What Ravens Rookies Said at 2017 Scouting Combine


Prospects from the 2018 draft class will step to the podium later today to face hundreds of reporters assembled in Indianapolis.

The Combine media interviews are a chance to see how college players handle the responsibility of dealing with the press, and reporters use the opportunity to grill the prospects who typically don't talk with the media much in college.

With that in mind, let's look back at what some members of Baltimore's 2017 draft class said during the scouting combine.

Cornerback Marlon Humphrey, Alabama

On where he stacks up with the rest of the cornerbacks in the draft:

"Hopefully I'll be one of the top guys. That's all I can hope for. I think everybody should think they're the best. Hopefully [I'm] the top guy, but that's for someone else to judge, not me."

On his decision to turn pro despite having two seasons of eligibility left:

"I made [the decision] after the Clemson game. It definitely took a little bit of thought, but I tried to make it quick because I didn't want to think about football for a while after the end of that season. It was a somewhat tough process. I definitely loved college, I loved playing for Coach [Nick] Saban and Alabama."

Outside linebacker Tyus Bowser, Houston

On what he would bring to an NFL team:

"Competitive spirit. Guy that works hard, that gives maximum effort. Being able to rush the quarterback and also having good feet to be able to drop in coverage."

On his leadership style:

"I would say l lead by example … I'm not a talkative guy, but I've been working on [being more vocal]. It turned out well and it really helped out moving to the next level as far as using my voice to be a leader."

Defensive end Chris Wormley, Michigan

On Michigan Head Coach Jim Harbaugh:

"Coach Harbaugh came in and ran our program like an NFL program like he had with the 49ers so we were used to that. More business-like atmosphere."

On Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh

"The Harbaugh family is very similar. Hard-nosed coaches that expect to win and want championships. I met with the defensive line coach of the Ravens, [Joe Cullen], and had a good talk. I know Willie Henry's there, one of my former friends and teammates so that connection was there, talked about it a little bit. We had a good conversation."

On growing up a Steelers fan:

"I admired their defense, they had great players, so just admiring them. In kindergarten, I went winter coat shopping with my grandpa and I picked out a Steelers coat. I didn't know what it was, but I liked the design on it. It kind of just stuck with me for a few years and I realized what that team was and what that symbol actually meant and stuck with that team growing up."

Outside linebacker Tim Williams, Alabama

On answering questions about suspensions and off-the-field concerns:

"It's going in and being completely honest. It's a billion-dollar industry. They've done their homework. They know everything about you. You can't go in there and be dishonest because the first impression is the last impression. That's what I've been doing a great job of since I've been here. Going up and being honest with every team. So far, they've respected me for that."

On what Saban would tell NFL teams about him:

"Tim Williams never lied to me. That's one thing my coach knows. I'm an honest guy. I always tell the truth."

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