Transcripts: Sunday Training Camp (8/14)


Opening statement:"Good afternoon. Good to see everyone. Just a quick recap on the game: I thought our guys came out, they played hard. There were a lot of things that we could clean up once we watched the tape. We're just looking forward to getting better this week. I thought today, with the emphasis, this type of practice, it was a good way for our guys to get out there, work on a couple fundamental things, clean up some things from last game. I'm just trying to see growth, and see guys continue to grow, come out and compete every day, and [I'm] looking forward to this week. [Any] questions?"

How do you think P Jordan Stout handled his first time punting for the Ravens? _(Luke Jones) _"Jordan [Stout] was outstanding. Obviously, there was probably one glaring play that he'd like to have back – a couple things that we're working on – but for the most part, he did a great job. He punted well, I thought his holds were outstanding. He's just continuing to grow. Every day is a process, and we talk about it; it's just growth and development and trying to get as good as we can be before September 11th."

To our eyes, the field goals looked like they went off without a hitch. Is that how you saw it? _(Childs Walker) _"They're exactly what you saw. We made them all, we were 3-for-3. Again, I thought Jordan [Stout] did a great job, and 'Tuck' [Justin Tucker] is going to be 'Tuck;' he's going to get out there, he's going to kick the ball, and it's going to go through the uprights. That's what we expect, that's our standard no matter who's out there. But again, Jordan's been working. He's been working hard on making sure that his holds are up to par, weekly and daily."

Are there any thoughts of maybe getting P Jordan Stout some field goal attempts in the preseason? _(Jamison Hensley) _"If it comes up, I think that would be a consideration. Again, he has done it all. But our job is to see how the game goes, see what happens and just let him [Jordan Stout] play the game. And if it comes up, we'll handle it the right way."

We saw ILB Diego Fagot make a special teams tackle on a kick. What kind of progress is he making for you? _(Keith Mills) _"Diego [Fagot] has made a lot of progress. From the day he walked in here, we knew what type of player he was, [and] we loved his physicality on tape. Just to get out there and see him grow from the spring up until now, he's done an outstanding job. He's just got to continue that moving forward. He's out here competing every day."

WR Shemar Bridges had the big game offensively. What does he need to do on special teams, because he talked about how he knows he needs to do well on special teams to make the 53-man roster? _(Ryan Mink) _"It's like all the young guys; he [Shemar Bridges] has got to come out here, and he's just got to compete. Shemar, he has done a good job, and we've got to just find ways to put him in the right position and just let him go play. He'll play a little bit more on [special] teams than he played last week. Just certain things happened throughout the course of the game, where we didn't punt [in] the second half, so he didn't get a chance to play gunner. But he'll get a chance to showcase his skills. He's just got to keep working."

I don't think there was any doubt in the organization's commitment to K Justin Tucker, but how happy were you to see the extension, knowing he's going to be your kicker through 2027? _(Luke Jones) _"I'm always fired up. And I think [special teams coach] Randy [Brown] and the rest of the group of guys, we're always fired up. We know what type of player Justin [Tucker] is. He's earned it from the day he got here, so I'm excited to have him around. He called me. I was sitting on the couch [like], 'Hey, man,' just smiling from ear to ear, knowing that was taken care of, that's off his plate, and he can go out and continue to perform at a high level."


Opening statement:"It's great to see everybody again. I don't know if I have much for you, so go ahead." (laughter)

With CB Marlon Humphrey, what makes him so good? _(Jamison Hensley) _"There are a lot of answers to that. The first thing I think about is just how hard he [Marlon Humphrey] practices. He is a maniac out there. He plays, practices like a Raven every day. And we do something like 'Raven Play of the Day,' and really, every day, he does something that could warrant being the winner, but you can't give it to him every day."

Along those lines, we saw last year what the Rams did with CB Jalen Ramsey. At the star position, we know that a lot of teams like to use these athletes at the slot. Does that inform your thinking here maybe more than it did at Michigan, because of the weird athletes that you see doing stuff over the middle of the field? _(Jonas Shaffer) _"We have a lot of guys who can play in the slot, and to do that, really, in our scheme – in any scheme – it's a unique skill set. You've got to be able to blitz effectively, you've got to play man-to-man on probably their best route runner underneath, and then your zone awareness is a lot different than being on the outside. So, we're fortunate … We've been here some years, and we're wondering who's our second, third slot; here, there are probably a handful of guys who could go out and start and be effective for us. So, it's a unique position, but we're fortunate to have guys who can play it."

What have been your impressions of DT Travis Jones in practice and how he took that to the game on Thursday? _(Luke Jones) _"Yes, I've been very impressed with Travis [Jones'] just overall maturity. [It's his] first time, obviously, in the league, and it seems like every time he does a first thing, he's got a great attitude, and just his overall effort … It doesn't look like he's lost or it's too big for him out there. There are things he needs to improve on, but the natural ability and how well he's progressed with Coach 'Weav' [assistant head coach / defensive line Anthony Weaver] by his side, I think he's in a great spot."

With ILB Diego Fagot, he didn't get a lot of time on defense the other night, but he did play on special teams. Can you talk about his progress you've seen so far here? _(Keith Mills) _"Yes, the great thing to see … He [Diego Fagot] didn't get a lot of snaps on defense, but his physicality showed up. I think [with] some of the tempos of practice that we've had here, he hasn't had that chance to show how well he can play, physically. But Diego is a great guy. He plays like a Raven. He plays hard, he plays physical, he knows what to do, he asks great questions, and we're really pleased to have him."

The season starts four weeks from today. I think you're probably aware that QB Zach Wilson got dinged up a little bit. If the scenario is that you're playing QB Joe Flacco, how different would that be, considering the history? _(Jamison Hensley) _"The history – it really doesn't have anything to do with it, honestly. In terms of game planning, it presents the issue of, 'Hey, we have to be ready for both,' so we're going to monitor the situation, and we're going to do our homework for both quarterbacks. And whether or not the plan really changes with each guy probably depends on [the] situation. But it's definitely something we're going to be monitoring, for sure."

Is the homework easier because you've been around QB Joe Flacco? (Jamison Hensley) _(laughter)_"Well, it's just that we have to do the homework. You've got to be ready for him in case he's in there, for sure. But there's more to be done, rather than just knowing that he would be a backup."

Does the Week 1 prep start right after that last preseason game ends, or does it get started a little bit earlier? _(Jonas Shaffer) _"We've been working on the first few opponents really since the spring, and it's been a process of how much we introduce it to the guys. They haven't really seen much of it yet, but we're definitely doing our fair share upstairs."

How tough will the roster decisions at cornerback be? _(Mike Preston) _"It's a great problem to have. We always say, 'You can't have enough corners.' The short answer is, it's going to be very tough, and special teams ability will definitely play a big part of it."

I know you weren't here last year, but do you have a sense for just how much OLB Odafe Oweh has improved coming off his rookie year? It looks like he's getting a winning rep every time he lines up. _(Jonas Shaffer) _"Yes, I see him [being] a lot more decisive, so I think that probably comes [with] more confidence. He deserves a lot of credit; [outside linebackers coach] Robbie [Leonard], 'Oz' [defensive assistant Ryan Osborn] deserve a lot of credit in getting him rolling and developing his confidence; Justin Houston working with him on a daily basis. So, you've seen a lot of development, really, since he stepped out here [on the] first day of training camp, which is great to be able to say."


Opening statement:"The weather is a lot cooler this time than last time. (laughter)[We're] catching a break with the weather right now, the guys are working hard. We just pretty much did our last big installation of the year. Then, we'll put stuff in periodically as we move forward, but there's a big load now, kind of like the whole offense is available. Guys are working really hard. I really like how the group is coming together, and [there is] a lot of opportunity, a lot of opportunity to be had. Any questions?"

We saw that WR Shemar Bridges can go up and get the ball, but how is he learning how to get his hands away from his body to make catches? _(Mike Preston) _"He's a good young prospect that's really flashing. All of those young guys, they're working every day on those different tools, and I think he is a very diligent worker. Everyone has room for improvement, but I'm really happy with where he is at and what he's shown so far. But he's right at the beginning of his journey, so there is a lot of work to be done yet, and a lot of experience to be had. But he's doing a nice job."

How impressed have you been with T Daniel Faalele, who looked like he played almost the entire game on Thursday? (Kyle Barber) _"He's coming along by leaps and bounds. Really happy with him. It's the same thing though, he's a rookie. He has a lot to learn. It's a day-to-do process, it's moment-to-moment, really. I really think he took a step by staying here after our offseason program and working with our strength and conditioning staff and whatnot here. [He] really showed some maturity there. I really think that allowed him to come into training camp in much better shape, and ready to compete. So, arrow up for him. [I'm] really excited about him. When we get him and another one of our big guys double teaming a three-technique … Warms my heart." _(laughter)

How much value does TE Mark Andrews add to this offense? _(Jamison Hensley) _"He adds tremendous value to the offense. Mark Andrews is someone who continues to get better. I think he is better today than he was last week, he's better this year than he was last year. [He is] extremely competitive, puts a lot of pressure on himself, not an excuse maker at all. So, he's always getting better. Everybody truly is important, he's one of our bell cows, obviously. But everyone in this offense is important. If they double Mark, then other guys are going to be single covered, etcetera, and then they have to step up. So, I can't overestimate his value, but everybody is important, everybody is valuable."

Do you expect a lot of TE Mark Andrews getting doubled this year? _(Ryan Mink) _"Oh, yes. There's plenty of that on the horizon. Yes, he's going to get doubled. There's a lot of different ways to play double teams, and he's seen quite a few of them already. That's something that [tight ends coach] George Godsey works on with him; how to beat doubles and whatnot. So, I think it's on the horizon."

Going back to T Daniel Faalele, are there any technique things that are just harder for him to do because of how big he is? _(Childs Walker) _"I have to be honest with you, with Daniel [Faalele], he's not stiff at all. He's very flexible; he bends well. He can play with a flat back for a guy his size, which is fairly remarkable. So, I don't think he's very much limited due to size, in terms of leverage and certain things. He has excellent feet. He just has to continue to work and learn how to play this game at this level. But, no. It's an interesting question, but you don't see guys that size that don't have some kind of limitation, usually."

WR Devin Duvernay missed a few practices. How do you think he has gotten up to speed over the past week? _(Nikhil Mehta) _"Good. Devin [Duvernay] is doing well. Like you said, he's kind of catching back up. He's out there looking good. I think he's 100 percent, and [I] expect big things from him this year. [I'm] really pleased with where he is at."

We saw QB Tyler Huntley more under center on Thursday, and more shotgun and less pistol. Is that something you want to evolve this offense toward and what are the advantages of that? _(Jonas Shaffer) _"I really don't think there is much to read into on that. We're going to mix it up. Sometimes we will be under center, 'gun, pistol. I might say, 'This week, we're going to be a lot more pistol.' And we'll do that, in the preseason. But, to your point, the under-center stuff definitely I think probably we'll be able to do some of that stuff more effectively this year, just with how we're built. I think you might see some more of that."

What did you think of QB Tyler Huntley's performance on Thursday and how his experience has helped him? _(Noah Trister) _"Yes, Tyler [Huntley] got a ton of experience last year, which has led him into this training camp and that first game. So, he was definitely chomping at the bit. I don't think the butterflies were rolling too hard, because he's played in regular season games. I think his performance was excellent. There are always things we can do better, and the great thing about Tyler [is] he's always the first guy to point those out. That's what you look for. But we're really excited about the direction that he is going in. He's doing well."

QB Lamar Jackson mentioned that he is planning on suggesting more plays this season. With a quarterback entering his fifth year and gaining his voice and confidence, is there more allowance for that? (Ryan Mink) _"Yes, I would love to just sit back in a rocking chair and say, 'Hey, you got it man. Just make me look good!' _(laughter)Yes, I definitely think he is more vocal. He's definitely looking at matchups a little harder, and definitely has more ideas. There's good collaboration going on there, as there always is. But I'm definitely open to that, and there are times when – I think you're referencing last week – he suggested something. I was like, 'Go for it.' And we threw a touchdown."

I saw you talking to QB Lamar Jackson before he threw the back-shoulder fade to WR Shemar Bridges. Is that the play he called? (Keith Mills) _"I can't comment on that. _(laughter)No, I can't remember, but there is a real good collaboration there."

It has been four straight years of QB Lamar Jackson having 100-plus carries. I know they're not all designed runs, but what do you think the sustainability of this style of play is? _(Jamison Hensley) _"That's a hard one to say. The thing about Lamar [Jackson] is that he is probably one of the best athletes at the position in the history of known mankind. So, to not tap into that would be somewhat silly, would it not? So, then you start to figure out, 'OK, so where are the parameters here? The ceiling and the floor?' He does such a great job in space of protecting himself, not getting hit, that he uses his God-given ability as a really ridiculously good weapon at times. He just has to be judicious. We were on 'Snoop' [Tyler Huntley] a little bit for taking a hit on the sideline that he didn't need to take the other night. And he admits it, 'Yes, of course.' So, those are the things we try to avoid. But honestly, the worst hits are the ones you don't see when your eyes are downfield and you're in the pocket, and you can't brace yourself or adjust to. So, he's a magician when it comes to contorting his body to avoid hits and whatnot though."

Do you get the sense that the size he has added will change him as a runner at all? _(Childs Walker) _"I'm interested to see. When I see him kick it into fifth gear here, his engine is bigger this year. So, he might be a little bit faster. We'll just see how it goes, but it's looking pretty good."

Head coach John Harbaugh talked a lot about tempo when camp started and into last week. How pleased were you with particularly the young wideouts, the way you guys executed and the tempo you put out? _(Keith Mills) _"Yes, I think they did a nice job. I feel like the offense did a good job, those guys out there. Just the procedure, a lot of those guys it was their first time in an NFL game. So, you're always concerned about substitution issues, alignment issues, some of that stuff. I thought that they were on top of their jobs and handled it really well. But there's always room to improve and grow."

How would you evaluate G Ben Cleveland's performance at right guard and do you think he could perform the same way at left guard? _(Jonas Shaffer) _"Without question, yes. He's pretty ambidextrous like that. It doesn't really bother him, moving sides. So, I thought he did really well, took another step. [He] continues to improve, and you can see that he can make a difference with his size and strength on some of those runs. He does a nice job. He has really good potential, and he just has to work every day to get there. But I think that Thursday night was a really great first step for him."


On how WR Rashod Bateman was as a roommate as Minnesota:"We stayed a year together. He was a great roommate. He was fun to be around, always had something to do, always joking, always laughing. Just good vibes."

On where he thinks he has improved the most during training camp:"In my mind, I've improved just everywhere in general. With conditioning, my stamina, being able to compete with older guys and the defense here. Just overall, getting a better grasp of the playbook and everything."

On if there is anything about his experience so far that has surprised him the most:"The biggest thing that has surprised me is how humid it is here. (laughter)I just did not expect Baltimore to be this humid. But I just try to take it day-by-day and just let everything come as it comes. Just take the challenges on as they come."

On why he chose to spend time training here at the facility after the offseason program and before training camp:"It was just important to me to stay around the facility, and get acclimated to the weather, and stay in the program and just keep working with [head strength and conditioning] Coach [Steve] Saunders. I just wanted to make that commitment to myself and to my teammates that I'm all in, and I want to be at my best when training camp comes around."

On how strenuous the workouts were at the facility during the time off:"They were hard, for sure, but they were definitely needed, and helped me pass the conditioning test. So, [I'm] super happy with it."

On if it was a big deal for him to play as many reps as he did in the first preseason game:"Yes, definitely. I felt like I was able to get more comfortable with the game and how it flows. Just playing in my first NFL game was a huge accomplishment for me, and I just felt so grateful to put on that purple and black and represent the Ravens."

On how he feels playing at left tackle:"I feel great at any position. My whole thing being here is just to help the team win at any position, and anywhere I can. So, [I'm] trying new positions, seeing what I can bring to the table and to help the team win."

On if he got a confidence boost during his first preseason game and what is something he will apply to his next game:"It was definitely a big confidence boost. One thing I want to apply is just to have a lower pad level. Especially in the run game, because I felt like I wasn't using all my strength and power to displace the linemen in combinations and stuff. So, [I will] definitely take that moving forward and work on it."

On how helpful the veterans have been and if any lessons from them have stood out:"Yes, 'Zeit' [Kevin Zeitler] and Morgan [Moses] have been huge helps as veterans, and Ja'Wuan James, as well. And, Ronnie [Stanley] too. Just all of the older tackles are helping me get comfortable with the playbook and the environment. Just learning from them on how to prepare and practice, and just be a pro, really."

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