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What the Browns Said After Loss to Ravens

QB Jacoby Brissett

Head Coach Kevin Stefanski

(opening statement) "[It's] really disappointing and frustrating to play these games, and you know they are going to be close. Games in the NFL are close. Games in our division are close, but you have to find a way to win, and we didn't do it today. The guys, they worked their tails off during the week to get out there and play hard and don't come out with a victory. So, it is frustrating. I think we understand there are things we need to do and not do in order to win. A couple of times today, we didn't do those things. So, credit to them but frustrating."

(on an explanation over the false start before blocked field goal) "I didn't get a good one yet. I'll make sure I'll get an answer there, but I didn't get a good one."

(on the offensive pass interference call) "I think you know with all of those, I'll get an explanation later. It's frustrating, and it goes back to these guys playing like crazy. They are putting in the work. They are fighting to get it done. It was unfortunate, and I'll get my answer, I'm sure, tomorrow."

(on moving the ball up a yard on the blocked field goal) "Obviously, with all of these things, you are trying to execute in the moment. Sometimes they are going to make a play, but ultimately, we have to get cleaned up and get the ball off there."

(on the Ravens getting two possessions deep in their territory) "You have to play that field-position game, and we didn't do that enough in this game. There are times that we have to keep them backed up, and there are times that we have to move the ball better on offense. So, field position takes offense, defense and special teams as well."

(on if they were trying to get Nick Chubb more involved in the third quarter) "We are always trying. I can think of one series where we took a sack on first down, and then you are second-and-long, then you throw on second and throw on third, and then it is three and out. Obviously, we want him involved in what we are doing. There are moments that are frustrating, but I think the big thing is staying on track. Staying with efficient plays allows you to stay in manageable third downs. Ultimately, it will allow you to stay on the field and run more plays with trying to get the ball to different people."

QB Jacoby Brissett

(on the roughing the passer flag getting picked up) "I mean, he almost yanked my facemask off. It's tough, man, obviously on the road in situations like that those are big plays. And obviously you've got to keep it out of the refs' hands as much as possible. Yeah, so I was shocked that they picked it up."

(on whether the game's outcome was affected by some questionable penalties) "No, no. I definitely think it's a lot more plays out there that we left. I can, off the top of my head, give you five right now. You'd never come into a game wanting the calls, obviously. We weren't expecting any calls. We've just got to find a way to make those plays."

(on starting the game well offensively and whether the Ravens changed anything defensively): "No, not at all. I think it was self-inflicted. Yeah, we definitely got off to a fast start. That was one of our goals. Coming into this game, they had never trailed in the first three quarters. The plan was to get out fast and have them play from behind. I felt like we did a good job starting fast. We stalled a little bit in the second quarter. It was all self-inflicted. It was things that we had complete control over."

WR Amari Cooper

(on what has to change)"We have to play more sound. We can't give the referee an excuse to make a call." 

(on if he was surprised the flag came out on the pass interference)"Not necessarily. It is something that I should not have done. At the end of the day, like I said, I'm a pro, and I can't give the referee a chance to make a decision like that. I can play more clean." 

(on how all of the games and losses seem to happen the same way, with collapses in the fourth quarter)"Losing is always frustrating. If you're in the league long enough, most of the time when you win or most of the time when you lose, it's going to be like that – it's going to be close. And everyone on the field is a pro, so it's going to be very competitive. The margin between winning and losing is very small. There are some details we have to iron out if we want to be a better football team." 

(on how often the offensive pass interference call happens) "We were hand fighting. It was a very subjective call. At the end of the day, it depends on the referee. Different referees, different crews, have different tendencies. They all call different types of plays, if that makes sense. Some will call OPI [offensive pass interference]; some will call more DPI [defensive pass interference]; some will call holding on the line. Obviously, they did call it, and it's something that costs us. At the end of the day, if I had the play over again, I think I could've made that catch without doing what I did. That one's on me."

S Grant Delpit

(on if it seemed like they cleaned up some things defensively today) "Yeah, I mean we did a better job, but we didn't win, so we're going to need more takeaways. Not letting guys run free, knowing your assignments, and trusting in the call." 

(on what he felt the team did well defensively) "We've got to keep trying to improve our run game defense and it's not there yet. But in the passing game, we did a good job, but obviously, the Ravens, they're a running football team and trying to get a lot of quarterback runs and stuff, so we've got to be sound and we've got to play complementary football." 

(on how they limited TE Mark Andrews) "We know he's one of Lamar's [Jackson] favorite targets. Just try to take him away, if anything. Just key on him and know they're trying to give him the ball. We've got to play complete defense. Twenty three points might seem like not a lot, but it's too much." 

DE Myles Garrett

(on whether the defensive line played arguably its best game against QB Lamar Jackson)"I think we did a good job of containing him, trying to keep him away from throwing the ball. They kind of went away from it and we did a really good job of slowing down the running game, keeping their averages pretty low, at least for them. But the name of the game is takeaways and capitalizing on them. We were able to take the ball away once, but they also put the ball on the ground another time or two. But you know, [LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah] came up with that big play, taking the ball back. But we have to be ball hawks, we have to keep searching and find a way to get the ball in favorable position for the offense, or score with it ourselves." 

(on how frustrating it is to hold QB Lamar Jackson to no rushes and TE Mark Andrews to no catches and still lose the game) "A loss is a loss. I don't think about the stats at all. Stats don't matter to me, especially when we lose. The film is not going to lie; it's going to show us what we need to work on, what we need to improve, how we could have made a difference in that game, and how we could have kept them to a couple more points off the board." 

(on the game coming down to "ticky tack" calls)"For the 'ticky tack' calls, there are always plays that make a difference in the game; you never know when they come, could be third quarter, could be fourth quarter. But I know that easy touchdown they had along our sideline and us stepping up and keeping them to a field goal a couple times was big, but we could have kept points off the board entirely. I'm not entirely upset about that, because they have probably the best kicker in the game right now. We shut up a good amount of times. We could have made some stops down the line that could have changed the game a little bit more, even though we did a good job as far as overall." 

(on the locker room's attitude following the loss)"I heard a lot, too. I think it's just a lot of guys who are passionate about winning, passionate about the game, and they're going to voice their opinions. Sometimes it spills out where people from the outside can hear, but nobody is more worse for wear. I think everybody is very intent on winning and fixing what we have going wrong." 

(on playing QB Lamar Jackson well the last few games) "You know, we didn't win. We didn't contain him well enough these last few times in this house. He's thrown four picks and we've held them pretty low as far as yardage and touchdowns, but he still found a way to come out with the win. We have something going well for us, but it's not complete yet. We have got to keep working to cap things off and get a win." 

G Joel Bitonio

(on it being Groundhog Day with late-game losses) "I think we have to execute better. You know, we've been in position, like you said, a few times where it feels like it's followed a script, but if we can find a way to execute and hit that one play, and like I said, you don't look in the mirror for someone else to make a play, you make the play yourself. Whether it's a block, whether it's a catch, or whether it's a stop on defense, but we've got to find a way. You know, if you get a win in the win column, it smooths the sea out for a little bit and we can build on that."

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