Transcripts: Ravens Wednesday Transcripts


Head Coach John Harbaugh

Opening statement:"Good to see everybody – appreciate you being here. Getting ready for practice, going through walk-throughs right now, as a matter of fact, and we're excited. So, what do you have?"

Are you anticipating QB Joe Flacco practicing today? (Shawn Stepner) "Yes."(Reporter: "How much will it be?") "We'll see. He's going to go through it, and we're just going to take it as we go. I don't anticipate it being a full participation – a whole practice – but ramped up from last week."

How key is dominating the time of possession going to be this week going against the Chiefs?_ (Todd Karpovich)_"Yes, it'd be very helpful if we could do that, obviously. They can score in a variety of ways very quickly, so time of possession would be very helpful for us."

What do you like about the offense? What impresses you the most? (Mike Preston) "I like a lot of things about it. Offensively, we're doing a lot of good things. We're running the ball. I think we made some third-down conversions; we're really doing well with that. We're starting to get back on track in the red zone a little bit – that's helped us quite a bit. We're actually more efficient on our first and second downs than we've been in a long time. So, all those things are good. I'd like to see us protect the football a little bit better than we have in the last few weeks. That'll be really critical in this game, the turnovers, both ways. Those are some things to work on, too."

A lot of people study Andy Reid's offenses. What is it about his offenses that other people are looking for?_ (Kirk McEwen) _"We're just kind of studying this offense right now. I really haven't taken stock of the Andy Reid offenses over the years, other than I've seen a lot of them. I stood on the sidelines through a lot of them. I think he's always trying to find ways to create big plays. That's probably the biggest thing Andy has always been about: opening guys up any way he could to create just really big hitters. That's something they still continue to do. They have a lot of fast players. He's always on the forefront of schemes. Those are the things that you contend with with Andy."

Your guys on defense have been very good at limiting big plays this season. To what do you attribute that to?_ (Ryan Mink)_ "Just disciplined play. We cover pretty well, and we've been in the right spots. We haven't blown too many coverages; we haven't messed up too many gap controls. We also play very hard – we run to the ball. But those are things we have to continue to do. All those things will be a challenge this week against the Chiefs with their offense."

How do you emphasize or practice ball security with QB Lamar Jackson _(Bo Smolka) _"We have all the ball-handling drills with all of the exchanges – that's part of it. Then the other part of it are just the fundamentals that he works at with [quarterbacks] coach [James] Urban all the time – how to protect the ball in the pocket, how to protect the ball when you're running or scrambling, how to protect the ball when you're throwing the ball. Those are fundamental drills you work at every day in practice and emphasize all the time. You just continue to do that, probably at an even more heightened level."

How do you juggle the risk and reward of QB Lamar Jackson and his legs? His scrambling ability is a huge weapon, but it also subjects him to risks. (Mike Jones) "The question was, 'How do you juggle it?' I guess you just juggle it. You balance it. We're trying to win games and make plays and be good for the long haul. You never want any player to get hurt, but it does happen. I think [with] your quarterback, that's something that you have to keep in mind. We're working towards that for sure."

Do you tell him anything to emphasize certain points?_ (Mike Jones)"We do. We have different things that James works at with him, in terms of what situations. There's a whole list of coaching points, in terms of situations, [like] up-and-out of the pocket, up-and-out of bounds, when to slide, how to slide, when to go forward and try to get a first down and get down. Those kinds of things are things that James uses in his coaching progressions." _(Reporter: "At the same time, it's instinct and you don't want to take that away from him, I imagine.")"Absolutely – that's what you never want to do. You never want to tell … These guys are just tremendously talented, gifted guys. To get to this level and to play at this level is such an accomplishment. They're just great, great athletes. It's kind of like the tight end last week. I probably would've preferred Mark [Andrews] to lower his shoulder and get the first down there, and I told him that in that situation. Yet, you never want to say, 'Never jump over a guy,' because that has led to some big plays, too, and you don't want to stifle their creativity either. But the fundamentally-sound way is always the way that we're striving for."

When you look at Kansas City's offense, do you almost have to treat TE Travis Kelce as a No. 1 wide receiver? Is he a rare tight end that you have to defend that way?_ (Childs Walker)_ "I would agree with that. Yes, absolutely. He's a must-stop guy. No question about it, you have to look at him as a top receiver."

Do you expect G/T James Hurst to progress a little bit? Whenever he is able to play, how does T Orlando Brown Jr.'s performance affect what to do? (Aaron Kasinitz) "We'll figure all that out, in terms of who's on the field where. It has to do with a lot more factors that just that. You have all the different things that go on with O-linemen. There are always different degrees of health and stuff. But with James, we expect him to practice to a much bigger degree today. I'm looking forward to seeing how much he can do, and as the week progresses, am kind of hopeful that this is the week for him. We'll see how that goes."

QB Lamar Jackson cleared concussion protocol after the game. I know sometimes they still monitor that. Is everything OK for him this week as well? (Jamison Hensley) "Everything is fine. As far as I know, there's been no discussion about that. So, no limiting factor right now."

RB Gus Edwards

On how much the running back group has come together the past couple weeks: "I think we're doing a good job at that. Guys are rooting each other on, we're working hard, trying to compete. I think we're doing a good job at just getting along and also helping each other get better."

On if individually, guys have a chip on their shoulders: "I don't know. But I feel like the competition in our running back room is really good right now. Guys are working hard, and we're also bringing each other along."

On ball security being a top priority: "It's the first thing we talk about in meetings: protecting the ball. The ball is the most important thing out there. You have to keep it, and we have to do a better job at doing that."

On if he imagined being a starter this season after joining the team as practice squad member: "No, but at the same time, I was always preparing for it – just preparing for the opportunity to present itself."

On how important controlling the time of possession will be this weekend: "Big. I think that's a part of our gameplan. We have to run the ball and keep the ball as long as we can."

On how he has adjusted to the physicality of the NFL: "I feel like that's what I have to bring to the game. I feel like that's something I always have done. So, it's not really about adjusting, it's just about keep getting better at it."

On how he feels physically: "I feel good, I feel good. I'm going to keep on working on my ankle, and I'm going to be good."

On if there's an emphasis to finish in the red zone:"Yes, I feel like we want to finish up with six points. We're definitely going to get better at that. That's something we have to improve on." 

QB Lamar Jackson

On if he has ever played in frigid cold weather where it would be hard to grip the ball:"No, I didn't. Every game that I've played in … It's been cold, but not as cold as it is in Baltimore right now. I can imagine how Kansas City is going to be, so I have to get prepared." (Reporter: "Does that concern you at all?")"No, you have to play. Once the ball is kicked off, we're out there on the field, and you get warm. We're good."

On if he has ever worn gloves while playing:"I wore my left-hand glove in college and high school, that's about it."

On if he's more comfortable hearing the calls in his helmet and how much of a challenge will the noise be at Kansas City:"I just feel like eye-line [will be important]. Those guys might have to read my lips sometimes. I heard Kansas City will be very loud. I'm going to have to do my job, probably try to speak up as much as I could to those guys. [It'll be a] team effort in the huddle."

On if feels he's helping the defense while controlling the offensive time of possession:"Yes, we're trying to let our defense catch their breath and try to go back out there when it's their time to perform and do great at it."

On if time of possession could be a weapon against Kansas City: "That's not my job to think about that. I'm trying to score points on offense. So, whatever it takes, we're going to try to help them out – keep the clock running, keep the ball in our possession."

On what he thinks about QB Patrick Mahomes:"He's a great quarterback. I was at a Steve Clarkson [quarterback] camp with him. I've seen him throw. He's a great quarterback." (Reporter: "What was going through your mind when you watched him?") "He's awesome. He's awesome. How is he a backup?"

On if there's more pressure to end drives with touchdowns rather than field goals when going against the Chiefs: "No, I wouldn't say it's 'pressure' – that's just our job. I would say me … Not even my teammates – they've been doing a great job out there. I just feel like we need to get the ball in the end zone, get the ball to the receivers as much as we can and just finish the runs and stuff like that, and we have."

On adjusting to the speed of opposing defenses and how he chooses when to be aggressive versus protecting himself: "I don't know. I just play ball. I don't think about all that when I'm out there. It's just moving the ball, get positive possessions, don't get negative plays and stuff like that. I just want to move the ball downfield, hopefully get in the red zone and score points."

On the key techniques needed to keep the ball off the ground: "Hold on to it. (laughter) Hold on to the ball tight. I let the ball … The ball hit my thigh [last game] – I fumbled. One, I'm trying to keep the ball in my hands, break out the pocket – no fumble. We can't have those. We just can't be risking that down the field. That's a great team we're about to play, and we're just going to try to do a good job and keep the ball in our hands."

On if the negative plays eat at him during the week: "No, I just remember the bad plays that I do. Sometimes, I don't even remember the great things that happen. I just always focus on the bad things, because I want to make it great. Not even like … I don't think about it like, 'Man, I messed up. Keep it pounding.' I think about it, I'll forget about it, but at the same time, it's always in my mind."

On who will earn his Heisman Trophy vote: "I'm keeping mine secret! Don't even finish the question. I'm keeping mine a secret – don't even finish it. Good luck to all those guys, though. Good luck!" (laughter)

On the benefits of having a connection with the tight ends on the team:"Those guys do a great job. They're athletes as well. They're not just blocking tight ends. They can get out in space, catch the ball, make defenders miss, break tackles. They can put points up on the board. Those guys are great aspects to have on the field."

On why he appreciates quarterbacks like Randall Cunningham and Doug Williams: "A lot of people look at those guys and are like, 'They're dual threats.' They can pass the ball, run the ball. It's hard to defend those guys. So, it gives us a great ability coming into the league. Coaches are looking at us like, 'Man, we need those guys on our team.' So yes, I feel like they paved the way."

On if he talks with QB Robert Griffin III about their similar athleticism: "No. We just focus on the film room and who our next opponent is. We don't think about what we can do on the field. We probably joke about it, but we're not going to focus on that. No." (Reporter: "Does he give you tips at all on ways to attack and use your athleticism?")"No."

On if he feels more confident to make suggestions to coaches as to what plays he does and doesn't like:"Yes. Coach asks me questions – [offensive coordinator Marty] Mornhinweg asks me questions. He'll ask me questions and stuff like that. I'll let him know what I like or what I don't like."

On what he likes about offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg:"Oh, he's a character, man. He's funny. Marty is funny! Marty is a great coach. Man, he's funny."

CB Jimmy Smith

On if the Ravens' defense will treat Chiefs TE Travis Kelce as a wide receiver:"It's interesting. I didn't think about that. I don't know, maybe our coaches might think of something like that. That would be something for them to look at." (laughter)

On getting the game ball after the win over Atlanta in Week 13:"That was my first game ball, so it was great. Like I told you a minute ago, to go against Julio [Jones] one-on-one was fun, but that game ball really goes to everybody on the defense. There's no way we're shutting that team down just me by myself, obviously. It's a collection of Marlon [Humphrey], the safeties, Tavon [Young] and Brandon [Carr]. Our D-line was getting after Matt Ryan, so that game ball goes to the defense." (Reporter: "Where do you put it in your house?") "Oh, it's going right next to my Super Bowl ball and the one ball I got when I beat Megatron – that ball, too." (laughter)

On how much confidence last week's performance gives the team heading into the matchup with the Chiefs:"Last week was last week. Matt Ryan is a great quarterback, MVP. This guy [Patrick Mahomes] is a little bit different, a lot different. Gunslinger, he's very confident, throws the ball anywhere, has a very strong arm. So [they are] two different teams, two different quarterbacks. Obviously, their weapons are different. Even though Atlanta has tremendous weapons, Kansas City has different weapons, and they utilize them differently."

On if the players get excited about the league's top defense going against the league's top offense:"No, no. Not at this point. This is the second time we've had someone … When we played New Orleans, it was the same type of thing, and we kick ourselves in the butt about that game still. But no, I think [we're] just going for it. It's December; it's playoffs. When you go against a team like this, it's a real test to see if you can beat them in the playoffs. They're looking like they're a team that's going to go, so it's going to be that type of challenge."

On if there is a fun anticipation in facing Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes:"It's kind of out the window. Every game is fun to play when you're winning, but we're just looking at him like a young Brett Favre – a little bit more athletic. He can really sling the ball."

On if he likes running zero blitzes: "Yes, it's one-on-ones all day. That's what we do."

On the mindset of the secondary with Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes' success outside the pocket: "Luckily, here we faced a guy, 'Big Ben' [Ben Roethlisberger], that's probably the king of extending plays, so we have a lot of practice in playing that second play. And, Antonio Brown is one of the best at jumping out of his route immediately, so they have guys like that. And obviously, Patrick Mahomes can do all the things that 'Big Ben' does when he extends plays, so we're very aware of what they're capable of doing like that."

On the biggest factor in the three-game win streak:"I think it's just taking it one week at a time. Obviously, our backs were against the wall, and I think that has kind of made us a little bit sharper. In every game, it could be a tossup, or it could put us out of the playoff race, necessarily. So, I think going forward, [we need to] just stay focused on what we have to do each week and take one game at a time."

T Ronnie Stanley

On how enjoyable it is for an offensive lineman to have a run-heavy offense:"It's great to get out there and really show our physicality. For an offensive lineman, running the ball is huge."

On how tough it has been to fight through injuries this season and the importance of fighting through them to stay on the field:"It's been very tough fighting through injuries, but that's part of the game. That's something I grew up knowing and have learned over time. It's very important for me to be out there if I can, for my teammates and all the older guys, like 'Sizz' [Terrell Suggs] and Marshal Yanda. You never know how long how many of these guys have left to play."

On what went through his mind when he was holding his leg during the last game:"In that moment, you're just feeling the pain and are frustrated in that moment, because all you want to do is go out there and help your team win. It just can be frustrating at those times." 

On what it would mean to have G/T James Hurst back in the lineup:"Oh that would be great to get James back and healthy. That's the most important thing for him – we want him back healthy."

On utilizing the run game more: "It's been great. When you see the surge it gives our offense, it gives us a whole other dynamic and something for the defense to really worry about."

On where he has seen QB Lamar Jackson improve:"He' improved tremendously over the past three weeks. It's been little by little every week, and that's all we can ask for. It's just constant progression and just keep taking steps forward and not backward. He's been a great leader. We have a lot of plays in our playbook, and that has been a challenge at first, but he's been doing a great job of learning that and communicating more clearly."

On how T Orlando Brown Jr. is progressing: "I think Orlando is doing great. He had to come in the middle of the season, and those aren't the best conditions. But he's come in and done a good job." (Reporter: "Does he ask you a lot of questions?")"Yes, Orlando will talk to me a good amount."

On the biggest thing QB Lamar Jackson has given the offense the last three weeks: "I think he's just given us a firm leadership, a firm, core person that can deliver the plays and execute them. That's someone that you need that's going to be there every day, and you know you're going to get the same thing out of that person. He's done a good job of giving that."

S Eric Weddle

On his impressions of the Chiefs' offense:"They're good. They're good, efficient – lot of explosive plays pop out. [They have a] great quarterback, great philosophy. Obviously, the wideouts … [Travis] Kelce, I've been going against him a long time. So, it's going to be a great one. They're good. We're good, and we're excited to go out there on the field."

On what last week's performance does for the defense's confidence heading into this week:"It could have been against any team last week and the last three weeks. We're just trying to play great on defense and help our team win, and I think we've been gradually getting better over that three-game losing streak. Some areas that we weren't playing well at, we fixed those areas, and we're a confident group. We feel like we can match up with anyone. I said that after the game, and I believe that. I think our scheme and players we have, that we should be able to go out and play great defense. Obviously, this offense is the best in the league, so it's going to be a challenge for us, but we're up for it and excited to go out there into a great atmosphere, playoff-style game. A lot is riding on this game. They can't afford a loss. Obviously, we can't, so it's going to be a fun battle for us."

On how much the offense's high time of possession helps the defense: "Yes, I've said that after every game the last three weeks. If anyone doesn't think that, then they don't really know football. When you're on the field for 20 percent less than what you normally have been, you're obviously going to play better defense and play better as a team. So, the way we've been playing – run the ball, controlling the clock – we have to cut down on putting the ball on the ground and the turnovers, but aside from that, [if you] play great defense, control the clock, play great on special teams, you have a great shot at winning. So, that's been known here over the years of the way the Ravens play, and we're going to try to continue that. And especially against a great offense, if you hold on to the ball, they have less opportunities, and that's always great for defense."

On his impressions of Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes:"He's talented, man. He's wise beyond his years, the way he controls the line of scrimmage, the way he checks, the audibles, snap count, the way he moves the safeties with his looks and his dropbacks. [I'm] obviously impressed with what I've seen, and it's exciting for me to go out there and try to make him mess up with what I can do and maybe force him into some throws he wouldn't want to do. It's going to take a complete team effort, obviously, to slow this team down. But, that's why it's a team game. It's not just on the defense. It's all three phases, and we can't wait to get out there."

On if the team talks about the league's No. 1 defense facing the No. 1 offense:"Not really, because the season [hasn't] ended. We're just trying to give our team the best chance to win and play great defense. We just have to be fundamentally sound, play great technique, communicate, play our rules and don't get enamored with the formations, with the shifts, with the different plays that they may do. Just play our game, do what we do best, and let the chips fall where they be. We know we have to go out and play great to have a chance to win this game, let alone stop them. In reality, holding this team to what we did last [week] is probably not going to happen. But, we can make things tough on them. We can create turnovers. We can hold them in the red zone. So, those things are areas that we can do, and if we do that, we'll be successful."

On the effect of the change at quarterback on the team, and if QB Lamar Jackson brings a different energy:"Everyone was excited to see [Jackson] play, but I think we've just been playing better as a team. He needs to play better, and our offense needs to continue to strive to be better, and our defense needs to play better. I think, the way our defense and special teams have played, if Joe [Flacco] was in the game, we would have still won those games. So, I don't want to get in so much that Lamar has come in and changed the whole dynamic of our team. We're obviously a more run-dominant team, but we're playing better as a team, and that's why we've been successful. I think it energizes us, because we're excited to see him play. He's such a great kid and [you can see] how much better he's gotten over the last three months, but this team is built to play this way, so we're just finally doing that."

On if Chiefs TE Travis Kelce poses a "unique" problem:"Kelce is a beast! He's very fluid, unique, athletic in his route-running. That's what separates the great ones from the good ones, is just the fluidity of the routes, not being so robotic – 'get to 10 yards, stop, turn.' [He] puts some sauce into it. And, it makes you think, 'All right, what is he doing? Is this the route he's going to do?' I love the way he plays – a playmaker. He's obviously a tough challenge for us, but we have guys that can cover. We have a system, and we just have to do our part."

On if Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes' mobility makes him a different challenge than previous opponents:"Yes, he makes so many plays outside the pocket and is extending the plays, it's obviously a point of emphasis to not let that happen. It's going to happen, so we have to do a great job on the back end where we have guys covered to not let them burst out and get vertical or get behind the defense on those extended plays. A lot of the big plays happen when he's outside the pocket extending the play or making first downs in critical situations – third-and-short, feed the ball or speed option or things like that. So, it's definitely talked about and a point of emphasis to not let him make those great, great plays on the edges and extend plays."

On if the Chiefs' gameplan changes much from week to week:"No, they're definitely gameplan-oriented in who they're playing and attack what the defense is doing."

On how CB Tavon Young strengthens the secondary:"He's one of our best cover guys and just our best football players, when you look at our team and look at what he can do. He's played special teams, and obviously, gives us a dynamic player – a nickel who can blitz, who plays the run, who's physical and can run with those slot guys, So, it's nice to get him back. Obviously, Brandon [Carr] came in over the last couple weeks playing nickel and did a great job, but it's nice to have another guy in there that can run around and cover guys that we need, especially going against a passing offense like this."


(with Baltimore media)

Head Coach Andy Reid

John Harbaugh has mentioned a couple of times how grateful he is that you kept him on staff in Philadelphia when you took over. What qualities did you see in him back then, if you can remember, that led you to that decision? (Cliff Brown) "I actually knew his dad and knew about John. I had heard about John, and [former Eagles head coach] Ray Rhodes and I were friends, still are friends, and then Ray had told me about him, what a great coach he was. And so, with all those things, I found out for myself that he's a phenomenal coach. I have a ton of respect for him."

As you watch the QB Lamar Jackson-led Ravens' offense on tape, are they difficult to prepare for in that they just hit you with things that are so different than what you see from most teams week to week? (Childs Walker)"Yes. I would tell you, first of all, they're blessed to have two really good quarterbacks – well, really three – but the two that are playing and have played together, and that's a unique combination. Sure, Lamar, he gives you … He can run like a running back, he's as fast as a wide receiver, and he can throw like a son of a gun, like a quarterback, so that's a pretty good combination to have. He's a talented kid, and so is the other guy. [Joe] Flacco is a talented one. That's a good situation right there that Marty [Mornhinweg] has – and John [Harbaugh]."

Speaking of offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg, what was it like back when you had QB Michael Vick and QB Donovan McNabb? Working with Marty, what was the process of coming up with offenses like? (Aaron Kasinitz) "Marty and I go way back to UTEP, so we were together a long time, and the University of Missouri and into the NFL. Michael, and I'm sure Marty has already said this, but Michael, we loved coaching him and could do a ton of things. Again, he was as fast as a wide receiver and could run like a running back. He could throw like a son of a gun, like a great quarterback. That's a neat combination to be able to coach, and Marty did a heck of a job with it."

You've had QB Brett Favre as one of your quarterbacks in the past. CB Jimmy Smith of the Ravens compared QB Patrick Mahomes to a young Brett Favre. How many similarities do you see between the two? (Kyle Andrews)"They're different guys, like everybody is, and like you're different than the guy next to you. [Mahomes] is different than Favre and goes about it differently. I would tell you, the similarity is, they both can make things happen when there's possibly nothing there. That's where I'd probably put you with that."

The Ravens have controlled the clock quite a bit over the last few weeks. Would that make things difficult for your offense, or do you guys sort of have the faith that you can get things done on offense, even if you don't have a lot of time to do it with, with the big plays? (Childs Walker)"I'll tell you what, they've done a great job with that. They've really used the clock, a ton of clock, and done that very well, and then their defense has done a great job of getting the offenses off the field and back into their offense's hands. And then, their special teams are strong. It's all-around; it's a good combination, a healthy combination that they have there between all three phases. So, that's a big challenge for us. They're a great football team, and so we have to buckle down."

People around here kind of playfully chide at John Harbaugh for not being a little more forthcoming about whether QB Joe Flacco is going to play or whether it's going to be QB Lamar Jackson. Does that indeed make them a little difficult to prepare for when you know both are practicing and they are kind of two different styles of quarterbacks? (Jeff Zrebiec) "Sure, yes. They're both going to play. They've been doing that all year, so we have to make sure we're ready for both guys, and both of them are good players in their own right. They're both very good players. One has won a world championship, and the other one is on the rise, here. That's what I'm saying. It's a great situation to have, and then you have Marty [Mornhinweg], who is a brilliant offensive mind putting things together. He's being very creative."

When you had John Harbaugh as your special teams coach – and not a lot of special teams coaches get the opportunity to become head coaches – did you get a sense in working with John that that job wouldn't be such a big leap for him to become a head coach? (Jamison Hensley) "Let me tell you what happened there. So, John was a special teams coach, and as you know, he was the best in the business and was rising, and his salary was rising, but in order to … At that time – until he proved everybody wrong here, that special teams coaches are great coaches – but at that time, he had to move to a different position, so we moved him to secondary. But, you can out-price yourself there, right? But, he made it right at the right time and went in and had a year with Jim Johnson [former Eagles defensive coordinator], and then Ozzie [Newsome] made a bold move. That's what makes Ozzie great. He made a bold move there at that time, and I thought for sure that it proved to the owners in the National Football League that special teams coaches are phenomenal football coaches and deserve an opportunity."

John Harbaugh remembered that from his dealings with you, you used to have a small card that said "Don't Judge" on your desk. Do you still have that card around to this day? (Jamison Hensley)"I do, yes. I do." (Reporter: "Can you talk about the meaning behind that for you?") "Yes. Are you going to sit there and judge, or are you going to teach? I want to teach, and so that's what I feel like I'm here for, is to do that. And then, whatever player is given to me, I'm going to try to do that to the best of my ability and not get caught up in all the nonsense of judging."

I know you get asked this a lot, but do you get real joy over the years as more and more of the guys who have worked with you and for you go on to do well in other jobs around the league? (Childs Walker) "Yes, I'm proud of them. I've been very fortunate to have some great assistants, and I've been able to work with these guys. They've done a great job, and you have a couple of them there. There's no reason Marty Mornhinweg can't be a head coach in the National Football League. Very lucky that way, very, very lucky."

John Harbaugh said that you're the kind of guy who likes to go back and look at high school game tape and college game tape to pick offensive plays, figure things out. Do you imagine offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg is doing the same thing here, considering the style of offense they've run with Lamar? (Aaron Kasinitz) "Marty loves football, and he studied Lamar, obviously, when he was in college, so he was able to … And, we all look at these college tapes. So, there are some neat things that college guys are doing. I say, Chip Kelly, he's not in the league anymore, but he kind of opened everybody's eyes to it, and it's a nice thing, yes."

When you look at the Ravens' defense this year, what are some of the things that are making them so difficult to attack? _(Cliff Brown) _"They're fast. They're well-coached. They have a tremendous scheme that they've been doing for a while. So, even though maybe some of the coordinators have changed, the names, there, the system is very similar. So, they're going to bring everybody but the popcorn vendor at you, and you have to be ready to go."

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