the offense tonight) "I think we had the right mindset, but we didn't execute." 

(on if the team was rusty from the bye week) "It was us. We didn't play our best game." 

(on if he was surprised the Ravens went away from the running game so early) "I trust in [offensive coordinator Greg Roman]. I trust in his decision making. Whatever he did, he saw something." 

(on what prevented the offense from getting going) "We have to turn those three points into six." 

(on the disappointment of losing after a great regular season) "It's very disappointing. I feel like we were the better team, and we just didn't play our best game." 

(on the disappointment on not converting fourth-down plays) "It was surprising. Like I said, we left a lot of plays out there, and that was a big part of it right there." 

(on the locker room mood after the game) "I think guys are going to remember it, and we have to just learn from it."

S Chuck Clark 

(on how tough this loss is) "It's very tough. We took a loss like that in the playoffs and now everything changed, so it's really tough." 

(on how the sudden end to a season is for the team) "We definitely had our eyes set on winning this one and preparing for our next opponent, so we definitely didn't think it was about to happen like that. We were definitely ready for a Super Bowl run. We were ready." 

(on how much of a challenge Titans RB Derrick Henry was to the defense) "He's definitely a good player, and we knew the task that we were up against. We knew that we had to be able to stop the run, the cut-back runs, so we could be able to be on the front side and contain him. There were a couple of times that we messed up as a unit, and he got out of it." 

T Orlando Brown Jr. 

(on if he was disappointed in the way the offensive line played) "It's hard to say until we watch the film. It's hard taking a loss, especially in these circumstances, but we have to do what we have to do, and we'll go back to the drawing board and go back to work like we always do." 

(on if he thought rust was a factor) "I can't really comment on that. I played pretty much every game. I can only speak for myself, personally. I felt pretty fresh and healthy out there." 

(on what he said to QB Lamar Jackson on the bench after the final drive) "I just let him know that this doesn't necessarily define who he is as a player and define his year. He is somebody that I came in with that I've grown with. I've gotten to know him and his family and vice-versa, and he is a great man, and I just wanted to let him know that I don't feel let down for anything that went wrong today. Nothing is on his shoulders. It's a family here." 

(on coach John Harbaugh's message to the team after the game) "We'll be back. We understand that it's work, and we have to go back to square one. For the most part, once the Super Bowl ends, everyone is 0-0 again. We'll have an opportunity to rebuild our team and hopefully do what we need to do to repeat and get in this position again and take care of business." 

(on what the feeling was like playing from behind) "We haven't really had a chance to play from behind all year just with the way things have been going offensively and defensively for us. I know we got behind a little bit in Cleveland, but it's ball and we understand that, and we [were] ready for the dogfight in the playoffs, and I guess you could say it's what we expected." 

(on what the Titans' defense did differently) "No, I think they just played a great game and did a great job doing what they do." 

(on what the season was like) "Just as a team, clearly this was the best regular season in franchise history. We have a ton of great talent here, a ton of character. I will say we have a ton of guys that love working and are excited for another opportunity next year. Obviously, this is not how we wanted to end, but it happens. It's football. It's the playoffs. [It's] one play at a time. Turnovers here and there. Things happen, but I will say that we'll get back to work." 

WR Willie Snead IV 

(on tonight's loss) "It's frustrating; we worked all year to put ourselves in this type of situation. So, it's frustrating, and we'll take our licks and move on." 

(on how different it was playing from behind tonight) "It was tough. They put us in a different position, and we had to come back and rally back a little bit. We just didn't finish drives, and that's what put us behind. We turned the ball over. That wasn't winning football." 

(on if rust was a factor) "Not really. I just think we just had to get ready to go, and we just were careless with the ball, and we weren't finishing drives, like I said. That hurts us in the playoffs. It hurt us last year. We just have to learn from it and get better." 

(on if there was a point in the game where he thought it was a repeat of last year's playoffs) "No, I didn't think that. I just knew that we had to keep fighting. If we put our defense in good positions, they're going to get them off the field. But offensively, we just didn't do our job, and that's what it comes down to." 

(on if it's too early to think about the bright side of the season) "There's definitely a bright side. [Quarterback] Lamar [Jackson] had a hell of a season. We all had a hell of a season. We can build off of this, and that's the best part. It's unfortunate that we lost this game, but I think next year will be a lot better. We'll be more developed as an offense, and I think we'll take that next step that we need." 

(on how Lamar Jackson will respond to this loss) "Oh, he's going to respond. You already know what type of answer you're going to get. He's going to be ready. He's going to talk about the Super Bowl next year. He just wants to win. He's a winner, and we have to match that." 

(on how people will remember this team) "The best team in Baltimore Ravens' history. We didn't finish the job, but next year we'll be ready to go." 

(on coach John Harbaugh's post-game message) "He just appreciated us. He appreciates the team, that we did enough to put ourselves in this position, and we had a great season. There's nothing to hang our heads about. We just didn't finish how we wanted to, but like I said, we have a great team coming back next year—and we'll be ready." 

(on if the Titans were doing things that the Ravens had done all year, like controlling the ball) "We made all the mistakes, and we put ourselves in bad positions. They're a well-coached team. They have great players over there, and they know what to do with the ball, and they know how to take advantage of their opportunities. That's what happens, and we just got behind the eight ball a little too early." 

S Earl Thomas III 

(on the loss) "We never really had control of the game. They had great field position to capitalize on sudden-change moments. They won fair and square." 

(on how tough the loss is) "It's tough when you have success like that throughout the year and put in work going way back to when we first started this thing. For it to end like that is tough. There is stuff we probably could have controlled, but it just didn't happen today." 

(on where this loss ranks) "It's always tough in the playoffs, especially when you have a great team. We just didn't play our best ball today. Unfortunately, you can't do that in the playoffs. You only get one shot." 

(on the team this year) "We have great character guys. We were 14-2, and guys reached certain goals. We just didn't reach the ultimate goal." 

(on Derrick Henry) "He was running tough. In the third quarter, that long run that he had, we had him tackled, he just ran through the arm tackle, and then Marcus [Peters] tried to strip the ball. They then brought [Marcus] Mariota in for a play, he was at quarterback for a second. [Derrick Henry] made it look like he was running and threw the touchdown. He had a solid game. He had a real good game." 

(on the challenges of facing a guy that size) "You just have to tackle. When you arm tackle, he just runs right through it. He is a big back, and he runs big." 

(on if the Titans beat the Ravens at their own game) "Yeah. They got up on us, and as far as their defense, they were playing top-down coverage and not giving up anything deep. That's similar to how we play." 

(on the message in the locker room after the loss) "We just kept it positive. You can't change the result. We are going to stick together. We have a meeting tomorrow. We are going to talk about it, and then we are going to move on."

WR Miles Boykin 

(on if the Titans did anything different today) "They played sound football. They did not make any mistakes. We talked about this all week long. The team that made the least amount of mistakes would win the football game. We turned the ball over. You can't have that in a playoff game. That's why we lost. They played a better game than us. They were the better team today." 

(on how stunning the loss was) "No one ever thinks the season is going to be over. It sucks for us but at the same time, we have a lot to look forward to. We are a young team. We are only going to get better from here on out and we are motivated by that." 

(on his season) "It was great. I was with a bunch of vets this year, especially in the receiver room. Obviously, having Seth [Roberts], Willie [Snead IV] and Chris [Moore] they are great leaders for us. Speaking of me, I am incredibly grateful to be on this team. I know what the bar is, and I know what the standard is. I am only going to get better from here on out." 

(on if they felt pressure when they got behind) "They had a great game plan. They forced us out of our comfort zone a little bit. You know we really haven't played a lot from behind. I don't think we ever envision ourselves playing from behind and that is what happened. We got down by two touchdowns and it was kind of hard for us to fight back into the game and stick to our play." 

(on if they got out of the game plan too early) "That's all up to the coaches. Our job is to just play the game and run the plays that have been called. That is what we try to go out there and do. Like I said, it is tough when you get down in any game 14-0, but we were down 14-0 and we could only do so much. We just needed to make some plays to get back." 

(on QB Lamar Jackson's performance) "Lamar does a great job, and sometimes we have to take a little bit of the burden off of his shoulders. We have to make some plays for him, and we did not make enough plays tonight." 

DE Chris Wormley 

(on if the Titans did anything differently. They did exactly what we thought they were going to do, which is the frustrating part. We knew they weren't going to throw it much. We knew they were going to run it. Once they got a big enough lead, that is what they continued to do, and we couldn't seem to stop them." 

(on how disappointing the loss is) "We weren't playing to be the best team in the NFL during the regular season. We were trying to win the Super Bowl. That's what our goals were from Day One in training camp. That's what they definitely were when we came into this game plan this week. It was to win the Super Bowl. It is disappointing, because we fell short."  

CB Marlon Humphrey 

(on if it took some time to knock off the rust) "I would not say that. I think we just came out kind of flat. We never really got un-flat. That was kind of just the result." 

(on if all the hype and excitement had an effect on the game) "I do not know. I felt like there was a lot of hype and the city was behind us, but we just came out and did not execute. We just did not get it done." 

(on if they did anything offensively that surprised him) "Nothing they did surprised us. We knew they were going to run the ball. The only thing that surprised me was I did not think they would be able to do it effectively." 

(on if RB Derrick Henry is bigger than he thought) "He is a big guy. That was no secret. I remember trying to tackle him at Alabama and the past two years, but today they just had their day." 

(on his reaction to QB Lamar Jackson's struggles) "I think today we all struggled. It is not just Lamar. I think honestly the sad reality of it is this Ravens team, we have been here two years in a row, and we have lost. So, I think you have to look yourself in the mirror, and I think this team's identity right now is get in the playoffs and choke. It is what it is. That is just the hard truth." 

(on how this team should be remembered) "As losers, I guess. We just lost, so that is how I will remember it." 

(on the future of this team) "I see it as this was a good team. But next year's team will not be the same. Last year's team was not this team. Every team is different. I would not really say, 'How is this team...' I think this team is done. Some players will go, some players will stay. Through this offseason, we will come back, and see who the 2020-21 Ravens are." 

(on if there was a point during the game when he was wondering what was going on) "Yes, there was definitely a point in the game where I was like, 'What is going on?' But I thought it was still within grasp. Even down to the clock hitting zero, I was still like, 'Is this really happening?' One of the guys was like, 'This is a dream. I am going to wake up tomorrow and it is going to be Saturday and it is going to be gameday.' That is kind of what it felt like, honestly, as crazy as that sounds. It just seemed like it was one big dream and it was not really happening." 

G/T Marshal Yanda 

(on his feeling at the moment) "It is a tough way to end it. It is playoff football and you have to play your best football to win and advance. I give Tennessee a lot of credit. They came out and played good football in all three phases. And we just did not get it done." 

(on if it was tough to get going offensively facing a deficit) "Yes, we struggled. Obviously, we had six points going into the fourth quarter. We had three turnovers going into the fourth quarter. I felt like we were moving the ball, but we just could not execute when we needed to. Keep the chains moving, like a fourth-down conversion, all that stuff. When you turn the ball over in playoff football... It just cannot happen." 

(on if it feels like the Titans did what the Ravens did to other teams all season) "Yeah, give them credit, they ran the football well. They possessed the clock. They scored touchdowns when they needed to, and their defense kept us in check. It was a tough day." 

(on how long this one is going to take for him to get over) "It is going to take a while, but that is part of the game. This is playoff football. We had a great year, but it is just a tough way to end. It is just a tough deal." 

(on if this is one of the toughest endings of a season for him) "I mean yeah, definitely. I am not assessing my whole career and whatnot, but it definitely is a tough way to end, how hot we ended the season, a 12-game streak, and to have them come into our house, and beat us at home, that is tough." 

(on if he has made any decisions on the future) "No, no, I am not going to talk about my future right now. Tennessee questions. But anything other than that, I will divert to later on." 

(on when they stopped the offense twice on fourth-and-inches) "The one fourth down, I do remember they, like submarined and kind of took our legs out and we could not get any movement on the line of scrimmage on the first one. I cannot remember the second one. I do remember that they did a good job of just submarining and not letting us get any movement on them." 

(on the suddenness of the playoff loss) "Throughout the game, we knew that time was running out. We had to get things going and try to get it going. I felt like we were moving the ball, we just could not finish. We could not score points when we needed to. We moved the football, but at the end of the day, you have got to score points. You have got to score touchdowns. They were scoring, and we had to keep up, and we did not." 

(on how much faith he has in where this team is going overall) "We have a good football team. We did not play our best football today, but that does not take away from us winning 12 games in a row and a really good regular season. This is a young, good football team, and they are going to do some great things." 

(on QB Lamar Jackson's production in the regular season compared to his 0-2 record in the postseason) "It is one game. We are not going to depict a guy based on one game. We are going to take the entire body of work for the 2019 season. And the kid played his ass off. That is where I stand on that." 

(on if he feels that RB Mark Ingram's status made it difficult to get the run game going) "I do not know. I will not get that far into it. I just do not feel like we ran the ball effectively, long enough. Just did not run the ball effectively. Then we got down, and got into that passing mode, where we had to pass. I do want to say another thing about No. 98 for the Titans [DL Jeffery Simmons], in my 13 years… I had that guy spit in my face today. I just want to put him on notice in the media. I have never done this in my career, but I just want to let you know that. There is right way and a wrong way to play football, and that guy did not do it the right way today. So the refs and everybody in the NFL needs to put him on notice. Like I said, I have never been spit on in my face and I literally got spit right in my face by No. 98. He needs to be put on notice by the refs, by the entire NFL and he was saying some stuff today that was just ridiculous conduct for the NFL. So I just want to put him on notice because that was ridiculous conduct that I dealt with." 

(on if he is able to assess the offensive line play) "I think we turned the ball over four times? Yeah, turned the ball over four times, and we did not execute, score points. The turnover ratio is the number one indicator in football. So you can just start right there and end right there." 

(on how you reflect on this season as a whole) "It is tough to reflect right now just because of the loss and all of the emotions going into it. Yes, we had a great year, but still at the end of the day, we want to keep going. We want to keep playing. We had bigger goals than to be one and done in the playoffs. But that is playoff football. I have been on both sides of it. You get it done and you win... Like we went into hostile environments and got wins, and that is part of it. You give the Titans credit. They came in here and played a good football game." 

(on if he approached QB Lamar Jackson during the game) "We just knew that we had to get it going. Obviously, we got down. We all understand that we need to continue to fight and get things going and that timing and the pressure and if you do not get things going, you get behind more and more. So there was no extra stuff. Everybody understands that we all have a job to do and everybody understands their job, so we tried to lock in as tight as we could. We just could not get it done." 

(on if he approached DT Jurrell Casey about his teammate's actions) "I told Jurrell [Casey] to get his guy, because that is ridiculous, and I do respect Jurrell, and I wanted to let him know to get his guy. That is not acceptable in this game." 

RB Mark Ingram II 

(on the suddenness of the loss) "We got our ass whipped today, so we're going home, you know what I mean? We didn't play our best football today – give them credit, they played a good game, and it showed." 

(on how healthy he was today) "No, I was good. I was straight. Regardless of that, we weren't able to do anything for real. I felt fine. I was able to contribute as much as I could." 

(on if the Tennessee defense showed anything different this week) "They just played good. They played really hard, and we had some bad turnovers, some misses on fourth down, and we put our defense in bad situations. They made more plays than us." 

(on what he would say about those who criticize Lamar Jackson for his play today) "It's a team game. It's a team game. It's not on him. We had guys out there who didn't make plays, and it's not on him, it's on all of us." 

(on where this loss ranks for him) "I've been on a lot of great teams, but I've never won a Super Bowl. So really, those great teams, are just great teams that didn't win [it all]. So, yeah, we've just got to get back to work and fix this up for next year. Right now, we've got to feel how this feels and be back." 

(on how frustrating it was to suffer an injury late in the season) "Of course it's frustrating. I was feeling 100 percent and good, and healthy, all throughout the year, and then just on a fluke step, [I] injured my calf. And then I was racing the clock trying to get ready for this. I felt like I put myself in the best position I could to contribute for my team. I left it all out there and tried to do the best I could. But, we all have to play better." 

(on if they lost momentum during the bye week) "I don't feel like we lost momentum. Name a situation during the game and tell me one they didn't capitalize one. Eary turnovers, they capitalized on that. Can't convert on fourth down, they capitalized on that – scored on the next play. 14-6, we drive down the field, we don't get it. Then [Derrick] Henry breaks a big run, and three plays later, they're down there again. A couple plays define a game, and we didn't make the plays necessary to get a win."

DT Michael Pierce 

(on how tough this loss was) "Very tough, very tough. Not to say that anybody looked past this, but the way we were on a roll, no one thought it would be over this quick. A very disappointing performance by the team. When our best was needed as a collective, we didn't have it. But, that's the nature of football. I'm sure the Patriots felt the same thing. Tennessee is a well-coached team. They fought hard. They embarrassed us tonight. Anytime a team comes into your home stadium and takes it to you and breaks your 12-game winning streak, you've got to tip your hat to them and find a way to somewhat move on." 

(on the emotion behind the hurt) "It's a brotherhood here. It kind of hit me as the clock was running out, that this could potentially be the last time I play here. I really, really love these guys, and this has been an amazing ride, but we just didn't get it done. Super Bowl dreams don't mean anything if you don't go out and give your best every week." 

(on if he wants to come back to Baltimore) "Indeed, indeed. But that goes without saying. I'm not even worried about that right now. I just want to get through this." 

(on if the bye week affected their roll) "No. Because there are teams that have a No. 1 seed that advance in the playoffs. I don't know what the reason was. I feel like we gave good effort, but for some reason, the execution wasn't there." 

(on Tennessee RB Derrick Henry) "He's an amazing back. I was just talking to the guys about it and seeing the way he ran against New England last week. Just on TV, it didn't look like they could do much to stop him. And probably for the first time in my career, I thought there wasn't much I could do to stop him either. That dude is in a zone unlike anything I've ever played against. My hat's off to him – he's an amazing player – the leading rusher in the league, he deserves all of it." 

RB Justice Hill 

(on the suddenness of the loss) "It's really crazy. I mean, there we were, 14-2, best regular season record, first-round bye … And now it's all gone. We just couldn't put it together today." 

(on if the bye week affected their execution) "I really don't think so. It's playoff football. You've got to be ready. Bye, no bye, it doesn't matter. You've got to give it your best shot. I thought we came out ready to play, but it wasn't good enough." 

(on if he thought RB Mark Ingram's injury hampered him) "I think he was good, but they just didn't want to throw him out there 100% and risk further injury – which I totally understand. But, regardless, we have great backs, and we just didn't get the job done." 

(on if Tennessee showed anything different defensively) "It was lack of execution on our part. Turnovers, you can't have them. That's deadly. And we saw that firsthand tonight." 

OLB Matthew Judon 

Opening statement: "First of all, we didn't play well enough to win the game. On defense, you can't let anybody run the ball that many times that well and expect to win, especially in the playoffs. I think all phases of this team just didn't play well enough to win, and that's really what it is. But, I'm proud of every single person on this team, everybody that was on this roster the whole year. It was a hell of a ride. We didn't get our goal. We didn't finish where we wanted to finish, and that sucks. That sucks, but like y'all know, this is the National Football League. Tennessee is hot right now. They're hot, and they came in, they executed, and they won the game. They were the better team today. We haven't felt like this since Week 4, and it's the last time this team, this special unit can feel anything together because you never know what the future holds for any of us. I just want to thank each and every last one of my teammates, especially The Council. My fourth year in the league was a hell of a ride. I wouldn't trade it for anything else. I wouldn't trade it for anything else, and I know everybody in this locker room – if they continue to play football, if they choose to continue to play football – next year they're going to have a lot of success, because they put in the work. I know these guys, their work ethic, and I just, once again, want to say thank you to everybody on my team."  

(on trying to stop RB Derrick Henry) "We didn't stop him. I don't know. They came out with a gameplan, they executed their gameplan, and he ran the ball. He ran the ball well. I think he has like, almost 400 [yards] in the last two weeks. He's hot right now, and they're feeding the hot hand. And those guys executed." 

(on the emotions in the locker room right after the game) "That's what it is, man. You don't ever expect to get into a car crash until you get into a car crash, and I feel like that's what it is. We were riding. We were rolling hot, and it hit us. Today was the end of our season, and it was the end of this locker room as we know it and this roster as we know it." 

(on how this team should be remembered) "[We should be remembered] for what we did on the field. That's all it is. Y'all will write your own narrative about it, but we should be remembered for what we did on the field. I don't think today was how this team played throughout the season, but it's our last game." 

(on if he had the thought that this might be his last game as a Raven) "Yes, it crossed my mind. But I was just sitting with the guys talking, and that didn't come up in conversation. It is what it is for right now, and we were just reminiscing on this year." 

(on what he thinks his future will be) "I don't know, man, really, honestly. I love it in Baltimore. I told y'all this every time y'all ask. I'm appreciative of [Eric] DeCosta, of Ozzie [Newsome], of Coach 'Harbs' [John Harbaugh] giving me an opportunity. They trusted in me starting for the last three years. They gave me a bigger portion this year as my role on the team, and I'm forever grateful to them. But ultimately, that's a decision that comes from them and me. We have to sit down and talk about some things and my agency. We have to see, but for the last four years and this whole year, I couldn't ask for anything else."


Head Coach Mike Vrabel 

(on how it feels to advance) "It feels great. It feels great to watch the players execute a gameplan that the coaches worked very hard at. All the credit goes to the coaches and, most especially, the players. They're the ones that went out and executed. They were locked in all week. We came here in a hostile and difficult environment and were able to get off to the fast start we talked about." 

(on the Titans' red zone defense) "That's what they've done all year. They're not No. 2 in the league by accident. We thought a huge key to the game was our ability to make them kick field goals. We figured [Justin] Tucker would make them all, which was fine, and then our ability to score when we got down there. To score touchdowns was the difference." 

(on how monumental the first fourth-down stop was) "Huge. To change the line of scrimmage provided great momentum in complementary football. You get three turnovers and four fourth-down stops against an amazing offense with really great players." 

(on the catch by Jonnu Smith) "Unfortunately, we got knocked back a little bit. Then, Arthur [Smith] made a great call, and Ryan [Tannehill] made a great throw. And Jonnu [Smith] continued to develop and went back to get the football and secured it on a huge play." 

(on what he can say about the game offensive coordinator Arthur Smith called) "The plays, as long as they're decisive, I think Dean [Pees] and Arthur [Smith] do a great job coordinating. It's important for me that everybody has input throughout the week. They're in charge of calling it, but he's continued to develop, and we're on the same page with a lot of things." 

(on changing the Ravens' dynamic) "They were catching people in shock and awe in the first quarter. I thought we did a great job. The players understood the scheme. Some of the keys to trying to stop [Lamar Jackson]. We saw when he was gaining yards. When he gained yards, he was getting them between the hashes and the numbers. When we defended from number to number and made him go laterally, they weren't big plays. And then we were able to get some stops. It could have been a lot better if we were able to get him off the field on some of those third-and-long situations, but we didn't. We played great red zone defense." 

(on Derrick Henry's jump pass) "[We were] just trying to find the right time to call it. It was very well executed. I thought Corey [Davis] did a fantastic job of going up to get the football. Attacking the football is something that we practiced. You've got to have some plays for when you get down there." 

(on how much it helped to get the big lead) "I mean [Lamar Jackson] is just as dangerous when he drops back to throw it as when they designed to read somebody. We knew we weren't going to just completely eliminate a dynamic player, but it certainly helped. I thought we played the situations very good, when we got down in the red zone. Our guys' two-minute drill did a fantastic job on keeping their poise and coming up with some big stops. Dane [Cruikshank] is a guy who is a core special teams player for us — an excellent special teams player. And it was great to see him get a stop down there on fourth down." 

(on Derrick Henry) "We know it's not always going to be five, six, and seven yards. It's going to be grind, grind, grind, and then we're going to bust one. I think they have that confidence to be able to pick and pry where we're going. I think Keith Carter and Arthur Smith do a great job of figuring out what we want to do based on the looks that we're getting and to be able to hit some of those runs. Guys are finishing blocks. When Derrick [Henry] gets to the back side and is able to get to the second level, most of the time he's able to gain a lot of yards." 

(on LB David Long Jr.) "David is a young player that was excited for play and looked forward to the opportunity. I thought he was active. We certainly have to look at the tape to figure out what else he did or what he needs to improve on and what mistakes [to correct]. There's always going to be mistakes in the game, but I don't think [the game] was too big for him. I think he was excited about playing in this game, and he was prepared." 

(on playing up the underdog role) "I try to spend the majority of my time preparing the team the best that I can. I think for those of us that have been around this league long enough, I think that's kind of overrated — the underdog thing. It's pro football. Everybody gets paid. Everybody has a job to do. We knew we were going to get on a plane a couple of weeks ago, and as long as we kept winning, we are going to keep getting on that plane. The same thing this week. We're going to continue to improve and not let complacency set in and not be excited about winning whatever this was. I know we're playing in the AFC championship game, but we have to continue to improve. You heard me say the teams that do, they keep playing. And the ones that don't, they make off-season plans." 

(on the Titans' ability to win any way necessary) We just try to do whatever we can do every week to win the game. We had some big plays that helped. Hitting the one to Kalif [Raymond] was huge. It was good to have Kalif back. He means a lot to this football team. I know it killed him to not be able to be in there the last couple of weeks. But, every week, we're going to try to do whatever we need to do to win the football game." 

(on controlling the Ravens' offense) "We knew we had to do it with some turnovers and fourth-down stops. That's the only way we can do it — by making [Justin] Tucker kick field goals. [Lamar Jackson] is a fantastic player, and he's going to be amazing for this league. I give [credit to] a lot of players. They were ready to go. The coaches did a great job. [The players] were ready to play, and they executed. " 

(on why family is important to the Titans' organization) "It doesn't start with me. It starts with Miss Amy [Adams]. That's something that's important to her. She grew up around this league with Mr. Adams, and it's important to her to maintain that family atmosphere. When you win and turn around and see your son, it's pretty cool." 

(on how rare it is to see RB Derrick Henry play at this level) "They handed me a sheet that said 'the only player in NFL history . . .' So, whatever comes after that is pretty much self-explanatory when it's the only player in NFL history [fill in the stat]. It's fun to get to coach him. He's got a great energy. He's durable, he's physical and I'm glad he's with us." 

RB Derrick Henry 

(on if he spoke to Ravens S Earl Thomas III about tackling him) "Well, you know, I think that's a part of the game. Some guys like to say something to get their defense fired up, and that's what he was doing, and I just go play." 

(on how long his TD pass play has been in the playbook) "Y'all know how I feel about a pass play. I've missed like two of them. So I'm like, 'I've got to hit this one, or this will be ugly for me.' I was just glad to get that to Corey [Davis] to score that touchdown." 

(on the touchdown pass) "I had to try to get it over the defense to give Corey [Davis] a chance, but it was perfect, man. I haven't done that pass since high school." 

(on if he takes more pride on his TD pass or his 190 rushing yards) "I take my pride on us winning the game. I don't really care about that individual stuff. I take a lot of pride in [us winning the game]." 

(on if he felt like the Titans' offense was wearing the Ravens' defense down) "I told you that I don't look at all of that or get into all of that. I focus on doing my job and trying to be efficient and trying to finish running and keep moving forward." 

(on the team's confidence) "Believing in each other, no matter what is thrown at us, no matter what happens, just believing in each other. [We just] keep pushing and keep on finishing. That's what we try to do together. Coach [Vrabel] preaches about finishing, and that's what we try to do together." 

(on if he had words with Earl Thomas III and what the words were) "I just said, 'It's good to see you, Earl.' That's all I said. 'It's good to see you, man.'" 

(on his lap around the stadium) "Connecting with the fans. It's always great to get hyped with the fans after a victory, on the road, over a great team. They came out to support us. We definitely appreciate it. They were loud. I just love the support from the fans. Anytime I can interact with them, I try to do that." 

(on knowing that he is the first running back to surpass 180 yards in three-consecutive games) "How do y'all feel about it? (Reporter: "It's impressive.") "I am happy we won. Stats and all that is good, but we got the win, and we are advancing, and that is the most important thing." 

(on his 66-yard run) "I feel that the O-line did a great job on the double-team block, and I tried to get behind it. The tight end did a great job coming back on the end, and I got under it, broke a tackle, and then I had to haul it." 

(on how getting off to an early lead allowed them to play their style of football) "We definitely wanted to start fast and finish drives. [We wanted to] sustain drives, and we just wanted to keep the good momentum going. They are so explosive on offense, and they can score just like that. We just wanted to keep that momentum going and put good drives together." 

(on if the impact the Titans underdog role and magnitude of the game had on the team) "That's our mentality. That's how we approach it. I don't think we worry about the noise; it is just our approach and our mentality. Keep believing in each other, that's how we approach each and every week." 

(on how it feels facing a team the Titans have already beaten to advance to the Super Bowl) "It is a great win today. We are advancing. I am not going to think too far ahead. I am just glad we were able to win against a great team, advance to the AFC Championship, enjoy this win tonight and get started tomorrow."  

(on the Titans' decision to gather on the 50-yard line during team introductions) "We do that every game." 

(on what kind of statement the team made tonight) "What kind of statement did we make? We won. I feel like we won, I don't get into all those statements. I just try to make sure we stay level, put our head down and just work. Like I told them at the end of the camp. Why not us? We repeat that same mentality." 

(on if his extensive responsibilities carrying the ball a lot at University of Alabama has prepared him for this recent stretch of games with a heavy load) "I have been doing this since high school. This is me. I have been doing this since high school." 

(on if the play was always going to be a jump pass to Corey Davis or if he had the option to run) "I was going to Corey [Davis]."

QB Ryan Tannehill 

(on the importance of getting off to a good start) "It's huge. We talked about it all week. They've outscored a lot of opponents. … I don't know exactly by how much, but it was a lot to a little. We knew coming in that was going to be a critical point in the game for us … to get out early, score points and move the ball and get some stops. We knew we had to do that, and we did." 

(on the touchdown to WR Kalif Raymond and if it was overthrown) "No, I felt good about it. He did a good job. They rolled late. The safeties stayed back in the middle. He kept it thin away from them, and I had great protection, great blocking, and I was able to step up. He made a great catch. It's not an easy catch when the ball is going straight over your shoulder down field. He made a heck of a play." 

(on RB Derrick Henry as a passer) "As a passer? Well he's 1-for-1 with a touchdown, so that's pretty good, right? That's a play we've had in for a few weeks now and finally got it called. It looked great in practice. We got it called, and it's a touchdown. It was a big play for us, obviously. It was a great throw. Corey [Davis] going up making a contested catch in the back of the end zone was huge."  

(on his reaction the play call for RB Derrick Henry's jump pass) "I was excited. Like I said, it looked great in practice all week. Derrick [Henry] has actually done a really good job in practice putting the ball in the spot. I had a lot of confidence going in. I wasn't even looking at Derrick. I was looking at Corey [Davis] to make sure they bit on the fake on the back side, and they did. Corey made a heck of a play." 

(on if he saw TE Jonnu Smith's contested touchdown) "He had tight coverage. The guy was underneath him. I put it high. I saw him go up, he made a stop with one hand and then grabbed it with two on the way down. He's made some big catches for us, some contested catches. The one in Oakland was another one that jumps to my brain. There was a lot of confidence with Jonnu [Smith] in tight coverage. He has the ability to go up and make a play." 

(on having two playoff games with under 100 passing yards in both games) "Yes, it's definitely unusual. I can't say I've seen it before, but that's kind of the way the games have played out. Not dropping back much, not throwing the ball much, but we're moving the ball up front on the ground. Derrick [Henry] is doing a great job making big plays. The offensive line is doing a great job moving around on the line of scrimmage, so at this point in the season, it's about doing whatever it takes to win. Whatever it takes to win, that's what we're going to do." 

(on if he imagined getting to the divisional playoff when taking over at quarterback when the team was 2-4) "I'm always dreaming, but my mentality is one week at a time. Just get the win that week, and then just get the next one after that. Just get the win that week, and then we'll move on to the next one after that. Big picture, you dream of winning the Super Bowl. But as the season goes on, it's one week at a time doing whatever I can each and every week to come away with a win." 

(on the scene in the locker room after the win) "It was a fun locker room. That's one thing I love about playing football. It's the locker rooms after, that special time you get to share with each other, especially after a win like this in the playoffs. Everyone dancing and having a good time, that's something I'll always remember. It's a special group." 

(on how comfortable it is to have RB Derrick Henry in his backfield) "It's huge. He's running his tail off. It's unbelievable. The runs he makes, physical, the finishes he has, the stiff arms and the speed he has to get behind the secondary and make those long runs. It's been fun to watch him, and it's been incredible for us." 

(on the importance of getting a quick lead) "It's huge. It's complementary football, something we talk about all the time. The defense, like I said, made big plays all day, multiple fourth-down stops, multiple turnovers, and the ones early that we were able to turn into points. And then the one in the second half, too, they had a fourth-down stop, and we got points. The score changes quickly, and it puts us in a good spot." 

(on when he learned that the formula for winning is RB Derrick Henry running the football) "Yes, I think it's as the season has gone on, right? We've won multiple ways, right? There have been games we've thrown it more, obviously lately, we've been running it more. It's something we started, I guess, three weeks ago, when we said our playoffs started going against the Texans. Teams that can run the football, stop the run and take care of the football win in the playoffs. Every game is a little different. We've shown we can win multiple ways, but lately, it's been with '22' [Derrick Henry]." 

(on why it's important to run the football in the playoffs) "Dominate the line of scrimmage, control the clock, control the football. Keep your defense off the field. All those factors go into it. Just being a physical team, a physical team that can finish." 

(on exacting revenge for Titans' teams that have lost in the past) "I hope we brought a good feeling to those guys. Obviously, I know there are a bunch of guys that I watched in my younger days and respected. Hopefully, we made former Titans proud and Nashville proud." 

(on if he remembers past Titans games against the Ravens) "I don't, I'm not going to lie, but I saw some clips that they played during the game." 

(on the potential of returning to Miami to play in the Super Bowl) "That's obviously the goal, but as you go throughout the week, you're not thinking past. I don't at least. Some guys might be able to do that, but I just focus on what's in front of me. Like I said, doing everything I can to come away with a win. And no matter who we play, it's a good football team, and it's going to be on the road again. It's going to be a tall challenge for us, but I like our team, and I like our chances." 

(on if he will watch the playoff game tomorrow) "Yes, I probably won't watch every second of it. I'll go through my postgame routine tomorrow and do the things I do to put this game to bed, take care of my body and start taking care of the next one. [I'll] definitely try and catch some of the game and see who we'll be playing." 

(on how important it is to have WR Kalif Raymond back from injury) "It's huge. He's a guy that's come up big for us a few times this year. He's a guy we believe in, have a lot of trust in, I have a lot of trust in. He works his tail off every day in practice. He's a quality guy and a guy you love having on your team. To see him make a big play in a playoff game is huge. He ran a great route. Obviously, he's extremely fast, and he made a heck of a catch." 

(on if he could describe RB Derrick Henry in one word) "Special. I'm going to elaborate on my one-word answer. I think he's special because he has the size. That is extremely rare in a running back, and then he also has the speed to go with it. He has the size to run those physical 2- and 3-yard runs in the middle where there's no hole. And then he has his speed where he takes it to the next level. He can take it 60 or 70 yards, and for that reason, he's special." 

(on if he talked to QB Lamar Jackson after the game) "Briefly, yes. Lamar [Jackson] is a guy I respect. I remember watching him in college at Louisville. He's a special player. He's fast. He's elusive. He can fling it. [This was the] first time I got to see him in person, so he's a special player. He's going to be fun to watch, and I wish him the best." 

DT Jurrell Casey

(on the win) "It was definitely a great win. To come in here and play against a dominant offense and a dominant team like that and come out with a victory is definitely great."

(on containing the Ravens' offense) "The biggest thing was to keep him [Lamar Jackson] from running sideline to sideline. Don't let him get going downhill. When we let one of those plays happen, you saw what he could do. The whole gameplan was to get him going sideline to sideline as much as we could. We knew if we could make him throw the ball, we would win the game."

(on winning the turnover battle) "That's everything. We forced them into turnovers. That came with stopping the run and making him [Lamar Jackson] throw the ball. Our DBs did a great job of getting tips on the overthrows."

(on his sack and forced fumble) "It was beautiful. They made a check on the front line. I kind of knew it was a pass coming. I had been beating these guys all day. They tried to bring the running back and chip me, and it actually helped me out. When he chipped me, it bounced me into the inside gap and the tackle had overset. Next thing I know, I was on top of the quarterback. Coach [Mike Vrabel] said, 'We need a turnover,' to make sure we kept the lead, and I was able to execute."

DL Jeffery Simmons

(on the win) "It is big. It is hard winning on the road, and it's in the playoffs, which is much harder than winning in the regular season. The best teams are in the playoffs. This was a great team we played. Our defensive mindset was to come in, stop the run, stop Lamar Jackson. Overall, as a team, we played great. There are a couple things we have to fix, but it really was a great win."

(on containing the Ravens' offense) "We just had to be disciplined – not even just playing zone teams or read-option teams. In every game, we need to be disciplined. This game, everybody played disciplined and stayed on their keys."

(on starting the game strong) "It was big. Coach [Mike] Vrabel told us, 'They have outscored their opponents in the first quarter.' That was our thing, that we had to win the first quarter. We did a great job of that."

(on being plus-3 in the takeaway category) "That's another thing Coach [Mike] Vrabel talked about. It's playoff football. We have to be able to run the ball and stop the run. The team with the less turnovers will win the game."

(on their pregame routine of running to the midfield logo) "We meet in the middle of the field. We don't change, no matter if we're home or away. When we go out, we lock the gate no matter where we're at and treat it like we're at home. We have another to go. We're not done, yet."

OLB Kamalei Correa

(on the win) "I give all the glory to God. We're here for a reason. This team believes that. We go out each day in practice and then take that all to the game. We bust our ass week in and week out. For me, I'm not surprised that we're here. We have a bunch of guys that have grit. We're grinders. We're blue collar. We're underdogs, and we like it that way. It's better that way because you get to shock the world."

(on the defensive performance) "I give everyone on this defense credit. The main objective for this game was to do your job. Don't do anything extraordinary. Keep it simple. It was all 11 out there doing our job, stopping them on fourth down, and really playing our asses off."

(on the good defensive start to the game) "It was huge, because it was a road game. The environment is already against us, so the main objective was to come out and start fast. Hold them and don't let them get explosive plays. That's what we did. We came out and we weren't getting crazy. We just did our jobs. The coaches came up with a great gameplan for us. We trusted in it, and we're here now with a win."

(on his sack) "I give all the credit to DaQuan Jones. I actually ran a game with him. He freed me up well, holding that guard up for me so I could wrap around. I give all the credit to DaQuan. He sacrificed his body, and the glory came to me. Without him doing that, I wouldn't have gotten the sack."

T Taylor Lewan

(on the camaraderie of the team) "The camaraderie on this team is closer than I had in college. I remember being in college, and people telling me, 'Hey, when you get to the NFL, guys have lives and they're not going to be that close.' But this is the closest team I've ever been a part of. When the outside world doesn't have any confidence in you, the only people you can rely on are the people you work with every single day. You can't ever fault us because we care."

(on controlling the line of scrimmage) "They have a great defense. We played the No. 1 defense last week and the No. 2 defense this week. I don't know who we're playing next week, but this is cool. We just have to keep it going, because this is sick."

CB Logan Ryan

(on the play of the defense) "Shout out to [defensive coordinator] Dean Pees. He's the best defensive coordinator in football. He's one of my favorite coaches I've ever had, and I've been coached by some good coaches. To go into New England and not allow a touchdown and to come into tonight's game and only allow one, it's been impressive. We're a bunch of guys that are not picked to win and probably won't be picked to win next week either. To come in as underdogs and not fear the group you're facing, we had to play a fundamentally sound game and assignment football... Obviously, knowing about the option, Lamar Jackson and stuff. Guys showed up. Adoree' Jackon had four PBU's. 'KB' [Kevin Byard] recorded his sixth interception or maybe seventh. Kenny [Vaccaro] played out of his mind. I'm happy for the group. We're playing at a high level."

(on whether the team plays up to its underdog role) "I just think you have to go out and play like you. We believe we can win. I don't think it's arrogance. I just think its preparation. You have to go out and believe in yourself, or else you'll go out and get blown out like the Ravens blew out everybody this season. We believed we could win from the first snap. We got a turnover early and we never looked back."

(on the playoff run) "I love the beauty of it. Last week, we played New England with a pro-style offense and Tom Brady. We had to get him off the spot and make it harder on him and not let him get set up. This week, we played Lamar Jackson and the leading rush offense. It was a completely different defense we used. That's two completely different defenses in back-to-back weeks. Next week, we'll have to play [Patrick] Mahomes or DeShaun Watson, who both have big arms and can run. They're both completely different than the quarterbacks we've seen the last two weeks. It's the beauty of trying to get a championship. You have to be versatile and have a lot of depth. A lot of players made plays tonight. It takes everybody, plus a creative coordinator like Dean [Pees], so I think we're rolling."

(on whether this run feels similar to either of his Patriots' Super Bowl teams) "This feels like a special team. I said that during the season when they tried to split us in the locker room. I said then we weren't going to split, and we didn't. It takes a special group to win a championship. Just because you have a special group doesn't mean you'll win a championship, but it's needed. This is a special group of guys that work hard and care about each other. We've been happy for each other's success. To be 2-4 and have a quarterback change but end up here, says you have a bunch of guys that are team-first guys."

S Kenny Vaccaro 

(on slowing down QB Lamar Jackson) "He's a dynamic player. We play as a team. We play together. He might juke one guy, but then there's the next guy and the next guy. It's not going to be just one guy doing it. Our plan was to string him out to the sideline and not let him get downhill where he's spinning and going for 60-plus. He's a dynamic player, and those players are hard to stop." 

(on the turnovers) "Yeah. I got me one. It felt good. I actually saw the same play earlier in the game, and I said, 'I'm going to pick it off next time he does it.' I have a lot of trust in our secondary. 'KB' [Kevin Byard] is a ballhawk. Logan [Ryan] is a ballhawk. I try to get some picks when I can. I smack people, but it's what we have to do. It's a team game." 

(on the win) "It's huge. The Ravens were 14-2. We weren't supposed to be here. Nobody had us to win it. That's why it's huge." 

(on starting the season 2-4 and going to the AFC Championship) "It represents this team. It's exactly who we are. We were 2-4, and everybody said we're done. Now we're in the AFC Championship." 

(on the possibility of turning the interception into a pick-six) "Yeah. I got too thirsty, and I don't know what happened. I was slipping and sliding." 

S Kevin Byard 

(on how big the win was) "It's on to the AFC Championship game. We'll see who we got tomorrow, and we're going to start preparing for those guys the same way we did this team." 

(on QB Lamar Jackson) "We understood he was the No. 1 key to this game. He was the heartbeat. He makes everything run. He's an elite athlete. We understood that, but I think we did a great job coming in and playing with poise. He did run a few times. We made him run lateral. Of course, he got a couple good runs because that's the type of player he his. But, to get two or three interceptions, force him to fumble, stop them on fourth down … those were crucial. I'm really proud of our defense playing with a lot of poise today. We did a great job understanding the situations and understanding what they like to do in certain situations. When he did try to run the ball, we stoned-walled him. We talked about the run game edge wall swarm, and we did a great job of that today." 

(on starting the season 2-4) "It's amazing, just the resolve of our team. I talked about it earlier in the year. There was no panic in our guys. We just kept fighting. We just kept improving, and now we're here … two games away from the Super Bowl. We've got to finish. I'll watch the game tomorrow and see who we've got, and we'll prepare for those guys just like we did the Ravens."  

TE Jonnu Smith 

(on his touchdown catch) "I just went up and made a play and just tried to establish possession all the way throughout the play. Once I saw I got that left cheek down, I saw them put it up." 

(on trying the same play later in the game) "I'm a little frustrated and upset on that one. I get my opportunities, and I'll learn from my mistakes ... how to adjust to the ball. I give all the credit to the defender. I could have made that play too, but we got the win, and that's all that matters." 

(on replacing TE Delanie Walker) "Delanie's been like a big brother. He's been a big brother to this entire room. Being able to come under a guy like that and learn so much from him and just steal some things from his's been a blessing to me. My goal has always been to outperform. If I'm not in it to be the best, why do it? That's just my mindset."

WR Kalif Raymond 

(on the win) "It's amazing to be out there with those guys. We had to run and claw and scratch to get to this point, and we're just going to keep pushing. I'm excited." 

(on his touchdown catch) "Those guys gave Ryan [Tannehill] so much time back there, and he threw a beautiful ball as he always does. It was just taking a shot down field. We wanted to make an explosive play in the game, and we made it." 

(on going into the AFC Championship game) "We'll just keep pushing and running like we are and build momentum through the week. And, hopefully, we'll get the win." 

(on making the touchdown catch and then going out and playing special teams) "Whatever they ask me to do. I just want to be here and help this team win. It could be running down on kickoffs, gunner, punts, whatever they ask me to do. I want to be sure that I can do it." 

WR Corey Davis 

(on getting the win on his birthday) "It's huge. AlI I wanted for my birthday was the 'W'." 

(on the touchdown pass by RB Derrick Henry) "He threw a good ball. He's a jack of all trades. He threw a good ball, and I went up and got it. We practiced that play every week. He jumps up and hits me with the ball, and it's up to me. I knew where I was on the field, and I knew it was going to be kind of tight. So, I tried to keep my feet in bounds the best I could." 

(on getting turnovers) "It's huge. We try to play complementary football. When they get a turnover for us, we've got to make it happen and try to put some points up on the board. And that's what we did. The defense did a phenomenal job of holding that offense. [The Ravens] are a great offense. We're real happy with the win." 

(on being 2-4 at the start of the season and now going into the AFC Championship) "That's the type of players we have in this room. They're resilient players. I'm proud of each and every one of these boys." 

(on Derrick Henry going 180 yards in three straight games) "It's crazy. It's a credit to him. He's out there running with a purpose. I'm happy to have that guy on our team. He's a great dude, a great leader, and a phenomenal running back."

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