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Transcripts: Wednesday Availability: Week 4 vs. Cleveland

Head Coach John Harbaugh

Opening statement:"Good to see everybody; I appreciate you guys being here, and we're excited about the challenge. We're getting into a stretch of division games, starting with the Cleveland Browns at home. That's always very important. The division is where it starts. We know these teams. They know us, and Cleveland has done a great job. We've watched them on tape – very talented, very hard-playing football team, very physical, and it's going to be a heck of a matchup on Sunday."

It's the third straight week you've faced a young quarterback. We talk about how QB Lamar Jackson has evolved from Year One to Year Two. What are you seeing from QB Baker Mayfield in Year Two? (Todd Karpovich):"Same kind of thing – command of the offense. They've had a chance to really work on that offense and develop it, what they've wanted to do with him. They do many of the things that he does well. Obviously, that, I would say, seems to be a part of their plan, at least with the RPOs and the different movement things that they do and the run game. So, he's done a great job. He's a threat, he moves around in the pocket and makes plays extended quite a bit. Those are the types of things that challenge a defense, and he's pretty hard to get in the pocket. He's pretty slippery and does a great job of avoiding sacks and things like that, so those are things we'll have to contend with."

QB Lamar Jackson is having a pretty good stretch dating back to last year of not throwing any interceptions, which is kind of unusual for a young quarterback. What do you think is the key for him not throwing picks? (Jamison Hensley) _"Is that something we're allowed to talk about. Really?" _(Kevin Byrne, Ravens EVP of PR & CR: "That's like a no-hitter in baseball.")"Yeah, I don't know if you're allowed to talk about stuff like that. (laughter)But, he's doing a good job. It's not just the one specific thing; I think all the things. He's playing the position really well. He's operating the offense really well, and he's a competitor. He wants to do things better, and that's how you get better. So, I'm really pleased with him, and really, the focus is just on Sunday and playing the best we can Sunday afternoon."

What about DE Myles Garrett? Do you see T Ronnie Stanley and T Orlando Brown Jr. handling him by themselves? Or do you see backs and tight ends helping out? _(Kirk McEwen) _"Probably every way. I'm very confident those guys can block anybody on their own. Ronnie [Stanley] and Myles [Garrett] have played each other in the past, so they've gone against each other. Orlando [Brown Jr.], too, a little bit less, but he has. But, going against the best pass rushers, you're always going to use whatever tools you can. How you organize protections and things like that to stop guys … But it's not just him. They have a pretty good player on the other side over there, who they got in a big acquisition from the Giants with [DE Olivier] Vernon, so I just think we're going to have to really be conscious of their whole front four. The inside guys can rush, as well. It's the strength of their team; that's their best group. And they play really hard, and they're very physical. Our offensive line and our tight ends are going to have to be up for it, and our backs"

Have you seen T Ronnie Stanley take steps forward this year? _(Aaron Kasinitz) _"He's playing well. Ronnie is playing well. He's playing at a very high level. He's playing at a top level. He's had a really good three games so far, and I expect him to keep getting better. He works really hard. He works hard in the weight room, he works hard in the meeting room, and he works hard on the practice fields. So, that's all you can ask for of any player, but he's a young player. I do think he's continuing to improve every week throughout the last three years, really, so I expect that to continue."

You talked about not giving up big plays on defense. You've seen WR Odell Beckham Jr. before, but not with these guys. Can you talk about the challenge of dealing with him and WR Jarvis Landry on the other side? _(Cliff Brown) _"Those are two top-level receivers, two Pro Bowl guys. And they've done it for quite a long period of time, so they know what they're doing. They're going to always try to find those guys. Baker [Mayfield] is going to try to find those guys. They're going to try to free them up on routes. It's not just those two guys, either. They've got some other talented players. [Nick] Chubb comes to mind, obviously, and their other receivers. They'll get [Rashard] Higgins back, so they've got plenty of good players."

RB Mark Ingram II has been pretty solid. What does he add to the offense? And how pleased are you with the fact that he's caught a few passes, ran for touchdowns, done everything, really? _(David Ginsburg) _"We had high expectations coming in for Mark [Ingram II]. He was a target for us in free agency, and he came here. And he was excited to be here. He's been a great leader, too. All the things you mentioned in terms of how he's playing, but he's also doing it as a leader and a mentor. Just the way he plays provides leadership, because it shows guys how hard and how physical you can play. So, yes, we're just very happy with Mark Ingram."

Are you happy with the way the offensive line has come together in general? Aside from the Miami game, basically the same five guys have been together on every snap. _(Childs Walker) _"Very happy. They're playing well, but then again, you look at that and you say, 'Well, we've got a big challenge in front of us now with the Browns.' This will be the best defensive front we've played yet, I'd say, by a long way. This is one of the best defensive lines in football, so let's just focus on Sunday."

You talked about the young edge rushers and also how sometimes they didn't set the edge against the run well enough when there were runs to the outside. With those young guys, what's the key for them in terms of setting an edge? What goes into that from a technique standpoint? _(Bo Smolka) _"There are techniques involved. There are different defenses, different alignments and how we play those techniques, but you have to be strong. You have to deliver a blow. You have to control them with your hands, the blocker. You have to maintain some separation so you can get off a block and go make a play if it bounces. So, those are things that those guys work really hard on every day. But sometimes you get out of sync a little bit, and you think you see something you don't see. You misread the blocking scheme a little bit and try to jump in somewhere where you shouldn't necessarily be, and I think that's where the young guys usually make a mistake. It's not as much physically, usually, as it is mental."

You talked Monday about the analytics part of the job. Is it tough to be aggressive when maybe you don't have positive feedback from making those decisions, even when statistically they do give you guys the best chance to win? _(Jonas Shaffer) _"I just think it's game specific. It's not really anything other than trying to do whatever you can do to win the game, and we spend a lot of time in everything we do, whether it's that part of it, game-planning, how we practice, drills that we decide to use, plays that we decide, strategies that we decide to pursue, personnel, coaching staff decisions – all of it – a lot goes into it. So, when it's time to pull the trigger, you pull the trigger and make a decision that you believe is going to give you the best opportunity to win the game or to build the best team that you can. The team comes first in every choice, and you're trying to win the game and be the best team you can be. So, it falls right in that category with everything else. I wouldn't say it's hard in that sense. You just have to decide if you think you have a good chance to be successful with it."

OLB Matthew Judon has had five 15-yard penalties since last year. Do you worry that he might be getting a reputation a little, and he might be losing the benefit of the doubt with the officials on some of the stuff – hits on quarterbacks or hits near the sideline? _(Jeff Zrebiec) _"I have my thoughts on it, which I share with him. Those are things that you just have to make wise choices on. They call them the way they call them, and they're pretty consistent with how they call them. So, we've got to be consistent with how we play all those kinds of plays."

Is that a difficult kind of thing to coach, to tell a player what is and what isn't? _(Nestor Aparicio) _"No. It's straightforward."

RB Mark Ingram II

On what his experience has been like in Baltimore: "It's been great. Like I've said numerous times, [it is] just a testament to my teammates, the organization. It's been a seamless transition, and it just has a lot to do with the people here."

On what it is about the Ravens' offense that best fits his running style: "I think we just run it well. We're playing well. The offensive line is blocking great. Receivers downfield [are] blocking great. Pat [Ricard], all the tight ends, they're doing a great job. We're scheming up a lot of different runs, and I've just been able to run. They're giving me some space, and [we have been] able to break some tackles and make some things happen."

On what went through his head, in terms of playing AFC football when he signed with the Ravens:"Physical. Having to play the AFC North, the reputation is just physical, tough football. You know that you're going to have to be physical and be tough when you play AFC North teams, so that's the perception I had of the AFC North."

On if the AFC North's reputation was a reason why he wanted to play in the division:"I think the Ravens wanted me, and I wanted to be here. That's just kind of how it worked out."

On the eight or nine run plays on the first drive coming out of halftime last week at Kansas City, and if that was a message that he wanted to play more physically: "We felt like we were having success running the football, and we felt like we needed to still run the football in order to get back into the game. So, we were having a lot of success, and we felt like that was a staple of what we do. Everything else we do is kind of complementary of our run game and our play-action and all of that, so we just kind of wanted to get back to what we do."

On his mindset when he takes on first contact: "Just to keep going. Since Little League, you never want to let the first guy tackle you, and you just always have to, kind of, earn some yards and make some plays on your own, because there are 11 guys on the field. If guys block 10 of them, you have to make some guy miss or just be able to create extra yardage. That's what you have to do as a running back."

On if he prefers making a guy miss or running over a guy: "I prefer to make them miss or run away from them. (laughter) That's my priority. But sometimes, running in between the tackles, it's inevitable to have contact and have to run through somebody. Every play is different, and you just kind of approach it like that and whatever. If I have to juke somebody, that's what it is. If I have to run away from somebody, that's what it is. If I have to run through somebody, then that's what it is."

On if he got pumped up seeing RB Gus Edwards get rolling against Kansas City, and how much the backs feed off each other when things are going well:"Man, that was awesome. We probably would have had two [backs] over 100 [yards] if they hadn't taken away his run. Gus has been doing a great job all offseason of preparing and just getting better and improving. Just to see him go in there, be able to have some success and make some key runs for us, some key blocks, have some catches out of the backfield – that's huge. That's what we are. Our unit is strong. Justice [Hill], we're going to get him going, too, coming out of the backfield, running the ball. We have a great room, and if we're all playing at a high level, then it just makes it difficult for teams to defend us."

On what goes through his head after hearing all offseason that the Browns are the team to beat in the AFC North: "That's just kind of the narrative the media created. You have to play football at the end of the day. You could have as many players as you want to on paper, but if the guys don't mesh and they don't communicate well, they don't play well together, it really doesn't mean anything. We're going to have to see them twice, so that's why you line up and kick it off. That's why you line up and play football, to settle the score."

On how satisfying it has been to take advantage of a leadership role in Baltimore:"I feel like I have a lot more in the tank, so I just have to continue to improve, continue to do better. And like I said, with my line and the receivers and the tight ends and the fullback, they've done a great job of just creating movement and creating space for me to be able to run and make some things happen. There's sometimes a run or two that I wish I could have back, and maybe I'd have more yards. It's just always trying to improve, always trying to get better, and not being satisfied or complacent, but just trying to find little ways to improve and get better so we can, essentially, be champions and win games and make plays."

On if he ever feels surprised by some of QB Lamar Jackson's moves as a runner: "He's wild, man. He's amazing. I don't think there is anything like him in the league, as far as just extending plays and being able to juke defenders. He's special. Sometimes he's scrambling, and we're all out there like, 'Do we block? Do we try to get open?' You're trying to be there for him, but he's just doing crazy stuff. That's just why he's a special player. He can extend plays and buy time for us to get open, receivers to get open, or him take off and run at the last resort and juke people, spin around people, make people fall. That's what he does."

On if he sometimes has to catch himself from just sitting back and watching the show when QB Lamar Jackson starts to make plays: "You see him kind of break out of some crazy pile of people that you don't know how he got out of. Then, you don't know where he's going, so you're like, 'Do I need to get open? Try to give him a place to throw? Do I need to block, because he looks like he's about to run full-speed down the field?' We all have to get on the same page, because those scramble plays could be huge for us. That's a point of emphasis for us. We all have to get better at making ourselves available for him. My coach in my running back room, Coach [Matt] Weiss, he always harps on us to try to be available for Lamar [Jackson] when he's scrambling, because we could have huge plays from that. He's special at making that happen. You have to try not to watch his amazing abilities, but be able to help him create using his amazing abilities."

On if he consciously tries to be a leader or if that comes naturally to him: "I don't try to be anybody I'm not or do anything that I wouldn't do. I just be myself, try to be a good person, a good teammate. I think my leadership that people say, it just comes from the guys around me saying that. I don't ever really promote myself like that, and I appreciate that they feel, think of me like that. I just try to be the best person, the best teammate I could be, and be a great person."

On how he's seen this team respond in the locker room when things don't go well:"I feel like guys have come back and are focused. We've had some good meetings today, and as an offense, when we were out at walk-through, I saw some of the defense out there at walk-through. So, we're just focused in on the next task, and that's the Browns. We have to find ways to improve every day, find ways to learn our opponent, and just know them in and out so when we play Sunday, we can play fast, play physical, and not have to think. And hopefully, [we can] come out with a win and keep winning."

QB Lamar Jackson

On what has impressed him about RB Mark Ingram II so far:"Nothing has impressed me. I've been seeing him do it since college. That's why he was the Heisman winner. He was doing that at the Saints. He's doing it here. The way he runs the ball, he still looks young like a rookie, kind of, with fresh legs. He's very explosive, quick. He's got agility to make people miss. He's all you want in a back. He can block. He can do it all."

On what having a long scoring drive with mostly run plays can do for the team:"It just gives us a boost. We know we've got a great offensive line. We know we've got great backs. They run the ball, [they're] elusive. We just have to give them the ball earlier. That's all, and we're off and running."

On the key to not throwing interceptions:"Keeping the ball in our hands, trying to score points, keeping it out of the opponents' hands. That's my job. I'm not trying to throw any interceptions. Don't jinx me though. I don't want to get jinxed." (laughter)

On what was going through his mind during his rushing touchdown in the fourth quarter at Kansas City:"I know we need a touchdown. I only could run it. There was no one open. I had to make him miss. I'm one-on-one. I like my chances over anyone one-on-one, and I just made a good play and scored a touchdown. Put points on the board to help us go out again. We didn't [get another chance], but we put points on the board."

On if he ever goes back to watch the replay of his runs and if he's ever impressed:"Probably to see if I could have made it easier. Yeah, I'll watch it, but other than that I just let it be."

On what goes through his mind when he realizes the offense is going for it on fourth down:"We have to get that first down. Our coach believes in us. Our defense believes in us. Our job is to do it – convert."

On the first drive of the game when he made an arm gesture to TE Mark Andrews on the fourth down run:"I was telling Mark [Andrews], 'I can't throw it.' I was like, 'I'm past the line of scrimmage.' I was kind of talking to him at the same time, but not really saying anything, just arms gesturing. But I got the first down."

On how much he works with his teammates when it comes to plays where he gets outside of the pocket:"I feel like I didn't do a great job of it in practice. Sometimes I'll just tell coach, 'I'll wait until gameday. If I have to get out of the pocket, we'll go from there.' But it starts on the practice field, and we're going to practice it, try to execute it better, and we'll be on the same page. It starts with me. That's my fault."

On if he has a call to let his teammates know if he's going to pass or run:"No, we're playing a game. (laughter)We're playing a game. We have to go. The defense is coming. Those guys are fast out there. You have to make your mind up and go."

On if there's any added significance to this Browns game knowing that throughout this offseason, people were saying the Browns are the team to beat in this division:"We're just focused on ourselves. We just came to the week of the Browns, and this week is the Browns. So, that's our focus, and we just do us."

On what he thought about all the hype the Browns received this offseason:"I didn't care. I'm just worried about the Ravens. I don't really care about other teams. I don't, so I really didn't care at all. And, they're supposed to hype themselves up. We're going to hype ourselves up. We're just not going to do it out of the ordinary."

On if he has improved as a runner in his second season"I don't know. I don't know." (laughter) (Reporter: "It's just a natural thing?")"Yes, that's why I'm here. When the time comes, take advantage of it. If not, just sit back and pass."

On what quarterbacks he watched and identified with growing up:"Michael Vick. I watched Tom Brady, Peyton Manning – I watched them all growing up – Drew Brees. I just tried to take anything from their games that helped them succeed and tried to help myself out on the youth football field."

On his thoughts about QB Baker Mayfield:"I feel he's a great quarterback. He went No. 1 in the draft for a reason. That's all I can say. He's a cool guy outside of the field, too. I talk to him off the field, as well. I've seen him out a couple times. He's a cool guy."

On if TE Mark Andrews and WR Marquise Brown talk about QB Baker Mayfield a lot:"No, we're worried about ourselves. We don't worry about other teams."

On if he has a greater appreciation for Oklahoma football now that he's teammates with TE Mark Andrews, WR Marquise Brown and T Orlando Brown Jr.:"Yes, I see why they were so good. Guys are fast. They can do it all, man. I'm glad they're on my team."

On the passes that he missed in the Kansas City game:"Those were just bad passes, bad passes." (Reporter: "How do you fix that?")"Throw an accurate ball, a catchable ball for my receivers – not overthrowing them. When I watched film, I was mad. I was cussing. I was. You can ask Coach 'Urb' [quarterbacks coach James Urban]. I was. I was mad. I want those back. I feel like the game would have been different."

On why he enjoys passing more than running the ball:"I hate running. Only if I have to, but my job is to get the ball to the receivers, the tight ends, running backs. If I have to run, I'll do it, but I'd rather just sit back and pass it. I like throwing touchdowns instead of running them."

On what it says about this offense with having so many young guys contributing and thriving: "We just want to work. We just want to be great. We want to win. We just put it all on the line. We want to go places, so we're all a unit. We're all one. We've just got to keep going."

On if he feels like the young guys are foundational to the future of the Ravens:"Yeah, but we can't peak too early. We're just building now. Three games in, we've just got to keep moving forward."

On the significance of taking on AFC North opponents in each of the next three weeks:"Start with the Browns. Just play our ball, come out on top with a victory. That's all."

On if there is any added importance to divisional games:"Play ball."

OLB Matthew Judon

On how he expects, or hopes, to react from a loss at KC:"How we do every time: We get better. We bind closer. It helps, losing early to a team like that. You find ways you can get better. You go and improve on those little things that you had let slide."

On how he has seen this locker room respond when things don't go the right way:"We have a group of fighters in here. There are a lot of guys that were overlooked during the draft process, a lot of guys who are overlooked when their contracts come up. And we just go to work. We put our head down, go to work, put our helmets back on, and we're always up for a challenge, up for a party."

On his thoughts on officiating calls for quarterback hits and penalties he's incurred: "It's hard to be an official. The game is played at a different speed than the eye can catch, and I'm not there doing the job. They're doing a great job. Sometimes, I get the call. Sometimes, I don't get the call. I just have to be better at that. I have to know how they're officiating the game, and I have to know where and when I can hit the quarterback and the strike zone and all that. It's a lot of onus on me, and I take full responsibility. I have to do better for my team to win games."

On if it's a fine line of whether he plays hard versus whether he gets after the quarterback, or being himself and playing like he wants versus being cautious: "I'm not going to play cautious. I'm not going to think out there. But I just have to understand. Being aware is different than playing cautious."

S Earl Thomas III

On what stands out to him when he sees film of Browns QB Baker Mayfield: "With this offense, RPO, for their quick game, they're going to try to run the ball, as well. We know they have two playmakers at receiver. That's pretty much it so far."

On what the Ravens' defense needs to clean up to avoid allowing opposing teams to make big plays: "We just have to be on the same page. We can't be thinking different things versus concepts that we need to stop. The communication wasn't there, and that's what we need to continue to work on. If you remember, going back to that [83-yard TD ]play [by Kansas City], Marlon [Humphrey] was out. So, that was a glaring example, for me … When young guys come in, or guys that aren't usually in those spots come in, we definitely have to get them up to speed and communicate, and make sure they know what's going on, as well."

On what he is expecting from his first AFC North game:"I'm expecting a dog fight, man. In the NFL, it's always hard to win, but I'm expecting us to put out some good tape, correct our mistakes from last week, and see where that leaves us at the end of the game."

On if he sensed that his teammates were bothered by the attention the Browns were receiving this offseason because the Ravens won the AFC North last year: "We have a lot of free time, and in the media, they're talking about OBJ [Odell Beckham Jr.] and that tandem, and Baker Mayfield, the next savior. He had a hot start. And then, to add on to that, Coach 'Harbs' [John Harbaugh] talked about it a couple of times in meetings. So, guys kind of got tired of it."

On how he would grade his play through the first three weeks of the season and where he needs to improve: "I feel like I played pretty solid. The split-safety stuff, I'm still getting used to that. Being in 'zero' and in crucial situations, I'm still getting used to that. But with practice, I think I'll get the hang of it."

On what the Ravens' defense has to worry the most about with Browns WR Odell Beckham Jr.: "I think OBJ [Odell Beckham Jr.] is a great player. He's going to make his plays. We just have to limit his production."

On what he's seen from QB Baker Mayfield so far this year: "So far, I've seen a guy that can extend plays, and that's very hard on us as DBs. Again, another week, we play another gunslinger. We definitely have to be on our player-stops, because it's tough to be covering when he escapes the pocket, and also when he has all day to throw. We have to be on our stuff."

On if the Browns will come into this game with a lot to prove:"Definitely, especially because it's a division game. When you want to go to the playoffs, you definitely have to own your division. This game is very important for both organizations."

On the message in team meetings around the discussion about the hype the Browns have been receiving:"He [John Harbaugh] was just talking about what it looked like on paper, and guys heard that. Basically, it sounds good, but we'll see."

DT Brandon Williams

On if this game has a different feel for him in that it's for the division lead: "It's a divisional game. All of them, we have to win. All of them, we have to bring it every Sunday. This is the first step to being the kings of the North. We have to keep that title."

On if there is any added significance going against the Browns after they were a preseason favorite: "No, they're the Browns, we're the Ravens, and we're going to play on Sunday. Whoever is the best is going to win, and that's what's going to happen. We're going to prepare like we're ready to win."

On if he felt support from fans after the KC loss on Sunday: "The people I've seen, they said 'good game' and all that stuff. They can say it. How I feel is different, and I want to get that feeling away. So, the only way we can do that is winning on Sunday."

On how disappointed he was in allowing 140 rushing yards against the Chiefs and what the Chiefs did to give the run defense such an issue: "We hang our hat on stopping the run – definitely, me. I feel like they got some good runs on the edge. Obviously, they use their screens like runs. We have to attack those better. They were hitting our edges, so we just have to clean up a bunch of stuff. There's a bunch of work we have to do today to clean it up, just make sure we get ready for Sunday."

On if it is any more of a challenge to play against a team that has its back against the wall starting 1-2: "No, Cleveland always plays us pretty hard. They always give us everything they've got, given the history. We're just ready for a battle on Sunday. The biggest thing we have to do is come out today, fix the errors and execute plays."

On if Browns RB Nick Chubb leading the league in broken tackles is something they talk about:"No. We're a tackling defense. We swarm. We run to the ball. Tackling is not an issue, so let's not talk about it."

On how he's seen DT Michael Pierce grow and what role he played with him this summer:"I had full trust in him this summer. I knew he was going to get back to where he was supposed to be. He's a big guy. We love to eat. You know how it is. (laughter)I understand it. He buckled down and got to where he needed to be. Like I said, I had no, really, worry about that for him, because he knew what he had to do. He knows this is his job, and he knows where he's trying to get to after the season is over. So, I just told him, 'Hey, let's go make some money.' He said, 'OK.' And you see where he is now."

On his take on the hype around the Browns given that the Ravens won the AFC North last year: "It's just what it is. It's hype. You can't really buy into it. You really don't know what a team is until you see them on Sunday. So, once somebody gets hit in the mouth, what's the plan then?"


(Conference Call with Baltimore Media)

There's a lot of attention on QB Lamar Jackson vs. QB Baker Mayfield. What are the traits you see in both that have made them so successful early in their careers? _(Jonas Shaffer) _"I think the No. 1 thing you have to look at is competitiveness. Both of them show that on an every-play basis, always trying to keep plays alive and never giving up, and that's the first thing that stands out. And then just their pure ability. I think Lamar [Jackson] has made some strides and is throwing the ball well, which I know those guys put a lot of time into that, and he certainly has. It's evident on film. And of course, everybody knows how gifted he is as a runner. So, he presents tremendous challenges for us as a defense, and we've got our work cut out for us."

Does this game have a different feel, as it's pretty much for the division lead with two teams right at the top of the AFC North? _(David Ginsburg) _"Well, definitely, but Baltimore has kind of been in the mix every year for so long, and they're the defending champs. So, until somebody beats them, that's what it is, and this game doesn't make or break anybody's season. It's just the next game for us, and that's the way we've got to treat it. And I'm pretty sure that's how they're treating it as well. And of course, it's a division game, and division games carry more weight. And our No. 1 goal has always been to just win the division, just as I'm sure Coach [John] Harbaugh's is, too."

Your secondary played really well on Sunday night despite the fact that it was banged up. How's that looking going forward. Do you expect to get a couple of those guys back? _(Jeff Zrebiec): _"It's kind of a day-to-day thing with several of these guys. We got Damarious Randall back today. He cleared protocol, so he's back. As the other guys go, it's just kind of day-to-day. We'll just wait and see at the end of the week."

What do you see is the difference between last year's Ravens defense and the one you're preparing for this week? _(Aaron Kasinitz) _"They're similar in a lot of ways. 'Wink' [Don Martindale] does a good job there from the standpoint of planning a good gameplan against whoever he's playing. So, he'll have those guys playing hard and fast like they always do, and I don't see any difference from that standpoint at all."

What's it like for you to have a bunch of young guys stepping up on and off the field in leadership roles? _(Daniel Oyefusi) _"You kind of have to create an environment where those guys are allowed to lead, and their personalities tend to come out in those instances where they can be their best. So, that's what we try to create here, and I think we've done a pretty decent job of it. They just have to understand you always strive to be yourself but never hurt the team. Those guys are doing a good job of that."

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