Transcripts: Ravens Training Camp: Report Day

RB Justin Forsett

On his role under new offensive coordinator Marc Trestman and if he's prepared to carry the ball more:"As far as me personally, some more route running [could be in store]. This last time off that we had, getting together with [a] quarterback, I was out in California training, so I spent some time out there just sharpening up my route skills. And if my number is called, I'll be ready for it."

On working out with Raiders QB Derek Carr:"We knew some of the same people. When I'm out there, I go to church with a lot of those guys, with the Raiders, so [I have] some relationships with them, and they invited me out. And [we] had some good time, good reps."

On the team's expectations for the 2015 season:"I think that – like I said – the sky is the limit for us. We know we have the pieces, now we just got to put in the work and go out there and do our job."

On his mindset entering training camp this year compared to last season:"Not much [has changed]. [I'm] still hungry, still ready to go out and fight. Nothing is given to me. So I just got to go out there and prove to this organization that they made the right decision in keeping me, and I'm ready to work."

On what he expects from himself after last season's accomplishments:"Man, I want to be better. I want to be able to exceed all those things that I had last year. I want to be able to get to that championship, and that's the main goal."

On where he trained during the offseason:"I train, I go back every offseason and work out at my school, at Cal." (Reporter:"Is [Seahawks RB] Marshawn [Lynch] there a lot?") "No. Marshawn's training is a little bit different than most NFL players, but he trains back at his high school. But I definitely spent a lot of time with him."

On his emphasis and what he was trying to improve upon during offseason workouts:"Bigger, stronger, faster. That was the goal. I wanted to go in, be stronger, be faster, be quicker [and] just take my game to the next level."

On if he's at the same weight as last season:"Yes, right around the same weight."

On his offseason training focus knowing he is more established after last season:"Not really. Like I said, I've seen a lot of things happen in this league, a lot of crazy things. I'm going on my eighth year, and my mindset is I don't ever want to be comfortable. And I think as soon as you get comfortable, that's when bad things happen, and I want to make sure that I'm focused and my mindset is that I got to go out there and continue to show that I deserve to be here."

On the level of excitement entering training camp and the season approaching:"Yes, it's real now, and I get to put the pads on, get to go out and be with my teammates and lay that foundation down for a great year, hopefully."

On his impressions of WR Breshad Perriman and the advice he has given the rookie:"He is a humble guy, quiet guy – seems very coachable. And shoot, the speed is as advertised. You can see it when he steps on the field right away, and I'm excited to have him on this offense."

On if he could beat Perriman in a race:"In a race?" (Reporter:"Do you think he's the fastest guy on the team?") "I don't want to put anybody in a bad spot, but he would probably be one of the top guys, if not the top."

On what the next level looks like for him after his breakout year:"Just being smarter, and for the scheming stuff, I've been doing this zone-blocking scheme for about six years now. I just want to make sure I'm making the right cuts and that I'm not missing anything on the field. On the run scheme, I look back at film, and there are some things I could have done better last year, and I want to improve upon that."

On having a "feel" for the zone-blocking system and why certain running backs have success in the system:"Yes, you definitely have to have a lot of patience and feel for it. [You] definitely can't rush it. It's not something you can just go out there and just try to run full speed. It's about patience, it's about being able to set up blocks for your offensive linemen and work with the scheme."

On a "normal" beginning to camp and entering the season without negative national headlines:"It's nice. There are no distractions. [We] want to go out here and keep it that way and focus on football."

On what he has seen from G Marshal Yanda and how good the lineman is:"He's special, man. He's a special player; he's a leader, a hard-working guy. He just goes about his business the way a pro is supposed to, and [I'm] fortunate enough to run behind him. I've played behind a guy named Walter Jones, and [Jones'] work ethic was very similar to [Yanda]."

On RB Javorius "Buck" Allen's comfort in the zone blocking scheme and his ability to step up and play:"Yes, [you could notice it] definitely, right off the bat. You see that – even for a young guy – he has that patience. His running style kind of reminds me of Arian Foster, and with his stride length and being able to set up his cuts, so I'm excited to see what he can do."



WR Breshad Perriman

On what progress he has made since the draft: "I think I made a tremendous amount of progress. I think I'm getting well-adjusted to the playbook and just the overall speed of the game. I think technique-wise, me coming in and out of my brakes has been improving as well."

On whether he is feeling more comfortable after getting to know some teammates:"Yes, I feel like I am opening up a little bit, but that's just my personality to kind of sit back and lay low and watch how things go."

On how wide receivers coach Bobby Engram has helped him improve his stance and get off the ball:"Coach [Bobby Engram] has really showed me a lot of things, especially with the press release. In college, you really didn't see a lot of [press release], and I feel like since I got here, that's basically all you're going to get is straight press release. And he helped me a lot, tremendously, with my stance – made me get more of a balanced stance – and I'm more powerful coming out of it. So, he has been teaching me a lot of great things."

On practicing with the veterans on a regular basis and holding his own: "I feel pretty confident. I'm a little nervous at the same time, but [I] can't really think about it. [I] just [need to] go out there and work on my craft and play my game and try to help the team any way I can."

On whether anything has surprised him so far after entering the NFL: "I feel like, for the most part, the speed of the game really surprised me. I didn't think it was going to be that fast. And the way how everyone gets to the ball very fast and they always strip for the ball, that's something that was new to me as well. So, [there were] a couple of things that surprised me."

On whether his speed has translated the way he expected it to:"Yes, I feel like it's coming along great. As far as me playing fast, I feel like some plays when I get tired, I need to continue and know to push myself a little more or continue to play at that high speed."

On whether he thinks he's the fastest player on the team: "I don't know. I think [there are] a lot of fast guys here. I feel like it would be a good race."

On whom he would like to race: "I don't know. [There are] a lot to choose. I know a lot of the DBs [are fast] as well. We have some fast DBs."

On how his cardio training went in the offseason: "I feel like I did good. That was a main point of my training for the most part. I feel like I know when I get tired, my mind starts wondering and things [don't] really go downhill, but I feel like I'm not as consistent. So, that's something that I have been preparing myself for, and I feel like I'll do just fine with it."

On whether the coaches have talked to players about firework precaution following accidents around the league: "Honestly, I haven't heard [anything] about it yet. For the most part, I don't know too much about the whole situation, but [I am] just trying to keep myself safe and just try to stay out of harm's way."

On whether he thought lining up in the stance was important before entering the NFL: "No, I actually didn't. I feel like my dad usually always harped on it though, so I knew it was somewhat important. But now that I go back and I look at my college film and see that stance, it was pretty bad. (laughter) I guess I didn't think it was that important until now."

On how much correcting his stance will help him: "I feel like it will help me a lot. Just a lot of things … I feel like the stance starts it all – the way you come off the ball – so I feel like it'll play a vital part of the season."

On whether he will continue to receive questions about dropped passes: "No, I feel like the questions will stop sooner or later. I feel like, for now, they are going to come, and I'm completely fine with that. That's something I've been working on as well, and I really don't see it as a problem. They'll stop sooner or later, but for now I know they're going to come."

On how he feels about being compared to WR Torrey Smith: "It's actually a great honor. Torrey Smith is a heck of a receiver. He did a lot of great things for this team, and I'm just looking forward to coming in and [playing] his role."

On the role he is trying to capture during training camp: "For the most part, I'm just really trying to help the team any way I can, no matter what the role is – no matter how big, how small. [I] just really want to help the team."

On how going against CB Jimmy Smith and CB/RS Lardarius Webb has helped him transition into the NFL: "It helped me a lot. Those two are two of the best DBs in the whole league, so I feel like going against them [is beneficial]. They're tremendously smart, and they know a lot. They've been here for a good little bit of time, so I feel like it's really just making me better."

On how he plans to make his routes sharper: "I feel like just dropping my weight for the most part. Some people say I'm a bigger receiver, and it's kind of harder for us, but I really don't use that as an excuse for myself. So, I've been trying to drop my weight more, so I can come in and out of my routes and brakes faster."

On how much he weighed after being drafted and today: "Today, probably around 216, 217." (Reporter: "And before?") "Before, I was probably 214, somewhere around there."

OLB Terrell Suggs

On how he would council younger players on handling the heat during training camp:"You've just got to hydrate; you've just got to do a good job taking care of your body. More water and electrolytes, less Gatorade. That should help you. But, we like the heat. It's not that bad if you're taking care of yourself."

On if he made conditioning gains since minicamp:"Definitely. The last time I was here, [we] didn't have much time to answer that question, but today I've got time. You all can kind of shoot from the hip. But yes, I totally feel a lot different from the last time I was up here; I can be totally honest with you. I feel great, and we're ready to get out here and work at camp."

On how many pounds he has lost:"We've shed some. We've shed some. A lot, but I'm not quite at the weight [I want]. But we're at good fighting weight; we're good at fighting weight. And that's what we're here for, camp, and we'll use this time to shed some more. It's going to be hot out here, so we're going to be looking forward to it."

On the team's stability and if he's happy with the lack of distractions entering camp compared to last year:"Yes, we're happy with it, because last year it was kind of, it was very uncomfortable. A lot of us [haven't] been in that type of situation like that before, but it's good to come into camp with no major negative storyline concerning us. So, like I said, we're just ready to get after it. We're ready to capitalize on things we did great last year and definitively get rid of some of the things we didn't do so [well]."

On what the team's expectations are this season: "We all kind of know the expectations. We know what we did do great last year – like I just said – and we know where we finished at, and we fell short, and we don't want to fall short anymore. We want to definitely … You want to keep progressing. You want to keep getting better, and it all starts with today and going out there tomorrow."

On if he thinks the Ravens have a team to make a deep playoff run: "We're going to see. We're definitely going to see."

On QB Tom Brady's four-game suspension: "You know what? All I can say is it's fortunate that's not a Baltimore Raven problem, and we're going to let them handle it and answer their questions. We really only focus on Baltimore Raven football and Ravens Nation. So, I don't really care too much about that."

On whether there is an expectation every season that the Ravens are going to be a good team: "Our Raven decal, our Raven emblem, it means a lot to us on this team. It's definitely something you have to earn, so definitely, the expectation is high. We definitely [are] expecting good things, and – like I said – we're expecting to do better than we did last year."

On whether he aced the conditioning test: "I'm not going to tell you that, because I don't want them to make it harder." *(laughter) (Reporter: "Did you pass?") *"I passed convincingly, yes. Yes, I did. I passed the conditioning test."

On his attitude going into this year's training camp: "Enjoy it. Just enjoy it – just enjoy playing football. That's pretty much my mindset coming into camp – enjoy going out there and playing football every day and have fun with it."

On whether his final few playing years will have an effect on his legacy: "It depends on what we do with them, so we'll see."

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