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What the Browns Said After Blowout Loss to Ravens

Cleveland Browns quarterback Dorian Thompson-Robinson (17) passes as Baltimore Ravens linebacker Roquan Smith (0) pressures during the second half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Oct. 1, 2023, in Cleveland.
Cleveland Browns quarterback Dorian Thompson-Robinson (17) passes as Baltimore Ravens linebacker Roquan Smith (0) pressures during the second half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Oct. 1, 2023, in Cleveland.

Here's what the Browns said after their 28-3 home loss to the Ravens in Week 4:

Head Coach Kevin Stefanski

Opening statement:

"Obviously, we got beat, we got outplayed, outcoached. Disappointed in that, but we got to own it. We own it. We win together, we lose together. So, we're a 2-2 football team. Going to use this bye to take a deep breath as a team and get ready for the long haul. But obviously disappointed with how today went."

On what happened with Deshaun Watson's shoulder:

"We took it day by day. Obviously, he did not feel comfortable to be the player we need him to be. He's very disappointed. He wanted to go badly, but he just did not feel that he could go."

"He hadn't thrown all week, so just felt like it was the right thing to see him today. And again, he pushed himself, he tried. He did everything in his power to get ready, but just did not feel comfortable earlier this morning and didn't feel like we could put him out there."

On the Browns' first-half defense:

"We put the defense in some tough spots offensively. We need to possess the ball, need to move the ball, play the field position game. We didn't do that. Credit to Baltimore, they made some plays, they had some good scheme – run game that we will look at, but just didn't do enough."

On whether the Browns adjusted the game plan for Dorian Thompson-Robinson:

"Yeah, I mean, I think that's what we do. When you have a backup quarterback, you're ready to own the game plan. I thought Dorian (Thompson-Robinson) prepared well. He got a ton of reps, but that's what backup quarterbacks do. You own the game plan and then we adjust as need be."

"Yeah, he battled. Listen, I know there's going to be plenty that he can do better. I know plenty that I can put him in a better spot. But the kid battled."

On how Lamar Jackson played:

"Yeah, he played well. Made some plays, as we've seen. Made some off-schedule plays that were really tough. He's hard to get on the ground. When he scrambled their receivers, did a nice job, got open deep, but we have to do a better job."

QB Dorian Thompson-Robinson

On how he played:

"Yeah, got the first one out the way. A lot to clean up from my standpoint, just making sure that I can do everything I can possible. I know that there were times when I forced the ball, and tried to make a play. Even though it feels like that point in the game where you kind of need to, you still have to be able to go through your process, go through your reads, and make sure that you're getting the ball to the right guy. And on those three times, I did not, even though the last one was last play of the game."

On Roquan Smith backing up his words and Jadeveon Clowney playing so hard:

"You got to give those guys credit. If they weren't in the back field, I would have had probably a lot better day. But no, like I said, there's a lot to clean up on our side. We can't worry about them. Those guys played a great game. We got to give them respect and tip their hat off to them. But I still think it comes down to us and our offense and what we got to do to clean that up, to be able to help the defense out a lot more."

On trying to do too much:

"Yeah, I talked about it earlier. I tried to force some. All the picks—all force plays. Obviously the last play of the game is the last play of the game. But those other two, you feel at times that you want to press and you want to rush and you want to try and score as fast as possible with how the game is going. And those are the times where you really have to lock in on your job and your job only. And those two times prior to the last play of the game, I didn't do that."

DE Myles Garrett

On the bye coming at the right time:

"Just time to reset, like you said, but get our priorities straight. We were out of sorts and we didn't execute how we should have. You know, how we prepared all week, it's not what we displayed today. And we know we just got to continue to work on putting it all on the field and putting it all together when the time calls."

On what happened defensively in the second quarter:

"Hard to tell. You got to go watch the film. Not like they were running anything we hadn't seen. It was just a matter of being where we needed to be, making our fits, making hits. There was a lot of missed tackles out on the field. If you're in the right place and you're missing tackles, it doesn't matter how well you're executing."

On the defense feeling like it had to make more plays:

"Do what we always do, that's attack it as hard as fast as we can and make plays. We had some lapses and they took advantage, but no, that's what that team does. They're very explosive, starts in their backfield and all credit to them. They made it happen today."

On how good their defense is after four games:

"I think we're just fine. It's a very dynamic offense. We said that at the beginning of the week and it proved true today. But there's nothing that we were unprepared for, just didn't execute as we should have."

On trying to contain Lamar Jackson:

"I mean, doing our best to contain him. We let the running back run a little bit too wild and break tackles. He was running very physical and aggressive and he was making guys miss breaking through tackles and we got to be there to get him down. It's got to be a team effort attacking those guys in the backfield."

LG Joel Bitonio

On how much the offense changed without Deshaun Watson:

"As far as I know we called the same plays that we normally call. Our first 15 plays did not change. I think it was very similar."

On what wasn't working offensively:

"We did not have success running or passing. It comes down to blocking, executing, and getting open. I think it was just one of those days where we did not play good enough. Hats off to them. They were not sending any crazy blitzes or anything like that."

DE Ogbo Okoronkwo

On the Ravens being the more physical team:

"It is very disappointing because we take pride in that. You cannot cry over spilled milk. You cannot go back out there and tackle better right now. We just have to correct things in practice and know that when we get our chance. We are going to play them again and we will do better."

On why Mark Andrews is such a problem for the Browns:

"I went to college with the guy. He has been a talented tight end since we were in college at OU (University of Oklahoma). I did not expect anything less from him."

S Juan Thornhill

On whether the Ravens were the more physical team:

"I would say so. They ran the ball down our throats. Like I said, a bunch of guys missed tackles and that's what hurt us the most."

On how difficult it was to contain Lamar Jackson:

"Honestly, I don't think Lamar really beat us much with his legs. That's one of the guys we did focus on. I think the running back hurt us the most. He was running the ball down our throat, guys were missing tackles and had big explosive runs. That's what hurt us."

LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah

On whether the Ravens were doing anything differently offensively:

"Literally, gap-scheme and just execute. One wheel-route where it was tight-close, I just need to make sure I get around the pick and small stuff like that. It's nothing super-huge or mystical, it's the basics."

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