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What the Browns Said After Beating Ravens

HC Kevin Stefanski
HC Kevin Stefanski

Head Coach Kevin Stefanski

"Really, really proud of the effort of that locker room. The guys fought all night. That is a good football team, as we know, and it wasn't going to be easy in the conditions and all of those things. I just thought really, really a hard fought win, and I am proud of that locker room. Just the big plays in that game – there were many – the fourth-down stop on the first drive, (CB) Denzel's (Ward) interception, JJ's (S John Johnson III) fumble recovery, the blocked field goal, the 94-yard touchdown drive and to go two-for-two on fourth down and they were zero-for-three. Special teams coming up big with a huge punt by (P) Corey (Bojorquez) and a couple of tackles inside the 25. At the end there, the defense obviously plays great on that last drive, and the offense goes into four-minute mode, gets the first and can kneel on it. Just proud of the effort from the guys. I thought that is the type of game that you were getting into when you get into December versus the Ravens. Again, a good team win."

On making big plays throughout today's game when needed:

"You never know how it is going to play out. That is a very, very good team as we know. Teams don't score a lot of points versus them. It is a very difficult attack to face. Just from the offense, defense and special teams to make those big plays again in December with what was a night game eventually was a big deal."

On the key to limiting the Ravens passing game tonight:

"It is always rush and coverage. How many sacks did we end up with? Three sacks and then to get those sacks was great effort because that quarterback can run around forever. It was really good rush staying disciplined and then tight in coverage. They have good players over there, and I just thought our guys made a few more plays."

On QB Deshaun Watson's performance continuing to elevate each week:

"He was seeing it very clearly. I thought for the most part we protected really well. I thought he was very poised and making good decisions. There are always plays that I know he can be better, I can be better, we can design better plays and all of those type of things, but I know I continue to see a guy who is just getting better and better."

On success in the running game today:

"They are really good. They are a really good front. They have good players. They have a good scheme. We knew it was going to be tough sledding versus them. Had our opportunities to make a couple of plays. Especially late in the game, really proud of the guys. We get into big, big people and run the ball, and the ability to do that in that moment is very impressive."

On the Browns defense forcing multiple takeaways:

"We talk about taking it away. It is not a turnover; you have to take it away. Those guys did that. We talked a lot about just playing hard – just simple, playing hard – and I thought that is what you saw from our guys."

QB Deshaun Watson

On his TD pass to WR Donovan People-Jones:

"Just reading the defense. They played zone coverage and the corner is sitting back. I gave DPJ the ball. That is what I need to do is just give our talent and our offensive guys opportunities to make plays in space. Once I gave them to him, he made that play, the defense overran it and he got into the end zone. It was a great play by DPJ, a great route and me just pitch and catch and keep giving him the ball and opportunities."

On where he is becoming more comfortable with his game since returning from suspension:

"All around. Just everything. From the swagger to operating the offense to being able to know exactly where everyone is going to be, when we need to call a timeout, when we don't need to call a timeout, when we need to go for it and overall just everything. Football is coming back each and every week. That is my job. Like (DE) Myles (Garrett) said before, I don't need to come in and try to do anything special. If we just come in and I just do my job as a quarterback, then everything is going to come in place."

On the Ravens often pulling their opponents into 'ugly games' and being able to get the win today:

"That is what you have to do. Especially against that defense and against that team in general, offensively for them they are going to run the clock down as much as possible. The first half went super fast. They want to control the ball, and defensively, they want to get you off the field. They don't want you to run the ball. They want you to pass as much as you can. They have some guys in the secondary that make plays. You just have to be patient. The plays are going to open up. Don't try to take the big one when it is not there, take the easy ones that they give you and keep the chains moving. That is what we try to do."

On his emotions at the end of the game:

"It was a lot. Just to be able to get my first victory in my first home start and just to get a victory against a tough divisional team. Of course, last week we wanted that one but it didn't go our way, but this week was a new week and a new opportunity. It was just me soaking in the moment and just releasing all of the energy and happiness that I had in myself. I just wanted to kind of yell that and scream that out. I feel like everyone needs that every once in a while. Came back to my brothers and congratulated every single one of those guys and told them, great job. It was good to celebrate with them in the locker room."

WR Amari Cooper

On the no-huddle play on offense and its impact on the team:
"During no-huddle, it is just plays you have practiced all week. You are just going fast. It is a deviation from the usual. One play in the game, they weren't even ready. We kind of felt sorry for them and waited to hike the ball because there was no one there and ready."

DT Jordan Elliott

On his mindset before blocking K Justin Tucker's FG:

"It was more that I was able to squeeze through the gap between the long snapper and the guard and tried to flip me, giving me more elevation to get my hand on it. It is cool to block him, but it's about helping the team get the win, and that is the biggest thing. It is not about all that."

DE Myles Garrett

On if this game highlighted what the Browns defense can be:

"It showed who we can be. We just have to put it all together. Tonight, it came all together with (CB) Denzel Ward getting the pick, us stepping up and starting to stop the run more efficiently and JJ coming downhill and pressuring the ball. Coming down to the end of the game and the D line closing the show."

On if this game made him think about what the Browns' 2022 season could have been:

"You can't think like that. You can't think about the ifs, ands or buts. At the end of the day, we are where we are and we still have a chance. Control what we can control. We beat the Ravens, and now we just have to focus on next week. Just go 1-0."

On the satisfaction of beating the Ravens who have had a successful season:

"I embrace the spoilers role. I'm happy to do it. I wish we could have gotten the one last week, but we are just trying to go 1-0 and they were the task at hand. We are fully behind the coaches who have been embracing the grind, no matter what happens that hard work is really going to stick with us and pay off no matter what happens. I love that we could get in here and get a W, but it is not all about trying to take away their crown or ruin their chances. We just want to put one in the win column at the end of the day."

G Wyatt Teller

On today's win:

"This team, you have to scratch and claw. Good defense and good offense. Our defense played stout and we ran the ball to finish the game so it was a good blueprint."

On if he likes to have to grind to earn a win:

"Yeah, with snow at the end… No, I would rather win by 40 every game, but that is not the case, especially against a team like that."

On how running no-huddle helps the Browns offense:

"That team is good upfront, good linebackers and good DBs. If we give them less time to look at us and analyze what is going on, it gives us a better opportunity. I wish we scored about four more touchdowns, but we got one and our defense played well."

CB Denzel Ward

On his interception:

"There was man coverage on that one. The guys put good pressure on the quarterback. I was able to drive on it and get my hands on it."

On the Browns defense's four takeaways:

"That is always the emphasis to get takeaways. We did a good job at that. The guys did good up front putting pressure on the quarterback and forcing him to make those tough throws where we were able to come away with it."

K Cade York

On if his missed kicks had anything to do with the weather conditions:
"It really was not that bad. A little windy, the snow came in. Had nothing to do with anything that happened. Honestly, thought I was handling it really well and kicking it well until that fourth quarter."

On what happened on the two missed kicks:

"I guess it doesn't really matter if there is an explanation for you all because it didn't go in. I have not seen the film yet. Obviously, it was a really bad hit so that is all I got there."

On Ravens K Justin Tucker missing two FGs for the first time in four years:

"He hit the ball left on one that the wind blew right. He got one blocked that he hit pretty low. Again, I do not think any of our missed kicks had anything to do with weather. I just think they were bad hits."

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