Transcripts: Wednesday Availability: Week 9 vs. New England

Head Coach John Harbaugh

Opening statement: "Good to see everybody; I appreciate you guys all being here. Sounds like we had a party going on out here. (laughter)Everybody is talking and enjoying themselves. Great day, right? An opportunity to get back to football. We're excited about it – practice and meetings and that sort of thing, and we're looking forward to Sunday. All of our attention and all of our focus and efforts are on preparing for this game."

The Patriots have a lot of sacks. Has that come from blitzing a lot, or do they just come with four guys and win one-on-one matchups? What do you see? (Mike Preston) "A little bit of everything. They're playing at a really high level, really, across the board, all three phases. Defensively, [they are] right at the top of all that. The stats speak to that. They have a lot of very good players who are very well coached playing at a very high level. It starts with Coach [Bill] Belichick and what they've built there. So, as far as the sack part, to your question, that's kind of an offshoot of that. They do it with four-man rush. They do it with three-man rush. They do it with simulated pressures. They do it blitzing at times, too. They're a big zero blitz team. They probably all-out blitz more than everybody, but even that's not always an all-out blitz. They'll have designated droppers, or they'll have droppers based on the protection. They just do a really good job with it. They are guys that know how to play, and it's showing up in stats like sacks and interceptions and their overall defense."

Is that good for QB Lamar Jackson if he gets through? (Mike Preston)"That's a concern. For us on defense, I know we worry … You don't worry about it, but a factor is the ability to defend a scramble when you're playing man coverage or you're blitzing guys and you crack that first layer."

You've had some great battles with the Patriots and Bill Belichick over the years. It's kind of a broad question, but what do you think of Belichick as a coach? What jumps out at you when you think of him as a coach? (Jamison Hensley)"He's the best in the business. Coach [Bill] Belichick is a guy that I've had a lot of admiration for all the way back to when I met him at the University of Cincinnati. I was in Cincinnati – this must have been early 90s, maybe, when he was the head coach of the Browns. He came down and scouted some of our players. We had five or six prospects. As a matter of fact, [Ravens defensive backs coach] Chris Hewitt was one of the prospects at the time, who is now our secondary coach. He played in the league for quite a while. Coach Belichick was looking at those guys, and he wanted to know what we thought of them. Ever since then, he's just a guy that I've admired much. I try to study what they do, try to understand why they do things. That's something if you're in this league and you're a coach at any level, especially a head coach, you sure as heck should be looking at what he does and trying to figure out why he does it so well, because nobody has ever done it better. I have a lot of respect for him."

Does that mean that this is not just another game? _(Bill Rhoden) _"Well, it's not another game. Every game is important. We talked about this Monday a little bit. Every game is exciting. You have 16 of these. It's all you get, and they all count. They all matter a lot, but you have an opportunity to play the team that won the championship last year that is 8-0 this year and that is at pretty much the top of every statistical category and that looks great on tape and all of America respects this team. So, we're excited for the opportunity to go out there and do our best."

Do you take any comfort in knowing that you've done well against Bill Belichick over the years? (Kirk McEwen)"I don't know. What's 'well?' We've won a few games. They've won more. (laughter)As I recall it, last time we played, they won."

The Patriots are a team that crafts a new defensive gameplan every week. So when you're preparing for that, is it better to try to determine what you think they're going to do, or do you have to prepare for anything? Is there a balance between figuring out your best guess as to what they're going to do and also being ready for potentially anything? (Adam Kilgore)"Right, I mean, yes, you have to do both things. You only get so many reps in practice, so what you choose to draw on the card and put in front of your guys has to be your best estimate that's going to give you the best chance to carry it forward into Sunday. So, that's part of what you do, but you also have to understand the way you develop a gameplan is in such a way that you're prepared for whatever might happen. That's really kind of ... Our systems are built so that we can adapt on Sunday. We think that's very important. We always have. We've gotten it to a different level this year that way in a positive way, but once the game starts, you have to go out and play and adapt and adjust. Anything that any team does is going to be NFL scheme. It's going to be Xs and Os. It's not going to be anything we've never seen before. It's just a matter of whether we're prepared to handle it in that moment."

In your last game at Seattle, the big storyline was QB Lamar Jackson asking to go for it on fourth down. But on a larger scale, have you seen him be more comfortable with voicing his opinion about stuff like that but also gameplans and that sort of thing? (Aaron Kasinitz)"I don't know. He's always kind of the same. He always voices his opinion. He'll tell you what he thinks, if you ask him, especially. There in the room with [quarterbacks coach] James Urban, they're always talking back and forth, so it's not like Lamar [Jackson] is a shrinking violet. He definitely tells you what he likes or what he doesn't like. There's communication all the time."

You talked about QB Tom Brady on Monday. Are you somewhat amazed at how well he's doing at that age and how long he's done it so consistently? (David Ginsburg)"I am. I know how I feel, (laughter)especially my right knee. But he's a little younger, you know? It's incredible. He's doing something that nobody has ever done. Is there another quarterback that's played at this stage? And then to play at the level he's playing at, it's, obviously, very admirable. And he's a Michigan guy, so what else would you expect?"

You mentioned the coverages and blitzes that the Patriots like to do. How can WR Marquise Brown make them less aggressive than they've been? _(Andrew Gillis) _"With regards to that, I don't think they're going to be any less aggressive. They'll decide what they want to do and when they want to do it. They're going to do what they do regardless of who's on the field on the other side. They'll match it up appropriately. They're always in a matchup-type of system on both sides, so all of our guys have to be on point for that or any other scheme that we're going to get. 'Hollywood' [WR Marquise Brown] no less than any of the other guys, and there's an opportunity that goes with that or with anything that you see on the other side to try to take advantage of it."

The Patriots' offense is sort of built on timing and QB Tom Brady's quick release. He's so hard to sack. Do you try to get their receivers out of sorts and mess up that timing as opposed to blitzing Brady? (Todd Karpovich)"I think both, yes. It's all part of it. Yes, you don't want them to just be able to operate as if they were playing on air. Just watch their defense. They're very disruptive inside of five yards. They're very physical, and they get their hands on you. So, that's part of it. You don't want the offense to operate within its own rhythm and tempo, and you do the best you can to disrupt that, to your point, absolutely."

The Patriots have other passers other than QB Tom Brady. Whether it be WR Julian Edelman and WR Mohamed Sanu, they both have shown the ability to hit big plays there. How much does that weigh on you in the back of your mind knowing that they have those kind of capabilities? (Pete Gilbert)"Yes, they have a lot of weapons. They play three different running backs, even four different running backs if Rex [Burkhead] is available. They all contribute in different ways. They all have their roles. They do a great job of putting guys in roles – offense, defense, special teams – regarding the things they do well. They put guys in position to do the things that they do well, and then they try to hide them a little bit with the motions and formations and things like that. But they have a lot of guys they can go to, and they're not going to go to a player, per se. They're going to go to a player that gives them the best chance to make the play based on what the defense is giving them, and that's kind of what Tom Brady has been so good at."

What are some of the things the Patriots are doing this year that has led to such a dramatic rise in forcing turnovers? (Cliff Brown)"That's a good question, probably for Coach [Bill] Belichick. They've done it. I know that. I know that the turnovers have been [there] – the interceptions, especially – but also the caused fumbles. They had the long run last week where they just pursued. It's just good football. You don't give anything up. You chase the ball down, and then they punch the ball out late, and they got the ball back after a big run. The interceptions have been remarkable, especially with pressure. They've forced quarterbacks into throwing the ball up a little bit, and they have guys that know how to make plays on the ball. It's just good football, in my mind. I don't think it's anything that's new to football. They're just doing it at a really high level."

Bill Belichick mentioned yesterday that he has some familiarity with offensive coordinator Greg Roman from his days in San Francisco and Buffalo, as well. How similar or different is your offense compared to those ones? Has it evolved a whole lot? (Jonas Shaffer)"I don't know. You know I'm not going to compare. I can't compare. That's the last thing I'm thinking about."

WR Marquise Brown

On how excited he is to get back to work: "[I'm] very excited, just to keep progressing every day and getting better."

On how tough it was the past few weeks not being out there:"It's very tough, just to sit and watch after sitting and watching since I've been here. It's tough, but I have good teammates and good people around me."

On if he's excited to return for a game against the Patriots in primetime: "Yes, it's going to be a big game, big moments, and it's something to look forward to."

On if he feels 100 percent at this point: "I'm just progressing day by day, and I'm just getting better."

On what kind of atmosphere he expects at M&T Bank Stadium on Sunday: "I don't know what to expect. It's going to be my first Sunday night game, so however it is, I'm going to embrace it."

On what stands out to him on film about the Patriots' defense:"That they are a fast defense. They make a ton of plays, and they're always in the right spots."

On what he can re-add to the offense now that he's back:"I'm just going to bring a lot of speed, try to stretch the field, make plays when I get the ball in my hands and open things up for everybody else."

On if he expects to play on Sunday: "We're taking it day by day. I want to be out there, so hopefully I can."

QB Lamar Jackson

On if there is a level of excitement for him going up against the Patriots for the first time: "Yes, [but] I'm just looking at it like any other game to prepare for. I'm getting ready to pull [out] another victory at M&T Bank Stadium."

On what he's seen from the New England defense that makes it so good:"They're just fundamentally sound. [They have] a lot of veterans on the defense. They play the ball, all 11 at the ball at all times that I've seen on film. That's how they're getting so many turnovers, it looks like. We're just going to have to play ball."

On QB Tom Brady being the G.O.A.T.:"Tom Brady is definitely the one at the top." (Reporter: "He's the G.O.A.T of all G.O.A.T.s?)"Definitely, definitely. He has six Super Bowls. He's definitely the G.O.A.T., definitely."

On if it's significant to him go be going up against QB Tom Brady and the Patriots:"It is just because I'm going against … I'm not going against [Tom] Brady, because I'm not playing against him, actually. The defense is. But to get a win versus him, it would be pretty cool, so I'm going in there trying to win."

On if playing against the New England defense is a different challenge because it varies its scheme so much from week to week:"No, not really. Like I said before, I'm preparing for the Patriots just like any other team."

On if the last 12 months since he took over for QB Joe Flacco have gone the way he thought they would go and on what stands out about the last year:"I don't know. I really didn't think about it. I didn't really care about that, to be honest. I'm just trying to win. That's why I'm here. I'm trying to build. I'm trying to be better than I was last year. We're trying to pull another division [title], trying to get to the Super Bowl. So yes, [we're] trying to be better."

On what he admires about QB Tom Brady and his game:"He's just so cool. In the pocket when he drops back, he looks so smooth, like he's not even dropping. It looks like he's really just standing there just waiting on stuff to happen, and [he] just picks the defense a part. A great quarterback, yes."

On what he did during the bye week:"I got away from football, but I didn't. I went to Louisville. I watched my old team, and they beat Virginia, a ranked team at home [on] homecoming. I was pumped. I went home. Maybe, actually, I was tired a little bit, but I was pumped when they won." 

On if he feels more comfortable being a leader now than during his first game as a starter a year ago:"I just feel a lot [more] comfortable just being in my second year. I learned so much during the offseason [and] prepared for moments like this. I just want to win. Just being better than last year, I had to do that. They'll still be still saying I'm a rookie."

On what it means to him to be starting this game in primetime:"It really doesn't mean anything. I just want to win. I'm going to war with my boys. Let's get it."

On if he got the haircut for primetime:"No, I didn't. I was just tired of it. [It was] just everywhere."

On what it means getting WR Marquise Brown back and what he brings:"Yes, we got a lot of speed back for sure, great route-running. We already had that with other guys, but I'd say he's probably one of the fastest, probably the fastest, receiver we have. But we needed him back for a game like this, and it's good to have him back."

On what jumps out to him about this Patriots defense:"Like I said before, they're veterans. They all run to the ball. Like I said, [they're] fundamentally sound. We just have to go play. Everything sticks out: defensive line, front seven, the secondary. The secondary is where it's at. They have what, 19 interceptions? That's crazy [in] nine games, eight games."

On how much ball security is being stressed this week given the number of turnovers the Patriots have forced:"Ball security is always stressed, no matter how or who we're playing. In the league, everyone is trying to punch the ball out, trying to get turnovers. We just have to do our thing and protect the ball."

On if he would have approached John Harbaugh about going for it on fourth down a year ago as a rookie or if that's something he's grown into, like he did at Seattle:"I probably wouldn't have done it last year. There probably were moments we could have went for it last year, and I was just jogging off the field; I was like, 'Dang, we'll just get it next drive.' Not like I'm not competitive, but it was just different [at Seattle]. I'm a lot [more] comfortable now than I was last year."

On what changed to make him more comfortable:"Like I said, I'm much [more] comfortable. That's all. Nothing much has changed."

On what it means to him to have WR Willie Snead IV signed for another year:"That's awesome. I'm happy. When I saw that, what is it – one year, $6 million?" (Reporter: "Yes.")"I told him I need a little something off that. (laughter) But I was happy to have him back. He works so hard. You can see it out here at practice. It's just like – each and every day we're out here trying to grind, and he turns it into a game. And he's very competitive. We just need to get him the ball more."

On if he expects the Patriots to focus on taking away his ability to run the ball on Sunday night:"I'll have to see when we get out there, but I'm still going to play ball at the end of the day. We're going to play ball here. We don't really care about what everybody else is doing."

On if he'll welcome the opportunity to pass like he did against the Miami Dolphins:"Absolutely. We take advantage of what the defense gives us. If they give us the opportunity to pass, we're going to do that. If they give us the opportunity to run, we're going to do that and take advantage."

On if his ability to both run and pass makes it harder for the Patriots to disguise their defensive looks:"I don't know. I'm not coaching against myself. (laughter)I don't know. You have to ask them that. I don't know."

On if he's worried about seeing ghosts on Sunday night:"No, I'm just going to play ball. I'm going to play ball, definitely."

On if he enters games knowing whether it's going to be a passing game or running game:"I wish. I wish. I would have been telling coach earlier during the week. I would have told him Monday, 'Yes, we're going to do this a lot this game.' I wish. It would make the job a lot easier, but we're going to take advantage of what they give us."

On if adapting on the fly is offensive coordinator Greg Roman's style:"On the dot, as we go."

On what his Halloween costume was for G Bradley Bozeman's party:"Harry Potter. (laughter) I was Harry. I thought I was pretty cool. I had the little coat on. I thought I was back at the wizard's place. It was pretty dope." (Reporter: "Hogwarts?")"Yes."

On if he's a Harry Potter fan:"I wouldn't say I am. I watched a few movies. But it's pretty long, and I get sleepy. So, I'll be watching it for a good hour, and then I just doze off. And then Harry Potter starts watching me." (laughter)

C Matt Skura

On if any other teams run schemes similar to the Patriots that they have faced so far:"Not really. Miami, we thought we might see a little bit of it, just because of their head coach coming from New England. We saw a little bit of it, but nothing to the complexity that they have now. It's definitely going to be a challenge for us."

On how much more he has to put in when making calls:"A lot. And there are certain calls that I have to make to make sure that we're all on spot and that I'm communicating to both sides of the line, because each side of the line kind of differs, as far as what they want to do. Their blitz is definitely challenging."

On the challenge, emotionally, to prepare for a team that can make other teams look silly:"You definitely see some of those plays, and it pops up at you. The biggest thing for us is we just have to be all on the same page. We have to be mentally sharp, be great on our assignment, our techniques. I think that's just the biggest thing for us."

On if the quality of the Patriots players or the scheme is more challenging: "I don't know. Really, it's the combination of both, and they also have really experienced guys. I think it's [Adam] Butler, he's like their youngest guy, but he's in his third or fourth year in the league. So, they have a ton of guys who have had quality experience being in the playoffs, winning a Super Bowl. That's definitely going to be a challenge for us. But mainly, focusing on our assignments, knowing who we're blocking, and communication is going to be crucial for us."

On if the Patriots are extremely athletic, more so than most teams: "I don't know. I guess, but everyone in the NFL is very athletic. They also play very sound, very fundamental defense as well, so we also have to be on-spot with our hands and feet." 

On what he remembers about QB Lamar Jackson spiking the ball in Seattle after a delay of game and his reaction to that sequence of events: "I was frustrated with that, too, because I don't like that to happen, because we're all trying to make sure we get the play off and everything like that. Just in that situation, I was trying to get my communication down, make sure we're all on the same page. I didn't even realize. I was actually looking to my left and my right, even though it did look like my head was between my legs. So, I didn't realize Lamar [Jackson] started calling for the ball. But yeah, you just want to eliminate those mistakes as much as possible. Lamar was frustrated and has every right to be. I was frustrated with myself, as well. You just want to eliminate those plays."

On how he reacted to QB Lamar Jackson's fire after they scored after the delay of game: "It pumps everyone up and gets everyone going. We all have that competitive edge to us that we want to finish the drive, we want to overcome our mistakes and concentrate on the next play and go from there."

On how much he is looking forward to having the opportunity to face the Patriots as a team and as an individual: "I think it's going to be a really cool experience. It's my first time playing against the Patriots. They're going to pose a great challenge to us. I think that's the most exciting part for us, too. We want to face the best defenses and the best teams. I think that adds that extra focus to this week, and we're just really making sure we're honing in on our technique, our fundamentals, and that we're all good with our assignments."

On if he has heard any good veteran advice on facing the Patriots:"For the offensive line, we've been battled-tested. I think this is just another situation where it's a big game, and we're used to that. We've been in those tough environments, and luckily, we get to be at home for this one. We're just going to have to rely on each other, rely on our experiences, and go from there."

On how old he was in February 2002 when QB Tom Brady won his first Super Bowl:"Nine, I was nine years old."

On if he watched the Patriots in the 2002 Super Bowl:"No. (laughter) No way. I was definitely a big Steelers fan." (laughter)

CB Jimmy Smith

On what Patriots week means to him: "It means opportunity for our team to get better against a really good team."

On how it was for him to be away from the team while injured and how he stayed a part of the team:"I was here every day, obviously, rehabbing. And I was on every trip, [in] every meeting and all of that type of stuff. So, I really was never away. But it sucks to sit in the training room."

On his thoughts on the new secondary with CB Marcus Peters and S Chuck Clark taking on an expanded role: "We have a lot of pieces, a very strong secondary that we can match up well. With our scheme and the type of talent we have, we can be kind of dangerous back there."

On if he worries about being rusty: "No, I'm not worried about that. No."

On if he is good to go on Sunday:"Yes."

On how it has been to wait patiently while coming along with his injury:"Knees are a little different. I just take it day by day, working hard with the trainers and just making sure I feel good and taking care of the rest of my body, because sometimes in rehab, that stuff kind of goes away. But we worked hard every day with that and made sure I could cut and do everything I needed to do to get out here for this week."

On if his return will be an ease-in process or if he is 100 percent good to go:"No, we're ready to go."

On if the Patriots' offense looks like it always has in past games he has played:"Yes, it looks … You know, Tom [Brady is] running the show. Quick decision-making, they executive well, they're going to run the ball. The pass game they do have with [Julian] Edelman, And the difference is that they don't have [Rob] Gronkowski, and then Aaron Hernandez before, when they had him. But [it is the] same Patriots team, yes."

On what it means to have a home game in primetime against the Patriots:"It's great for us. It doesn't really happen for us a lot here, it seems like, since I've been here, but especially with the Patriots. I think the last time we played them [at home in primetime], we beat them, and [Bill] Belichick thought that we [had not] kicked the field goal. That was the last time, and that was like in [2012] or something like that."

On if he gets any solace knowing that the Ravens play the Patriots tougher than most teams, and if he feels that they match up well: "No. I think the Ravens are built to take on the Patriots, the Steelers, and top teams in the AFC, so we match up well with any team in the top."

On when he picked off QB Tom Brady in the playoffs: "That was like nine years ago. Good times. (laughter)All I remember from that is wide left." (laughter)

On if he is amazed at what QB Tom Brady is doing at his age:"Yes, but you've seen his little documentary. He eats avocado ice cream. That's suffering for me. I can't eat avocado ice cream. (laughter)He takes care of his body, though, so it's not surprising. You know how much they take care of quarterbacks in the league. You could play until you're 52 now." (laughter)

On what he has learned about what it takes to beat the Patriots: "It takes you to be physical, disciplined. They're going to make you be fundamental. They're going to make you tackle. They're going to make everybody know exactly where they need to be. If not, they'll take advantage of that."

On if he feels the need to talk to young players about not overhyping this game: "All of that has already been said. We already had a practice and a talk and all of that, so I think everybody knows what's at stake. Play loose, be free. It's not the championship game. It's a great game to get better, but it's not the championship. Just go in and play your best."

On how QB Lamar Jackson changes the rivalry between the Patriots and the Ravens: "I'm just happy I never have to tackle that guy. He is very fast, very hard to tackle. I'm excited to see what they come up with to stop him and how Lamar [Jackson] beats it."

On how excited the defense is with the momentum in Seattle and his return, and what the defense can be in the second half of the season: "It's exciting. You can definitely tell we're still gelling as a unit, but it's Week, what, [9]? So, we still have a lot of time. I think the way that they're playing and starting to understand each other, I think we're going to just keep getting better."

DT Brandon Williams

On what makes QB Tom Brady good and how key it is to make him uncomfortable in the pocket:"I guess what makes him good is just the fact that he's been in the scheme a long time, and he's probably helped create that scheme. So, he knows it, the ins and outs, like the back of his hand. You just definitely have to get to him. That's pushing the pocket, routing the offensive line. We have to get to him. We just have to play our kind of football."

On what stands out to him about the games he has played against the Patriots in the past:"I feel like there's always something in the game every time we play the Patriots. Around here, it gets a little quiet around here. It's Patriots week. You just have to focus a lot more. You have to look into the playbook a lot more, just make sure you're ready. Sharpen all your tools, because they've definitely been sharpening theirs. And they're going to give us everything, even some things we haven't seen before."

On if he feels that it is a priority to share with younger players that the Ravens respect the Patriots but are not intimated by them:"Definitely. You definitely have to know the history of this game in order to understand the electricity [that] is about to happen in the stadium on Sunday. It's just one of those games. We have their number; they have our number. The last few times, they got us, but we're definitely the type of team that's prepared to play this team and definitely one that's going to give them a run for their money."

On Patriots offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia saying their offensive line has work to do, and if he sees anything there:"All I see is that we need to pack our lunch, and then we need to get after this offensive line, because Tom Brady is a hard person to get a hold of, and it's because of the offensive line. Though they have work to do, so do we."

On what makes him say that the Ravens are the type of team to go against the Patriots and give them a run for their money:"It's hard-nosed football, Ravens-style football – running to the ball, hitting quarterbacks, hitting in general, anything you see, everything, anyone who has the ball, just being aggressive, very aggressive. It's straight-mouth football. It's going to happen Sunday."

On if this primetime game is a chance to put more respect on the Ravens: "Primetime game, 1 o'clock game, it doesn't matter. It's game time."

On how important it is for he and DT Michael Pierce to push QB Tom Brady off the spot:"It's very important. He's kind of the head of the snake. In order to kill the snake, you have to get the head. So, that's what we're planning on doing. We just have to push the pocket, and we have to play our style [of] football."

On the Patriots' receivers who can throw the ball and if that has been brought up in meeting rooms this week: "From [Mohamed] Sanu, we played him in Cincinnati a lot, and he's had the trick plays where he threw the ball. So, we know about that. Also, with [Julian] Edelman, we also know that he used to be a quarterback. We know who they are. We just have to play our game and stay focused, and just kind of not let our eyes get too big."

On if there is a different feeling going against the Patriots with QB Lamar Jackson:"Definitely. I feel like he brings a whole new dynamic to our offense. He's a baller, and with him, they have a lot of stuff to work on. They have a lot of things to try to get ready to play him. So, that's definitely to our advantage, where they're worrying about him and not us." 

G Marshal Yanda

On if having QB Lamar Jackson makes this Patriots game different compared to past games, in terms of the Ravens' new offense this year: "For sure. Obviously, just with Lamar [Jackson], it changes the nature of the game on offense and how we run plays. So yes, for sure, it will definitely be different."

On if he sees the Patriots' defense moving around and disguising things pre-snap:"Yes, they definitely do that on certain plays. And sometimes they disguise things; sometimes they just play it straight-up, too. They just do a great job of collectively playing well as an entire group. Everybody on their entire front is playing really well. Obviously, all of the statistics and all of that stuff, they're playing at an elite level, for sure."

On if QB Lamar Jackson's ability to run and pass will make it more difficult for the Patriots to disguise things pre-snap:"Yes and no. Obviously, yes, it's going to be a two-way … He's going to have that keep and get out in space and make guys miss, but obviously, they're going to have a plan for it. So, it's up to us to execute and do our job at a high level. But obviously, we know that they're going to have a certain type of plan for Lamar [Jackson] and our offense."

On if he had any sense at Week 9 last year of the changes that the Ravens would see over the next year:"[In] the NFL in general, things change very quickly, rapidly, and you just move on. Joe [Flacco] was here for a very long time, played a lot of really great games and productive football, but obviously, it's just part of the beast, part of the nature of this business. So, we roll, and Lamar [Jackson] has done a great job. We're playing at a high level, and we're excited for our next challenge."

On encouraging QB Lamar Jackson to go for it on fourth-and-2 in Seattle:"As an offense, you want to be aggressive. You want to just have the ball put on your shoulders, the play put on your shoulders, to make the play. Obviously, we know that going for it right there is a big change in momentum instead of taking three points. Getting seven is a big deal. So, we always want to stay aggressive. That should always be our mindset. As an offense, you want the coaches pulling you back. You always want to be able to go for it."

On what he tells young players about what it takes to beat the Patriots: "Don't overthink it. The devil is in the details. Do your job at a high level. Prepare as if it's Week 1. Things don't change. The opponent doesn't change, as far as our preparation and having a great practice today. All of those little things, just doing the little things really well is important. And not overthinking it, and just working hard every single day [is important]. Yes, they're the Patriots. Yes, they're 8-0. Yes, they're playing really good football. But we want to take care of our part and our job."

On if young players could fall into the trap of overhyping a big game: "Maybe at times, but I think that we'll definitely be able to reel them in throughout the day and throughout the week. And by Sunday, we'll definitely have everybody focused on the task at hand and not overthinking, not overhyping it, because that's when young guys get out there and maybe they get jittery, or they forget something that's super easy. We'll definitely keep them all fired up and be ready to roll."

On the key to the Ravens' past successes after bye weeks: "I don't know. I couldn't tell you the actual indicator of why we've been successful. Obviously, players get rest and you have more pep in your step. After a week off of us playing every Sunday, having that extra week is, physically, it's great. We have to do our part on Sunday, too, but I would say just getting that rest on your overall body is the most important."

On what was the team reaction when John Harbaugh said players would have the entire bye week off: "It was great. Rest is really important, mentally, mental rest, just to get away from the game a little bit mentally. And then obviously, physically, just having that toll of practice taken off and the toll on Sunday, it's important. Everybody had a great bye week, and now everybody is ready to dive in. It's an exciting week, for sure."

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