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Vote For New Ravens Uniform (For Fun!*)


We heard you. A lot of you didn't like the new gold pants.

Well, Head Coach John Harbaugh wants to get your suggestions.

The Ravens are allowed to have three different jersey combinations and three different pant combinations. Baltimore already has three jerseys: white, purple and black. Until Sunday's game against Kansas City, there were only two pants: white and black.

"Maybe we should do a contest for our third pant color combination with the fans, so we can have them weigh in, and we would wear them," Harbaugh said Monday. "I think it's fun. Uniforms are fun. They should be fun."

Harbaugh said it doesn't matter to him what color the pants are to him. If the players like, he likes it.

"But we want the fans to like them, too," Harbaugh said. "It's official, we're having a contest for the third color pants next year!"

Harbaugh then laughed and said he'd have to check with Owner Steve Bisciotti and President Dick Cass about that announcement.

Well, we didn't check with either of those guys yet on whether we're going to hold an OFFICAL contest, but that isn't stopping us from having some fun in the meantime.

So with that, cast your vote for your favorite just-for-fun uniform combination.

*This vote will not determine what uniform combinations the Ravens have next year.

Ravens Uniform Option 1:
Black Jersey, Purple Pants

Ravens Uniform Option 2:
Purple Jersey, Purple Pants

Ravens Uniform Option 3:
Purple Jersey, Grey Pants

Ravens Uniform Option 4:
Black Jersey, Grey Pants

Ravens Uniform Option 5:
Purple Jersey, Gold Pants

Ravens Uniform Option 6:
White Jersey, Grey Pants

Ravens Uniform Option 7:
White Jersey, Purple Pants

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