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What the Bills Said After Comeback Win in Baltimore

QB Josh Allen
QB Josh Allen

Head Coach Sean McDermott

(opening statement) "Good team effort. Obviously, we got down in the first half. The guys and coaches both stayed with it, made the adjustments we needed to make. The players executed and made the plays we needed to make and put together a big drive at the end. Big stop by the defense and put together a winning drive at the end. I thought about the way that it was executed, especially the final 20 yards there. I thought was high-level stuff there and good to see. Good to get a win on the road in a tough situation and a tough environment."

(on the touchdown drive before the half and the Bills defensive play in the second half) "I just think in the first half we were a little sloppy with the football. Two turnovers. I thought the defense was holding us in a little bit. We were on our heels to start, and they settled there. The offense settled in, in the second quarter, started to move the ball a little bit and executed at a high level. Just kind of doing what we do there. That was fun to watch us settle in. Again, coaches, players, collectively did a really good job. I thought, to your point, that score right before the half gave us some momentum, knowing that we were going to have to come out and defend. I think we got three- or four-and-out after half right there. So, I thought that was good complementary football."

(on message to the defense during the Ravens' drive that started on their own five and ended on Buffalo's two) "Again a resilient group. Leslie [Frazier] and his staff did a really good job of sticking with it, and the players were doing a good job. They got a couple of third downs on that drive where Lamar [Jackson] got out once or twice. He's a heck of a player. That was a heck of a battle between two elite quarterbacks. The conditions were tough to play in. I think the players did a good job, especially when it started coming down hard in the third quarter. We took the ball early. We felt that the weather could change and it did change. So, we wanted to try and score early. Obviously, it didn't happen with the turnover. But again, just overall a good team effort. The guys stuck with it."

(on if he was surprised about the Ravens going for it on the fourth down) "Not necessarily. I know they've been going for fourth downs. John's [Harbaugh] an aggressive play caller in that situation. He made the decision, and I was proud of the way we executed our defense and got the takeaway. I think that was big. The takeaway, as opposed to, 'Hey, the ball sails out of bounds, and we get the ball at the minus three-yard line.' It's a little bit different. So, that takeaway by Jordan Poyer, the rush by defensive line, worked well together."

(on what he felt his defense did well against QB Lamar Jackson in the last two quarters) "I think we were more disciplined. It's no magic to it. The guys executed, and we just settled in probably a bit more. It's funny, you go back to the playoff game and that first drive of the game, they went down the field on us. It kind of felt the same way this game to start. And again, it's a unique offense, so it takes some time just to settle in a little bit. You just do your 'one of 11' and just execute."

QB Josh Allen

(on slow offensive start) "Two turnovers early, really giving those guys one easy one. Short field, [we] can't do that, but our defense – they played outstanding. They gave us a shot in the second half. The guys put their heads down, and it worked. That was a tough football game between two tough teams. Give them credit, they had a really good gameplan going into it."

(on if his runs were quarterback draws or his decision to take off) "It was a little bit of both. It might have been one or two called [runs]. The other ones, were kind of, 'See it, feel it, and go.' The weather impacted what we were trying to do. The type of defense they were playing because of the weather. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do. I'm just trying to help this team win football games."

(on if the drive to end the first drive seemed to change everything) "Absolutely. To get points before the end of the half, knowing that they get the ball right after half, was huge for us. Instead of going down 20-6 or 20-3, it's 20-10. So, one stop away, and we're back in this thing. Our defense, like I said, played outstanding against one of the better quarterbacks in this league. So, kudos to our guys for going out there and fighting against a really good gameplan, and they executed well."

(on if he felt the roughing the passer call on the Bills' last drive was a good call) "Yes."

(on if he felt he had the 11-yard touchdown run from the start) "I felt someone pretty close to me on my back. I bee-lined towards the pylon, felt two guys there and made a cut back. Originally, I thought I was down short [of the goal line]. I inched in there barely, but I didn't celebrate because if we have to get back out there, I have to run a couple plays to get in the end zone. Again, just finding a way to make a play for our football team."

(on TE Dawson Knox catching the third-down pass on the last drive) "Not [a] surprise, we're trying to get the ball to 'Stef' [Stefon Diggs] there, but two [defenders] kind of squeezed on him there, so Dawson [Knox] ran a great route. [I] just gave him a chance to make a play, and he did and allowed us to move the chains there. We obviously ended up scoring on that drive there, it was a huge third down and [when] we had the right pieces in at the right time to do the right thing, you're going to have success."

(on the adjustments they made at halftime to run the ball better in the second half) "I mean just telling each other, 'Let's commit to it. Let's make the ID, let's roll with it. If we don't get yards, we don't get yards. But let's ID, let's get hat for hat.' Our guys ran hard and made some plays."

LB Von Miller

(on winning the dog-eat-dog games) "Games are just gonna be like this. In 2015, [I] won a Super Bowl. I think we won nine games within three points or less. That's just how it is. When you're a good team, playing a good team, it's gonna be close. It's gratifying. Last week was a dog game as well. It came down to the very, very end of it. I think having that on our minds and in our souls coming into the game, you know we wanted to win, we wanted to keep playing until it says zero, and it's just the football gods fell our way this week."

(on QB Lamar Jackson escaping his sack) "We don't think like that, we don't think like that. We talked about positive self-talk at the beginning of the season; we don't think like that. I had the sack; I missed the sack, [and] I get up, and then I tip the ball, Matt Milano has the interception, drops the interception, then the guys catch it. That's just how it goes. You know the leadership in this locker room, the guys we got in this locker room, we just line back up and do it again. And even though it was 20-3, we never felt we were out of it. The energy on the sideline was never negative. We never felt like the game was over. We were able to go into the half [down] 10-20, get a three-and-out to start the third quarter right after halftime. Everything was right back where we needed it."

WR Stefon Diggs

(on if he felt the last drive of the first half was when the offense began to click) "Yeah, we started to run. In the beginning of the game, we had a lot of miscues. And as Von said, we damn near gave them 14 points with those two turnovers, and you know we can't have that. But you know, that's part of football, things happen like that. We anticipated that being this type of game, we were gonna have adversity. It's all about how you battle, and we kind ended up getting things rolling going into the second half. We took the ball so we knew we weren't gonna see the ball going into the second half. So, we leaned on our defense, and things ended up shaking up."

(on Diggs playing in front of a hometown crowd) "Yeah, I had like 50 people at the game. So aside from the people I might not know personally, but came to support me, people that went to my college, high school and stuff like that. It always feels good to win at home, but it feels good to win with this team. To do this in front of my family and friends, it's a little added incentive, so I get to talk my junk."

LB Matt Milano

(on his approach to defending QB Lamar Jackson) "The biggest thing for me was I wasn't thinking about it. I was just going hard and attacking him. Once I start thinking about it, I'm a step late trying to guess, and when that happens, I might miss him. I was just going out there, playing fast, and taking a shot with whatever happens, happens."

(on the defense pressing QB Lamar Jackson) "It definitely affected him. You could see he wasn't as calm and cool sitting back there looking around. It definitely got to him, and it definitely worked."

(on the defensive effort after the Ravens first two drives) "We just settled in a little bit. They did some different stuff that we are not used to seeing, but guys started making plays. The biggest thing was tackling. We started tackling better and making plays on the ball, forcing two turnovers."

S Jordan Poyer

(on what LB Von Miller told the defense) "Von [Miller] always tells us, 'Don't blink.' It's a good offense, a good quarterback – one of the best quarterbacks in the league. Trying to contain him [Lamar Jackson] is a tough job. He made some plays with his feet. Guys didn't blink though. [They] drove it all the way down to, I think they were on the 3-yard line when we made the play. So, it was awesome to come out with a victory. Down 20 to 3 at halftime, like I said, nobody blinked at halftime. [We] understood what we needed to do to come out on top and win, and we did it."

(on the Bills' defense adjusting as the game went on) "We started to see how the game was getting played throughout the game. Some of the tendencies that we had maybe thought of throughout the week, they were a little bit different, so we kind of understood, just throughout the game, that if they were in certain formations, if they were in certain personnel groups, this is what they were doing. Early on in the game, we were still trying to figure it out, but as we got through the game, and you started to see plays repeat itself, we were able to kind of settle down and see the same plays over and over again, and, like I said, make the plays when we had to. So, every team … You watch film throughout the week; every team is going to come in with a new wrinkle, a new splash, and just being able to handle the adjustments that you've got to on the sideline … (laughter) We were able to do that."

(on the interception he made in the end zone and if WR Devin Duvernay was his assignment in that area) "No, [Devin Duvernay] was wide-ass open, and I kind of peeked at him, and he was in the corner of the end zone, and Lamar [Jackson] didn't see him at first, so I peeked back at Lamar – he was scrambling – and as soon as I peeked at him, he was kind of raising his hands up like he wanted the ball. So, I just took off, and Lamar saw him open, and he kind of floated it in the air, and I just went to go make a play on it."

(on if he was at all surprised by Baltimore's decision to go for it on the fourth-and-goal) "No, I wasn't. I understand the type of team they are, the head coach they have, and they're an aggressive football team. We knew they were going to go for it on a couple of occasions."

TE Dawson Knox

(on his big catch on the last drive of the game) "It was a bow and under concept. So, we have 'Stef' [Stefon Diggs] coming underneath, and it seems like both guys drove to him and that's how good of a player he is. It's fun to play with a guy like that because sometimes he gets double coverage and of course No. 17 [Josh Allen] makes a hell of a play, finds me, it was just a hell of a play all around. I just had to catch it."

(on QB Josh Allen making a clutch pass on the third-down play) "Yes, I can't imagine what that dude has to go through. There's a reason he gets paid what he gets paid, and he should probably get paid more, honestly. There's a reason he's the greatest quarterback in the league. We know that, we love that dude and he makes plays like that every week. It's clearly not surprising because he's so consistent, and that's just another reason why he's the greatest player in the league."

LB Tremaine Edmunds

(on the win) "It was a roller coaster, but that's the league we play in. It's going to be a lot of ups and downs over the course of the game, but it's just about staying consistent and committed to the journey. I think the win spoke for itself. A lot of guys just didn't hang their heads. We kept going and were able to pull out the win."

(on holding the Ravens scoreless in the second half) "It speaks to the defense. Guys didn't blink. Guys kept lining up and making plays. It's all about continuing to line up and play the next snap. That's what we did."

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