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What the Buccaneers Said After Loss to Ravens

QB Tom Brady
QB Tom Brady

Head Coach Todd Bowles

(On injury to linebacker Shaquil Barrett) "He has an Achilles [injury] right now. We will wait for the MRI, but it doesn't look good."

(On Tampa Bay's run defense)"It wasn't very good in the second half. The first half, I don't think they tried to run as much. I thought we missed some tackles early on. In the second half, I thought they had some good runs. We have to get better all the way around. It's a pride thing. We have to get better at coaching, and they have to get better at playing it."

(On whether he will consider changes to the coaching staff or play calling before the next game)"We are going to talk about everything this weekend. When you are not playing well, everything is on the table for us, and we will discuss it as a staff."

(On his thoughts on QB Tom Brady's overall play)"I'll look at the tape. [But] anytime you aren't winning the ball game nobody plays well."

On what happened on the muffed punt)"He kind of got pushed into him (by Justice Hill), but he has to have more awareness when he's running down the field blocking the guy and understand where the fair catch guy is."

QB Tom Brady

(On his mood being 3-5)"Just didn't play well enough to win, so give [the Ravens] credit. They played [well], certainly better than we did."

(On if he can pin-point any of the red zone issues)"Yeah, I mean, we're just not getting the ball in. Just struggling to get it in the end zone."

(On how hard it is not to dwell on this loss)"I don't think anyone feels good. [We've] lost four of five, so not where we want to be, but we haven't earned it. We've got to go earn it. You got to go earn it. You've got to fight hard and figure out how to win games."

(On how this compares to other "*football frustrations")*"You know losing – we're playing to win – so, losing is no fun for any of us. We put a lot into it, and yeah, we're just coming up short."

(On if there is enough time to turn this season around or if there is a "*quick fix")*"I mean, we've got to go earn it. I don't think you can erase what happened the last eight weeks. We've got to dig deep, see what we're all about, come to work, try to improve, and like I said, give ourselves a better chance to win."

(On what his message is to the team)"Yeah, we talk a lot. I mean, we talk a lot, and a lot of those conversations are private for us, but we're just trying to encourage one another and be positive and see if we can – ultimately it comes down to how we execute in critical moments and the things we have to do to put ourselves in a position to win."

LB Lavonte David

(On how much the injuries have made an impact) "I'm not even going to use injuries as an excuse. We all play this game, so when your number's called, whoever goes down, you have to be prepared play. You have to be able to pick up the slack, so there's no excuse [with] guys being injured. Next man up mentality in this game. You get paid to play football so when it's time for you to step up, you have to step up. Unfortunately guys did get hurt, but we have to move on without them. At the end of the day, the game isn't going to stop."

(On if he thinks the season can be turned around)"Yeah, I think so. As long as we have football games left, I'm going to always believe that. I have faith in every man in this locker room until the day this thing ends."

WR Mike Evans

(On what was going well offensively in the first half)"We were moving the ball [and] making plays, but we didn't do enough. We only scored 10 points. It definitely should've been three touchdowns. We've got to help our defense out on offense."

(On if it is fair for people to be pointing a finger at Tom Brady on why the team is struggling)"Nobody is pointing a finger at Tom Brady. It's the whole team. It's a team game – the ultimate team game – not just one player. It never has been."

OT Tristan Wirfs

(On how it feels being under a microscope and losing on the biggest stage)"I think it's an emotional rollercoaster. On a Thursday night game, blood pressure's probably through the roof, you're so excited, everyone's excited – and now I feel like a pile of [crap]. It's hard being under a microscope, but it is what it is. That's our job and that's what we live with every day. There's people that have it worse than others, we'll be alright."

(On how penalties were a problem at the end of the game)"Yeah we had some key penalties. It's tough – it is what it is. I wish we could go out there and do it again, but we can't."

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