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What the Giants Said After Beating Ravens

RB Saquon Barkley
RB Saquon Barkley

Head Coach Brian Daboll

(opening statement): "Good, hard-fought win. 60-minute game. We made a few more plays than they did, particularly in the end and give credit to our players. They played for 60 minutes. It's good to get a win."

(on the Giants defense at the end and Defensive Coordinator Wink Martindale): "I thought they played the best when it counted the most. Obviously, we gave up some plays there to (Baltimore Ravens tight end Mark) Andrews and in the run game a little bit, tightened down up in the red zone, but when it counted the most, the players and Wink dialed up a couple of good schemes and the players executed well in the fourth quarter. That's what we thought it would be – a fourth quarter game."

(on whether Martindale got a game ball): "He broke down the team. I gave the coordinators all game balls last game."

(on the resiliency of his team): "It's something we've preached since day one – since we've been here: coaches, people in the building. This league is hard. It's not always going to be perfect. There will be a lot of people down on you. And you might be down on yourself, wish you could do better. But you keep on getting back up. You keep on swinging, keep on competing, regardless of the score or the situation of the game. And that's not easy to do, right? That's not easy to do when you're down. If you sit on the bench and start bitching and complaining, that's easy to do. It's hard to stick with it and get ready to play the next series and not worry about if you just got beat on a pass or if you got sacked. You've got to flush it pretty quick."

(on the Ravens' focus on Saquon Barkley):"You're always trying to get him going, and they know that, too. They got really good coaches, really good players, and it's not always going to be pretty. The run game never is. But I thought Mike did a good job of kind of mixing and matching calls, made some timely calls and eventually he hit on a couple. I don't think we hit on any big, big ones. But the line got moving forward a little bit, made some big plays there in the end. Again, good team win – everybody involved. But we got a lot of work to do."

QB Daniel Jones

(on Daboll being fired up on the sideline when trailing 20-10): "A: Yeah, he was pretty fired up. I think we all were. He wanted to see a sense of urgency and understanding the point of the game that we were in. We needed to respond as a group, as an offense, and I think that's what he was communicating."

(on their mindset of never being out of a game): "It's just a tough group. We've got a competitive spirit, a competitive stamina, something Dabs has preached since he got here in the spring. I think guys have really taken to that and really tried to make that something we show every time we get on the field. It's a tough, gritty group. It wasn't perfect again today, a lot of things we can clean up and do better but found a way to win down the stretch."

(on whether they're shocked they keep winning): "We're not shocked. No, we're not shocked that we find ways to win. I think we're confident in what we can do and we're confident in our toughness, our ability to compete and find ways to win down the stretch. So, no, we're not shocked. I think we understand there's a lot still out there for us, (and) there's a lot we've got to work to improve on, but no, we're not shocked."

RB Saquon Barkley

(on his slide at the end of the game): "The run before that, we have a call that alerts us. Our coaches do a really good job not only in that situation but throughout the week. We practice all those situations. The run before that, I feel like if I really wanted to, I could have went this way and kind of scored but I was focused on protecting the ball. I ran up to Dabs and was making sure, 'We're not scoring here. We're not scoring here, right?' And he told me, 'Yeah.' Did a spin move, had an opportunity and just got down. I knew once you get the first down, that secures the win."

(on thriving in the second half): "I would say you kind of fall back on your training. That's the kind of mindset that you have when you want to get stronger as the game continues to go on. Football, and anything, is kind of just getting in a rhythm, getting a feel. Obviously, credit to Baltimore – they did a good job in the first half but in the second half, we were able to get a rhythm and a feel. Not just myself, but get on time with all the linemen and tight ends. Stacking runs together and stacking runs together and then off of that, run a naked or a waggle. That stuff helps and it builds. Kind of just going off to just the mindset that I have in my training and, also, credit to the coaches and how they prepare us in camp for us to continue to get stronger as the game continues to go on."

(on if they feel like they're one of the best teams in the league): "I feel like we're a great team. We're a very confident team, we know that. Like coach said, it's okay to be happy, but you don't need to get overconfident – continue to stay humble, continue to keep that mindset, get better each day and love the process."

S Julian Love

(on his fourth-quarter interception): "Those plays are really dangerous because you have the most dynamic quarterback back there. It was a bobbled snap, but as soon as he got it, you could see his eyes were looking down field. That's when he's made his great plays in his career. I wasn't covering, whoever he tried to throw it to. I was kind of just baiting him; I saw someone wide open, saw (Ravens quarterback) Lamar (Jackson) kind of lock-in, and then I baited the throw a little bit, and thankfully I made the play in a critical situation."

(on Martindale's emotions after the win): "He was on top of the world. You'd be kidding yourself if you don't want to beat your former team in any aspect. I know that he's done a great job of not putting that on us of not making this game bigger than it was, but for sure, it means a little more to him. He had an extra chip on his shoulder. He was all smiles after the game."

(on the defense wanting to win for Martindale): "I would say that I'm close with Wink, so yes, I want to winfor him and succeed for this organization. This is my fourth year here, so everything is for the guy next to me because that's what it has to be. That's what good teams do; you play for the people next to you. I think this defense was really rallying around Wink and being resilient."

(on their trouble against the run): "They were being the 'Baltimore Ravens Rushing Attack'. They've been dynamic in the run game for the past few years, and we had a good plan, and it's a matter of executing for us. I think there's a lot to clean up from this game. It's always a good thing when you have a lot to clean up, and you get the win. That type of stuff has not been happening in recent years. They are a great team, their offense was playing great for a lot of it. We were just resilient holding them on touchdowns and making them settle for field goals. They missed a field goal early, and stuff like that just makes who we are as a team."

(on keeping the interception ball): "I save those. That's a future Hall of Fame quarterback. When you get a pick off of somebody like that, you have to keep the ball. I have a (Kansas City Quarterback Patrick) Mahomes ball, and now I have a Lamar ball. You keep those ones. You keep those tight."

(on staying positive when down 10 points): "Yes, that's a critical situation in a game. If you're down 20-10, things can go either way at that point. You can either go 'Alight, we'll chalk it up', and this team has some individuals on the sidelines who were just fired up and just stayed positive because that's the game. One touchdown by your offense makes it a whole new game where it becomes a three-point game. Going into that, we knew we had some juice, and we knew we had an opportunity in front of us to at least hold them to three points instead of getting a touchdown. I got the interception, and to create an opportunity like that, that's when the momentum is just completely flipped. The stadium was rocking; somebody said that they had never heard the stadium so loud before after the pick and I couldn't tell because I partially blacked out from the moment [of the interception] of just the excitement of it all. Those situations are critical."

OLB Kayvon Thibodeaux

(on getting his first career sack in a clutch situation): "No, I mean, just fighting all year so far. It's been six games and just keep trying to get better and keep growing and just keep doing the little things to make sure that when the time does come I can execute."

(on the move he made on his sack): "Well, you know, with Lamar he was holding the ball a little bit so we had that idea that he was going to be able to pat the ball with the coverage, so just being able get off, use my second moves, and keep rushing. It was more of an effort sack less than a first move sack."

(on what he was thinking coming around the corner): "I mean, you know, you've just got to get him. Lamar is tricky, shifty, so the one thing we teach is getting that rip at the end, making sure you finish, so that time I had emphasis on my finish and "one for the good guys"

DL Leonard Williams

(on Lamar Jackson's late interception): "Honestly the way it went up in the air it kind of did seem like he was throwing it away because he kind of just threw it off his back foot. It looked like it was about to go out of bounds, and it went down the middle of the field."

(on how surprised he was that Jackson tried to make that play): "I guess I'm not too shocked because he's a play makerplaymaker. He's a big-time key on their offense and those type of guys want the ball in their hands when it's a clutch situation and I'm sure, it was crunch time and he wanted to make a play."

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