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Transcripts: Third-Round LB Trenton Simpson Zoom Press Conference (4/28)

When everybody sees you play, you play all over the field. Where do you feel is your strongest position? (Jamison Hensley) "I'd say my strongest position is in the box, but God has blessed me with so many talents to be versatile, so whatever the Ravens need me to do, any given week, I'm available, and I'm flexible. I want to adapt to any scheme and just be a playmaker. That's all I pride myself [on] – making plays and being versatile."

We saw the emotional moment when you were drafted. What is it about the Ravens that really appeals to you and makes you so excited? And did you have a good sense they could be a team that was interested in you? (Ryan Mink) "Yes, sir. In my heart, I knew that was a great opportunity for me. My agent had let me know that was the place that was best for me. They already have a winning program, [and] I come from Clemson with a winning pedigree, so I'm just excited to bring my talent and my mindset to the team. And this is just a blessing. My emotions poured out, because I've been grinding at this football thing since I was six years old. So, just to be in the National Football League and have my family there and my mom by my side meant the world to me, definitely."

Obviously, the Ravens have a history of great linebackers and two really good ones right now in ILBs Roquan Smith and Patrick Queen. What do you think about possibly fitting in with those guys? (Childs Walker) "Oh, man. I'm excited, man. Roquan Smith, Patrick Queen, I watch those guys' highlights. I love the way they play. They play like me; they play fast, physical football, and they're hitting anything that's moving, and that's my mindset. So, I'm excited to come in the linebacker room and bring my talents; come in there willing to learn from the vets and continue to just have a great career and be a Raven."

Going through the Draft process, what is a piece of criticism that Draft experts have mentioned about your game that they may have been wrong about? (Kevin Richardson) "I'd say just not knowing what scheme I can fit in. I can fit in any scheme. I'm the most versatile linebacker in this Draft, and I'm forever going to believe that. We're going to see in this career of Trent Simpson. You're not going to regret this pick, and I'm going to maximize every opportunity, and Trent Simpson is going to go down as one of the greats for the Baltimore Ravens – believe that."

Did you have a sense of where you were going to get picked, and were you on the board longer than you expected? What was it like when you got that call? (Jeff Zrebiec) "I was definitely on the board way longer than I expected, but it was always God's timing, and I believe in God with all my heart. This was the place he wanted me at and the pick he wanted me to go at. So, I'm just blessed, man. This is a dream come true. I'm just blessed. I'm excited. It was definitely longer [than I expected], but this is well worth the wait. To be a Baltimore Raven and go in there with the guys you already have in the locker room and to add me and my mindset, we're going to be great. We're going to win some championships – definitely."

You had 12 sacks in your college career and really got after the quarterback. Do you feel like that's something you can bring to the Ravens? And why do you think you were so adept at being able to generate a pass rush? (Cliff Brown) "Yes, sir. I definitely feel I can bring that to the Ravens. I'd just say God has blessed me with a lot of speed and ability, and just with my technique and my hard work and just trusting my coaches and practicing hard, I definitely feel like I can bring that to the Ravens. I feel like I'm going to be a great asset to the team on first, second and third down, so I'm excited to see how they're going to use me. We've got a lot of talent, and I'm ready to work."

Were there any linebackers that you looked up to growing up, and who do you model your game after? (Kyle Barber) "Definitely Roquan Smith. I grew up … I'm from Columbus, Georgia, and just seeing him at [the University of] Georgia … He won the Butkus Award … It's going to be a pleasure playing with him, and I know I'm going to be able to take a lot from him and his mindset. He's a dog. He plays hard, he plays the right way, and there's a reason why he's the highest paid linebacker in the NFL right now. So, I'm just blessed to be in a room with a guy like that, because I know I'm going to pick up [things]. I'm willing to listen, and I'm going to put the work in. Whatever he does, whatever workouts he's doing, I'm willing to come and join. I'm ready to work."

I'm just wondering about your background as a military kid. Bouncing around a little bit with your dad being in the military, how did that shape you as a person? (Ryan Mink) "I feel like that's where I get my adaptability from and just being able to adapt to anything. I've learned so much from my family and just being a military kid, just understanding sacrifice and just working hard. So, I'm blessed, man. My family has instilled everything in me to be a great young man – disciplined, great character – and God put a lot of talent in my body at this football thing. So, man, I'm excited, I'm blessed. And to be a Raven, man, it's truly a blessing, and I promise you, we're going to have a great career here. Yes, sir."

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