Transcripts: Tuesday Training Camp (8/23)


Opening statement:"It's great to see everyone. I appreciate you all being here. Shoutout to our grounds crew; they came out and laid the grass out here, do you see it? Where all the stands were, all the grass. They scraped it up last week, and that was dirt this morning when I came in, and it was grass like four hours later. Highly recommend it for your lawns. (Reporter: "It might be out of my price range.") (laughter)Yes, I'm sure we didn't spare any expense.

Guys did a good job [today]. We had to make a few cuts, as you know, to get down to the number. Those guys were all guys that can play in this league, [I] really believe that. We had a deep roster, and those guys are going to get opportunities elsewhere. A couple of guys came back to practice, so that was good to see. Some guys fully, some guys working their way in, mostly. Then, we'll see if they can do more tomorrow. What other questions do you have?"

One of the roster moves today was placing RB Gus Edwards on PUP, so he will miss the first four games. Is there anything you can say about him? _(Jamison Hensley) _"Yes, that's kind of what we expected. We did not expect him to be back, probably, the first part of it. That was really [executive vice president & general manager] Eric [DeCosta]'s plan throughout. I'd say that Gus [Edwards] is still on schedule and [I] fully expect him to play quite a bit of football this year."

What strikes you about WR Demarcus Robinson and what he might be able to provide to this offense? _(Pete Gilbert) _"We've played against him all of these years. He's a big, strong receiver, very strong hands, catch radius. You didn't see it when you guys went in, but he caught a really nice seam route off an RPO, and just went up and got it. [He's] learning the offense. He couldn't be in there too much today, because he's learning the plays still, but he'll pick them up quick. [I] expect him to play out there on Saturday and get going. So, we're happy to have him."

What are you seeing from undrafted LB Josh Ross, who has been playing really hard this preseason? _(Todd Karpovich) _"Yes, that's a great point. We had three really good undrafted linebackers in there. Diego [Fagot], who was released, [I] expect him to be claimed. 'Koby' [Zakoby McClain] is doing a great job too, and Josh [Ross] is a Michigan guy. So, we had a good feel for him. Jim [Harbaugh] loved him. Just said, 'He's going to be your kind of player – smart, tough, very physical player.' He's shown up in the games, so it's good to see. He has a shot. Those guys are all fighting for a shot."

How are T Ronnie Stanley and OLB Tyus Bowser doing in their recoveries and when would they need to be out here to have a realistic chance at Week One? _(Childs Walker) _"Yes, I'm going to say that I'd like to see them out there for three weeks. Now, is that going to be possible for Week One? Will they be ready? Will that be enough? Ronnie [Stanley] and Tyus [Bowser] have both gone really hard with the conditioning. I watched Ronnie out here before practice with the trainer. He looks like he's in really good shape, and Tyus looks like he's in really good shape. So, could you speed it up a little bit if they look really great at practice? You probably could. We'll just have to see how it goes, and see how they feel. A lot of it is how the player feels at that point."

We've seen how effective TE Isaiah Likely has been lining up in the slot, which is where you like to use TE Mark Andrews. What are you thinking about in terms of how you can fit them together? _(Jonas Shaffer) _"Well, probably thinking just like you guys are thinking. There are personnel groups that you kind of imagine that you can put on the field. Wherever they line up … I don't think it's any kind of a stretch to say that they'll line up outside, kind of what you're alluding to. I think they'll be out there, running slants, and fades, and even deeper routes. So, I'm excited. I can't wait to see what comes out of the laboratory. They're going to be weapons for us. It's going to be fun."

Would you rather TE Isaiah Likely not shine quite so bright during the preseason so you can keep him a secret? _(Pete Gilbert) _"No, they still have to defend him. Good players tend to play well when they get opportunities. Usually, the guys that don't do as much in preseason is because they don't get a shot, they don't get a chance. So, to see the balls come his way and for him to make the plays, that's what you want to see as a coach."

In the preseason, you have to try to not overreact to some of the performances. How do you gage what's real? _(Cordell Woodland) _"No doubt, you have to keep it in perspective. It's still the preseason. It's not as intense, it's not as ramped up as the regular season, a lot of players aren't out there playing and there's not as much at stake. But, football is still football and the things you're looking for are, 'Hey, if we're covering a kick, are we running down the field? Are we running in our lane and leverage? Are we taking blocks on the right way in relationship to the returner?' You can see all of that. That's why we kickoff in the preseason. You'll notice, we're not kicking touchbacks very often. We could, and we were disappointed that the team we played last week didn't give us a chance to get the return game practiced. Because really in the preseason, that's when you get to practice your special teams. So, we've learned a lot from that, for instance, to your question."

We didn't see RB Mike Davis out there today, is everything OK with him? _(Jamison Hensley) _"Mike [Davis] has a family situation – a very positive one with his wife in Atlanta. So, he'll probably make an announcement here pretty soon. As a matter of fact, he came into the training room, and I'm like, 'What are you doing here?' And he's like, 'I can go?' And it's like, 'Yes!' So, the guys gave him a standing ovation and he's running out the door for the airport."

We saw C Tyler Linderbaum back out there today. Is he still somewhat limited in what he can do? _(Childs Walker) _"That's a good question. The trainers watched him, I haven't heard the report [on] how he looked in individual. I was not at the O-line individual. So, we'll see how he feels and how he looked, and how he shows up tomorrow after doing that work for today."

Have there been any updates on DT Travis Jones since Sunday night? _(Jeff Zrebiec) _"Nothing has changed. It's going to be one of those three-, four-, five-week deals, somewhere in that range. With that kind of an injury, it's pretty normal. It happens a lot, that injury. Kind of a sprain kind of a deal. So, [it] just depends how fast he recovers, and how good he looks when he comes back."

What is your last message for players as they battle for roster spots with just one preseason game left? _(Kyle Barber) _"The biggest message is kind of the last message, and really the message throughout – which I appreciate the question – is don't worry about anything. By worrying, you're not going to add another hair to your head, or another day to your career. You're just going to go out there and do your best, and be great at what you're great at. Be good at what you're good at, and try to improve at everything. Our guys have done that. It's not about anxiety; it's not about counting how many guys there are at your position. You go put your best foot forward and let the chips fall. Could be here, could be somewhere else. We want guys to do well."

Is it too early to say who will play on Saturday? You have not played many starters throughout the preseason, so does that impact what you do in the last game? (Jeff Zrebiec) _"Yes, you can extrapolate our plans. _(laughter)We've got it set up who is going to play and who's not, so we'll kind of just let it ride."

Did C Tyler Linderbaum practice in Arizona at all, or was today his first day back? _(Pete Gilbert) _"He practiced a little bit there. He had a little bit of individual work in Arizona, as well. That Friday practice, he was out there moving around a little bit. A little bit more today, and then we'll see for tomorrow."

We expected to see OLB David Ojabo moved to some status during the transactions so far. What is his status and is there something we're missing? (Jonas Shaffer) _"Not that I'm aware of. I'm going to take that up with [executive vice president & general manager] Eric [DeCosta]. That's a really good question. _(laughter)I'll see what he says. I'm sure that Eric has a timeline plan on that. I don't think that anything had to be done today."


On how valuable the reps he has gotten on defense and special teams have been:"I think really valuable. Last year in the last little stretch of the games, I really wasn't out there, just on special teams. So, just getting back to that feel. Playing special teams and defense feels good."

On RB J.K. Dobbins' recovery process:"J.K. [Dobbins], he had the injury before, so he knows what to do. He takes injuries seriously. His whole recovery, and rehab and everything, he just takes it like it's fourth-and-goal and he has to make it."

On what his goal is for this season:"Just anything to make the team better. Me, personally, it's just go out there and play my game. Just go out there and play football like how I did when I was younger – not thinking too much, and just going ahead and playing."

On if he has always loved making big hits and contact:"Yes, yes. I never shied away. I remember in high school, [my] coach and I had a little toss. I was quarterback, and I was like, 'Coach, let me just quick toss and let me be a lead blocker.' And he was like, 'Let's see.' So, I did it, and I was like a legit lead blocker, like a fullback just hitting people."

On where he thinks he has progressed the most as a linebacker and how he has taken to playing more special teams:"As a linebacker, just getting more comfortable playing all three positions, and on special teams, it's just getting better every time. Last year, I had a lot of tackles, but this year I'm trying to get more tackles on special teams, and still do the same thing on defense and do better."

On starting last year as a starter and having to bounce-back midseason:"It was tough, but I didn't let that effect how I played on special teams or anything. I would just sit back and just learn, and just do what I do on special teams."

On if there were any off-field highlights from the team's trip to Arizona:"Actually, where'd we go? What was that? (Reporter: "Steak 44")Steak 44. That steak was nice, I'm not going to lie. (laughter) I've been out there two times in college for playoffs, but I've never been to Steak 44, and everyone kept talking about it. So, it was good."

On who was the best rookie singer at team dinner in Arizona:"Who was the best? I'm going to say … A lot of them went. There's a lot of them. I can't really single one out."

On his comfort level playing on the outside and if that is something he likes to do:"Yes, I like to do it. At Ohio State, I played it a little bit, and then in high school I was playing on the edge a lot. So, I'm comfortable with it. It's natural to me."


On the transition from college to the NFL:"It hasn't changed much at all. I think this transition has been pretty easy. I feel like nothing has really changed, besides [that] I have a lot of really good coaches now – not that my coaches in college weren't great, but they didn't know how to coach punting; it was more like a scheme aspect." (laughter – Reporter: "You thought about that one.")"Yes, I covered that real quick."

On having special teams consultant and former Ravens punter Sam Koch on staff:"[Special teams consultant] Sam [Koch] is genius on the field. He really knows what he's doing. And the one big thing I want to say is me and Sam are very different punters, and every day I'm out there … Let's say I make a mistake, or I consistently make a mistake that he wouldn't have made, he never once says, 'Oh, well, if I was out there, I would be doing this.' He's always like, 'Hey Jordan, this is what you did; let's fix it next time.' He's not trying to turn me into him, which is unbelievable, and how good of a coach he is after player for 16 years is remarkable."

On if he's picked up on different punts to add to his arsenal:"Great question; I'm glad you asked. So, yes, he [special teams consultant Sam Koch] had several punts, and I've been working on a bunch individually, and I'm starting to pick up on a lot of them. Going into the season, [special teams coach] Randy [Brown] and I chalked it up; I think we're going to have about 16 punts we can use in different situations, so that's going to be pretty cool."

On his comfort level as the unit's holder:"I came in here thinking I was a really good holder, but I soon found out I was not. (laughter) So, just learning from Justin [Tucker], and especially Nick [Moore] and Sam [Koch], [special teams coach] Randy [Brown], I've gotten so much better, and now I think I'm a pretty good holder, but I think that's because of these guys and 'drinking from that fire hose.'"

On if he feels naturally acquainted to the Ravens special teams unit's attention to detail:"They do pay attention to detail, especially [special teams consultant] Sam [Koch], and being around him has helped me, because initially, I feel like I wasn't that way. I feel like I knew a few specific things I needed to do on punt, and I did them every time. But just really honing in on each individual thing that I'm doing every day – from being an inch further back on holding or being right on the line on punt … It's just all these little things.

"Shoutout Sam, shoutout [special teams coach] Randy [Brown] – the best guys out there."

On if he's envious of nicknames like "Punt God" [Bills P Matt Araiza] and if this is a rockstar NFL punter class:"Yes, I would say there absolutely is a rockstar punt class coming in, and Jake Camarda, the 'Punt God' [Matt Araiza], me and several more guys coming into the league this year are very talented, and it's going to be great competing this season."

On what he's learned from the footage and reels from the GoPro technology he occasionally wears at practice:"Yes, well, we talked about paying attention to detail, and that's how we're doing it. We're honing everything down to the miniscule point, to where … We looked at my fingers on my holds, and we noticed that they're like an inch off and just slightly back, and they should be up – little things like that. And that's why we're going to be great."

On how many different punts he had at his disposal last season at Penn State:"Not as many as I do now – that's for sure."

On his room for growth:"I'm absolutely, always trying to get better. I'm nowhere close to where I'm going to be in the future, and I think with the guys I have here at my disposal, my coaching, that each and every day I'm getting better. And to see … I'm excited to see where I'm going to be at the end of the year."

On how much confidence he's punting with right now:"A lot. (laughter) I think it has to be that way. If you're going to be one of those guys that are going out on Sundays, you have to have a lot of confidence, and I feel like that's a part of the game that … If you don't have confidence, you're not going to make it, so I feel like I go out there every day with a lot of confidence."

On if he brings punter swag the way Justin Tucker brings kicker swag:"Belly shirt – you getting that on camera? (laughter) No, I'm worried about going out there and punting the ball really well; I'm not worried about what I look like."

On how excited he is for the first fake punt opportunity:"I'm ready for it, I'm ready for it."

On how WR Raleigh Webb is handling FOX using a P Jordan Stout graphic for his TD reception on Sunday:"Oh yes, we talked about that a lot. (laughter) He was pretty upset. No, he laughed about it. He's putting together an Instagram post right now, trying to find a good caption about it." (laughter)

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