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What the Cardinals Said After Loss to Ravens

From left: NT Michael Pierce, OLB Jadeveon Clowney
From left: NT Michael Pierce, OLB Jadeveon Clowney

Head Coach Jonathan Gannon

Opening statement:

"Hard-fought game. Couple of swings there off the turnovers, (the Ravens) scored 14 points off turnovers. We kept our heads down and got back into the game. Ultimately, we didn't do enough to win it."

On the difference between fourth quarter and the rest of the game:

"They probably switched up how they're playing a little bit. That went into that a little bit. Like I said, I thought that we kept fighting and we executed some plays down there to get back in the game to kind of open it up a little bit. But in the second and third quarter, the two takeaways kind of put us behind the eight ball so we've got to work to get that cleaned up."

On sticking with QB Joshua Dobbs when down 21-7:

"Yeah, I have complete confidence in him and I thought he would give us the best chance to get back in the game."

On Dobbs' interceptions:

"The first one I didn't really see. It was kind of bang-bang. I think he just overthrew it a little bit. I've got to look at the tape on that one. The second one, a little bit of a dirty look on the rollout there, so we've just got to make sure that we're making proper decisions not putting it in harm's way."

On the reason why the referee moved the ball back from the original spot on the fourth down play:

"Replay assist."

On his team's performance against Ravens offense:

"Yeah, it's a good offense. I thought they defended them well. They executed the game plan. I've got to watch the tape, but I gave them some short fields. We had the two fourth downs that we didn't get, those are kind of short fields. You wish you could've held them to a field goal after one of those takeaways, but I thought the run game looked pretty good there until the very end. We contained (Ravens QB) Lamar (Jackson), I thought they played pretty well."

On slowing Lamar down on ground:

"Guys executing their job. Truthfully."

QB Joshua Dobbs

On how he feels after taking several hits in the game:

"I feel great. Outside of obviously not winning. But it's the nature of the game, right? There's going to be hits, but it's my job to stand there, quarterback, deliver the ball because those guys are fighting for me up front, on the edges, and the run game, and the pass game. So, sitting in there every time and make the throw."

On the difference between the fourth quarter and the rest of the game:

"Yeah, I just felt like we just let it loose. When the score wasn't going our way, we stayed together, but guys just went out there and just competed and I think that's an opportunity for growth for us, to have that same mentality where we're going to be the aggressor and have that for four quarters rather than just the final quarter. So, we'll find ways to continue to do that. We'll keep that mentality, that forward-lean mentality. And I think it's a huge building block for us as an offense."

On his two interceptions:

"The first one was just a bad throw. (WR Michael) Mike (Wilson) ran a good route for me. I just made a bad throw, didn't hit him in stride. The second one they got me in coverage, corner fell off. I ended up playing in cover-two and I was trying to get the ball to (TE) Trey (McBride) on a crossing route and so as a quarterback those were frustrating for me personally, because I can't place our defense in those situations. Just watching the ebbs and flows of the game, we have long fields to drive, our defense was doing a tremendous job keeping the offense at bay, making them drive the field, holding them to non-explosives. As the quarterback, you can't put the defense in that position. So that's an opportunity for me to grow. As I said, I love the fight of the team and sticking with me throughout those throws. But I can't put the team in that position and I could be better on those two plays."

On the fourth down play when the ball was moved back from the original spot:

"Yeah, that was confusing. When they marked it, it looked like a first down. The ball was literally on the line and we put the ball down, the ball was on the line and past it, so I'm not sure what happened. Obviously, that was frustrating because it was fourth down and we felt like we converted. [RB] Emari [Demercado] did a good job of finding the hole and pushing the pile so to see that overturned was very confusing for us on the field."

WR Marquise Brown

On how he feels after the loss:

"Disappointed. It felt like we were in the game. We missed out on opportunities getting off the field. We're just frustrated."

On the difference offensively between the fourth quarter and the first three quarters:

"I feel like execution. We were just fighting. One thing about this team is that we fight until the end and I'm proud of all the guys for how we finished. It's good for us going forward."

On if there was any excitement in scoring against his former team:

"I was just trying to score and try to get the ball back. I wasn't really thinking about the touchdowns. Just trying to find a way to get back into the game."

TE Trey McBride

On if he was surprised the referees didn't blow the whistle on his touchdown catch:

"I was very surprised. I was getting held up and I was waiting for the whistle, they never whistled and I was driving my feet as much as I could and I felt that big push from the big guys from behind and as soon as I felt that push I knew I was getting in. That was very cool, very happy those guys helped me get in there."

RB Emari Demercado

On how he felt in today's game:

"I feel good. Just getting more and more comfortable with the more snaps and touches that I get. Just going out there and being able to play at the highest of my ability."

On what it meant for the team to not give up near the end of the game:

"I think that is huge. Just to keep fighting. It shows how much heart and grit this team has. Anybody can just throw in the towel and say that we lost. It shows how much 'want to' this team has."

OT Paris Johnson Jr.

On the celebration after the touchdown from tight end Trey McBride:

"I was on the (defensive) end and I heard the refs say that the ball was out. I looked downfield and I see that they're pushing the pile. I'm like, 'Alright. We're about to push it in.' Then it was a stalemate and I was about 10 yards away so I was about to full send (my weight) and just throw my body into it. When that happened and it went over the line (endzone) I was just so excited. Honestly, I was incredibly tired from that celebration with Trey trying to jump on Trey. I was so tired when he went for two I had to catch my breath in the huddle, so I don't think I'll celebrate that hard if we're going for two in those types of scenarios. That was a cool moment for Trey and to be a part of that."

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