Transcripts: Saturday Post Practice Transcripts

Head Coach John Harbaugh

Opening Statement: "Good to see you guys. It's a beautiful day. We had a good practice coming off the game. It's cooler, which is probably what we needed after a 105-plus [degree] heat index last week up in Philly. I feel good about where the guys are at. We're now just working towards what we have left in camp, and then on to the start of the regular season."

Right before we came out here, a report came out that LB Paul Worrilow decided to retire. Were you able to speak with him? (Childs Walker) "I spoke to him last night, and he was great. He was all ready and excited to go. So, I was surprised. I assume he's trying to figure things out and [is] working things out with what he wants to do, he and his family. Every person has the right to do that, so we'll just kind of see what he decides. We'll respect it, whatever it is."

After the Philadelphia game, you were asked about the performances from the young offensive linemen. After watching the tape, how did you think they did? (Luke Jones) "They did well. The inside did really well. The three young guys that you're referring to played very well. All three of them did a good job. They all put themselves in contention. We just have to figure out what we're going to do."

How important is versatility for the young offensive linemen to be able to play multiple positions? (Andrew Gillis)"It's really important. Things are going to happen during the course of the season where you're going to have to shuffle guys around a little bit. Now, at the end of training camp, it's probably time to get our continuity lined up and get ready for the opening games."

How good was it having G Marshal Yanda and T Ronnie Stanley out there, starting to build the cohesion on the offensive line? _(Luke Jones) _"They've been practicing all along. Marshal missed the last week or so, but he's the one guy that can afford it. That was an opportunity to give those other guys a lot of reps. Ronnie has been out there for mostly all of the practices. They filled right in today. It's time to go."

It looks like QB Robert Griffin III was picking up some things out there today. Are you still feeling like the expectation is for him to be ready for the first regular season game? (Jamison Hensley)"Yes, he is on schedule. It shouldn't be a problem."

Will you give QB Trace McSorley reps on special teams against the Redskins? (Todd Karpovich) "Possibly, in this game. We'll see. Obviously, it's been complicated, just a little bit, with the quarterback situation. He's practiced in all the practices. We'll have to see about the game. That's a good question. I'd like to."

What are the biggest factors when deciding whether to keep two quarterbacks or three on the roster? (Aaron Kasinitz)"There's a list of things. I don't have them on me. It's not on this list, sorry." (laughter)

With the little bit QB Trace McSorley has been able to do on special teams in practice, have you liked what you've seen from him there? (Luke Jones) "He's been fine. I don't know how he'll play in special teams. That's really a question of whether he'd be active or not. So, if he's on the roster, he wouldn't have to be active to play special teams, either. I don't think that's the deciding thing as much as all the other factors that go into it. Three quarterbacks, to your point … You know what they are – other roster considerations, health, a lot of things."

Looking ahead to Washington, will you continue to rest veterans this Thursday? (Bobby Trosset)"We won't play any of the starters in this game, for sure. The special teams starters, we won't play those guys, either. They went to 90-man last year, which I think was smart. It gives everybody an opportunity to get a lot of reps in the last game. When you cut 15 guys, those are guys that are going to play in this game. This is their opportunity. So, those will be the guys that play."

Is it safe to assume that QB Trace McSorley will play at least a half against Washington? (Bobby Trosset)"I don't know, yet. I haven't thought about that at all, yet. That's a good question. We'll talk about that … Probably by Monday, we'll know how we're going to do that."

Would you like to get WR Marquise Brown in against Washington to get more reps? (Childs Walker)"OK, I see where this is going. We'll see. For everybody, we'll see, but thanks." (laughter)

Do you think CB Marlon Humphrey has made strides from a preparation and intensity standpoint? (Jeff Zrebiec) "I would answer that this way: He's always been that way. Now that he knows more, he does more. That's him. He's a pro in every way, and he doesn't waste a second. That's one of the reasons why he is playing so well. Plus, he's talented."

We all knew about RB Justice Hill's speed and his 40-yard dash time, but has he surprised you with his strength? (Aaron Kasinitz) "That's a great point. The thing is, you just never know how a player's skillset is going to translate from the college game to the pro game. Sometimes, it's like, 'Who is this guy? Why isn't he doing what we saw in college? He's a different player. There was somebody else that we got, besides the guy that was in the uniform in college.' That's happened. It happens in recruiting in college, too. Other times, you get a guy that transfers exactly what you saw. Other times, it's like they do things more than you expected to see. So, you never know if speed and quickness are going to translate to a faster game. I'd say, in his case so far, it has. The next test will be the regular season, but it looks to me like that part of it has held true."

S DeShon Elliott

On how he assesses his offseason and preseason:"It's just a blessing from God. [I'm] just trying to get out there. I was hungry. That hung with me a lot, getting hurt last year, so for me to go out and be healthy, be ready to work every day nonstop, even to this moment, feels great."

On working with S Earl Thomas III:"It's great being able to bounce ideas off of him, being able to work with him. We both went to Texas, 'DBU' guys, so just having him in the room feels good, knowing you have somebody you knew previously before coming here."

On how he approaches trying to get on the field with the depth in the secondary:"Just work. I'm a dog, and I can play. So eventually, [when it's] my time to play, I'm going to be ready. I'm going to be ready to go. I respect those guys in front of me. I know they're ballers, too. Coach always says if you're a baller, he'll figure out a way to get you on the field, so hopefully we can do that."

On how he addresses the leading with the helmet penalty called on him last week:"They made the call they made. Our coaches and me, we all thought I tackled the proper way. I think I tackled the proper way, but you can't change [it]. There's no point in arguing back with the ref. Once they make the call, they make the call, so I respect it." (Reporter: "After seeing it on the video, did they tell you?") "Yes, he told me he missed it, but it already happened. I just had to keep playing. It is what it is."

On how much he prides himself on big hits:"I kind of just pride myself on trying to be a great safety overall – not just a big hitter, but ball skills, come out of my break, everything. If big hitting comes along with it, then I'm with it."

On how he has grown the most since his rookie year:"Becoming more of an NFL safety and not a college safety. I feel like I lost weight, got faster, being able to come out of my break and learning the game more. Last year, I knew the playbook, but I didn't know it the way I do now, and so, that's one good thing I like about it."

On how he stayed engaged while on IR last season:"At that point in time, I had Tony Jefferson and Eric Weddle in my ear, so I was always around them. They kept me locked in, made sure I was on the right things, and I stayed locked in during the meetings, tried my best just to focus."

On the role he envisions for himself in the secondary:"I try to be a playmaker, so wherever coach wants to put me, whether it's corner, safety, nickel, linebacker, rusher, wherever it is, I just want to get on the field, no matter where it is."

On if it is easier to stay motivated knowing that the Ravens rotate personnel groups often:"Yes, but I'm going to always be motivated, because I strive to be great. Of course, [defensive coordinator Don Martindale] being able to try to figure out a way to get me on the field, that's my motivation, but also me just wanting to be a great player."

On if he has had his confidence since he was a young player:"Always. Always. I got it from my dad. He said, 'Shoot, if you believe in yourself, show it,' so that's what I do."

On his reaction to Brian Baldinger's praise:"Oh yes, Baldy? (laughter) I respect him. He sees what I know, and so, I'm just going to keep building on that. He's right. I'm going to prove him right."

On how the Ravens safeties' pre-snap activity last season compares to what he experienced at Texas:"College is always different. You're going to evolve as you get older. Coming here, learning that from 'Dub' [Eric Weddle], learning that from Tony [Jefferson], I've started to do that more and more often. I feel like that would help me enhance my game, enhance me getting my hands on the ball more – if you continue disguising and doing what you have to do to confuse the offense, confuse the quarterback, to get the ball." (Reporter: "Was that a pretty big jump from Texas?") "Not really. I was kind of the captain and leader of our defense at Texas, so it kind of was easy for me to bring it along when I came here."

On how much he appreciates the opportunity to play on special teams:"Playing here for the Ravens, you're not getting on defense if you don't play special teams and unless you make a mark on special teams. I love it. I love to do what I have to do. I go down there. I'm ready to hit. I'll hit anybody at any time. When you're able to do that on special teams, too, it's even better."

RB Justice Hill

On how he feels he is acclimating to the NFL, and if it feels "faster" to him:"For me, I just take it one play at a time. The coaching staff has done a great job being able to teach everything. Coach [Matt] Weiss and Coach Craig [Ver Steeg] in that room, they've been able to teach me a lot. So, I've been able to just go out there and play fast, and I think it's been going well for me."

On how comfortable he is returning kicks:"I've gotten a lot of practice at it, and I feel natural back there, so I'm just going to go back there and hit it."

On if he feels like people underestimate his physicality and power:"Yes, for sure. I feel like they just think I'm a speed guy, or just because I'm 200 pounds, they think I'm just straight speed. But, I feel like I have a good package, and I'm going to be able to do a little bit of everything. Yes, I feel like that's a part of my game that is pretty much slept on."

On if the hit he took on Thursday "rung his bell":"It didn't ring my bell. It was just a hit, and I just bounced off of it, so it was fun."

On how excited he is about the rookies' impact on the offense, especially after many started Thursday at Philadelphia:"They brought us in to make plays, so from all those guys – Miles [Boykin] and Marquise [Brown], all those guys – we want to make plays. Even Trace [McSorley], he had a great game. We came out here Day One … From rookie minicamp, we just wanted to come out here, learn everything, go out there and play fast when the time came. Our names were called that night, and so we just wanted to go out there and play."

On how he would assess his growth from the spring to now:"I've grown in pretty much all areas, because you spend so much time out here, you have no choice but to grow. We're out here every single day – from mental things in the boardroom, from being out here on the field, just seeing things a little bit differently every single day. I feel like I've just growth completely as a back. Every single day, I've grown a little bit more."

On if he has leaned on RB Mark Ingram II:"Yes, definitely. Guys like Mark Ingram, Gus [Edwards], 'K.D.' [Kenneth Dixon], De'Lance [Turner], Tyler [Ervin] – every single person in that room, I've learned a lot from, because they're all older than me. So, they've all been able to see situations that I haven't, and so, whenever I ask them anything about any type of situation, any one of those guys, they always have a good answer for me. I needed that just to go out here and continue to get better as a running back. I appreciate those guys for that."

On the most important thing he has learned, or what has stuck out to him:"Just being able to trust yourself and just trusting your abilities, because not every game, not every play is going to go your way. Guys always tell you, 'Not every play is going to be a home-run play, and not every play is going to work. But just being able to go out there and go hard every single day and every single play, eventually things are going to work your way."

On how he is feeling about the season, and if he is excited or nervous:"Definitely more excited than nervous, because that's what you work for all year, is just to play in these games. You only get a limited amount of time to play. This is the fun part, so this is what you work all year for, and I'm ready for it."

On if there is anything he wants to "clean up" in Thursday's game:"No, but I feel like you can always improve, so every area of my game, I just want to get better. Even on special teams, just being able to go out there and get some quality reps in those, too. So, it's going to be fun. It'll be a fun game." (Reporter: "Do you have more of that stutter-step for us?") "Yes, I'll bring a little bit out for you! I'll bring a little bit out." (laughter)

G Ben Powers

On how the preseason is going for him and the competition on the inside of the offensive line:"It's good. Every game, every Thursday night, you go out there and you get things that you're happy with that you correct over the course of the week, and you get things that you need to address the next week. So, going into it every week, it's football."

On if the speed of the game was a big adjustment:"It's a big adjustment, to the speed, of course. You're going from college level, 'amateur level,' as I like to call it, to professionals. So, of course there's a huge jump."

On if playing right guard in Baltimore has been an adjustment after playing left guard in college: "At Oklahoma, I played a lot of practice reps at right guard. So, it's about just switching everything, switching everything around in your head. It's not a big deal for me."

On his comfort level playing center: "I'm comfortable anywhere inside. I'm here to play anywhere."