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What the Rams Said After Monday Night Football Rout


Head Coach Sean McVay

Opening statement:

"First of all, congratulations to [Head] Coach [John] Harbaugh and the Ravens – excellent football team. We didn't do nearly enough tonight to be competitive. They did a lot of good stuff. There is a lot of things that we can clean up. I didn't do nearly a good enough job. I think what we will all look at ourselves, critically, figure out what we can do to improve, flush this out of our system and then we move forward, preparing for our next opponent. That's where we are at, that's all we know how to do and that's what we are going to do."

On Lamar Jackson controlling the game:

"It was impressive. When you sit there and you watch and you feel the operation up close and personal, and you just see just how sharp they are with their execution – what a dynamic playmaker he is – what a good job they do of creating conflict right before the snap, changing your fits. And then, on third down, they were really impressive – just his (Ravens QB Lamar Jackson) operation, his ability to be able to find some completions, make plays with his legs. There is a reason why people are talking about him as an MVP, it felt like it tonight."

On if Jackson's performance was the best an opposing player has ever had against him:

"I think so, yeah. I think it's hard to say. There has been some really impressive ones that you've seen over the last three years, but that's as an impressive team as we've seen. They won the game tonight in, obviously, decisive fashion."

On what happened on the offensive side of the ball:

"I thought the things that really represented what the night entailed – almost as a team but offensively – you don't get anything going those first couple of drives, then when you do get down in to the red zone and you have penalties that set yourself back, you have no margin for error against a team like this. I thought those things were critical, they were crucial. Instead of potentially having 14 points, you end up with six. Then, kind of the last play that we had offensively, I think it was kind of representative of what the night was – one our best, most reliable players, tip ball ends up going in their hands and they make a pick. Credit them, they made a lot of plays, they did some things."

On how much of the challenge is trying to simulate Jackson and the offense in practice:

"That's it. I think you said it right there. You can't truly simulate that, especially when you look at just what a great job they do of creating the conflict. When you look at when it is some of those gives downhill, those things hit faster on the second and third levels. Then when Lamar does pull it on some of those zone-read plays, he's got the ability to get around you and then what he can do as a runner, just feeling space, because you're not tackling during the week, those do make it very, very difficult to simulate those types of things. They do a great job of creating conflict for a defense."

QB Jared Goff

On the offense struggling again:

"I think the game dictated some things and we were unable to get going early. I think against a team like that, the margin for error is so small. Unfortunately, we had some errors early on and it bit us in the long run. I think we had to get out to a hot start and we didn't. We came down the field – we actually moved the ball pretty well in those two drives and then finished in field goals with some crucial errors in the red zone. That's what you can't have – like I mentioned – against teams like this."

On what he saw from Jackson:

"He's a hell of a player. He's a hell of a player and I wish him the best. I think he's really proven a lot of people wrong and you always love to see that. I think his ability to obviously run is so special, but then how accurate he was. There's no limit for that guy. He's a great player."

On Marcus Peters picking him off:

"He's a great player. I love Marcus; he's one of my favorite guys I've played with and he made a great play. He made a great play and he's known for that. I tip my cap to him, he made a great play. Their whole defense had a tremendous day."

S Eric Weddle

On the loss:

"I'm at a loss for words. I never thought in a million years we'd get completely destroyed."

On the Ravens offense:

"When you get on the field and you get to the speed of what they run, it's tough. I mean, some of the plays I didn't know who had the ball because they run it so efficiently. These guys are just coming down hill and doubling and getting extra gaps and you're trying to figure out what's going on."

On Jackson:

"He is one of a kind; he's pretty special. ... He's playing outstanding. They're playing complementary football, their defense is playing outstanding. We got our faces peeled off."

RB Todd Gurley II

On if it was tough as an offense after falling into a quick hole:

"No, we had opportunities. We just messed them up ourselves. We didn't convert when we had the chance either. Goes both ways."

WR Robert Woods

On how the offense played versus the Ravens:

"Just struggled, just trying to get things going and get in our rhythm. They played us well, their defense played solid, and just got to find ways to execute on first down and get us started."

OT Andrew Whitworth

On the Rams facing Jackson:

"I've seen this team play this way, all year. I mean, Baltimore is a heck of a football team. And you look at those guys, talking to them afterwards and before, some of the guys I know, they feel like they have something really special in Lamar Jackson and they almost just seem in awe of him. I think that you see this guy play, you see what he does for them, it's really special."

CB Jalen Ramsey

On his conversation with Peters outside the locker room:

"If y'all have some questions about the game, I'll answer that other than that I'm not going to answer that."

On what went wrong:

"A lot."

On what he thought of the Ravens offense:

"Put a lot of points up on the board. Best in the business I would say."

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