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What Ravens Rookies Said At Last Year's Scouting Combine


The Ravens will get to know the next crop of NFL prospects at next week's NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis.

In addition to the on-field workouts, the prospects also meet with the media and answer a barrage of questions that they often haven't faced during their college careers.

Here's a look back at what some members of the Ravens' 2016 draft class said at the combine:

LT Ronnie Stanley

On whether he's the best offensive tackle in the draft:

"I always feel like I'm going to be the best, that's the mindset I always have."

On hearing reports that NFL teams question his passion for football:

"I'm not sure of the exact source. I've just heard negative things that people think that I'm just a laid-back guy that just relies on his talent, doesn't really love the game like he should. So I'm really trying to show those people what football means to me."

On why he thinks he gets questions about his passion:

"I think there's a big – I don't know – aura of people thinking I'm lackadaisical, I guess. I don't know, but I'm just really trying to show people how much football means to me and how much I do care about it."

DE Bronson Kaufusi

On his dad being one of his college coaches:
"When you're growing up, you're around the game. I remember my family, for fun, we'd go to practice. I loved it. We'd go. Football games were huge. Bowl games – we look forward to that time of year. There's no offseason. I learned that real fast when I was young. Going to spring ball, workouts. As a kid, I wanted to be all around it as much as I could. It's been a big help being around that since I was born."

CB Tavon Young

On being able to match up against bigger receivers even though he's only 5-foot-9:

"I know I am versatile and I have the confidence to play against anybody. At the end of the day people talk about size, but it comes down to technique and if you use good technique you can match up against anybody."

On where he expects to play in the NFL:

"I believe I can be one of the top cornerbacks, period. I can play outside or inside. A lot of people think I am just a slot cornerback, but I can play at both. I have played good on outside and versus the slot."

On what NFL teams want to know when meeting with him:

"Because of my size, they want to know how I can play at the next level, or what makes me a good corner. And I always tell them I have the confidence, and I am fearless, and I never back down from anybody. My technique is good, and I know I can play with anybody out there."

RB Kenneth Dixon

On scoring 87 touchdowns in college:

"I feel like hard work is the skill that you have to get all those touchdowns. You have to have the skill to lead. Because the offensive line has to come off the line and block for all four quarters. The quarterback has to throw to open up the pass. The coach has to call the right running play for us to do it. So it's a skill, but it takes a team to do all that."

On who he patterns his game after:

"I used to watch Marshall Faulk a lot. I know people compare me to him. I'm nothing compared to Marshall Faulk. Marshall Faulk is in the Hall of Fame. He's one of the all-time greats. I'm just trying to follow the path that he did. People always compare me to Marshall Faulk, and he's a great guy, but another thing: he was a great receiver out of the backfield. That's one reason why I get that comparison."

WR Chris Moore

On being a vertical threat:

"I feel like the big part is my speed and ability just to ball. When I have a route I know that no defender can run with me downfield, so if they can for some reason, when the ball is in the air it's mine and only mine. So I pride myself on being able to take the top off of any defense. In my offense in college that was my main role, was to stretch the field and help all the underneath routes get open so that's what I did."

CB Maurice Canady

On who he patterns his game after:

"I definitely have been looking at a lot of Aqib Talib. He's been wonderful for the Denver Broncos and even back to the New England Patriot days, he has the total package. He's tall, quick, plays aggressive and is the total package in my eyes."

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