What Did Lamar Jackson Have Up His Sleeve With Wardrobe Switch?


When you're an MVP candidate like Lamar Jackson, people notice everything you do. Like what you're wearing.

Social media was abuzz Sunday when Jackson played the first half against the Buffalo Bills wearing long white sleeves and a white glove on his non-throwing left hand, instead of his usual sleeveless look.

Wearing sleeves didn't make Jackson any less elusive.

But at halftime, Jackson changed and went back to the no-sleeve, no glove look. And his play improved.

In the first half, Jackson was 5-for-10 for 30 yards, with one touchdown pass and an interception (50.0 quarterback rating). In the second half, he was 11-for-15 for 115 yards and two touchdowns (134.7 QB rating).

After the game, Jackson talked about making the switch and his reasoning behind it.

"Our PR guy, [Patrick Gleason], told me, 'Man, what's up with the sleeves?' and I was like 'It's cold out here,'"[add] Jackson said. "I got ticked off going into halftime, so I'm going to take them off and just play ball, and I got warm actually as the game went on and that's when I made the switch. It did help."

Jackson said the switch had nothing to do with superstition. He wore sleeves last year in Kansas City against the Chiefs, and the Ravens lost.

"You guys are probably thinking about Kansas City when we lost, but that was different. I felt like that shirt was even bigger," Jackson said.

Jackson said he wore the white glove due to a cut on his hand.

"I didn't feel like I needed it, but I'm not going to talk about that," Jackson said. "The cut [on my hand] was still going to open up regardless so I just took it off."

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